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Morgana Avalon "Ava" Lyons
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Morgana Avalon "Ava" Lyons

The owner of Rock & Roll, Ava has a passion for cooking. A woman who is very pro-different, her restaurant caters to those who aren't 'normal'.

Very intelligent for a human, she graduated early and immediate went to culinary school where she excelled.

Coming from a wealthy family, she was able to follow her dream and open up her own restaurant.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Skill

Accelerated Learning: 3, Business Savvy: 5, Culinary Skills: 7

Advantages: Businesses, Family Name, Wealth

Flaws: Achluophobic, Claustrophobic, Ocd, Timesink

Languages: English, French, Italian, and Japanese


Skill: Accelerated Learning (3)

Gifted with a high intelligence, Ava is an exceptionally fast learner. Shown once, she can pick up on something immediately or, if given a bit of time to study it on her own, she can figure things out rather easily.

Skill: Business Savvy (5)

Having grown up with two parents deeply entrenched in their own business who insisted she begin learning the ins and outs as soon as she was able, Ava has been exposed to running a business since she was quite young. She's excellent with numbers and an exceptionally fast learner. Having pans to open her own restaurant, she took extra classes and night classes to earn her degree in Business Management and as well.

Skill: Culinary Skills (7)

Having started early in the finest Cuinary School in France, Ava graduated with the highest marks in their top program and specialized in candies, pastries and desserts. She then took another four years of Culinary School with no specialization but rather focused on a wide diversity of styles. After that, she spent two years travelling to various countries to learn how to make the dishes from the place of origin. She spent the longest time in Japan with a focus on Sushi and Sashimi. She also spent three years working in various Restaurants in Los Angeles.


Advantage: Businesses

Ava currently owns two businesses. One in Gotham and one in New York City. Both, while somewhat new, are doing quite well and have a reputation for being setup specifically for the supers/mutants/heroes/etc. Even the occasional 'villain' has been seen there enjoying a meal.

Advantage: Family Name

The Lyons' family is exceptionally well known in social circles and by wine conessuers. They are known, not only for producing extraordinary wines and champagnes, but also for their charity events and generous donations to others.

Advantage: Wealth

Ava comes from a very wealthy family in Italy who owns several popular and very successful vineyards. These have been in the family for generations. Not only does she have her family to call on if she needs financial help but she has a very substantial bank account that her parents setup for her when she started school as well as her own businesses.


Flaw: Achluophobic

Ava is also terribly afraid of the dark. She can handle dim lighting but it must illuminate all of where she is, at least a little. If it doesn't, she gets very uncomfortable. In complete darkness, with no way out and nothing to provide light, it could very well push her far enough that she may have a heart attack.

Flaw: Claustrophobic

Ava is terrified of small spaces. Even a large room, if sealed in it too long, starts to give her trouble. The effects can range anywhere from just feeling antsy to a full blown panic attack and hyperventilating which will eventually lead to her passing out.

Flaw: Ocd

Ava is slightly OCD about some things. She's a very organized and punctual woman. Everything has an order and a place and she will not suffer for these things to be upset. It takes a great deal of effort on her part not to organize everything she comes across if it is in anyway in disarray according to her standards.

Flaw: Timesink

Just oopening her own restaurant, Ava finds hersef with precious little free time to enjoy much of anything. Most of the time, she falls asleep in her office.


Growing up with 'old money' in a very prominant family in the Wine and Champagne business in Italy, Ava showed promise early on of being 'gifted' as far as her intelligence went. Because of this, she was an extremely fast learner and graduated high school early at sixteen. She then went on to go through Culinary School twice as well as earn hr business degree before travelling a little to learn various styles of cooking from various countries. All of this led her to move to the US where lived for a few years in Los Angeles to get some expierence under her belt. Recently, she has moved to Gotham where she has opened a restaurant of her own with the dream of opening another.


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