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Quote-open "Rogue, dear... these boots cost more than the barn you were likely born in." - Emma Frost Quote-close

This is not the whiney emo teen Rogue. This is the flying, super strengthed, badass Rogue. She's a teacher at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and has been for the past 2 years. She attended the school for 3 years prior to that to earn her HS diploma along with teaching certification. She is now a teacher of combat training, physical edutation and French.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

 Absorption: 10            Enhanced Agility: 6       Enhanced Speed: 2        
 Enhanced Strength: 7      Flight: 5                 Toughness: 6  

Abilities: Skill

 Athletics: 5              Combat Training: 6        Piano: 8                 
 Stealth: 4                Street Smarts: 2     


   X-Men    Xavier's School


 Carol's Mind              Ghost Memories            Romantic                 

Languages: English and French

   English                 French


Power: Absorption (10)

Limitation: This power is always on and thus Rogue cannot make skin to skin contact with anyone without absorbing them.

When Rogue makes skin to skin contact with another being she absorbs some of the life energy and psyche of that person. As a result of this transfer, the victim loses his memories, skills, and any superhuman powers and Rogue gains these abilities. The duration of the transfer is exponentially proportional to the duration of contact with a brief touch lasting only a few seconds, a longer touch lasting several minutes, and extended contact potentially resulting in a permanent transfer. She is only able to absorb innate powers and knowledge -- her power has no effect on technology.

Power: Crowded Mind (5)

Limitation: This power is a result of the linger thought patterns in her mind and would be negated if Rogue's Absorption is shut down.

Rogue's mind is filled with memories and fragments of personalities that are not her own. Trying to read her mind is like trying to listen to a conversation in a crowded room. While a skilled telepath can navigate the maze of identities, it takes concentration and effort.

Skill: Combat (4)

Since she was a young teenager, Rogue trained with Mystique and members of the Brotherhood to develop her abilities and to be able to defend herself. While lacking a great deal of field experience, she knows basic strategy and can hold her own in a fight.

Skill: Stealth (4)

Part of her training with the Brotherhood was how to move silently, sneak around, and gain covert entry into buildings.

Skill: Street Smarts (2)

Rogue has a penchant for 'running wild' and has spent a lot of time around criminals and other underworld types. While never embracing it as her own lifestyle, she's picked up enough of the darker side of life to know how things work out on the streets and in the criminal world.


Advantage: Family

Rogue is a member of the X-Men and a Teacher at the X-School for Gifted Youngsters


Flaw: Ghost Memories

Although the psyches that Rogue absorbs quickly fade, often there is a fragment left behind, like a memory of a dream. The more powerful the psyche or intense the memories, the more likely it is to leave a mark. Over time, Rogue has absorbed many different minds that she can sometimes have trouble discerning which memories, emotions, and dreams are really her own.

Flaw: Romantic

Rogue is a romantic at heart and longs for a life filled with adventure and love. This often leads her to look for and see the best in people, especially attractive men, when caution might be better. That her powers prevent her from ever touching someone she loves is a source of angst for her.

Flaw: Untouchable

Rogue is unable to touch others without absorbing their life force, powers, and psyche. Because of this she's very careful not to touch anyone skin-to-skin despite how much she wishes she can.


Raised by her aunt, Carrie Carlyle, after tragedy befell her parents, young Anna Marie ran away from home and was taken in by Mystique and Destiny, whom Rogue came to regard as her surrogate parents. Rogue's mutant power first manifested in her early teens when she kissed Cody Robbins. Her mind filled with his memories, and he fell into a permanent coma.

Eventually realizing she could never safely live among normal people, Rogue began participating in her foster mother's criminal endeavors and came to join Mystique's terrorist group. On her first mission, the inexperienced Rogue clashed with Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) and permanently absorbed the hero's memories and powers, including super-strength and flight.

Rogue was left in shambles after this encounter and she fled from her 'family'. She spent nearly two years on the road, traveling from town to town. A chance encounter at a truck stop in Calgary lead her to fall-in with members of Xavier's School who brought her back to the school with them to meet the Professor and discuss her possible future with them.

The 19 year old Rogue had still not yet learned how to properly control the powers she'd gained from Ms. Marvel almost two years prior, but she was soon to find that the wealth of experience she could gain with the X-Men, could give her this control as well as a place to feel like she was apart of something. good.

Professor Xavier saw great power in the young Anna Marie and he accepted her onto the team; however, he was well aware of who she was and what her past involved. It wasn't until Rogue risked her own life to save a fellow mutant at the school that she began to gain the rest of her teammates' trust.

It has been 5 years now since Rogue joined the X-Men and she's developed her powers to a place where she's far more confident in herself. She's also helping at the School in the way of teaching students.

Overall, Anna Marie is at a place in her life where she can honestly say for the first time that she's 'happy', but a part of her fears that she's still going to lose everything at any moment and be forced back onto the road to fend for herself.


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File:Raven Darkholme.jpg

The mutant who took Rogue 'under her wing' and into the Brotherhood of mutants. Not an easy subject for Rogue to talk about, it was the dark time of her life.

File:Kurt Wagner.jpg

Rogue's old friend from her days with the Brotherhoood, she cares about him, but never gets to have enough time to get to know him. Rogue often misses Kurt.

File:Daimon Hellstrom.jpg

Rogue ran into Daimon when battling a demon. Regardless of his intimidating lineage, they've discovered they have more in common than they don't, as they've developed a unique bond.

File:Remy LeBeau.jpg

A close friend(?)of Rogue's. She still isn't entirely sure what his motives are but he always leads to adventure.

File:Jamie Madrox.jpg
Multiple Man

Rogue's new co-worker and boss in X-Factor investigations and friend.


Anna Marie's Wanted List
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