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Agility: 4 Strength: 2 Toughness: 3
Perception: 7 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 5
Arsenal 1-4 Criminology 6 Firearms Knowledge 7
Markmanship 9 Martial Arts 7 Weapon Proficency 8
Government Agencies Navajo Tribe
Bad Girls Cheshire Depressive
Drug History Family Former Sidekick
Name: Roy William Harper, Jr. Roy Harper is the ward of Oliver Queen, the Speedy to his Green Arrow in the past. A former junkie, his work with a government drug agency would eventually lead him to work with S.H.I.E.L.D., where he would adopt the codename Arsenal, maintaining a not-very-tight secret identity.
Position: Wrapped around Lian's little finger.
Team: TBD
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Type: DC FC
Actor: Kivanç Tatlitug
Alts: None
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5, North America)
Music: "Hats off to (Roy) Harper" - Led Zepplin
Quote: "Son, I can only imagine what it feels like to be so good that when you miss, people know it was on purpose." - Sarge Steel to Arsenal
Tone Likes: Angsty, Comedic, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic, Social
Tone Dislikes: N/A



When did Roy Harper's real origin start? In a fiery blaze, with the death of his widower father, Roy William Harper Sr., in a forest fire? In the lonely tranquility of the Native American reservation, with the Navajo tribe that took him in to honor the son of the man who gave his life to save people in a forest fire? Or with the booming laugh of the man who would become Roy's guardian and mentor, Oliver Queen?

Whatever the case, Roy Harper would spend his early years learning archery to quell the loneliness the young boy felt. Because he was alone and had few friends, Roy developed his skills greatly under Brave Bow, the medical shaman of the Navajo tribe, but his greatest skill was his archery. And he would idolize the greatest practitioner of the art, Green Arrow.

So imagine Roy's great joy to discover that Green Arrow would come to judge a contest. Imagine the eagerness Roy would take in his shots, trying to impress his hero. And imagine the great disappointment as Roy missed his final shot to finish second. It would later be revealed that the arrow Roy shot had been magnetized, but Roy was able to showcase his skill to an even greater height when he helped Green Arrow stop a crook by quickly drawing and firing an arrow, so swiftly that the Emerald Archer would remark that the boy had been 'speedier' than even he was. Green Arrow offered to take Roy in as his ward... and after some discussion, Brave Bow told Roy that his destiny now laid elsewhere.


Roy would soon discover that Green Arrow was Oliver Queen, millionaire playboy. As his ward, Roy would chafe for a while, as Oliver, or Ollie as he preferred to be called, drilled him in the way of the bow. Patience. Finding the right -moment- to strike with precision. The boy learned, not only how to aim a trick arrow, but also how to study the movements of the criminals, how to judge the best way to incapicate them, and how to hone his body to respond instantly to the demands he would place on it in crime fighting. He learned, not only the way of the bow, but the zen necessary to become one with the arrow, and the will to endure any strain he placed on his body to form the true path of the Archer. And one day he stepped forth as 'Speedy', assisting his mentor during many of his cases.

He would meet other sidekicks, forming friendships that would last.

And then the bad times came, as Ollie left Roy to fend for himself, and planted a rift that would last for years. Finding himself alone and despondent, Roy turned to drugs for comfort, developing a heroin addiction that drove him further and further into despair. It took intervention to help Roy motivate himself to break his addiction, but the discovery of his ward's heroin habit caused Oliver to disown him. In fact, it was only through his own will and with help that Roy found the strength to carry on a life without drugs.

To prevent others from experiencing the same despondency that he did, Roy found a job at a center, helping to counsel other teens with drug problems, and carrying on a solo career as Speedy.


Roy's life as a counselor and solo vigilante would end when the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) approached him. The CBI, led by Sarge Steel, was largely concerned with drug trafficking and terrorism, and were interested in Roy for his skills and his knowledge. They would train him in undercover work, and in firearms, expanding his repertiore greatly. Under the CBI, Roy would work as a drug enforcement agent.

During this time, one of his assignments was to go undercover, and gain the trust of the villain Cheshire. The intent was to turn Cheshire over to the authorities, but Roy never did have a way of doing things easily. He would, of course, fall in love with the villain, and have an affair with her. Eventually, he left her, since he could not turn her in and his presence was endangering her life, not knowing that she was pregnant.

