The Reckless Youth

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Bartholomew Henry Allen II
Bart Allen
16 (Effectively)
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Quote-open Sorry, BB. Never was the best
history student. Besides, we can't risk
altering the time stream.
Oops. Spoilers!
—Bart Allen

Bart Allen showed up out of nowhere one day, claiming to be related to Barry Allen.

Impulse, meanwhile, cropped up as a hero one day, and claimed to be related to The Flash.

These facts are obviously totally not connected at all.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Air Control: 6, Forcefield: 0-9, Hyper-Metabolism, Phasing: 8, Speed Force, Super Speed: 9

Abilities: Skill

Omni-Skill: 5, Technology: 5, Vehicles: 6

Advantages: Flash Family, Flash Ring, Temporal Anomaly

Flaws: Acts on Impulse, Hyper and Unfocused, Not Taken Seriously

Languages: English and Interlac


Power: Air Control (6)

Limitations: Requires access to the Speed Force; requires Bart to be able to move somewhat freely

Building up enough speed in a tight circle can also create a powerful air funnel at up to Bart's ability rating in force (7/NEWS STRENGTH), but they tend to dissipate quickly once he stops keeping them up.

Power: Forcefield (0-9)

Capacity: Anyone Bart is holding on to or carrying (generally limited to one or two people) is also protected by his speed aura.

Limitations: Requires access to the Speed Force; requires Bart to be in motion; only works against physical attacks.

While Bart is moving, he is surrounded by a "speed aura" that allows him to perform the various stunts he does and move at high velocities without causing damage to himself or the world around him. The aura that surrounds him reduces the effect of his super speed on the outside world to little more than a strong gust of wind, reducing friction and preventing sonic booms and the like. In addition, this field protects him from damage. It exactly matches his current velocity, meaning that he effectively has a "forcefield" protecting him whenever he moves, and whatever his current speed level of motion is equals the strength of the field.

This not only protects him from the forces of his own velocity, but it means that he can survive one impact without great ill effect. Note that a powerful attack will still likely knock him off his feet, which of course stops him from moving and ends his resistance. The "slow blade" may also penetrate the field: it offers only limited protection against ambient effects that have no "strike" or impact associated with them.

Power: Hyper-Metabolism

Drawbacks: Requires Bart to consume many more calories per day than a normal human being; renders most painkillers and other metabolic medicines ineffective

Bart's whole body is basically overclocked, thanks to the Speed Force. As a result, his body fights off infections, viruses, toxins, etc. so quickly that they have essentially no effect on him. He also heals at many times the speed of a normal human, but this only works while in a resting state (as opposed to true "regeneration" in battle).

Power: Phasing (8)

Limitations: Requires access to the Speed Force

Bart can also vibrate his molecules at superspeed, allowing him to literally "phase" through solid matter equal to his power rating in density. He can only maintain such control for a second or so at a time, but that is usually enough for him to accomplish what he needs to do.

Power: Speed Force

Impulse is connected to the Speed Force, a field of energy that allows him to move and perform tasks at hypersonic speeds. He suffers none of the negative effects from friction or G-forces that would otherwise be generated by this movement, and he can move through a room at high speeds with no more damage to the area around him than a strong wind would have.

Power: Super Speed (9)

Limitations: Requires access to the Speed Force

Bart's Speed power can be used in place of his Agility, whether to strike or to dodge, and if he's able to build up momentum, it can be used in place of Strength to deal damage. When in motion, Bart's Speed also features like Toughness to allow him to resist damage, but that will fail if his momentum is interrupted. Bart's speed allows him to literally defy physics, running across water, up the side of buildings, and even upside-down along ceilings due to his great velocity.

Bart's speed may also be used in place of Intellect when it comes to learning things, representing his ability to absorb information very quickly. Unfortunately, he doesn't always do a good job of retaining what he learns. Finally, Bart's speed of thought allows him to use his Speed as a defense against anyone trying to read or control his mind. His thoughts are simply so fast that most telepaths cannot keep up with them. However, this is of no use against direct mental attacks.

Skill: Omni-Skill (5)

Limitations: Currently limited to physical tasks.

Bart is able to teach himself how to accomplish tasks at extreme speeds. The drawback to this is that if he does not keep up careful practice with the skill he may lose it, and thus have to teach it to himself all over again. Eventually, with much more mental discipline, he may be able to learn academic subjects the same way, but that's not likely to happen any time soon.

Skill: Technology (5)

Bart has accelerated skill with technology due to his futuristic education, heavy video game addiction, and generally very fast capability to learn when he actually pays attention. He can tinker with most hardware or software and make it function--more or less the way it was intended, usually.

Skill: Vehicles (6)

Bart had played enough simulators in virtual space to pick up on piloting actual craft with fair ease. Coupled with his native intelligence and superhuman reflexes, he easily learned to handle most vehicles. His particular specialty is with exotic science fiction vehicles that don't really exist, but he can figure out how to pilot just about anything.


Advantage: Flash Family

Bart is the future-tense grandson of Barry Allen, and as such he has a certain measure of knowledge about the Flash and his family, as well as an absolute certainty that they will help him if he ever needs it.

