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Quote-open Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Quote-close

I am the labeled the villain because I champion the belief that the strong should live up to their full potential! Laws attempt to make all men equal. The sad truth is all men are not equal and forcing the strong down to live to the standards of the weak is a crime against evolution. These so called heroes enforce the laws written by the weak to protect the weak. In my heart I know what I do is for the good of the human race as a whole and if that brands me a villain then I wear that badge with pride! I'm not saying the weak should be crushed, I am only saying let them stand of fall by there own merit, nature has a way of working these things out!


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attributes

Dexterity: 4, Intelligence: 4, Perception: 6, Strength: 3, Toughness: 3, Willpower: 5

Abilities: Powers

Energy Conversion: 7, Energy Expulsion: 5, Energy Shield: 5, Flight: 3, Molecular Sweep, Transmutation: 8

Abilities: Skills

Espionage: 5, Martial Arts: 5, Physical Training: 5, Tactics: 4, Weapons Training: 5

Abilities: Gear

Third Eye: 10

Advantages: Mercenary Contacts, Photographic Memory, Special Forces

Flaws: Familiarity, Magic, Speeding Bullet, Third Eye, Wanted!

Languages: ASL, Arabic, English, Hebrew, and Russian


Attributes: Dexterity (4)

Hexia's special forces training has sharpened her agility to a razors edge, and since leaving the military she has continued with the daily training of her reflexes.

Attributes: Intelligence (4)

Simply said Hexia is a genius that has had the best training by one of the world's best Special Forces programs. While she lacks a formal college education she is an avid reader with a photographic memory.

Attributes: Perception (6)

Honed in combat both as Special Forces and a freelance mercenary Hexia's perception is highly developed to the point she is 'almost' hyper aware of her surroundings.

Attributes: Strength (3)

Hexia has a intense physical training schedule she keeps to at all times. Her muscle is tightly toned and more like that of a dancers than a body builders. She can lift/press around 200 pounds (Strong for a woman)

Attributes: Toughness (3)

Hexia has a intense physical training schedule she keeps to at all times. This has lead to a dramatic increase to stamina and fortitude.

Attributes: Willpower (5)

Hexia has gone through intensive training on resisting interrogation techniques, as well as physical training that has pushed her beyond her physical limits and into the realm of continuing by sheer force of will.

Gear: Third Eye (10)

The Third Eye Matrix is a Techno-Magical amulet that once joined with its user fuses with the flesh and bone to truly become apart of the host. The eye itself is almost totally indestructible by any normal means (Durability 10) and can only be removed from Hexia after her death. Sorcerers with legendary power could in theory remove the eye from Hexia without killing her, but it would require allot of magic energy and time (Not to mention magical talent) to do it without killing her. The Eye grants Hexia all of her super abilities and enhanced attributes.

Powers: Energy Conversion (7)

Hexia's Third Eye Matrix allows her to convert one type of energy into another with a thought, in a manner similar to transmutation. With some creative imagination she can use the power to protect of destroy. A Simple flashlight can be turned into a thin beamed laser, or a raging fire into a harmless (Granted a very grand) display of dancing lights, and so on. Hexia can affect an energy source by touch (making an energy beam that hits her into a harmless beam of light for example, or an energy weapon she is firing shoot a different type of energy) or up to 400 feet away/radius provided she has clear line of sight on the energy source or the beam of power. These effects are instantaneous as long as Hexia is focused or touching the source of the energy. As a result of this power Hexia is resistant to energy attacks taking only half as much damage as she normally would.

It is also important to not that the level of energy does not change. So while a flash light can become a laser it is not going to cut through steel, instead it would act more like an overpowered laser pointer (Depending on the size and brightness of the light). Or while she can turn fire into harmless lights, if she can't affect the entire blaze nothing will stop it from being reignited by the remaining fire as dictated by the law of physics.

Types of power that can NOT be affected/transformed are shadows, kinetic energy, sound, or psychic energy. While raw magical energy can be affected, as can spells that reproduce energy like effect (Fire Ball, Lighting Bolt, Ect. . .), but this power can not negate or affect spells that do not utilize energy effect. (Sleep, paralysis, teleportation, ect. . .)

Powers: Energy Expulsion (5)

Hexia is able to generate energy which she can be fired in directed pulses from her Third Eye Matrix. The range of these beams is limited to 600 feet, and only 300 if she transmutes it from the base form of energy. After 600 feet the energy disperses/dilutes to harmless levels. She is only capable of producing about 20 blasts per hour before her Third Eye Matrix must recharge. It takes an hour for the matrix to fully recharge, or about 3 minutes per spend blast.

Powers: Energy Shield (5)

Hexia can surround herself at will by a faintly glowing skin tight energy shield that protects her from injury. This shield can handle most street and military weapons fire without fail, and while it could soak an anti tank missile, or maybe, MAYBE two, but the force generated from such an attack would most certainly cause the shield to collapse and most likely render her unconscious. Even if she remained awake after the attack it would take her several long moments to regain enough focus to even attempt to put her shield back into place, not to mention use any of her abilities. I mean come on she just took a small missile to the head!