He would not discover this until the day he went on a mission to find and stop Cheshire's plot to assassinate a diplomatic entourage. Roy, somehow thinking he could convince Cheshire to not carry out her work, fell into the assassin's hands, and had to be freed by a certain young sidekick with extremely good detective skills... who presented him with someone left in his care by Cheshire.

That someone would turn out to be the apple of Roy's eye... his daughter, Lian.

After Lian came into Roy's life, Roy balanced fatherhood with his government work, doing his part towards making a better tomorrow for his daughter, today.


Equipment: Arsenal (1-4)

Roy Harper is armed with trick arrows, throwing stars and knives, a taser gun, tear gas grenades, and a crossbow. Basic trick arrows include a net arrow, glue arrows, and smoke arrows.

Skill: Criminology (6)

After years of fighting crime, Arsenal has an excellent idea of how the criminal mind works, and has spent a great deal of time with intelligence agencies training to fight crime in all its various incarnations. He's not ever going to be on a Batman, or even Nightwing level, but he -can- at least be a police-level detective.

Skill: Firearms Knowledge (7)

Well-armed in the knowledge to strip down firearms, reload and firing a large variety of government and foreign issue weapons.

Skill: Marksmanship (9)

As the former sidekick of Green Arrow, Roy's among the masters of archery. He's also a crackshot with guns, once taking down a sniper from 200 feet with a rifle under harsh wind conditions ... without sighting the target.

Skill: Martial Arts (7)

Trained in a specialized martial arts that makes use of environment to turn anything into a potential weapon against his foe, Roy is excellent at hand-to-hand combat, at his best when the fight has degenerated into 'anything goes'.

Skill: Weapom Proficiency (8)

Roy Harper is extremely proficient with a wide array of weapons, and can take virtually any object and use it in combat as an effective weapon.


Advantage: Government Agencies

This advantage augments perception and intellect when used. Having overcome his drug use history and turned it into working for a drug enforcement agency, this allowed him to network with certain government officers, allowing him to network and to coordinate with other agencies for field work in enforcement and espionage.

Advantage: Navajo Tribe

This advantage augments perception and Intellect when used. He can speak the Navajo language, as well as picking up arcane knowledge from the shaman that raised him, herbal knowledge and tracking skills, survival skills, and medical knowledge. As a result, he's nearly as adept as a Native American shaman or brave in those skills.


Flaw: Bad Girls

Roy seems to have a particular knack for having relationships with women who aren't -right- for him, and letting it influence him to the point he can't really perform his duties optimally. Cheshire speaks to that point.

Flaw: Cheshire

Cheshire, ah, the villain, assassin... former lover. Theirs was a passionate relationship, and they remain close enough that Roy will visit Cheshire in prison and let her see Lian, but they remain forever opposed, on the opposite sides of law and order.

Flaw: Depressive

Roy, when left to his own devices, cannot handle 'bad times' unassisted. He's turned to heroin in the past. These days, he has a responsibility to his daughter to remain the best parent for her, but if there's ever a time when he -doesn't- have that foundation...

Flaw: Drug History

A former junkie, Roy's overcome this and made his own path forward, but he'll always be burdened by those who -know- the truth.

Flaw: Family

This flaw affects Roy's effectiveness and compromises his abilities - if his daughter, Lian Harper, is kidnapped for example, his impulsiveness might cause him to drop things to get after Lian immediately. This also applies to Oliver Queen, and to the Navajo tribe that raised him.

Flaw: Former Sidekick

No matter what Roy's done, no matter what he's been working on to make his own name and way as a hero, he'll always be Green Arrow's ex-sidekick. Adopting the name Arsenal was one way to distinguish himself. In the case of Roy, given his history with Ollie, there's always that element of trying to prove himself to Ollie that he's no longer that heroin junkie, the depressive who would retreat to a needle to find comfort. In a nutshell, he's always going to be forced to show that Arsenal is no one's sidekick, not anymore.

Flaw: Headstrong

Like his 'father' Ollie, Roy can be stubborn, steadfastedly sticking to a position and clinging to it doggedly... which could be a bad thing if he's on the wrong side of an issue.


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