Anthony "Tony" Masters
Enhanced Human (Mutate)
Reluctant Villain
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Quote-open The name is Taskmaster, and I deal in a rather unique business: Task Fulfillment. Quote-close

Possessing photographic reflexes the amnesiac ex-SHIELD operative Taskmaster sells his services to the highest bidder as a mercenary, combat instructor and professional criminal.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Physical Peak: 3-4

Abilities: Power

Fast Foward: 5, Photographic Memory, Photographic Reflex, Voice Impersonation

Abilities: Skill

Martial Expertise: 9

Abilities: Gear

Armaments: 4, Body Armor: 4, Image Inducer: 4, Omni-Tool: 5

Advantages: Contacts, Org, Reputation, Wealth

Flaws: Criminal, Ego, Hydrophobia, Memory Condition

Languages: Arabic, English, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese


Attribute: Physical Peak (3-4)

Taskmaster has painstakingly molded his body to be able to transition from move to move and keep up with what skills he has adopted for his rather potent arsenal of fighting moves and styles. He borders close to maximum human potential and trains vigorously to remain on par with his competition and the challenges he may face. He can take severe beatings that most wouldn't ever want to experience, dish out punishment no normal man would ever want to suffer, move with the grace of a professional athlete and best of all, keep himself alive and a legitimate threat in a world of supermen and women. His levels of strength hover around a mid 3, his physical prowess a 4 and his over-all toughness a capable 3.

Gear: Armaments (4)

Taskmaster possesses a healthy assortment of weaponry from knives, brass knuckles, to katanas, broadswords and more unconventional military firearms, assault rifles and even anti-tank level munitions. His typical attire is a sword or pair (katana or broadsword), bow & arrow, extending billy club, bladed throwing discs, metal tri-claw, dual 45. APCs, several grenades (including flashbangs and magnesium flares), duplicate 'web-line' shooter, and a round shield, .

Gear: Body Armor (4)

A skull themed and stylized kevlar body suit with appropriate chest harness and webgear. It gives good protection against most modern conventional weaponry along with some resistance to fire and weather conditions.There is also his classic 'chain mail' version of this that has the same statistics.

Gear: Image Inducer (4)

Range: Maximum projection distance of 7 feet.

Limitations: The object in question must be scanned first and only one may be stored and used at any given time. Scanning takes several minutes. The Image Inducer has a short lived battery that can not maintain constant use for periods of more than one hour.

A high-tech holographic projector that can be used to create a disguise that can conceal clothing and appearance or even project itself as a short lived decoy of 'scanned' objects.

Gear: Omni-Tool (5)

Range: Thin line range of up to 40' feet

Area: Maximum spread area of no more than 3 feet.

Limitations: It can only process one projection at a time. It also glows at a lux of 0.1 at it's brightest settings.

This is a highly advanced prototype solid energy projection device. This useful tool allows Taskmaster to create objects and weaponry via 'hard light' for example with this he can create such things as blades, extension lines for grappling or a shield.

Power: Fast Foward (5)

Limitations: Due to the physical strain this causes on the body it is rarely used and generally only in life or death situations. Taskmaster is a human being physically and this rips muscle, tears tendons, destroys bones and harms his body to the point of permanent injury to possibly death. Even using it briefly can pull something and cripple him.

For a short period of time Taskmaster's body can 'bullet-time' increasing the speed of his attacks and practiced movements to superhuman levels. This happens by watching a video or footage sped up.

Power: Photographic Memory (*)

Limitation: Any new talents or skills acquired generally wipes out any kind of memory he was trying to retain. He also seems incapable of retaining more than eight languages at a time.

Much like his body his mind can also retain perfect memory of short term events Taskmaster has witnessed. This gift grants the man an extremely precise and unaturally acurate (short-term) memory allowing him the ability to recall things down to the finest of detail as well as pick up new languages very easily.

Power: Photographic Reflex (*)

Limitation: The drawbacks of this talent are the obvious memory issues Taskmaster suffers along with the inability to actually duplicate raw physical ability. He can pull off a move, technique and the motions attached but not the actual strength or power behind it.

