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Atlee is a young girl from Strata, a city of interterrestrial beings. She was sent to the surface of the Earth as Stratra's Champion, Terra. Her mission: protect the Earth from above and below, and making a difference. When not on her heroic duties, Atlee is a teenager, and she finds that there is so much more to do and experience on the surface world than she could ever imagine.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Champion of Strata: 3-4 Strong Willed: 4

Abilities: Power

E-Invulnerability, Earthquakes: 7, Earth Armor: 6, Earth Shaping: 7, Flight: 3, Geokinesis, Launch: 7, Projectiles: 5, Regeneration: 6, Transmutation, Tunneling: 5, Volcano Eruption: 5

Abilities: Skill

Fighting: 5 Stratan Knowledge

Advantages: Champion of Strata

Flaws: Alien, Earth Connection, Power Exertion, Quixium

Languages: English


Attribute: Champion of Strata (3-4)

Dexterity: Atlee's dexterity is rated 3

Strength: Atlee's strength is rated 4

Toughness: Atlee's toughness is rated 4

As the Champion of Strata, Atlee was infused with the metal Quixium, as such she is much heavier than one would expect as well as much stronger. Getting hit by her fist is like ramming into steel. Her toughness is also improved due to the Quixium. Her Dexterity is higher then base human level, being a Stratan in top condition.

Attribute: Strong Willed (4)

Willpower: Atlee's willpower is rated 4

As the Champion of Strata, Atlee feels an incredible commitment and responsibility to the Earth whether on the surface or below. She is resolved to defeat evil, and teach people to better respect the environment as well as each other.

Power: E-Invulnerability

Atlee being the champion of Strata, with her control of earth in all its forms, is also invulnerable to earth in all its forms. She can survive being thrown in a pool of lava. She can survive being crashed into the earth underneath the weight of a city, or between boulders. It is unclear whether it is an actual invulnerability inherent to her, or the fact that her powers trigger subconciously to make sure she survives, but the fact remains that if one wants to kill her, they will need to employ weapons or powers that are not based in earth material such as rocks, crystals, lava, minerals, mud.

Power: Earthquakes (7)

Scale: The scale used is Arsenal

With her ability to control earth, Terra can form a wide range of earthquakes, from minor ones to massively destructive ones up to 9.5 on the Richter Scale. The good thing, is that as the Champion of Strata, Terra is loathe to resort to such application of her power unless absolutely necessary. She wants to protect the earth, not hurt it.

Power: Earth Armor (6)

Toughness: When in affect, Terra gains 3 additional points of toughness, bringing it to 7.

Terra can shape earth matter around herself to create a makeshift natural armor, this ability grants an additional 3 points of toughness.

Power: Earth Shaping (7)

Scale: Rated on the Toughness scale

With her command of the earth, Terra can shape something out of earth matter and animate it. So if someone were to run from her, she could form a huge hand or two to grab him. If she needs to rescue people she can construct a huge hallowed sphere to carry them out of a collapsed mine. If people must escape an island with an active volcano, she can form a bridge to the next island. The limit to the shape is largely given to her imagination, while at peak of the ability she can create bridge long enough to lead from Hawaii to California. Terra's favorite use of this power is to create art, whether in sculpting small sculptures, or sculpting larger decorations on the ground.

Power: Flight (3)

While Terra herself cannot fly, she uses her Geokinesis to levitate a platform off the ground. Stepping on the platform, she then uses her control to make it fly as fast as 500MPH.

Power: Geokinesis

As the Champion of Strata, Terra is fully connected with the Earth. She feels the Earth, she knows where natural disasters are taking place, and she knows where damage is being done to the Earth, as she actually feels pain from it. All of Terra's powers stem from Geokinesis, but as it's hard to confine the vast number of applications in stat form, examples of many different applications are scattered in abilities list as different subsets of the power.

Power: Launch (7)

Scale: Scale used is Strength

Terra can create precise upwards explosion in the ground to launch enemies or obstacles into the air. At the peak of the power, she can easily knock a fully loaded semi out of the way, or launch a very heavy enemy into the air.

Power: Projectiles (5)

Terra has full control of Earth matter, as such, she can form anything from many spear tips to hurl at will up to giant boulders to cast at foes. While a boulder can only be aimed at a single foe, spear tips can be hurled in different directions. She can also use this application of Geokinesis in a defensive capacity, hurling rocks at varying sizes to shoot down projectiles aimed at her.

Power: Regeneration (6)

Regeneration: As a Stratan, Atlee's body regenerates over time, healing perfectly and leaving no scares once the healing processes is complete. That said, if she suffers severe damage, her body will be forced to shut down for the process to complete itself. Over a certain threshold she will just faint while her body heals itself. Over several hours she would be completely healed, granted a villain wasn't killing her while she was knocked out.

Power: Transmutation

Terra is able to transmute one type of earth matter into a different type of earth matter of the same size, so she can shift one mineral into another. While she's no scientist and therefore can't make the most of this ability, she has used it to trap essense such as a Venom-like symbiotic matter in a glass sphere before it could take use her for a host. Terra mostly use this skill for her artistic sculpting.

