Bartholomew "Barry" Allen
The Flash


"I'm done over-thinking. It's simple, really. I have to run towards danger.
It's my job to protect the Gem Cities. To protect my friends.
No matter what price I have to pay. I won't stop running.
I'm The Flash... this is what I do."

Barry Allen is a man shaped by the tragic loss of his mother, the incarceration of his father, the kindness of a cop, the obsessive hunt for truth and the goodness that, through it all, defines the core of who he is. Lightning has brought him the power that turned him into a hero and the speed that names him: The Flash.



Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Air Control: 6, Forcefield: 0-10, Hyper-Metabolism, Phasing: 9, Speed Force, Super Speed: 10

Abilities: Skill

Forensic Science: 6 Omni-Skill: 5

Advantages: Cosmic Treadmill, Flash Family, Flash Ring

Flaws: Goody-Two-Shoes, Nemesis, Procrastinator, Rogues Gallery, Secret Identity

Languages: English


Power: Air Control (6)

Limitations: Requires access to the Speed Force; Requires Barry to be able to move somewhat freely.

Building up enough speed in a tight circle or using rotational movement of one of his arms allows Barry to funnel powerful air drafts capable of moving items up to his power rating in force (see NEWS STRENGTH). These air currents tend to dissipate quickly once he stops keeping them up.

Power: Forcefield (0-10)

Capacity: Anyone Barry is holding onto or carrying (generally limited to one or two people) is also protected by his speed aura.

Limitations: Requires access to the Speed Force; requires Barry to be in motion; Only works against physical attacks.

While Barry is moving, he is surrounded by a "speed aura" that allows him to perform the various stunts he does and move at high velocities without causing damage to himself or the world around him. The aura that surrounds him reduces the effect of his super speed on the outside world to little more than a strong gust of wind, reducing friction and preventing sonic booms and the like. In addition, this field protects him from damage. It exactly matches his current velocity, meaning that he effectively has a "forcefield" protecting him whenever he moves, and whatever his current speed level of motion is equals the strength of the field.

This not only protects him from the forces of his own velocity, but it means that he can survive one impact without great ill effect. Note that a powerful attack will still likely knock him off his feet, which of course stops him from moving and ends his resistance. The "slow blade" may also penetrate the field: it offers only limited protection against ambient effects that have no "strike" or impact associated with them.

Power: Hyper-Metabolism

Drawbacks: Requires Barry to consume many times more calories per day than a normal human being; renders most painkillers and other metabolic medicines ineffective.

Barry's whole body is overclocked due to his connection with the Speed Force. As a result, his body fights off infections, viruses, toxins, drugs and the like so quickly that they appear to have no effect on him. He also heals at many times the rate of a normal human, but this only works in a resting state (as opposed to battle regeneration type powers).

Power: Phasing (9)

Limitation: Requires access to the Speed Force.

Barry can vibrate his molecules at superspeed, allowing him to 'phase' or 'ghost' through solid matter equal to his power rating in density. He can only maintain such control for two to three seconds at a time, but given his speed, it's usually enough for him to accomplish what he needs to do.

Power: Speed Force

Flash generates the Speed Force, a field of energy that allows him to move and perform tasks at hypersonic speeds. He suffers none of the negative effects from friction or G-forces that would otherwise be generated by this movement, and he can move through a room at high speeds with no more damage to the area around him than a strong wind would have. This Speed Force is the source of many of the Flash Family's super-speed powers.

Power: Super Speed (10)

Limitations: Requires access to the Speed Force.

Barry's Speed power can be used in place of his Agility, whether to strike or to dodge, and if he's able to build up momentum, it can be used in place of Strength to deal damage. When in motion, Barry's Speed also features like toughness to allow him to resist damage, but that will fail if his momentum is interrupted. Barry's speed allows him to literally defy physics, running across water, up the side of buildings, and even upside-down along ceilings due to his great velocity.