With this adoptive muscle memory and photographic reflex combined ability Taskmaster can perfectly copy any physical movement after seeing it performed whether in person or through something as simple as a recording or television screen. This includes such things as acrobatics, boxing, martial arts, sleight of hand, trick shooting, a persons mannerisms and physical stunts, etc. He regularly employs this power to mimic fighting styles of heroes and villains stealing them to mix then together in to his own unique fighting style based off of all the various techniques he has gathered for himself.

Power: Voice Impersonation (*)

Another bi-product talent connected to his Photographic Memory is the ability to alter his vocal mannerisms to imitate others in a flawless manner much like he can take physical talents or skills. He can do this with almost any sound the human voice is capable of mimicking.

Skill: Martial Expertise (9)

Limitation: Taskmaster's skills are all based off of others he has witnessed and can be recognized as such by those he steals them from. If he has the talents he doesn't always have the philosophy behind them down meaning he can never use 'chi' or the knowledge of how they really work without study of his own.

Taskmaster's bread and butter is combat thanks to his special ability of mixed photographic reflexes and muscle memory. He has extensive knowledge both stolen and acquired in the fields of assassination, mercenary work, spy craft, soldiering, combat instruction, sports and martial arts. He has studied, trained and trained under some of the world's deadliest fighters, martial artists, brawlers, commandos, crooks and killers (on and off TV). His broad range of martial abilities lies in fencing, boxing, archery, juggling, gymnastics, pugilism, aerial acrobatics, tumbling and weaponry of all kinds from the ancient to the modern. The list is really quite extensive and impressive. Taskmaster can smoothly transition from one style and technique that everyone knows about to something obscure not even the most knowledgeable of warriors has any clue of. His typical is mixing all of these brutal styles in to one adaptive form that confuses, counters and obliterates his opponents while sometimes even mocking them with their own signature moves. He is everything another fighter dreads, the guy who is good at everything. He is a sniper, a swordsman, an archer, an escape artist, an actor, a boxer, a world-class martial artist, a high-speed soldier and a fantastic dancer all rolled in to one.


Advantage: Contacts

Taskmaster's long time in the field of criminal activity and mercenary work keeps him an open doorway in to most areas of employment involving mayhem and warfare. He has a very marketable skill something he knows and employers generally seek out. This has granted Taskmaster networks all over the world in the form of government officials, corporate heads, gangs, gadget makers, terrorists, secret organizations and other villains.

Advantage: Org

The man known as Tony Masters was once an accomplished SHIELD Operative (and even though he may not remember he has attached talents, knowledge and skills that come to him naturally). Due to issues while in service Agent Masters became compromised and supposedly went rogue. This is not common knowledge and little to no-one knows this but those involved at the time. As it stands he has a handler and contact in charge of monitoring and directing Taskmaster through secret channels under the cover of an agency known only as the Org. A mercenary contract group that is actually an extension of SHIELD. It is well known that Taskmaster is a criminal with a bad reputation about him, but that doesn't mean the man outlived his usefulness to the organization. Taskmaster knows nothing about the .Org's real motivations or who they even are. He accepts calls and jobs from them occasionally and usually with no questions asked as it's simply another job. This special union at times has gotten the man out of serious trouble with authorities and he has been none the wiser.

Advantage: Reputation

The skull motif is more than just a fun very stylish look it is also herald to some renown and noteriety that ranks him up along side some of the other criminal greats. Taskmaster is a made man in the underworld community, he is well known for being a vicious fighter, talented combat instructor and capable mercenary and even a sometimes noteworthy despicable half-assed villain.

Advantage: Wealth

Taskmaster has made a good living for himself, not wealthy as in billionaire levels but he has made enough that when he wishes to have a steak he will have a damned nice steak and he can generally afford a new car anytime he wants one. Taskmaster has acquired enough money at any point in time to set up a 'criminal combat college' whenever he wishes and outfit every thug who wants to sign up for neck breaking courses.


