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White Tiger

White Tiger

Confident and bordering on obsessive as a former FBI agent on the case, not everything stayed the same with the inheritance of the jade amulet. Angela was unsure of her ability to be a 'vigilante' and take up the mantle, but with time, trials, and tribulations that confidence is growing as well as an unshakable will to do what is right and live up to the name of the White Tiger.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Skill

Acrobatics: 6, Combat: 6, Cultural Lore: 4, Detective: 6, Marksmanship: 4, Stealth: 5

Abilities: Gear

Costume: 3, Nightstalker: 7, Predator's Might, Tiger Blood: 4, Utility Belt: 3

Advantages: Del Toro Clan, Ex Federal Agent, Gcpd, Jade Tiger Amulets, Untapped Potential

Flaws: Artifact Dependency, Dangerous Legacy, Obsessive, Power Addiction, Secret Identity

Languages: English, Japanese, and Spanish


Gear: Costume (3)

White Tiger's outfit is a custom order from the Spotlight Costume Shop ran and owned by Melvin and Li Ling Potter. Made of unstable molecules it absorbs moisture, is form fitted, regulates temperature, is odorless, impossible to stain and is self-sealing. It also has razor sharp claws at the tip of each finger that can extend or retract. The best most important aspect of it's design is it's ability to camoflage along with White Tiger when she goes stealth mode.

Gear: Nightstalker (7)

By remaining completely motionless White Tiger can camoflage much of like a chameleon. While this is activated she becomes transparent and blends with whatever background she is standing against. If she moves the camoflage ability fades.

Gear: Predator's Might (*)

Due to the mystical powers of the Tiger amulets Angela Del Toro possesses enhanced strength, speed, stamina, coordination, agility, and reflexes. She is capable of lifting a max of half a ton above her head, pull a car door off it's hinges, put a strong man through a brick wall, survive being hit by a car, take full force hits from men twice her size and strength and move at blindingly fast speeds. She can also operate fully off of only two hours of sleep a night.

Strength:4 (low)



Speed:2 (mobility/leaping purposes only)

Gear: Tiger Blood (4)

The amulets grant an accelerated healing to the one in possession of it. Cuts, stabs, broken bones and serious wounds will heal in around a weeks time instead of the usual months to possible lifetime injury that a normal person can suffer. If at any point in time she is poisoned, stricken with fatal disease or suffers a life threating injury that doesnt immediately kill her she will drop in to a coma and be rendered camoflaged for the duration it takes to heal it, which can last days to weeks.

Gear: Utility Belt (3)

White Tiger's utility belt is specially equipped and designed for the role of vigilante complete with ridiculous amounts of pocket space. She carries a microsized tablet with Wi-Fi capabilities, a set of handcuffs, zip-ties, smoke pellets, lockpicks, a manriki gusari, a very sharp tanto, power bar and other assorted survival tools based upon task at hand.

Skill: Acrobatics (6)

Honed athleticism combined with her abilities as the White Tiger grant Angela exceptional physical prowess allowing her to leap, climb, rappel, flip and tumble with the skill and grace even a professional would admire.

Skill: Combat (6)

Del Toro is a very skilled athlete and martial artist even having competed in martial arts contests as a teenager. Her style is a mixture of Okinawan and mainland Japanese forms such as Aikido, Jujutsu, Karate and Kenjutsu with a heavy K'un-Lun influence. Outside of straight up unarmed techniques she is also educated in the use of traditional melee armaments such as katanas, chains and improvised thrown objects.

Skill: Cultural Lore (4)

The majority of Angela's time as a Federal Agent was spent as a member of the Organized Crime and Gang Unit, her area of expertise was the Yakuza. She is well educated in Japanese culture, warrior traditions, philosophies and customs. During her studies she has also picked up some small knowledge of K'un Lun as it relates in some measure to the relic of power she is in possession of.

Skill: Detective (6)

Angela is a former Special Agent of the FBI with learned and applied knowledge of profiling, interrogation, research, law practice and procedure, investigation, criminology (in which she holds a M.A.) and so on.

Skill: Marksmanship (4)

Agent Del Toro was trained and qualified with the use of small arms during her tenure in the FBI. She can use such things as pistols, shotguns and rifles with a capable and experienced hand.

Skill: Stealth (5)

Whether its camoflage, surveying, shadowing or just the use of concealment and cover Angela has a good ability to remain unseen. As a predatory cat prowling and stalking are obviously part of her portfolio.


Advantage: Del Toro Clan

Angela's uncle is Hector Ayala the original White Tiger and her brother Rey Del Toro who like their father before them is also a police officer for the NYPD. As such she has a certain amount of weight in the justice department around in and around New York City. The Del Toro name is a respected one. Even as the White Tiger she has some sway and support amongst the citizens of NYC and the NYPD (unfortunately that doesn't extend to Gotham).

