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Quote-open "He built me with pain receptors. WHY did he build me with pain receptors?!" Quote-close

Created in 1923 by Nikola Tesla, Atomic Robo (or just 'Robo') received his doctorate in physics from Columbia University. He has lead a fruitful career in the realms of 'super-science', and currently runs Tesladyne Industries -- a super-science consultant firm and thinktank that 'explores the fringes of scientific inquiry'. He is considered one of the world's most prominent experts in hyperdimensional mathematics and multi-dimensional physics. He is also a robot.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Robot

Electromatic Brain, Machine, Robot Eyes, Strength: 7, Toughness: 6

Abilities: Skill

Action Scientist: 6, Aeronautic Engineer: 7, Aviator: 7, Teslatech: 9

Abilities: Gear

Jetpack: 5 Lightning Gun: 4-7

Advantages: Celebrity, Genre Savvy, Jenkins, Tesla's Legacy, Tesladyne Industries

Flaws: Atomic Powered, Crypto-Tech, Doctor Dinosaur, Electromagneticism, Entomophobia, Financial Woes, Hackable, Nemesis, Non-Person, Pain Receptors

Languages: Czech, English, German, Hungarian, Japanese, and Machine-Code


Gear: Jetpack (5)

Yes, Robo has a jetpack. Yes, it's powered by a Lightning Gun core. No, you can't borrow it. Probably because, at the moment, the standard landing procedure is performed with Robo's face. He usually does /not/ bring it with him except on missions where flying might be necessary. It cannot hover. For game-purposes, the jetpack has a speed rating of 3 (500 mph top speed), unless he sets the dial from 'Too Dangerous' to 'WHY DOES THIS SETTING EVEN EXIST' -- at which point it cranks it up to 5 (shortly thereafter exploding; Arsenal 5).

Gear: Lightning Gun (4-7)

Atomic Robo's favorite weapon-type. Originally invented by Tesla, they 'collect electric charges from the air and boost them to obscenely dangerous levels through an even more dangerous process'. He has built several prototypes, all of varying sizes; they range from handguns to roughly the size of a .50 caliber machine gun. The larger they are, the larger power pack they require; the largest requires a generator roughly the size of a fridge and is capable of reducing small buildings to smoldering rubble. As a rule, Robo usually carries a pistol-sized lightning gun (Arsenal: 4) on him.

Robot: Electromatic Brain

Atomic Robo has an electromatic brain. While not possessing an eidetic memory, he's damn close -- and he can upload and download information from computers designed to interface with his hardware.

Robot: Machine

Atomic Robo is -- well, a robot. He can survive outside an atmosphere, walk on the ocean floor, and take a bath in acid. He doesn't need to eat, breathe, drink, poop, or any of that icky meat-bag stuff. Psionics don't work on him. He also doesn't heal; when he's damaged, he needs to be repaired.

Robot: Robot Eyes

Robo possesses high-end telescopic vision (clearly seeing targets up to five miles away) and perceives pretty much every electromagnetic spectrum we know about (and a couple we don't).

Robot: Strength (7)

Atomic Robo is ridiculously strong. He usually doesn't deploy his full strength, however -- partly because he's strong enough to tear his own body to pieces. While he might be able to exert enough force to lift and throw a Panzer Tank, the weight of the tank will potentially be enough to rip his arms off.

Robot: Toughness (6)

Atomic Robo is /really/ hard to hurt. He's been run over by tanks, fried by lasers, bathed in radiation, chewed on by dinosaurs, dropped out of planes, and punched by Lovecraftian horrors from beyond time. Conventional weapons don't really work against him; even unconventional weapons tend to just glance off his metal chassis.

Skill: Action Scientist (6)

Robo's skillset as an action scientist is diverse: He's served in three wars (including WWII), driven pretty much everything with wheels, gotten into fist-fights with two-legged tanks and performed on-the-spot repairs to himself. Essentially, he's a highly trained mechanic, soldier, physicist, and fringe scientist.

Skill: Aeronautic Engineer (7)

Robo was once one of the world's leading authorities on aeronautics; he built an experimental jet that broke the powered flight speed record in an atmosphere (but he hasn't told anyone). He hasn't been pursuing the field as much more than a hobby, though, so -- while still 'known' among aeronautic circles as an expert -- he's no longer as cutting edge as he used to be.

Skill: Aviator (7)

Robo is an thoroughly experienced pilot, having flown everything from experimental jets to helicopters, planes, jetpacks, and even NASA spaceships.

Skill: Teslatech (9)

Robo is the leading expert on Tesla-based technology. Considering a lot of Tesla technology is a hundred years ahead of what we have now, though, this is largely correlates to being the 'least oblivious person' re: TeslaTech. Nevertheless, studying Tesla technology has made him an expert on hyperdimensional mathematics, temporal mechanics, spatial anamolies, telluric forces, and alternate dimensions.


Advantage: Celebrity

Anyone who pays attention to scientific progress has probably heard about Atomic Robo in passing; he's something of a celebrity in the field of physics and 'action science'. His ongoing feud with Stephen Hawking is a particular piece of relevant trivia.