Flaw: Criminal

Taskmaster keeps the most unsavory sorts as co-workers, employers, pals and bedfellows. In the past hes kept the worst of company one can expect and still does. Not everything can be covered up or hidden and in some areas of the world the man is seen as a villain who allies himself with people far worse than himself, up to and including terrorists and monsters. On top of this being a gun-for-hire doesn't always leave a shining mark on ones record.

Flaw: Ego

Taskmaster very much has the mind frame of "anything you can do I can do better" and for good reason, he usually can. This gets away from him though and often causes him to be reckless and overconfident. Just because he mimics someones talents or abilities doesn't mean he has the philosophy behind it down or the superhuman attributes to back it up. At his worst times he has even been known to get caught monologuing or foolishly leaving himself open.

Flaw: Hydrophobia

Taskmaster whether real or imagined has a very intense fear of drowning. He has overcome it briefly in the past but that does not mean it is something that has left him for good - he still struggles with it when encountered with situations that put him at risk of possibly drowning.

Flaw: Memory Condition

Taskmaster is a cursed man - whenever he learns a new ability or talent such as a new persons combat styles he forgets something of his past life or long term memory. To cope with this issue as best he can he has what he calls his own "Memory Palace" where he tries to retain and keep skills, memories and talents stored away and tied to specific events, sounds, smells and senses. Without this practice he would lose much more than he has already. Thanks to this very potent flaw the man has forgotten all of his true past life and remembers nothing of even his own wife or the fact that he was once an agent of SHIELD and a genuine good guy.


Anthony Masters learned he was special when he watched and mimicked a cowboy program on television perfectly. He became the top quarterback in high school football after watching a pro game. After he graduated, he thought about being a hero, but being a supervillain was much more lucrative, so he joined the Org for the money.

Atleast, that's what he thinks. In truth, Anthony Masters isn't probably even his real name. The man called Taskmaster was a covert operative for SHIELD, working alongside his wife Mercedes Merced. He was highly decorated and thought to be one of the best covert agents. Though, he doesn't even remember this.

In a mission in Bolivia, former Nazis had made a replica of the SS Grail Castle, the organization ODESSA creating clones of Hitler and experimental serums. Cornered by Nazis, Taskmater had no choice but to take a serum himself, granting him his magnificent abilities, at the slow cost of his memories.

Going undercover with a black ops unit called Team 7, posing as a mutant, he blended in easily. Up until intel stopped. SHIELD was concerned by his memory loss, and tried to pull him, but it was no use. Taskmaster had forgotten his entire past.

He became a mercenary for the Org (an organization created to monitor Taskmaster, ran by his wife.), running his first operation in Central America where he retrained Mexican Special Forces to combat drug cartels. Here, he embraced what he truly was, taking the mask of Santa Muerte, Lady of Shadows.

Whilst he remains monitored by Org and does jobs for them that further the interests of SHIELD (unknown to him), he also takes jobs from anyone who can afford him, ranging from the HYDRA, to the Maggia, the Committee, anyone. He'll kill a person, rough up some people, train your men, anything as long as he's payed well enough.


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File:Anastasia Cisarovna.jpg
Boss Lady

Beautiful deadly femme fatale and constant source of employment. Taskmaster has become her go to mercenary for hits, training her men and on an advisory position, he has taken a major role in helping her extend her influence.

File:Slade Wilson.jpg
Old One Eye

Former members of Team 7 together, Slade Wilson is perhaps the closest thing to a friend Taskmaster has that he doesn't remember.

File:Roy Harper.jpg
The Ginger

This one confuses Taskmaster. Walks like a merc, talks like a merc, but is it a merc? He seems to be partnered up with Spot and as such another pain in the backside, fortunately it's just business.

File:Neena Thurman.jpg

Another professional. Beaten her up once and been stabbed to blown up a few times during encounters. Luckily it's all business and not personal, right?

File:Jeanne Foucault.jpg

The daughter he never knew he had. This teenage prodigy displays all of the abilities he does with an even sharper more devious female mind. One of these days he'll pay her a visit (as long as child support isn't involved).


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