With great power comes an early ulcer. And no life.
Andrew Pulaski
Kid Apollo
Kid Apollo
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Kid Apollo

Andrew is a small-town boy with world-class superpowers, who is trying to do right by the world and prove to himself and to his family that power doesn't have to corrupt.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Flight: 4, Halo Effect: 7, Invulnerability: 7, Solar Blast: 5, Solar Boost, Solar Metabolism, Solar Regeneration: 5, Super Senses: 5, Super Strength: 8

Abilities: Skill

Combatant: 3


Flaws: Goldilocks Zone, Hero's Code, Out of Place, Overprotective, Solar Battery, Solar Dependency

Languages: English and Spanish


Power: Flight (4)

Kid Apollo can hover and fly with a cruising speed of 1000 mph.

Power: Halo Effect (7)

Range: 100 yards.

Kid Apollo can generate just about any kind of EM-related effect (including pure photons and 'anti-photons') with incredible intensity omnidirectionally. He usually releases this energy in the form of highly destructive x-ray and gamma radiation as well as light. This essentially means that he is ground zero of an expanding globe of destructive force like a bomb.

Power: Invulnerability (7)

Kid Apollo can shrug off almost any conventional weapons as long as he has enough solar energy running through him.

Power: Solar Blast (5)

Range: Line: Of-Sight

Kid Apollo can focus and fire concentrated energy from his eyes in laser or heat vision like rays. He can channel this power through his hands, mouth or any place on his body, but the energy required to do so is prohibitive.

Power: Solar Boost

When exposed to extremely concentrated sunlight, such as outside earth's atmosphere, Kid Apollo's powers all increase by 1. This increase only lasts as long as that direct contact with the sun's rays persists. If he drops back into the atmosphere or leaves the area of some solar accumulation device, he drops back to his normal levels instantly.

Power: Solar Metabolism

With exposure to solar radiation, Kid Apollo is free from a need to sleep, eat, drink, breathe or other standard biological functions for up to 2 days.

Power: Solar Regeneration (5)

Kid Apollo can heal at 50x the speed of a normal human when exposed to direct sunlight.

Power: Super Senses (5)

Kid Apollo can 'see' and 'hear' EM radiation from gamma rays to radio and cellular to ultraviolet light and radiant heat.

Power: Super Strength (8)

Kid Apollo can routinely lift up to 250 tons.

Skill: Combatant (3)

Kid Apollo has some rudimentary training in how to use his abilities and strength in combat.



Flaw: Goldilocks Zone

Kid Apollo's powers are great. On earth or in near earth orbit. But he has serious issues in any situation where he is too near or too far from the local dominant star. If Kid Apollo ventures outside the orbit of Mars, his power is decreased. One step for Jupiter, two for Uranus and Neptune, three for Pluto and the Kuiper Belt. Farther out than that, he has no solar powers at all.

Closer in, he has to fight an urge to keep flying until he enters the sun itself. Anywhere closer than Venus, for example and all that power flowing through him makes him want to bathe in it and get closer and closer, to a fatal union with the sun, requiring that he exert great willpower to resist the temptation.

Flaw: Hero's Code

Kid Apollo has heard all his life how superhumans are evil and dangerous as a rule. His parents watched the nightly news with clips of villains (and sometimes heroes!) doing terrible things. The idea of turning into a ruthless, cold-blooded killer scares him senseless. He tries to emulate heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman, attempting to do right with as little force as he can and with as little impact on society as a whole as he can manage. Harming others for the sake of harming others is not something he ever wants to do. And because of that, he often holds himself back from using his powers to their ultimate limits.

Flaw: Out of Place

Kid Apollo is sheltered and by the standards of modern teenagers, a little goofy. He says 'Sir and Ma'am'. He holds doors for women. He goes to church on Sunday and tries to avoid swearing. His respect for his elders, especially elder heroes, is also pathological and because of his power, he fears rebellion. He's keenly aware that when he's irresponsible, lives could easily be lost. This combines to make him an outsider with his peer groups. He just doesn't know how to party and be a teenager.

Flaw: Overprotective

Andrew lives in a world where bombs exploding and energy beams bouncing off his chest is just another day. But he is aware, probably too aware, that most people don't have that kind of luck. He has a serious need to protect his friends, teammates and civilians from danger, often to the point of hindering group efforts by trying to shield people. And if a loved one is harmed, his fury is much like that of his namesake. A loss of control that could leave cities burning.

Flaw: Solar Battery

Kid Apollo's powers use up energy faster than normal sunlight can regenerate it for anything other than flight, life support or sensory applications. This means that he can run out of 'charge', sometimes very quickly. As a general rule of thumb, he has about 10 combat rounds/actions at full strength, unless he uses his Halo Effect, which drains him in 3 actions. After that, his powers go down by 1 and then 1 more for every 5 rounds/actions of sustained fighting. Only two hours of solar recharge in the atmosphere or five minutes of orbital or concentrated sunlight will recharge him to full.

Flaw: Solar Dependency

Kid Apollo needs sunlight. He needs at least two hours a day of direct exposure to the sun or his powers decrease by one (1) level every six hours until he gets that exposure. Prolonged lack of exposure to sunlight causes him to waste away, growing thinner and weaker, after his power levels reach zero and eventually triggering a persistent coma. It is theoretically possible that three or four weeks locked away entirely without exposure to the sun will kill him.


Andrew Pulaski is a young man who is trying to be a hero, even though he is very afraid of who and what he is. He is also a young superhero who feels wildly out of place even as he tries to earn a place among those he considered heroes.

Andrew was raised in a conservative environment to strictly religious parents in a small, rural community that really hasn't kept up with the times. It was a great place to grow up, if you fit in. Andrew, unfortunately, didn't really fit the mold, especially after his metahuman abilities kicked in. He was raised with a need to be helpful and serve his community but his community really didn't want anything to do with him. Using the money from his college fund, he had himself legally emancipated from his parents at 17, stuffed a backpack full of whatever he thought he was going to need and flew to New York, where the superheroes are.


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