Advantage: Ex Federal Agent

After college Angela spent a couple years working for the FBI and in that time collected a handful of friends and informants, these contacts can be relied upon from time to time to offer up aid and intel. It also gives her a measure of bragging rights around the station (also some hazing and measure of distrust).

Advantage: Gcpd

Angela's life has undergone many changes lately from becoming the White TIger to quitting the FBI and just recently joining the Gotham City police force (to the dismay of her family who are NYPD by tradition). She applied to be a simple beatcop but was denied on the account of being over-qualified and instead offered a job as a detective. As such she has access to police resources and equipment should the situation deem it necessary.

Advantage: Jade Tiger Amulets

This mystical relic that consists of a head and two paws is an artifact from the extra-dimensional realm of K'un-L'un and the source of the White Tiger's strength. Through channeling it's power it imbues Angela with superhuman abilities and the martial arts knowledge of a K'un-Lun warrior granting her the boost she needs to take on crime head to head. These amulets have changed hands several times over in the past from Master Kee, the Sons of the Tiger and then Hector Ayala. At this point the amulets have become something of a family heirloom.

Advantage: Untapped Potential

The Jade Tiger Amulets also convey gifts beyond the enhancements and minor powers it has bestowed upon Angela. Should she ever learn to untap it's full abilities she would discover like the Sons of the Tiger and Hector before her it can also give increased combat skills up to the rank of a K'un-Lun master martial artist. As it stands now, however, Angela is only a beginner and has not fully unlocked all the powers the amulets have to offer.


Flaw: Artifact Dependency

The Jade Tiger Amulets are from another dimension. They are sought after and coveted to those who know of such things. This includes villainous natives of K'un-Lun and those who study deeply in to artifacts of such mystery, even psychotic collectors or simply those who wish to get their hands upon it could be a threat. It also means should this object be removed from her she loses the granted abilities that come with being the White Tiger.

Flaw: Dangerous Legacy

The White Tiger is a known name, a lesser known one but still one that holds a history to it. Hector Ayala the previous White Tiger has tangled with the likes of Batroc the Leaper, the Silent Ones, the Serpent Society, the Hand, the Blob, Electro, members of the Maggia, the Yakuza and various gangs of all kinds. Gideon Mace is a special personal enemy who actually killed her grandparents.

Flaw: Obsessive

Perhaps because of the many deaths in her family due to violent crime and criminal activity or simply because that is how she is wired, Angela is obsessive and perfectionistic about most things but especially so when it comes to the superhuman community and crime related to it. It doesn't help her in the social arena either that she possesses an obsessive compulsive personality.

Flaw: Power Addiction

With great power comes... great addiction. Using the Jade Tiger amulet fills Angela with a sense of might, craving of conflict and adrenaline, her demeanor changes to that of a predator and she enjoys the thrill of high risk. Being deprived of the amulet or unable to use it can cause symptoms many have witnessed in an addict suffering through withdrawal, it can even spell physical, mental and psychological debilitation and weakness.

Flaw: Secret Identity

Nobody knows Angela Del Toro is the new White Tiger. Nobody. Not even her family who she holds a very close clan mentality with. Angela works at great lengths to keep this secret to the point it even cripples her social life.


After years of hard work with the FBI, Angela Del Toro and her partner Harold Driver were assigned to investigate Daredevil, who had recently been outed as Matt Murdock. During the investigation, the personal effects of her uncle Hector (the previous White Tiger) were delivered to her at about the time of her partner's death. Long ago, a magic jade statue of a tiger had been crafted to serve as a mystical gate into the world for the White Tiger, a spirit of change. The statue had been broken up to prevent the spirit from fully manifesting in this world and causing global chaos. Centuries later, three pieces of the statue (the head and front paws) came into the possession of a martial arts master, who gave them to his three best students (the Sons of the Tiger). When the trio broke up and went their separate ways, they discarded the amulets (thinking that the enhancements they gave perverted the true spirit of their art). Hector Ayala found the amulets and used them to become the White Tiger. Hector fought alongside the other heroes, such as Spiderman, until his identity was exposed. Once his identity was known, he was soon killed, his effects reaching his niece as specified in his will some time after his death. Grieving for her partner, Angela went to Daredevil and begged him to explain why someone would do something as dangerous as being a hero. She offered to have the investigation dropped in return for answers to her questions. Daredevil challenged her to scale St. Catherine's Cathedral, then engaged her in a rooftop combat. Once convinced of her ability, he let her to a robbery in progress and let her tackle the robbers single handed. Touched by the gratitude of those she rescued, Angela realized that there are indeed times a Vigilante Hero can make a difference when an FBI agent can not.


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