This shield does not protect her from environmental hazards such as hot or cold climate conditions, or poisonous gas attacks. It does protect her from the inertia/G forces generated by her flight and from wind burn and small debris. It can also can help her resist the crushing depths of the ocean up to 1000 feet, but it will not help her to breath!

Powers: Flight (3)

Through manipulation of both matter and energy Hexia is able to fly by altering an object like a manhole lid, large carpet, or broomstick so that it propels her through the air. Through a form of electromagnetic energy the molecules in the item push against the Earths own electromagnetic field while at the same time drawing Hexia by her electromagnetic field to cling to it. In the absence of an electromagnetic field Hexia is unable to fly in this way. The object can only be up to four inches thick up to 50 square feet in surface area, and weigh up to 200 pounds.

Hexia is not stuck like glue to the item she is using to fly. She is able to stand, or sit on it without wind sheer knocking her loose, and as the item tilts at a 45 degree angle. She can still be knocked off, turned upside down, ect. . . The item must be sturdy enough to support her full weight (AKA cardboard wont cut it). The amount of weight Hexia can support with this method of flight is only restricted by the durability of the item used. If Hexia looses contact with the item being used it instantly returns to normal and looses the ability to fly.

Powers: Molecular Sweep

Hexia is able to examine any piece of matter or form of energy through a beam emitted from the Third Eye Matrix. The beam only has a range of about two feet so she has to get up close and personal with whatever she is studying. The amount of time she must spend studying depends on how complicated or alien the matter/energy is. While iron/fire only took her a few minutes to study, kryptonite/Particle Beams energy would take her a couple of hours to properly research. After she has completed this process she becomes familiarized enough with the mater/energy that she is able to transmute or convert it. If she spends triple the time required to study a substance, or energy, she understands it full atomic structure in great detail. Naturally some forms of energy and matter are so hazardous that you do not want to get this close to do the proper study. After all who wants to die from Gamma radiation poisoning while trying to learn about it.

Powers: Transmutation (8)

Hexia's Third Eye Matrix has the startling ability to transform one type of matter into another. While the transmutation is not permanent, it can be used to generate a verity of effects, like changing the floor under an opponents feet into water so he falls through to the room below, or changing a bank vault door into glass so that the Hexia can look inside the vault, or changing an opponents sword into rubber. The possibilities are only limited by Hexia's imagination. The effects of this power only last for a scene (Hour or so outside of set scenes) before the matter affected returns to its normal state. The object affected can be turned into a single pure substance, Iron, gold, mercury, carbon, ect. . . or a single compound like, water, gasoline, CO2, Cyanide gas, ect . . .

The shape of the object does not change if it remains a solid and will return to its original form when the duration of the effect ends. Turning an object to a liquid or gas however means that it will act accordingly, effectively destroying the item if the liquid or gas disperses. If the object is changed into something fragile and shattered then when it reverts to normal it will simply be in a pile of pieces. This power can not be use to transform any living creature or intelligent being or characters that are able to alter their physical structure into steel, rubber, ect. . . or inorganic material that possesses a life force or sentient intelligence. Nor can it transform magical artifacts or weapons, or self aware artificial beings.

Hexia can only affect around 300 pounds of material within line of sight. The 300 pounds can be spread out but must be apart of a greater whole. AKA 300 pounds of paper pages spread out over a field and are not touching would be outside of her power to affect as a whole, but a 300 pound stack of paper she can manipulate just fine. This power will not work on materials with a toughness of 8 or greater, aka Adamantium, Vibranium, ect. . .

Skills: Espionage (5)

Hexia has been trained by the Israeli Special Forces as a field agent. She is highly skilled in the art of Concealment, Stealth, Surveillance Tactics, Intelligence Gathering, Counter Intelligence, Investigation, Research, and Anti Terrorist Tactics. Her training combined with her photographic memory makes Hexia a formidable opponent indeed.

Skills: Martial Arts (5)

Hexia is a expert at the martial art of Krav Maga. Krav Maga is a self-defense system developed for the military in Israel that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from boxing, savate, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Judo, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and grappling, along with realistic fight training. Krav Maga is known for its focus on real-world situations and extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks. Krav Maga has a philosophy emphasizing threat neutralization, simultaneous defensive and offensive maneuvers, and aggression.

Skills: Physical Training (5)

Hexia maintains a disciplined exercise regiment that focuses not only on strength and endurance, but also flexibility and agility. She is able to run a 4 minute mile, and has enough endurance to go for 2 days without sleep while marching. While not a true acrobat she was in gymnastics in high school (She can manage a back flip and to do a hand stand for several minutes) and is able to roll with punches and falls efficiently.

Skills: Tactics (4)

Hexia is tactical expert and capable of leading men into battle as well as handling undercover agents of her own. While not a natural born leader she has received a top notch education and has had allot of military field experience.

