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Quote-open " A monarch of Atlantis also stands with you. If you lead us into Hell, then the Devil will face NAMORA." Quote-close

Aquaria Neptunia is the younger cousin of Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Born of an Atlantean Father and a Human mother. When she reached puberty her mutant nature became apparent and she often aided her cousin on his adventures. Eventually she truck out on her own, but took the name of Namora to honor her cousin.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Aquatic Healing: 7, Aquatic Telepathy: 4, Endurance: 3/5, Enhanced Senses: 3, Flight: 5, Hybrid Physiology, Invulnerability: 6, Lateral Lines: 6/2, Strength: 5/8, Super-Speed: 2

Abilities: Skill

Atlantean Technology: 6, Imperious Regina: 6, Skilled Warrior: 6, Strong Willed: 5, Swimming: 3

Advantages: Known Heroics Secrets of Atlantis

Flaws: Arrogant, Dehydration, Loves Her People, Obvious Features, Temper, Winged Feet

Languages: English


Power: Aquatic Healing (7)

Contact with water replenishes Namora's health. Mere contact with water can allow minor wounds to be healed in seconds, while being submerged she can heal even the most serious wounds quickly. This however is limited to natural healing and cannot regenerate limbs, with the exception of her wings which seem to regrow if horribly damaged.

Power: Aquatic Telepathy (4)

Namora has the ability to telepathically communicate with aquatic life and command it, she has the easiest time with more mammalian aquatics such as dolphins and whales, this power reaches 10 miles.

In addition, she shares a special bond with her cousin Namor and is able to sense his emotions and feelings from nearly anywhere on the planet.

Power: Endurance (3/5)

Namora is capable of operating at peak efficiency for days without fatigue while in the water. When not in contact with the water she is still capable of operating for over a day without needing rest.

Power: Enhanced Senses (3)

As an Atlantean, Namora's senses are adapted to life to the depths of the ocean. Her mutant nature has given her similar adaption for high altitudes. It allows her to see up to five miles in front of her and hear just below the ultrasonic level.

Power: Flight (5)

With her mutant-born winged feet Namora is capable of flight. Because of the pressures of the oceans deep she is able to withstand very high speeds and pressures.

Power: Hybrid Physiology

Namora comes from a mixed genealogy, being part Homo Mermanus (Atlantean) and Homo Superior (Mutant). She has every advantage an Atlantean, with the added perks of being a mutant like those born on the surface. With this she has barely aged by human standards. Her mixed heritage allows her to breathe both air and water equally. Being over 90 years old while still having the looks and physique of a twenty year old. Namora also suffers if she is without contact with water for too long.

Power: Invulnerability (6)

Namora's body can easily handle the crushing depths and pressures from the ocean's depth. But her invulnerability is greater than that of a normal Atlantean, her mutant nature has enhanced her physical resistance to a larger degree. She is resistant to blades, bullets, harsh environments (especially cold temperatures) and high impact and energy blasts.

Power: Lateral Lines (6/2)

She shares in the genetic advantage of aquatic vertebrae, being able to detect nearby motion and vibration in water. With these motions, she can detect a prey from a far distance, by following their line of motion in the water. On land she can use this as well but it is limited in range to about a mile.

Power: Strength (5/8)

With Namora's lineage, she is stronger than most surface dwellers and Atlanteans. Above the ocean, her strength is diminished but still an impressive amount. She can carry 40 tons without losing any speed or loss of elevation when flying. Her strength is however tied to her connection with the water. When she is no longer in water her strength lowers by one every hour until she reaches 5. Even at her weakest strength she is still stronger than a normal human. This is due to both her Atlantean and mutant natures.

Power: Super-Speed (2)

Due to her mutant nature Namora is capable of running about five times faster than even the greatest human athlete.

Skill: Atlantean Technology (6)

Part of Namora's training as a member of the royal families was a familiarity with Atlantean technology and magical theory (though she can not cast magic herself) and the theories that work them.

Skill: Imperious Regina (6)

As a member of the Atlantean Royal Family Namora was taught the ways of diplomacy and class. She finds herself at ease in social situations and can be quite charming when she wants to be.

