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Andrea was a fairly typical girl, though an early bloomer. Her mutant powers also manifested early and she became one of the youngest students at the Xavier school for gifted youngsters. She, as Rubbermaid, was an average student who had relatively little training at the time of the traffic accident that changed her life. Being in her human form, she went into a coma that could easily have become death, if not for Professor Xavier's telepathy. He awahened her ability to self repair, showing her there was a lot more to her ability than she knew. Finally interested, she began to apply herself to her power studies.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Body Mechanics: 4, Ductility: 4, Elasticity: 5, Flexibility: 4, Imperviousness, Inflation: 5, Morphing: 2, Self Healing: 5, Stretchy Movement: 1, Ultra-Elastic Form

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 4 Cosmotology: 4


Flaws: Childish, Human Form, Thermal Effects

Languages: English


Power: Body Mechanics (4)

Concentration: This ability requires some concentration to maintain. Holding one effect is easy enough, but the strain of multiple effects increases rapidly.

Andrea has the ability to harden as well as soften her body and to mold her body into the form of nearly any simple tool she may need. She can form fingers into lockpicks (and lockpicks with a sense of touch at that). She can turn her fists into hardened hammers or swords as well. She can even alter the structure of her eyes or ears to increase sensitivity or distance perceptions. She substitutes this ability for appropriate skills like lock picking, or for damage, or for increased senses.

Power: Imperviousness

Andrea's body is highly resistant to blunt physical attack and electrical damage. She is able to take punches, impact from bullets, attempts to rip her apart, and so on with negligible damage, against physical attacks of that nature she is considered as having a Durability of 8 normally (9 if she is using her inflation power as well). She is resistant to electrical damage, being able to handle electrical attack with a damage up to 7 with ease. Heat and cold she resists somewhat better than average normally, having an effective durability against such attacks of 2 normally (but increasing to 3 if inflated because of insulation). Piercing and cutting attacks do reduced damage, against them she has an effective durability of 3 (Inflation actually DECREASES this down to 1). Radiation has little effect on her in this form (Radiation of level 7+ can melt her), but her body can become radioactive with enough exposure (Radiation 5+), and that will carry over to damage her human form.

Power: Stretchy Movement (1)

Andrea can combine her Body Mechanics and Inflation abilities to provide her with a number of modes of travel. She can tyrn her feet into swim fins, her legs into a bycycle, her arms into a hang glider, extend her legs fast using her inflation release ability to leap great distances, used inflation to create a pulse jet to propel her in flight or under water, and so on. She is still learning this ability and is still a bit slow and awkward (thus the low power rank).

Power: Ultra-Elastic Form

All Andrea's abilities come from her ability to transform her body into an unusual organic polymer with extreme elastic properties.

Skill: Combat (4)

Andrea has been trained in combat and in use of her powers in combat, but is still young and inexperienced.

Skill: Cosmotology (4)

Andrea has learned to use conventional make-up with fair skill for an amature, on herself or on others.

Power: Ductility (4)

Andrea can make parts of herself extremely small and thin, she can squeeze through drain pipes and under doors and can be very hard to hold.

Power: Elasticity (5)

Andrea has considerable stretching abilities, able to extend all or parts of her body to roughly two hundred times normal length. This does not alter her mass, so if she stretched to maximum length her body will be extremely thin.

Power: Flexibility (4)

Andrea can bend and flex her body at any point, enabling her to wrap herself around an opponent or a tree. If she is wrapped around an enemy, the level of this power is the level of an opposed power required to escape.

Power: Inflation (5)

Andrea can fill her body with air and can compress that air to donsiderable pressure. This can be useful in many ways. When filled with compressed air Andrea does not need to breath outside air, allowing her to operate under water or in places with a hazardous atmosphere. She can use pressure to propel parts of her body, allowing her to reach quickly to grab or hit something at a distance, and can inflict additional damage. She can also use it to insulate her against impact, heat, or cold, increasing her defenses. She can also use the ability to appear to be larger than her normal form, and may increase her apparent weight as well due to the mass of the compressed air.

Power: Morphing (2)

Andrea has the ability to mold her flesh into a fair duplicate of the form of another. She can make small changes, like giving herself higher cheekbones and a smaller nose, fairly easily if she just wants to look different. She is not as skillful as other shape changers, if she wants to assum a copy of another person's form she will generally need a model and a mirror. This power only molds her flesh, not changes color, so if she wants to more closely duplicate someone she sometimes has to rely on make-up for hair, eye, and skin color changes.

Power: Self Healing (5)

Limited: This ability requires time, and concentration until the healing is finished. Andrea is unable to use other abilities while healing.

When damaged, Andrea can cause parts of her body to merge back together. This ability can repair cuts, burns and other physical damage quickly.



Flaw: Childish

Andrea is very young and both physically and mentally immature.

Flaw: Human Form

Andrea spends much of her time in human form, she automatically returns to human form if knocked out or sleeping. In human form, Andrea can not use her powers...however if she has used morphing to assume a human form roughly the same size as her normal form she will retain that form if she voluntarily rsumes human form (but can not change it until she changes back to Ultra-elastic form).

Flaw: Thermal Effects

If heated above her Imperviousness, Andrea's elastic form can melt. If cooled to below her Imperviousness, Andrea's elastic form can become brittle and unable to move.



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