Advantage: Genre Savvy

Atomic Robo knows that when your quantum decomputer looks like something out of an H. G. Gieger painting, it's probably going to end up summoning a Horror from Beyond Time.

Advantage: Jenkins

Jenkins is one of Atomic Robo's employees at Tesladyne Industries. Robo found him in the vampire dimension. As far as anyone can tell, before Robo rescued him, Jenkins was engaged in a one-man war against a planet full of blood-thirsty vampires. And he was /winning/.

In Robo's own words: Jenkins doesn't sleep; he holds back.

Advantage: Tesla's Legacy

Robo has a stockpile of Tesla's old technology -- including his Telluric Vest, various notes on Tesla's work, and other important devices. Robo is the foremost expert on Tesla tech (heck, he /is/ Tesla tech). Despite being nearly a century old, some of the technology is so advanced that modern science has yet to reproduce anything like it.

Advantage: Tesladyne Industries

Robo is the proud owner of Tesladyne Industries, a super-science consulting firm that 'explores the fringes of scientific inquiry'. He has at his beck and call a staff of sixty 'action scientists', ten highly trained mercenaries, an arsenal of super-gadgets, a small lab in New York City, and one Jenkins.

He only uses Jenkins when things get /really/ bad, though.


Flaw: Atomic Powered

Atomic Robo's powersource is an atomic power core contained inside his chest that no one (including Robo) fully understands. If this core is breached, the result will be a lot of radiation. Also, if it was ever broken, Robo's not sure anyone out there possesses enough knowledge to repair it. A final nail on the coffin is this: Robo has /no/ idea what the lifespan of his energy core is. He could run out of juice tomorrow -- or in a thousand years.

Flaw: Crypto-Tech

Tesla's technology is still a mystery; no one except Atomic Robo really understands how Atomic Robo works (and evne /he/ isn't completely sure). The number of people qualified to perform repairs on Robo can be counted on one hand -- and the number of people who actually /understand/ the full scope of Robo's underlying functionality is precisely zero.

Flaw: Doctor Dinosaur

Seriously, screw that guy.

Flaw: Electromagneticism

Technology based on the manipulation of electromagnetic fields is one of Robo's few weaknesses; said technology can be used to temporarily disable him or even force a full reset of his systems. Also, Robo /is/ made out of metal -- which makes powerful magnets one of his banes.

Flaw: Entomophobia

Robo has a deep, irrational fear of bugs. Strangely enough, this fear only extends to small bugs; giant bugs (particularly, ants the size of Cadillac) don't bother him. This fear seems to center on the idea that the bugs will crawl into his metal carapace and wreck mayhem on his 'poor, vulnerable insides'.

Flaw: Financial Woes

As cutting edge as Tesladyne might be in the realms of super-science, Atomic Robo often finds himself struggling from paycheck to paycheck to keep his company afloat. He's had some lucrative government contracts, but his refusal to produce super-weapons for the US (or any other entity) -- or cash in on his father's legacy -- remains a sore point between him and his investors. He's kept the company afloat this long, but it's continuing to be a challenge.

Flaw: Hackable

Anyone who has some familiarity with Robo's electromatic brain (and the manner in which he can interface with technology) could theoretically 'hack' Robo and take control of his body. Robo can build countermeasures against hack-attempts, but only after the fact.

Flaw: Nemesis

He's got a few. Heinrich von Helsingard -- Nazi, super-scientist, and serial 'brain-in-a-jar' -- is probably the most notorious. There are also members of government (project Majestic 12) who want to see him dead or disabled; he /also/ has an ongoing feud with Stephen Hawking.

Flaw: Non-Person

Legally, Robo is not actually a human being -- or even a citizen of the United States. This puts Robo in a very tricky question, re: US law; technically, Robo isn't a person -- he's a corporation. Tesladyne /is/ Robo, for all intensive purposes -- at least on paper. This is a very sore point for Robo; he's been pursuing litigation to attain citizenship and legal personhood for pretty much his entire career.

Flaw: Pain Receptors

Despite being a robot, Robo still has tactile receptors -- which means he can feel pain. This comes up a lot, particularly when people insist on shooting him -- he's essentially bulletproof, but that doesn't mean it doesn't still hurt.


1923: "The Atomic Robot", the world's first "automatic intelligence" is unveiled to the world by Nikola Tesla at a small press conference in New York City. A whirlwind of controversy surrounds Tesla and The Robot for months. Many scientists believe it to be a hoax. Many religious leaders decry it as an afront to God. Tesla and his Atomic Robot are a mainstay of newspaper headlines and scientific news for the next decade.

1924, June: Nikola Tesla's Houston Street laboratory and home is severely damaged in an alleged confrontation between Atomic Robo and a 'wizard' sent at the behest of Thomas Edison.

1924, November: Tesla's Atomic Robot formally adopts the name 'Atomic Robo' after a year of being referred to by the press as 'The Robot', 'The Atomic Robo', and later 'Robo'.

