Autumn Garnette Merryweather
Star Shimmer
Game FC (OC)

Local Genius and recent High School Graduate Autumn Merryweather is your typical teenage girl with a not so typical life.
Normal went out the window when a violet ring came to her.
Now she is Star Shimmer, Apprentice of the Star Sapphire Corps to Sector 2814!


Character Sheet

Abilities: Ring

Abby, Constructs: 8, Emotional Influence: 3, Flight: 6, Forcefields: 8, Love Sense: 3, Matter Control: 3, Regeneration: 3, Violet Power Ring, Xenolinguistics

Abilities: Skills

Caretaking: 2, Computers: 5, Hand to Hand Combat: 2, Poetry: 4

Abilities: Stats

Intelligence: 4 Willpower: 5

Advantages: Carol Ferris Job

Flaws: Control, Depression, In Over Her Head, Parents

Languages: An ability allows Autumn to comprehend all languages.


Ring: Abby

All violet rings have an Artifical intelligence. Where Carol's is modelled after Queen Aga'po, Autumn's has a basic AI which she has dubbed Abby based on the column Ask Abby. Abby can offer advice on how to use the ring and deal with threats. She can obtain information about people, places or things by way of a violet light scan. This is simply taking violet light over an object, a person or thing and doing a cross reference with the data it has stored. The data stored is limited to what the Star Sapphires have gathered within the universe. While this is a lot of information there is plenty of things that Abby will likely not know. Examples of the AI's ability to scan are being able to check a body for diseases or checking the health of a person. It has a short range, She can not scan anything more then 10 meters away. Attempts to scan at farther distances results in far less information. At 20 meters, at most it could tell who a person is and their species. Further then that... nothing. 20 is the absolute limit.

Ring: Constructs (8)

As a Star Sapphire, Autumn can make constructs of solid light just like any other ring wielder. While she is still an apprentice, Months of practice as well as learning to love herself have significantly amplified the strength of these constructs. While she is not as strong as some others She is able to handle an attack from nearly anything shy of nuclear.

Ring: Emotional Influence (3)

Star Sapphires can use their rings to influence the emotional state of others. This takes a lot of practice and is quite difficult to do. Shimmer is getting better at this and can give a little push towards a more favorable emotional state. It is difficult and it takes a lot of focus.

Ring: Flight (6)

Having spent some time in the air and becoming more comfortable with and in tune with the ring has cause Autumn to become much faster when flying. In Earth's atmosphere she is capable of flying at speeds over ten thousand miles per hour. In space she is even faster.

Ring: Forcefields (8)

Like the constructs, Forcefields can be created to protect herself and others around her. Autumn's fields are at the same strength of her constructs.

Ring: Love Sense (3)

Autumn is becoming much more in tune with the love that fuels the Star Sapphire ring. This has made it much easier to pick up on the love in others. She can sense the love of others with ease. It allows her to look into a person's heart and see the love there or even present an image of their true love. She can not use this to teleport or restore the dead as Carol Can.

Ring: Matter Control (3)

The ring can alter matter in ways that don't require blasting. This allows Autumn to alter things such as lasting repairs, creating some objects, and in an extreme case passing through objects though that is really risky for her to do as she doesn't have very strong control over this ability. Even when she does have control she is still learning to use this ability.

Ring: Regeneration (3)

The ring protects its wearer. When its wearer is injured, the ring will proceed to heal them. This healing is at 10 times the normal speed.

Ring: Violet Power Ring

The ring of the Star Sapphire Corps grants countless abilities and powers to it's wearer. Drawing from the wearer's love, it can allow the wearer to create constructs, manipulate matter, and heal the wearer.

Ring: Xenolinguistics

The Star Sapphire ring allows the wearer to understand any language they Star Sapphire Corps have encountered.

Skills: Caretaking (2)

Autumn frequents an oldfolks home to assist the elderly almost every week. She enjoys helping others.

Skills: Computers (5)

Avoiding parents and having few friends leads a person to be hiding in her room more often then not. This has lead Autumn to be exceptionally computer literate, able to upgrade, repair and at times code her own computers using Linux.

Skills: Hand to Hand Combat (2)

In an effort to protect herself, Autumn has gotten involved in a few self defense classes which while not the strongest thing, helps her to keep safe.

Skills: Poetry (4)

Everyone needs a means to cope with things they go through. Autumn does this through her words. She writes poetry. She keeps it inside mostly but on occasion she will go to poetry readings to vent it out.

Stats: Intelligence (4)

Autumn has always been rather smart. If not for other aspects in her life she'd already be out of school and in college.

Stats: Willpower (5)

Autumn is a Transwoman. She has had to deal with all sorts of abuse in school. This has lead to her having a stronger will, willing to push forward and keep going in an effort to just be herself.


Advantage: Carol Ferris

Her friend and Employer as well as her Mentor within the Star Sapphire Corps. Without her Autumn would be living on the street. She has put her up at her home for the time being.

Advantage: Job

Autumn is under the employ of Ferris Air as an Amateur Aircraft designer. This job definitely pays the bills and allows her to better take care of herself.


Flaw: Control

Autumn has gotten a very rude awakening concerning her powers. As she has finally learned to love herself, She has discovered that it is very difficult to keep in control of her ring. It is exceptionally easy for her to succumb to the power of love herself and lose herself to it. This can lead to her acting on impulse, using her ring to stir up love in others, and just generally being completely lost in the power.

Flaw: Depression

Cadence deals with depression and occasionally will get very down. Any thing could trigger a depression period which could prove to be debilitating. She hides this with humor.

Flaw: In Over Her Head

Autumn is new to the hero game, New to having any sort of powers, new to being accepted and just new to everything. It is exceptionally overwhelming and she is completely prone to making mistakes such as giving away her identity, getting into a fight without thinking, overestimating herself, and potentially endangering herself and those close to her. But she is a genius... Whats the worst that can happen?

Flaw: Parents

Her parents are not accepting of who she is. They have told her outright, when she graduates she has 1 month to get out. This has driven a very large wedge between them and causes her a lot of pain.


Born in Queens, Douglas Reynolds was a pretty normal baby. At least that is what it seemed. His parents, Justin and Theresa were a hard working couple who wanted the best for their son. As the child grew, he started showing signs that he may or may not be what they thought was normal. This included dressing and the like. In School, he excelled with computers and with Math and Science. He showed he was exceptionally intelligent but as time went on, his grades went down. He was struggling to be himself. When he tried to wear more feminine clothing to school he was beat up and forced to change in the office. The teachers proceeded to tell his parents what happened and he was promptly punished. A few weeks later, he came out to his parents. They were less then happy about this and spent their time trying to convert him back to being a him. He picked the name Cadence Garnette Merryweather when he realized his parents wouldn't accept him. From there on, he now she, only used feminine pronouns and did all she could to be herself. This continued into her late teens. When her parents realized that she wasn't going to change, they gave her an ultimatum. Be the boy she 'is' or you will be kicked out a month after you graduate. That is where she is now.


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