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Quote-open You will know my name one day. And on that day you will beg for mercy.
You will scream my name! SCREAM IT!

Bane is one of the most well known and sought after mercenaries in the world. A genius tactician who enhances his physical attributes with Venom, a super-steroid, he is capable of dealing with nearly any situation that he can face.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Equipment

Venom Device

Abilities: Power

Venom Enhancements: 4

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 8, Escapology: 8, Genius Intellect: 5, Indomitable Will: 7, Master Strategist: 8

Advantages: Extreme Autodidact Polygot

Flaws: Superiority Complex, Venom Dependency, Venom Overdose

Languages: Arabic, Aramaic, Egyptian, English, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Taino, and Urdu


Equipment: Venom Device

Bane has a specialized venom injecting device attached to his body that allows him to take a steady intake of venom and it also allows him to control the amount of venom he is taking

Power: Venom Enhancements (4)

When injecting himself with the super-steroid drug compound known as venom, Bane's already impressive physical attributes are increased to superhuman levels. Specifically:

  • Enhanced Strength (4) His strength increases to allowing him to lift 2 tons while enhanced.
  • Enhanced Speed, Agility and Reflexes (5) His reflexes, speed and agility increase to above that of an olympic athelete.
  • Enhanced Endurance (4) His Endurance increase to a point where it is near impossible to grow tired or fatigued while on the venom (generally three hours before he risks overdose)
  • Enhanced Toughness (4) His epidermis toughens allowing him to withstand blows and weapons a normal human could not survive.
  • Enhanced Healing (4) His healing increases to about 20x normal human (this is an enhancement to normal human healing and not regeneration, he is incapable of regrowing limbs or organs)

Without the Venom Bane is still physically powerful foe, performing at peak human ability with a Strength, Agility and Toughness of 3.

Skill: Master Strategist (8)

Bane has also shown himself to be a masterful and flexible strategist, capable of adjusting seamlessly to any given combat situation, if not planning out events well in advance. He understands the strengths, weaknesses and mannerisms of his enemies, and creates strategies to achieve victory.

Skill: Combat (8)

Over the years in both prison and working as a mercenary Bane has mastered several forms of martial arts and weaponry (both melee and ranged). He has also developed a few variant fighting styles of his own to better match his physique and his use of Venom.

Skill: Escapology (8)

Through his years in prison and countless attempts to escape, Bane has become a master of a escapology able to escape that he mastered the art of escapology. He managed to escape Pena Dura the most fortified prison in the world and the place of his birth and childhood.

Skill: Genius Intellect (5)

During his time in prison Bane dedicated himself to strengthening his intellect as well as his body. Despite his appearance he is a self-taught expert in many scientific fields including Chemistry and Biology and could easily be considered a genius.

Skill: Indomitable Will (7)

Bane's upbringing in the harsh prison environment has given him an unstoppable determination. This makes him able to function while tolerating massive amounts of physical pain, and also allows him to resist telepathy or mind control.


Advantage: Extreme Autodidact

Bane has also shown himself to be a masterful and flexible strategist, capable of adjusting seamlessly to any given combat situation, if not planning out events well in advance. He understands the strengths, weaknesses and mannerisms of his enemies, and creates strategies to achieve victory.

In addition Bane has disciplined his mind and memory to allow him near perfect recall.

Advantage: Polygot

As part of his studies Bane learned many languages including 9 or the top 11 most spoken languages in the world. Bane also learned more than a half dozen ancient and dead languages including Tiano the dead language of the native peoples of Santa Prisca.


Flaw: Superiority Complex

Bane has developed a very pronounced superiority complex. Growing up scared and alone in Pena Dura then growing into a massive alpha male whom eventually took totalitarian command of the inmate population has given Bane an ego and a compulsion to feel and prove himself superior to all those around him.