Power: Tunneling (5)

Terra shifts earth matter on a whim, which allows her to dig into the ground at blinding pace. Should she choose to navigate by this form of tunneling, she can reach places very quickly, particularly her home of Strata. As a protector of Earth, Terra doesn't leave gaping tunnels in her wake, rather she closes the tunnel as soon as she creates it, almost as if moving through the earth by shifting it for a moment to allow her to pass through, and closing it behind her.

Power: Volcano Eruption (5)

With her control of the Earth, Terra is able to cause volcanos to erupt. She cannot, however, reverse the process of an already erupting volcano. Terra for the most part would avoid using this, unless she was badly overpowered and a fight happen to reach the vicinity of a volcano.

Skill: Fighting (5)

While Atlee isn't likely to take out martial arts experts anytime soon without using powers, she has been destined to be the protector of Strata, and as such received extensive training in fighting techniques. It may not be the most graceful, and she may not be the strongest girl out there, but Atlee knows how to throw punches and deliver kicks. So even if she were somehow in an environment free of any earth material, she could still fight by virtue of her fists and kicks.

Skill: Stratan Knowledge

Hailing from Strata, Atlee is familiar with technologies that are utterly alien to people of the surface. She is also well versed in many sub-terranean species and their habits that people of the surface never heard about. If she were to encounter a geologist, she may have a very educated conversation despite never having gone to university. That said, her knowledge of the surface world is limited.


Advantage: Champion of Strata

As the Champion of Strata, Atlee is well known in Strata and has access to all of Strata's advanced technologies, particularly Arla and her lab. It seems like there's little that Arla can't do. Arla is capable of such feats as fixing inherent flaws such as terminal disease in people by altering their DNA, she can clone people perfectly even if they had been changed (Power Girl #11). Should Atlee suffer tremendous amounts of damage to the point of serious disfigurment that her own regeneration won't be able to handle, if she could make her way back to Strata, more likely than not Arla will be able to help.


Flaw: Alien

An Intraterrestrial from Strata, Atlee is alien to the Earth's surface. She is utterly unfamiliar with the culture, customs and mannerisms and is prone to make mistakes and stand out in embarrassing situations. She is learning little by little, but it takes time. In trying to blend in, she has a bad habit of misquoting pop culture, and mispronouncing words as English is very much a foreign language for her.

Flaw: Earth Connection

Terra has a strong connection to the Earth, she can sense earthquakes, volcano eruptions and other natural phenomenon. This is how she can quickly get to areas that require her attention. However, unnatural things that damage the Earth like explosions that cause craters and human intervention that corrupt the environment hurt her. That along with her mission is why she tries to stop all activities that corrupt and damage the Earth.

Flaw: Power Exertion

While connected to the Earth as the Champion of Strata, there is a limit to how much she can wield her power at any certain moment. Small things are of no consequence, such as sculpting, using pebbles or sharp rocks as projectiles, but there are bigger things that definitely take away from Terra when she attempts them. For instance creating a chasm by gaping the ground, would be more and more tiring the wider she tries to make it. Making a volcano erupt will leave her tired and likely not in a condition to keep fighting. Shaping the ground into a catching glove to hold such humongous structures as the island of Manhattan would put her on the verge of fainting. It all comes down to size. The bigger the constructs she deals with, the more taxing is the exertion on her body. It is as if energy is flowing out of her, leaving her without fuel for further action.

Flaw: Quixium

Infused with the rare Quixium metal, an element unfamiliar to the surface world, Atlee triggers any metal detector she passes through. A search will never yield metallic objects despite the alerts, so in the good case it may be considered the device is malfunctioning. In the bad case, Atlee might be held for interrogation. For the same reason, she is also extremely vulnerable when facing a villain such as Magneto.


Many years ago, before humans came to be, a sole survivor of an alien race crashed on the planet Earth. Centuries have passed, and the alien's dead body sank deeper beneath the surface of the planet. The space suit the alien wore has somehow managed to perserve its DNA, which brought about the evolution of an entire civilization of intra-terrestrials who came to call their surrounding Strata.

Strata has a Council of Elders that governed their underground city, and over the years they have also observed the evolution of humans -- the surface dwellers. As the humans further progressed, some proved to be harmful for the planet, whether for greed, evil, or simple ignorance. Thus the Council of Elders decided to send a Champion of Strata to the surface, to serve as a protector.

Quixium metal proved to be an element that when infused with a Stratan can alter their genetics, giving a rare few the power of Geokinesis -- control over the earth itself.

Currently a young girl by the name of Atlee, who exhibited the rare gift of geokinesis was choosen to become Strata's Champion. Just like her predecessors, Atlee kept the codename Terra. Atlee was very enthusiastic about her mission and took to the surface with eager determination to do all she could to become the Earth's greatest protector, making sure to look after sub-terranean species as well as the surface dwellers.

But there is much that Atlee doesn't know about the surface world, and arriving there exposed her to a world of new experiences and unfamiliar customs. In her eagerness to blend in, Atlee often stands out most, but that's just one more challenge she has to undertake, albeit an unexpected one.


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