Hero Westchester
Victor Borkowski Anole2
Agility: 6 Strength: 1/2/6 Toughness: 3
Perception: 2 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 2
Acting 2 Camouflage Enhanced Speed 1
Healing Factor Prehensile Tongue Spikes and Claws
Superhuman Stamina 2 Wallcrawling
Athletic Education Xavier's School
Minor Obvious Mutant X-Enemies
Name: Victor 'Vic' Borkowski Victor is as normal a kid as could be expected when one is raised in loving and accepting small-town American Community. In a lot of ways he's your basic young man next door- one that just might be going places. He's highly athletic, interested in theater and very obviously a Mutant.
Position: Student
Team: X-Men/Xavier's School.
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Eastern European (GMT +3)
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: [Angsty] [Comedic] [Gritty] [Heroic] [Romantic] [Social]
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Overview: Victor "Vic" Borkowski was born in a tight-nit Fairbury, Illinois. The type of typical American that was still small enough for just about everyone to have a connection to everyone else. Despite the rising tide of anti-mutant sentiment Victor managed to live a normal life in his supportive community. The rising tide of Anti-mutant sentiment, however, has led his family to send him to Xavier's Institute.
  • 1996: Born on May 14th to Mr. And Mrs. Borkowski in Fairbury, Illinois.
  • 1996-2009: Victor's early childhood is exceedingly average and normal- he is raised in his small town a member of a community that is tight-knit and supportive.
  • Mid-2009: Not long after Victor's 13th birthday his mutation triggers, and Victor's community rallies around the Borkowski family, including the young Victor who is treated much the same despite his changes.
  • Late 2012-Early 2013: Anti-Mutant sentiment, as well as Mutant-led Terrorism convince the Borkowski's that their young son, now sixteen, might be better placed in the care of Xavier's Institute. He is sent off by his supportive community in a typical 'Good-bye' party fashion, fully expecting and believing himself capable of great things. His surprisingly 'normal' upbringing lends itself to the young Vic in a number of forms- a sense of propriety, right and wrong, and humor being key among them.




'Advantage: '


'Flaw: '



  • Northstar (Jean-Paul Beaubier): Jean-Paul is one of the most beloved of X-Men! Super Speed, Super Endurance, and you get to be one of Vic's heroes. Extra points if you Chargen him already married to Kyle. Furthermore, without Jean-Paul there is no Alpha Squadron. (Its named after his Canadian team!)
  • Rubbermaid (Andrea Margulies): Andrea is depowered and killed during M-Day in the comics, however, she is a chance for you to write a brand new story with someone who didn't get a full chance. AND she's friends with Victor. (Always a plus.)
  • Indra (Paras Gavaskar): Indian Mutant who's taken the name of the Indian God of War (And Weather) Paras has the ability to generate his own armor and weapons. He's also a decent human being, and tortured with his religious non-violence vs the apparent inability to fight evil non-violently. Tastes like delicious angstus beef-steak to me!
  • Network (Sarah Vale): Sarah is another mutant depowered in the M-Day story-lines, those haven't happened here. Play a girl who's internet savy could certainly be entertaining given our coded IC comunications! A story to be told, all your own.
  • Kidogo (Lazaro Kotikash): A Masai who's ability to shunt his mass extra-dimensionally allows him to shrink to only 4-inches tall! Voted most ironic power by his peers, due to his being among the tallest kids on his squad.
  • Rockslide (Santo Vaccarro): One of Anole's very best friends. Two good natured kids made into obvious mutants. Santo and Anole also don gear to protect the night together. He's also mostly made of Rock and Psionic energy.
  • Graymalkin (Jonas Graymalkin): This dude might still be asleep way under Xavier's. Beaten into a coma and buried alive for his sexuality. This triggers Jonas' abilities. I think it might make an interesting interaction with Anole's own self-struggle with his sexuality.

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Adventure Time by Rogue

Adventure Time by Rogue

Cash Cash - Overtime

Cash Cash - Overtime

Tell Me Who To Be - Cosmo Jarvis

Tell Me Who To Be - Cosmo Jarvis

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