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April O'Neil is a young reporter out of College. She's gotten a job with a NYC News Agency and is trying hard to make a name for herself. Its not easy though as not many in the agency take her very seriously and breaking news stories in an age of social media is nigh-on-impossible.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Skill

Awareness: 6, College: 3, Cyclist: 1, Fitness: 3, News Van: 2, Toughness: 3, Willpower: 6

Advantages: Antique Store, Farmhouse, Press

Flaws: Nosey, Stubborn, Trouble Magnet

Languages: English, French, and Spanish


Skill: Awareness (6)

Whether through biking Manhattan's busy streets has made April extremely aware of her surroundings, or just generally searching the city for the next news story to cover and bring to her boss for proof of her ability as an up-and-coming reporter, April is always 'watching'. She's trained herself to have a situational awareness that is paramount to achieving her daily goals. A> Don't get run over B> FIND THE STORY! (these two things are scribbled on her bathroom mirror in a black marker near the bottom edge of the mirror).


Skill: College (3)

April got her Graduates Degree in Communications and Media at the Manhattan campus of Berkeley College. She's been an A+ student her entire life and can't mentally, or physically, allow herself to be anything but the best at what she's focused on doing.


Skill: Cyclist (1)

April's sport of choice since she was a little girl has been bike riding. A hobby encouraged by her parents, April rode competitively through her school years and continues to ride a perosnally-modified bicycle through the streets of Manhattan to this day as she considers it to be a superior way to get around the city during peak traffic hours.

(News Speed)

Skill: Fitness (3)

April spends most of her day riding on her bicycle so that alone is enough to keep her at great cardio levels. However, there's also a community gym near her home that she spends time at each night to do light weight training, which allows her to be at her best physically and mentally. "We have to take care of ourselves on every level, April. Otherwise we're cheating ourselves." She could hear her father saying this to her on many occassions.


Skill: News Van (2)

Though April herself does not have explicit ownership of one of the news agency vans, her camera-man Vernon Fenwick does. Lucky for April, Vernon has a bit of a crush on her and is willing to show up on a whim to help April if she spies a news story or just needs to use the van to get somewhere out of range of her bicycle!

(News VAn)

Skill: Toughness (3)

One of the common exercises at the gym is a boxing ring and a mixed martial arts octagon. Since early on in college, April has participated in these training sessions and its helped improve her ability to defend herself from would-be-thugs or nare-do-wells that might wish her, or anyone around her harm. April is not master ninja... but she's capable enough in a fight with your average thug.


Skill: Willpower (6)

Both of April's parents were positive influences on her life, though her father stands out more in her mind as the true inspiration behind her desire to 'never give up' and remain Unyielding in the face of adversity.



Advantage: Antique Store

Located in Brooklyn, this store used to belong to April's mother. But with both of her parents no longer living, the store has remained closed for some time. April resides in the apartment above the store and she rarely tends the store that often, but it is her place of solitude, so to speak... She'll often wander through the store if she needs a place to calm down or find peace in her life. She had been paying for the store with her inheritance money, but she is now gainfully employed and can happily say that her own earnings are paying for her home now.

Advantage: Farmhouse

April's father left her his family's farm and farmhouse located in Northampton, Massachusetts. Its a large plot of land that has a three story tall house and a large old barn. April visited the farmhouse many times as a child and has a lot of fond memories of it... part of her wishes she could live there all the time, but she knew she'd go stir crazy in a small town setting.

Advantage: Press

April is a member of the Press and comes with credentials that should allow her access to most all crime scenes/press events and potentially many other venues that the average citizen is kept out of. Flash the press badge and be waved on in!


Flaw: Nosey

April tends to get rather curious about things around here and subsequently starts to pry into people's business, or situations unfolding around here. Her nosiness can get her into all manner of trouble and it has.

Flaw: Stubborn

April is as stubborn as they get. When she gets her mind set on a task or a goal, she refuses to quit on it until she reaches a resolution on the matter that satiates her curiosity. She rarely backs down on anything that she wants to see through to completion.

Flaw: Trouble Magnet

Wherever April seems to go to try to find a story, trouble seems to follow her. Though she doesn't intentionally mean for trouble to happen, it just seems to be the case. Its made her quite sneaky and stealthy, in order to escape the trouble... but none-the-less this is an ongoing issue for the young girl throughout her life thus far.


April's father was a brilliant scientist and teacher. April's mother was

 an avid historian and lover of anthropology and archaeology. As a child,   
 when April wasn't in her mother's antique store, she was in her father's  
 classroom... or with either of her parents in a library searching for     
 answers to whatever her parents were seeking at the time. April grew up   
 loving books and researching to find the answers to questions she had and 
 this was only aided by quality parents that treated their only daughter   
 with respect and love. Sadly, her father passed away when she was young   
 and her mother passed away just before April graduated from Berkeley in   
 Manhattan. Now, on her own, April is using what her parents taught here to
 apply it to her own goal in life, to become a seeker of truth and to      
 spread it though quality journalism about all the madness going on in     
 their world.


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