Dr. Annabelle Riggs
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Dr. Annabelle Riggs

A lover of relics, ancient history, and the excitement of unraveling the puzzles of the past, Dr. Annabelle Riggs grew up wanting to be an archaeologist - and is living her dream. Out in the field is her place of preference, and that is usually where she will be found.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Skill

Archaeology: 6, History: 5, Technology: 5

Advantages: Mundane Museum Job

Flaws: Driving, Infatuation, Near-Sighted

Languages: Ancient-Greek, Ancient-Norse, Arabic, Egyptian, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Norwegian


Skill: Archaeology (6)

As a child, Annabelle was fascinated by and adored all things Indiana Jones. As a result, she dedicated her life to becoming an archaeologist. It is her passion. It is her glory, and she is very good at what she does. Archaeology is the scientific study of historic or prehistoric peoples and their cultures by analysis of their artifacts, inscriptions, monuments, and other such remains, especially those that have been excavated. Annabelle is considered an expert in the field, whether it is ancient Egyptians, to the Vikings of old - she's dedicated her life to unraveling the mysteries of the past, and the puzzles that ancient civilizations have left behind.

Including to the field of Archaeology itself, Annabelle has spent many years gaining an education. In that time, she focused in the field of archaeology - though in order to be not just a competent archaeologist, but a self sufficient one, Annabelle branched out to study many other related fields. This includes but is not limited to - archaeology, technology, languages, sciences, geology, cultures, mathematics, history and the list goes on. She has a vast education to call upon - to use in (almost) any situation that might arise.

Skill: History (5)

The study of ancient history, the knowledge to know the difference between Roman and Greek, or Egyptian and Mesopotamian, Dr. Riggs is an expert in history - from the beginnings of time, to the most recent events. It is not just part of her job, or a hobby, it's part of who she is. History is in her blood, in how she works, in everything that she does. Unraveling the mysteries of the past is as interesting and fascinating to her, as finding out the current events that are shaping the world today. While Annabelle focuses most of her knowledge and study upon ancient history, she is still an expert on all things historical - regardless if its a million years ago, or just within the past few decades.

Skill: Technology (5)

There are a number of different tools that are available to archaeologists - and Annabelle is an expert in the use, creation, and implementation of those tools. Though her experience and expertise in technology does not stop at just those that are used for excavations and discovery. Annabelle is an expert in the science of technology, focusing on engineering and applied sciences in her pursuit of her doctorate's degree. While alien technology would be out of her reach, those of Earthly origin are certainly within Annabelle's understanding and use.


Advantage: Mundane

In this we list everything that Annabelle has to her name, including to a beat-up old moped, an unused, dusty, and tiny apartment on the outskirts of the city, a small savings account (no more than 10,000 in the bank), and the other mundane items that people take for granted. (This includes, but is not limited to such things as her own laptop computer, books, magazines, knick-knacks, odds and ends, and the various items that one can purchase in every day stores.)

Advantage: Museum Job

Dr. Riggs is the lead archaeologist in the field for the Smithsonian. Her work allows her to do exactly what she wants, work out in the field, seeking to find and unravel the mysteries that existed centuries to even millennia ago. Not only does she earn a steady paycheck, but she has all travel expenses paid, plus has stipends to hand out to would-be adventurers to hunt down, collect, and bring back artifacts that have gone missing or been stolen.

This also includes all of the toys and equipment that Annabelle has available to her for her job, items that help in hunting down artifacts and fossils - and assisting in their cleaning, unraveling, dating, and so on.


Flaw: Driving

Annabelle is not a good driver, and in fact doesn't even have a driver's license. She has had many different crashes on her mopeds, and though she has come out without a scratch each time, that will not always be the case. She has little knowledge about driving cars, and in fact gets away with just riding a moped around the cities without one. (Illegally, yes.)

Flaw: Infatuation

Annabelle is easily infatuated, and can have 'puppy dog crushes' on those that fascinate her. These crushes can be as simple as a few days of dreaming, to as long term as complete and utter (unhealthy) infatuation upon the person of choice. As Annabelle isn't shy about hitting on someone that she likes, it can get a bit awkward if that person does not return the infatuation. (Which /is/ often.)

Flaw: Near-Sighted

Near-Sighted (or shortsighted) is the ability to only see things from a short distance, while things past a certain point is blurred and indistinct. Annabelle is near-sighted enough to be forced to wear glasses in order to see distances. She wears them all the time - and though she can wear contacts, and does on occasion, she prefers to wear glasses. A slight fear of lasers and the knowledge that a tiny miscalculation could cause blindness has sworn her off of laser surgery.


Annabelle Riggs grew up loving, admiring and wanting to /be/ Dr. Indiana Jones. Her family was encouraging, and helped Annabelle's dream become a reality.

To that end, Annabelle worked as hard as she could to learn everything she could about not only archaeology, but ancient history, many different languages, mathematics, and the list goes on. For over ten years Annabelle studied, worked, volunteered, interned and sought to be the best archaeologist she could - finally getting her doctorate in the field.

After college, when she was but twenty seven - a full year ahead of most, Annabelle gained a job working as a field expert for the Smithsonian. A few years later, she had wormed her way into the lead field researcher after the last one retired.

Currently Annabelle leads many different digs and explorations of ancient burial sights constantly in search of that one thing that will define her career, or that one find that will awe the world.


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