Hero Gotham
Batman4 Bruce
Agility: 4 Strength: 3 Toughness: 3
Perception: 7 Intellect: 4 Willpower: 6
Armored Costume 4 Martial Arts 9 Utility Belt 4
Vehicles 2-4
Allies and Contacts Conditioning Detective
Headquarters Stealth Wealth
Dark Knight Enemies Secret Identity
Name: Bruce Wayne Batman is still "Officially' regarded as a criminal in Gotham, even though the ones in the know are aware that he's fighting the good fight. Outside of Gotham, he's likely regarded as a myth. Something cooked up in one of the worst cities in America in veiled hope that it'll cut down on some of the crime activity. Heroes are more likely to realize he exists, but it is doubtful anyone's come to appreciate that his methods are genuinely "necessary".
Position: The Batman
Team: The Bat-Family
Age: 36
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Type: DC Iconic FC
Actor: Jeffrey Donovan
Alts: N/A
Timezone: EST
Music: Requium for a Dream
Quote: "I don't have to explain anything to you."
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


SUBJECT: Bruce Wayne, AKA, Batman

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Batman is the Dark Knight of Gotham City; an image of justice to strike fear into the hearts of criminals.

Bruce Wayne is a man born into one of the Wealthiest families in Gotham (if not the world). At a young age, both of Bruce's parents were killed in a robbery right before the young boy's eyes. After that night, Bruce committed himself to understanding the methodology behind criminals. He disappeared for nearly six years to train under martial arts masters, philosophers, and some of the greatest minds on the planet. When he returned, he donned the mask of the Batman.

Psychological Profile:

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Bruce Wayne portrays himself publically as a playboy billionaire without a care in the world. However, this is a facade to hide the true mentality of a man dedicated to a single ideal.

Often considered untrusting, even of his closest allies and friends, Batman is single minded in his task. Haunted by the death of his parents and understanding the fragile nature of life, he is as likely to leave those closest to him out of the mix, if he feels doing it himself will keep them from harm. This often makes him seem stand offish and unaccommodating.


Gear: Armored Costume (4)

The armor worn by the Batman is a polymer blend called Nomex. This allows for flexibility, agility, while not taking away from the defensive provided to the wearer. It is both fireproof and heat resistant and comes with specially designed gauntlets and boots. 'Fines' extend out from the forearms of both Gauntlets which aid in disarming opponents in combat.

The cowl has sophisticated communications equipment built into the 'ears' of the hood. This allows Batman to link with the bat cave, his vehicles, as well as mundane communications frequencies.

Starlight night-vision lenses slip into place when needed and there's a field of view display that protects him from sudden flashes. The lenses can also give him an infrared spectrum of view and provides limited protection to his face and head. (Note: Must be worn to be effective)

Skill: Martial Arts (9)
Batman has spent the better part of his life training his body to the peaks of human conditioning. Studying under masters in almost all forms of martial arts and honing his personal skill until he's nearly created a form of fighting that is uniquely his own. Taking elements from most known styles, he specializes in combat with multiple targets and the use of deception, improvisational weaponry, and mobility. It is a highly fluid form of fighting.

(Notes: This ability is used in place of Agility, primarily. It is touch-based and is limited by physical strength and mobility.)

Gear: Utility Belt (4)
The utility belt of the Bat is a versatile addition to his costume. Within can be found a number of functional and combative implements, such as:


Batarangs: Traditional projectiles filed down to resemble a bat. Several different variants of the traditional styles include: Low Yield Proximity explosives that can be embedded in the wall near opponents. Romote linked to lock onto a target and 'loop back around' to hit them from behind.

He carries traditional thrown projectiles with a blunted end for disorienting targets.

Pellets: Smoke, freeze, and distractionary explosive.

Explosive/Sealing Gel: A remotely controlled, quick drying explosive for setting traps against heavily armored enemies or clearing paths.

Bat-Something: Extra equipment that is as versatile as the situation dictates. Allowing Batman to construct simple equipment on the field, as needed. Nothing 'extraordinary', but it's said that he is never in a situation for which he is not prepared.

-Utility Gear-

Grapnel Gun: A line of high strength cord attached to a grapnel fired from a pressurized launcher. He carries one main and a secondary that can be attached to fire a single line in two different directions.