Flaw: Venom Dependency

Bane is dependent on the drug venom to give him his enhanced abilities, with out them he would only be able to perform feats with his natural abilities. Bane is also incredibly addicted to the high given to him by abusing venom. It makes feel invincible and extremely over confident, it inhibits his decision making and makes him more careless and impulsive. The more venom is in his system the more feral and raging he becomes. Dependence and the addiction to venom cause Bane to go through Violent withdrawal when denied access to it overextended periods of time. There are a number of symptoms related to this withdrawal from venom. Among these are that He becomes weak and severely ill, His vision blurs, experiences intense pain in his bones, extreme muscle cramps, seizures, becomes emotionally unstable with erratic behavior and causes violent mood shifts

Flaw: Venom Overdose

When extreme amounts of venom are taken Bane can become a feral berserker. A large violent raging man beast with no control over his actions.


Bane was born in the small Caribbean Island nation called The Republic of Santa Prisca in the former Spanish virgin Islands. The son of a revolutionary mercenary whom was convicted of crimes against the state and sentenced to mulitple life sentences in the infamous prison of Pena Dura. Whoever Bane's father escaped before he could be imprisoned and the vengeful government of Santa Prisca found the mercenary's pregnant lover and took her Child to serve out the sentence instead. Thus Bane's childhood and early adulthood were spent in a cruel amoral prison society.

Bane while never taking formal schooling but because of the the Island's location and only being taught to read by an elder Jesuit priest, still showed great natural ability and discipline to develop extraordinary skill from a young age. Bane could speak Spanish, Portuguese, Latin and Taino(the language of the native people's of Santa prisca) before age 10.

So Bane began to read and memorize every book he could get his hands on, no matter the subject. Bane soon began to teach himself new languages, math, science, philosophy, history everything he could learn from the books he could obtain through the prison library.

Bane also began to build his body in the prison gym, and learned to fight, defend himself and even kill. Bane first murdered a man at age 8. It was a new inmate whom attacked Bane and was trying to beat information on the prison out of him. Bane stabbed him to death. During his childhood in prison Bane had taken to carrying a little stuffed bear with him where ever he went. He kept a knife hidden in the bear's back.

Bane ultimately became the biggest strongest more ruthless man in the prison. Bane took over and ruled the prison social structure in a totalitarian fashion, declaring himself king, "El Rey del la Pena Dura". Eventually prison officials took notice of him and he was sold to US military scientist to be a test subject for a new drug they were developing called venom, in hopes of recreating the super soldier serum. During these experiments He was taken to the United States Naval base at Cangrejo Bay, Santa Prisca. A naval base that was officially a strategic outpost and training group but unofficially was also home to an off the books detention camp and a classified top secret research facility.

The tests nearly killed Bane in the first few rounds batteries of trials but soon the test showed results in the form of vastly increasing his strength, speed, endurance durability agility and even healing response. Though it was soon shown that these results where only temporary and that the drug itself was addictive and that it also had terrible effects on Bane's state of mind.

Once the venom project was scrapped and deemed a failure. Bane was sent back to Pena Dura now with an addiction to the drug they were testing on him. That night Bane driven mad by withdrawal sickness and feeling the effects of venom not only broke out of Pena Dura, he broke to Cangrejo Bay's research facility and stole all the remaining venom he could carry.

Bane then left the island and became a mercenary. Bane's intelligence venom enhanced abilities and his ruthlessness soon made him one of the most sought after mercenaries in the world. Though through his work being a hired gun, body guard, assassin, and queller of uprisings Bane began to see the the true depth of human cruelty and oppression. Bane went from being a mercenary working for the highest bidder to a hired freedom fighter working for anyone with a worthy cause who was willing to meet Bane's standards and pay Bane's price.

Bane was drawn to Gotham city because he was fascinated and disgusted by it. That the city was overcome by and rotting out with crime, corruption, violence and injustice yet the people trusted this feared and mysterious "Batman" to be their protector. Bane arrives in Gotham city with intentions to start a revolution.


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Sin Schmidt

during his time being affiliated with HYDRA Bane took the Red Skull's daughter as a lover. Bane desires her and cares for her deeply. Though his no longer working with Hydra has put their affair in doubt.


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