1926, April 3: H.P. Lovecraft and Charles Fort seek Nikola Tesla in NYC to defend the world against a threat from the 'exoverse'.

1928, May: Atomic Robo earns a PhD in Physics from Columbia University.

1930: Atomic Robo meets Jack Tarot. Jack mentors Robo in vigilantism. Very reluctantly. Meanwhile, mobsters from the Chicago and New York syndicates raid hightech firms. The famed Crystal Skull of F.A. Mitchell-Hedges is also stolen. It is orchestrated by Thomas Edison.

1938, October 10: Atomic Robo's first mission for the U.S. Army; Atomic Robo's first encounter with Baron Heinrich von Helsingard; destruction of Helsingard’s secret Himalayan fortress laboratory.

1941, August: Atomic Robo joins the American Volunteer Group.

1943, January 7: Nikola Tesla's laboratory/home is destroyed by an explosion presumed to be caused by a high-energy experiment gone wrong; however this is never conclusively proven.

1943, January 31: Atomic Robo founds Tesladyne. At this point it is little more than a corporate entity to hold the recently deceased Tesla's patents and assets while Robo fights in World War Two.

1943, July - August: Atomic Robo is sent to destroy Laufpanzers, prototype mechanized troops, during the Invasion of Sicily. First of many encounters with Otto Skorzeny.

1943, August: Atomic Robo encounters British super spy known as 'The Sparrow'. It could have gone better.

1944, October: Atomic Robo and a team of British Commandos infiltrate Nazi occupied Guersney to destroy a battery of intercontinental electric cannons before they are completed, but the facility actually houses a device meant to weaponize weather.

1947, May: Atomic Robo disrupts an illegal rocketry experiment performed by Jack Parsons.

1947, September 24: President Truman, under the advice of Secretary of Defense Forrestal, establishes the top secret government agency, Majestic 12, tasked with weaponizing so-called 'Tesla-tech' uncovered by the FBI in the wake of Nikola Tesla's mysterious death.

1950, June: Atomic Robo destroys a 'giant robot' built by the Chinese and fielded by the North Korea military. It is likely that the war machine's tremendous expense and total failure on the battlefield helped to steer the Cold War toward more conventional and cost-efficient technologies.

1957, December: Atomic Robo and the Science Agents of Tesladyne investigate what they believe to be the wreckage of Sputnik's booster on a farm in a rural Oregon town. It is their hope that studying the booster's design will curtail the nascent nuclear arms race. It turns out to be the threat from the exoverse encountered many decades before.

1961, October: Atomic Robo stops a rogue Russian scientist from detonating a nuclear weapon powerful enough to destroy all life on Earth.

1963: Atomic Robo destroys an Air Force prototype 'flying platform' to keep it from falling into enemy hands.

1971: Atomic Robo and Carl Sagan conduct experiments to observe a theoretical intersection of exoversal material in the Urubama Valley, Peru.

1974: Atomic Robo meets Otto Skorzeny, now an old man dying of cancer, at a cafe in Madrid, Spain.

1975, August 10: NASA's Viking I begins its ten month trip to Mars with top secret envoy Atomic Robo aboard. The mission is a success, despite the need to doctor or suppress a number of photographs of and from the Martian surface due to Robo's 'interference'.

1989, Summer: Atomic Robo battles a giant sea monster off the coast of Clearwater, Florida.

199?: Atomic Robo meets Jenkins during a failed exploratory mission into the so-called 'Vampire Dimension'.

1997: Atomic Robo’s brain is temporarily hi-jacked by a disgruntled researcher developing a so-called 'swarm hack' technology.

1999: An experiment gone wrong leaves our world open to an invasion from the so-called Vampire Dimension. The leak is sealed with minimal loss of life. Dr. Bernard Fischer is hired.

1999: Science Team Super Five defeats the first Biomega creature to attack Japan since the 1980s.

1999, May 2: Atomic Robo confronts the creature known as 'Dr. Dinosaur' for the first time.

1999: A ghost-like entity appears within Tesladyne’s offices. Experiments are conducted and contact is eventually established. It is the consciousness of Thomas Edison propagated via Odic strata and expressed into real space.

2005, February: Atomic Robo, with the help of Action Scientist teams Alpha and Beta, investigates an underground facility in the Italian countryside. It is expected to belong to Baron von Helsingard.

2007, November 14: Tesladyne requested to investigate reports of an attack by giant ants near Reno, Nevada. Atomic Robo and a squad of Action Scientists quell the attack, but are at a loss to explain the cause.

2007, November 15: Tesladyne requested to investigate reports of a “mobile pyramid” roaming Egyptian desert.

2007, November 16: Tesladyne investigates the 'mobile pyramid' only to find that the entire monument is a giant steampowered supertank operated by a waterclock program that took five thousand years to compute. It is perhaps the greatest archaeological find in Egyptian history.

2008, September 19: 'Perverse mammalian energies' destroy Dr. Dinosaurs world.

2009, February 9: An experiment gone wrong forces Atomic Robo to confront a nonlinear threat from the exoverse for the last(?) time.


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