Advantage: Flash Ring

Bart inherited a ring from his future-grandfather that allows the storage of his clothing or a costume. He doesn't understand how it works, but it's definitely bigger on the inside, and it came with the costume that he wears as Impulse.

Advantage: Temporal Anomaly

It might be a quirk of the Speed Force or maybe tied to Bart's time-traveling history, but whatever it is, Bart remains untouched by temporal manipulation or other time-distortion effects. Even if the world's timeline were rewritten, Bart would remain unchanged with his memories intact.


Flaw: Acts on Impulse

Bart tends to leap before he even considers the notion of looking. His brain not only tends to go super-fast, but it doesn't tend to even consider stopping to ask for directions.

Flaw: Hyper and Unfocused

Bart has one of the most catastrophic cases of ADHD known to science. For him, the entire world moves in slow motion most of the time. He has learned to cope with it fairly well, but he still tends to be jittery and easily distracted even at the best of times.

Flaw: Not Taken Seriously

No matter what he does, Bart seems to be stuck in the role of the eternal little brother to his friends and family. He has accepted this role, even playing into it, but it tends to make people take him much less seriously than they might otherwise.


{{#ev:youtube|tQKLR4Ys144|250|auto|Not canon to the game, but still fun}}

Bart Allen was born about one thousand years in the future -- or specifically, one possible future. In this reality, Barry and Iris Allen had traveled there from the past and had a family. Their children were Don and Dawn Allen, the Tornado Twins. The Allens were at odds with the powerful and ruthless Thawne family, however, even this feud could not stop Don Allen and Meloni Thawne from meeting and falling in love. They had a romance as true and as doomed as any ever before it, but they also had a child.

Their son, Bart, was born using the energy of the Speed Force at near-full capacity but with no control at all. He had inherited a mega-metabolic metagene from his mother, causing his body to grow at high speed. By the time he was two, he looked like a twelve-year-old boy. The only real way to stop this was to hook up to a special regulatory machine, which prevented him from physically moving to any notable degree.

To keep him busy, he was hooked into a virtual reality world of fantasy, where he lived his own zany little life. He was stopped at the virtual age of fourteen years old and the physical (effectively "actual") age of sixteen years old, while he was at the chronological age of eight. His only friend during this time was a computer program named Dox, left to care for Bart by Iris.


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Current Associations

File:Bureau of Superhuman Affairs.jpg

The BSA is a government-run group with many roles to balance. Most famously, it regulates the activities of superheroes. The group also enters convicted superhuman criminals into its registry, much like certain other government organizations. Apart from its media-saturated image as the regulators of officially supported superhero activity and overseeing the handling of so-called "super-villains," the group is also dedicated to protecting the human rights and welfare of any superhumans--including those widely known as mutants and metahumans, as well as those with extraterrestrial genetics and other "genetically divergent" beings.

File:Young Justice League.jpg
Young Justice

Bart was a founding member of the Young Justice League, a group of "heroes in training" and sub-team of the Justice League.

File:Max Crandall.jpg
Max Mercury

The so-called "Zen Guru of the Speed Force," Max Mercury has been active as a hero longer than most others. Now in his later years, Max serves as Bart's legal guardian in the folksy township of Manchester, Alabama.

File:Jenni Ognats.jpg
XS (Jenni Ognats)

Jenni Ognats, codenamed "XS," is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes from the 31st Century. She's also Bart Allen's cousin--his dad, Don Allen, and her mother, Dawn Allen, were born twins--the Tornado Twins, in fact.

File:Wally West.jpg
The Flash III (Wally West)

Wally West is the most modern Flash, and Bart makes little secret of resenting his senior speedster. Wally has tended to be, in Bart's view, demanding and overbearing, while not serving as much of an actual inspiration or role-model to earn the right to expect anything from Bart.

Tim Drake


Red Robin (Tim Drake)

Red Robin, formerly just Robin, is a long time friend and ally of Impulse's. He is also one of the few people Bart usually listens to without question, at least most of the time. Especially when he makes the BAT FACE. 'Cause that's scary.

File:Conner Kent.jpg
Superboy (Kon-El)

Superboy is another of Bart's long-term friends. Bart respects Kon almost as much as he does Robin, though with Bart and Connor the relationship tends to be much more fraternal with occasional good-natured squabbling.

Past Associations

File:Academy of Tomorrow.jpg
Academy of Tomorrow

The Academy of Tomorrow is, as the namesake suggests, built to house the future leaders of tomorrow. Specifically, the school is for young and bright mutants, super-powered individuals, and exceptionally skilled humans. They are handpicked because they are believed to have the potential to be the best of the best at what they do in the next generation.

File:Leo Luthor.jpg
Leo Luthor

Bart was entirely ignorant of Leo's origins, but the two were friends and classmates at the Academy of Tomorrow for several months.

File:Jeremy Doe.jpg
Jeremy Doe

Bart first met this kid when Jeremy was trying to stop a purse-snatcher. The crook pushed Jeremy down, so naturally Impulse stepped in and helped resolve the matter. Subsequently, Jeremy tried to split the reward offered by the purse's owner with Impulse, and Bart has decided to befriend and keep an eye on the kid.


Bart Allen's Wanted List
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