Skills: Weapons Training (5)

While Hexia prefers to rely on her own bestowed powers she has been extensively trained in all manner of military weaponry, everything ranging from light (Pistols, Small caliber arms) to heavy (Rocket Launchers, and Bazookas) personal weaponry. If it is used by Special Forces in the military she can not only use it but field strip, make minor repairs, and clean it as well.


Advantage: Mercenary Contacts

Hexia has a excellent reputation in hired Mercenary field. Her Special Forces training combined with her super powers has allowed her to make a name for herself and given her allot of contacts for getting men, weapons, and information when they are needed. Granted she still has to pay for these services, but she knows who to talk to and where to go for these services. Needless to say she can always find work, short or long term and has the resources at hand to live a fairly comfortable lifestyle for several months at a time between jobs. On the downside the CIA, Interpol, and other similar organizations know who she is!

Advantage: Photographic Memory

Anya has a Photographic Memory and is able to recall with great detail everything she has ever seen, read, or heard, and to a slightly lesser degree this includes fighting techniques and tactics. While she may learn a move in only a few demonstrations, muscle memory, and accurate timing only come with normal practice.

Advantage: Special Forces

Hexia has undergone extensive military training in the Israeli Special Forces and is intimately familiar in the tactics and strategies utilized by police and military forces.


Flaw: Familiarity

Hexia must first study a form of energy or matter with her Molecular Sweep power in order to have to ability to manipulate it. While she has had ample opportunity to study most of the normal forms of energy and matter she has the same access to materials like adamantium, kryptonite, and particle beams as the average citizen.

(As she has access to these forms of matter/energy they will be added in detail to a list under advantages.)

Flaw: Magic

Hexia's powers are magically gifted to her through the Third Eye matrix. Because of this those able to sense or see magic can spot her almost instantly. It also means her powers are governed by the same laws of magic as if she where a true spell caster.

Flaw: Speeding Bullet

Hexia must be able to see the matter she is changing or transforming with her power. (Energy can be done by touch instantaneously) This means she is susceptible to bullets, mortar shells, ect . . . High speed projectiles that move faster than the eye can see are as visible to Hexia as they are to anyone else. An incoming arrow, small missile that she can see she can transmute before it hits her, granted she has time enough to react. This also means that when she is flying 250 miles per hour she can not affect small stationary items, they are passing her by to fast to see.

Flaw: Third Eye

The Third Eye Matrix is a permanent part of Hexia and a pretty tell tale giveaway to her trying to keep a secret identity. Just try to convince customs that you're not Hexia when you have a metallic medallion permanently fixed to your forehead. If nothing else it sets off metal detectors.

Flaw: Wanted!

Hexia is a wanted for questioning by the CIA, Interpol, and similar organizations, and as a criminal in Israel for army desertion. If captured by the authorities she would most likely be deported to her homeland. Needless to say only people that run in those circles will recognize her on sight. The average beat cop won't know about her till her DNA or finger prints are ran. Her wanted status at present is low level, nowhere near the ten most wanted.


Anya was born in Israel to parents descended from Russian Jews that immigrated to Israel in the 1930's. As a child Anya was considered gifted possessing a photographic memory. After graduating high school she chose to join the Israel Army. She quickly started to shine and was put on the fast track and recommended for Israeli Special Forces. She manages to complete the academic and hand to hand training in almost record time and despite the lack of a formal education made sergeant on only 18 months. Anya having a talent for teaching and training was offered a position as an instructor instead of field training. She would spend the next year teaching hand to hand combat and espionage tactics to special forces recruits. At the start of her fourth year of service Anya was assigned her first investigative field position. It was in this role that she was investigating smugglers rumored to be trafficking in magical weapons.

Anya and her partner eventually found out where the traffickers where storing their smuggled goods. Going in with the strike team Anya and her partner discovered a treasure trove of mine magical artifacts. After a gunfight broke out Anya dived for cover smashing open a small wooden crate and in the process gashed her forehead open on a nail. As she stood up she placed her hand on a small metallic object and almost subconsciously closed her hand around it. Without thinking she put her hand to her forehead to check the wound and the Third Eye matrix instantly leapt from her hand and bound to her forehead in a process that felt as if it where literally fusing to bone and flesh. The shock rendered her unconscious. She awoke two days later in a military hospital to be told that the doctors could not remove the eye without killing her. Shortly after she awoke she began to discover her newly invested powers. It would be a week later that Anya would turn up missing from the hospital and a month later her the first of her mercenary activities was reported.

Born to a male dominated society, and a family that was even more so Anya had only joined the military because she felt it a way to make a difference and to take some form of power she could call her own. After she got infused with the Third Eye Matrix's power she decided she had a responsibility to use her power to protect people, even if they where to stupid to realize what was for their own good. The so called heroes and militaries of Earth sheltered the weak and encouraged the strong to become weak by depending on them. She felt that they where all hindering the natural evolution and selection process that mad any species stronger. She chose to become a mercenary because to see her goals come to pass she would need money and allot of it.


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