Skill: Skilled Warrior (6)

Namora was trained to be a warrior, as most Atlantean children are. Along with that training Namora has been active in the fields of combat in World War 2 and as a superhero with the All-Winner's Squad. She is familiar with most melee weapons and knows the special fighting techniques of the Atlantean people.

Skill: Strong Willed (5)

Namora's mind is very strong on its own giving her a small ability to keep people out of her mind. She is not so easily controlled or manipulated.

Skill: Swimming (3)

She has spent the majority of her life underwater, she has an increased skill at swimming. Moving at full force, she can move at the rate of 300+ knots, faster than any other Atlantean has been able before or since.


Advantage: Known Heroics

Namora has a long history of heroic actions done both for the Atlantean people and those on the surface. Anyone who recognize her will think her a hero and more than likely treat her as such (for good or for ill)

Advantage: Secrets of Atlantis

Namora knows where many of the treasures and secrets of Atlantis are. The locations of sunken treasures, magical artifacts and religious sites of Atlantis are hers to know and access.


Flaw: Arrogant

As a member of the Atlantean Royal families, Namora has been raised to view herself to be above other people. Her additional abilities, in comparison to both Atlanteans and humans, has only encouraged that thought. While arrogant though, she is nothing compared to her cousin.

Flaw: Dehydration

Namora is highly vulnerable to heat based attacks, and must not avoid contact with water for too long. It lowers her strength and endurance faster than they drop naturally and can make her become increasingly irrational.

Flaw: Loves Her People

Namora has a great love for Atlantis and the Atlantean people and would do anything for them, even if it is something her moral code wouldn't normally allow. This can be used against her fairly easily, by threatening or purposing a threat to her people she can forced to take an action she wouldn't normally.

An addition to this is her feelings for her life long friend and cousin, Namor. A threat to Namor can make her drop everything in an attempt to help.

Flaw: Obvious Features

Namora has pointed ears, dark blue eyes and white wings on her ankles. These features make it very difficult for her to hide her nature from other people and make her stand out from normal humans.

Flaw: Temper

She is quick to anger. Namora is a being of pure passion, as this often leads to rage. She is quick to act on this, and make many situations worse.

Flaw: Winged Feet

The small wings connected to Namora's ankles are responsible for flight, and vulnerable to attack. If damaged they greatly reduce her flight speed and cause constant pain until healed.



Aquaria never knew her mother. She had died at childhood and her father was so heartbroken he wouldn't talk of her. Her life however took focus when she was first brought to the capital of Atlantis as a little girl. There she met her father's cousin Fen and her son, Namor. Namor and Aquaria became inseparable friends. They always played together and went everywhere together. Soon everyone was calling Aquaria, Namora.

When she began puberty another change, beyond the expected, happened. Her skin turned pink and wings sprouted from her ankles, much like the cousin everyone had nicknamed her after. It was then that her father finally admitted to Aquaria, her mother was a surface dweller and she was more like Namor than she realized. She had little time to deal with this though as bandits from a barbarian tribe of Aquatics attacked the castle she and her father were staying in to steal treasures from it. Her father was killed in the assault and she was left with no parents and a feeling for vengence. She started asking to be called Namora (The Avenging Daughter) and was sent to live with Fen, meaning she would spend even more time with her cousin.

Unrequited feelings for Namor made her life a bit difficult but they learned the ways of court and battle together. And then after the Nazi's attacked Atlantis and Thakkor sent Namor to the surface, Namora followed and helped him battle in WW2, being a reserve member of the Invaders. And after WW2 ended, a member of both the JSA and the All-Winner's Squad. Continuing in both teams even after Namor had left the surface to become King of Atlantis.

When Namor disappeared 40 years ago she ceased her super-hero activities and returned to Atlantis as a lady of the court and adviser to the Council of Kings. This is how she met her husband, Talan.

Married life was kind to Namora except that her hybrid nature had rendered her unable to bare children. She sought out an exiled Atlantean scientist who had experience with cloning and had him secretly implant her with a cloned embryo of herself. When this daughter was born to her she named it Namorita in honor of her now, presumed dead, cousin.


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File:Namor McKenzie.jpg

Namora's thought to be dead cousin.


Namora's King and cousin.


Namora kingdom and beloved home. She loves her people more then she can say.


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