Ayla Ranzz
Lightning Lass

Lightning Lass

The more level headed (read: smarter) and cuter of the Ranzz twins, Lightning Lass is a young woman with a mission. Trained by her older brother, Mekt, she has dedicated herself to following in the footsteps of both her brothers, with a desire to make a difference. Being tossed into the 21st century, far from her own time, has done nothing to temper that resolve. Reunited with the brother she hasn't seen for many years, she is ready to take on the world, as part of the Legion of Super-Heroes.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Electric Generator: 6, Electric Resistance: 10, Electrokinesis: 7

Abilities: Skill

Athletic: 5 Combat: 4

Advantages: Homework, Level Headed, Siblings

Flaws: Overburst, Over Compensating, Siblings

Languages: English and Interlac


Power: Electric Generator (6)

An ability also possessed by her brothers, Ayla can generate electricity, even when she's not doing so consciously. Both brothers are able to generate more raw power, while Ayla has better control.

Power: Electric Resistance (10)

Conventional electric attacks are useless against Ayla, the power either going unnoticed or being absorbed for her to utilize herself. Concentrated energy discharges can overload her system and knock her out. She is able to generate a defensive electric aura around herself, and ground lightning.

Power: Electrokinesis (7)

Arc Lightning: A stroke of lightning that can be bent.

Ball Lightning: A ball of lightning that can be formed in Ayla's hand and thrown. Intensity of power depends on time taken to form.

Bounce Lightning: A stroke of lightning that can hit multiple targets (up to four, weakening with each successive strike) by bouncing from one to another.

Forked Lightning: One stroke of lightning that forks into two distinct branches.

Whip Lightning: A stroke of lightning that can be wielded as a whip would be, not disengaging from Ayla's hand.

Like her brothers, Ayla has the ability to control electricity for use in many ways. However, having actually been turned into pure energy, her ability is more fine tuned than either Garth or Mekt. She can achieve comparable power to either, but she can manipulate it far more precisely.

Skill: Athletic (5)

While she never trained for organized competition, Ayla has trained for personal competition. With Garth. She was the thorn in his side, always pushing herself, and in turn pushing him. Being small and compact, she's very agile, making up for what she loses in brute strength.

Skill: Combat (4)

In preparation for her to take his place in the Legion, Mekt trained Ayla in hand-to-hand combat in addition to helping her hone her skills with electricity.


Advantage: Homework

Research is Ayla's middle name. While others *cough*Garth*cough* may act on a whim, she is the one tracking down information and preparing for what might come.

Advantage: Level Headed

Where her twin will leap in recklessly, Ayla is more prone to holding back and assessing a situation before acting. She is quick to calculate the options and choose more wisely, even if her choice seems, at best, a lateral move at first.

Advantage: Siblings

Each of her brothers brings their own special gifts to Ayla's life. Garth, as her twin, holds a special bond that can only death can break, and the pair are connected more closely than either might ever readily admit aloud. Mekt served as her trainer/mentor in the years after Garth disappeared, and they forged a bond nearly as strong as the twins, but not quite.


Flaw: Overburst

Too much power discharge can disorient Ayla, even going so far as to render her unconscious if she goes too far.

Flaw: Over Compensating

Being the youngest of her siblings often puts Ayla into a spot where she has to prove herself. Especially to her twin, who last saw her when she was only nine.

Flaw: Siblings

While her brothers can prove to be a great asset in their own ways, they can also be the biggest thorn in Ayla's side. Their rivalry is something she has always tried to bridge, attempting to bring them together where they would clash on their own. They can also both be on the over protective side, stepping in when she doesn't really need any stepping in done.


An unfortunate instance of a crash landing stranded Ayla, her twin Garth, and their older brother Mekt on a hostile planet. Attempting to use the native Lightning Beasts to recharge their ship, things went horribly wrong. Ayle was caught in a bolt from one of the beasts and disappeared. Her brothers had no way of knowing that she wasn't killed, but was changed into a form of pure energy. While they got the power to control energy, she became it's embodiment. For nearly ten years she existed in this corporeal state, until her brothers found her and reversed the process. The reformed Ayla had not aged in those years, remaining the child she had been while both brothers had grown up.

In a tragic twist of events, it was only days after her return that Garth disappeared. The knowledge that it had been a temporal rift that had taken him was of little help in their attempts to locate the missing twin. Over the next ten years, Ayla trained with Mekt, as the eldest brother tried to make amends for things done in the guilt of having thought he'd been the cause of her death. He joined the Legion of Super-Heroes in Garth's place, remaining until he felt Ayla was prepared to take over. The costume she took was, of course, the twin of Garth's own costume.

Fate stepped in again, shortly after Ayla took her place in the Legion, and days after the tenth anniversary of Garth's disappearance. That same rift reopened, this time claiming Ayla. The ten years that had passed in her time were only days in the 21st Century where she found herself deposited. She had caught back up to her twin chronologically, now there is the opportunity to do that by finding him and the rest of the Legionnaires in this time, this world.


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File:Legion of Super-Heroes.jpg
Legion of Super-Heroes

The Legion of Super-Heroes are time-lost heroic refugees from disparate futures which have one thing in common: there's a Legion there, dedicated to preserving the peaceful lives of sapient beings throughout the universe. They are sometimes referred to as "Those super teenagers from future outer space."

File:Garth Ranzz.jpg
Garth Ranzz/Lightning Lad

Twin brother/other half. It's weird, getting to know the twin that you've spent the better part of twenty years away from. Ayla is trying to do her best, but there's still a lot they have to get to know about one another.

File:Vance Astrovik.jpg
Vance Astrovik/Marvel Boy/The Boyfriend

A chance meeting turned into losing track of time over hot pretzels and an invitation to go on a date. The pair did, and hit it off rather well. It's only natural that Ayla would be interested in a boy with the same basic ideals she holds herself, and Vance has not only that going for him but he's a native New Yorker willing to help her learn the city, he's sweet and polite, and there's no denying that he's just plain cute.



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