Barrys's speed may also be used in place of Intellect when it comes to learning things, representing his ability to absorb information very quickly. Unfortunately, he doesn't always do a good job of retaining what he learns. Finally, Barrys's speed of thought allows him to use his Speed as a defense against anyone trying to read or control his mind. His thoughts are simply so fast that most telepaths cannot keep up with them. However, this is of no use against direct mental attacks.

Skill: Forensic Science (6)

Limitation: Barry requires specialized labs and tools to make full use of this skill.

Barry has advanced skill in crime scene forensics, including chemistry, organic chemistry, criminalistics (study and comparison of fingerprints, footwear impressions, tire tracks as well as study of controlled subtances and ballistics, firearm and tool examination), forensic anthropology, computational forensics, forensic botany, forensic DNA analysis, forensic pathology, forensic toxicology, forensic video analysis, mobile device forensics and trace evidence analysis.

Skill: Omni-Skill (5)

Limitations: Limited to physical tasks, or simple research.

Barry is able to teach himself to accomplish tasks at extreme speeds. Also, he tends to lose these skills if he doesn't practice them over time, forcing him to 're-learn' them when he needs to use them.


Advantage: Cosmic Treadmill

Barry invented the Cosmic Treadmill that allows him to travel in time. Without the treadmill, Barry's ability to travel in time (using extra-relativistic speed) is limited to a few seconds at best. Using the Treadmill allows Barry to travel backward or forward in time to anywhere (anywhen?) in the time stream.

Advantage: Flash Family

Barry is connected to an extended family of speedsters as either actual relations (Wally West, Bart Allen) or close friends (Jay Garrick, Johnie and Jessie Quick) that share knowledge of one another and back each other up in personal and their super-heroic careers.

Advantage: Flash Ring

Barry has a ring that holds his stored costume in it, so he can have it handy whenever he is in his civilian identity. The ring can eject the costume or suck it back into the ring via the use of a special gas that shrinks the suit.


Flaw: Goody-Two-Shoes

Barry has a moral compass that doesn't allow him to lie, cheat or steal. He will do everything possible to first protect civilians and then uphold the law and due process. He rarely has an unkind word to say about anyone, and would never, ever cross the line between hero and 'morally grey'.

Flaw: Nemesis

Flash has an arch enemy from the Future, (Professor Zoom) who frequently interferes with Barry's life in a multitude of ways.

Flaw: Procrastinator

In his civilian identity, he is late to and for almost everything. In costume, he'll often wait until the last minute to get things done, because hey, he's the Flash and can get it done in practically no time. This causes him problems with scheduling and project management as well as in his personal life.

Flaw: Rogues Gallery

Flash has accumlated quite the collection of traditional enemies over the years, and they continue to plague him either individually or in teams frequently.

Flaw: Secret Identity

Barry Allen has a secret identity that he needs to keep quiet about because he has family and friends in his civillian identity and they must be protected from his enemies. Unfortunately for him, his nemesis knows who he is beneath the mask.


Barry Allen's mother was murdered and his father was incarcerated for the crime. He saw his mother's body and he lost his father all on the same day. If it wasn't for Darryl Frye, there's no telling what might've become of him. A cop and a life-long father figure, he looked out for Barry and works at the same department as him.

Barry spent years trying to prove his father's innocence as a CSI, and it was on the anniversary of his investigation into his mother's case that he was struck by the bolt of lightning that would make him the Flash. In those intervening years, he'd rise to prominence as a hero, even as his Rogue's Gallery also found new sources of power, evolving. He'd discover a power of mind that makes him nearly precognitive when combined with his speed. He'd come face to face with Grodd, with Reverse Flash and with the very Speed Force itself, a place he is able to travel to and return from.

He is the core of the original Barry Allen Flash, but with a new start and a reintroduction of some of the people that define him, both allies and enemies.


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The Flash is an active member of the Justice League.


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