Tools: Hacking, cutting, first aid, and extreme circumstances equipment. While he may seem over encumbered, he carries smaller quantities to give him better agility in combat.

Gear: Vehicles (2-4)
Developed in house at Wayne Technology, the Bat-vehicles are all defunct or prototype military projects. Each has a full range of communications/weapons/sensors/and all the bells and whistles, including an I-Pod stand.

A comprehensive list of the Bat-vehicles: The Batmobile, Bat-wing, Bat-cycle.

Bruce Wayne also has a garage full of top end sports cars and classic automobiles that would make Jay Leno jealous.


Advantage: Allies and Contacts

Bruce Wayne is easily one of the most influential men in the twentieth century. That gives him a wealth of contacts in the world of business, finance, and politics.. All of which is put to use by his alter ego, Batman. As Batman he has a completely different set of contacts. From common snitches that feed him information on the street, to allies that aid him in his fight. Notable amongst them are, Alfred Pennyworth, Dick Grayson, Jim Gordon, and Tim Drake, but there are many more.

Advantage: Conditioning
Batman has a workout regimen that easily rivals most Olympic gold medalists. His dedication to keeping his body at the very penicle of performance is legionary and is testament to the value people put in his abilities in combat situations. Some of this is rare dexterity, but it is an innate knowledge of his own body's limitations... and how to push beyond them.

Advantage: Detective
Batman is, both known as and in actuality, the World's Greatest Detective.

Advantage: Headquarters
Wayne Manor is an oppulant mansion set up on a hill just outside of Gotham City. Passed down through the Wayne family for generations, its current owner and occupant is Bruce Wayne, along with the support staff which consists of... Alfred Pennyworth, and the occational visitor: Tim Drake and Dick Grayson, to name a few.

The Batcave is located beneath Wayne Manor, tucked away in an old cave system Bruce found when he was a boy. Over the years, he's developed secret pathways into and out of the cave by way of a multitude of vehicles that are parked in a converted 'hanger bay' on one wing of the cave system. A series of catwalks and platforms have been bolted directly into the stone wall to add more levels to the unlevel ground.


Medical/Lab: For analysis of samples collected in the field, Batman has spared no expensive in aquiring high end scientific and medical equipment to help himself and his allies in their nightly crusade.

Hanger: Where all of the vehicles are stored and the mechanical equipment kept for their maintenance.

Training Area: A serious of tight ropes, fighting rings, and almost every imaginable piece of equipment one might need to keep themselves in top physical form.

The Bat-Computer: One of the single most sophisticated piece of Technology and the storage place of a wealth of information on almost any given topic. Detailed profiles of some of Batman's friends, most of his allies and contacts, and all of his enemies (From the most mundane to the constant surveylance fed to him from Arkham Asylum on the worst of them).

Advantage: Stealth
Batman is well trained in stealth of all forms. Quick mobility, sleight of hand, and surveillance are all part of the job and add to the aura of 'fear' he aims to strike in the hearts of Gotham's criminal element.

Advantage: Wealth
Bruce Wayne is heir to the Wayne Family fortune and CEO/Owner of Wayne Technology: One of the largest technology firms in the United States (if not the world). This gives him access to funds that well exceed anything he could ever actually spend and gives him a great deal of leeway as Bruce Wayne to continue the 'most eligible bachelor' persona indiscriminately.


Flaw: Dark Knight

Gotham is under the shadowy protection of the Bat, but it's a tradeoff that comes with a great deal of personal sacrifice. The Batman refuses to kill, even those most vile elements of the darkest parts of the city. That decision, too, comes with a sacrifice. It is a spiraling effect that draws the Bat, and by extension, Bruce ever downward into the darkness he sets out to stand against.

Flaw: Enemies
Batman has made a host of enemies in his role as Gotham's protector. Amongst them is a who's who of some of the most dangerous criminals, the most notorious of which is 'The Joker'. This puts anyone close to Batman in harm's way, more so since he refuses to deal the final blow against any of his most reviled rogues, leaving them to torment him (and Gotham) another day.

Flaw: Secret Identity
Bruce keeps his private life and that of his vigilante antics separate, but over the years the line between which is 'really' him and which is the 'alter ego' has begun to blur. Every element of his life as Bruce Wayne is in some way a means to advance his goals as Batman. And even to his closest friends, it's difficult to know where the line really is.


Batman Logs

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