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Batman Beyond/the Tomorrow Knight
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Agility: 4 Strength: 3 Toughness: 3
Perception: 6 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 7
Active Camo Batarangs 4 Batsuit 4
Flight 2 Martial Arts 7 Retractable Claws 2
Utility Belt 3
Bat Family Bruce Wayne Detective
From the Streets
All Alone Brash Out of Time
Name: Terrence "Terry" McGinnis Protector of the future Gotham city. Last of the Bat Kids, and a Superhero growing into its own. Thanks to an experiment gone wrong, the Tomorrow Knight has been thrown into the past...
Position: Future Batman
Team: N/A
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Type: DC FC
Actor: Sam Witwer
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Central Standard Time
Music: Madelynn Rae - City of Scars
Quote: "I've got it covered. Always."
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Terrence “Terry” McGinnis was born to Warren and Mary McGinnis in August of 2023. As a young man, Terry spent much of his time on the street was once a member of a street gang. He even had his fair share of run-ins with the Gotham City Police Department in his early teens for shoplifting and vandalism; even serving a short stint in Gotham City juvenile hall.

Once he got older, however, Terry took the opportunity to shed some of his less than savory habits and even managed to acquire a girlfriend, a young lady named Dana Tan. However, his father still wasn’t happy with his behavior and accused him of being nothing but an irresponsible teenager. On one especially bad night, Terry stormed out of the house after an argument that would be the last night the two would see each other.

Terry left and met up with Dana to help him cool down. While spending time together, the pair ran afoul of a brutal street gang of psychopaths calling themselves the Jokerz. To protect Dana from the street gang, Terry got their attention and fled, leading them to the outskirts of Gotham City. His flight brought him onto the grounds of Wayne Manor, where an aged and retired Bruce Wayne stepped into the fray. The young man Terry and the veteran Bruce succeeded quite well in running of the Jokerz, but the strain of the fight placed substantial stress on Bruce. The elder man heart collapsed in a heap at Terry’s feet. Terry helped Bruce into the mansion, and took the time to nurse him back to health. In the process of helping him, Terry accidentally stumbled upon the entrance to the Batcave.

In a rage, Bruce kicked Terry out. Terry returned home to find Jokerz graffiti everywhere, and discovered his father murdered. Desperate for answers, Terry looked through Warren’s things finding only a computer disk. Knowing only one person who could figure out what this was, Terry rushed back to Wayne Manor and demanded to be let in.

Bruce examined the disk in the Batcave, finding that Warren McGinnis had taken it from his employer, Derek Powers, the CEO of Wayne-Powers Industries. The disk revealed that Powers was making an underhanded deal to sell Nerve Gas on the Black Market. The aged Bruce refused to get involved, and ordered Terry to go to the police. Terry stole the latest Batsuit vowing to bring Derek to justice. Bruce discovered the theft rather quickly, admonishing Terry through the suit’s communicator. Terry refused to return the suit, but Bruce retaliates by shutting the suit down, in the middle of a fight. Terry pleaded with Bruce for a chance to prove he can be Batman, and Wayne relented; re-activating the suit and letting him carry on as Batman. Bruce’s decision resulted in the sabotage of Powers’ operation; the stores of the chemical weapon were lost in the Gotham River.

Having been convinced that Gotham once again has a need for a Dark Knight, Bruce offers Terry a job as a personal assistant. Terry would run various errands and take care of various tasks for Bruce Wayne in his civilian identity, but this was of course a cover for secretly training him as Terry Gotham’s new Batman.

Terry quickly found himself walking in the footsteps of his mentor, amassing a sizable rogue’s gallery that included many of his own villains (Inque, Blight, and Shriek) as well as the return of several of Batman’s old villains (Mr. Freeze, Ra’s al Ghul, and even the return of the actual Joker). Luckily for him, Terry also gathers some allies in the form of the Bruce himself, his own Oracle in the form of his best friend Maxine Gibson, and the continued support from his girl friend Dana. He also creates a tenuous relationship with the current Justice league and becomes a reserve member.

Terry continued to defend Gotham for the next decade, both in high school and beyond. He continued to romance Dana Tan, to whom he revealed his secret identity. Once again, Batman became a prominent and respected member of the future Justice League. Eventually, he learned the shocking truth that he was the genetic son of Bruce Wayne himself.

Believing that his whole life had been a lie, and that Bruce had planned everything from the beginning and "trapped" him into becoming Batman. He confronted Bruce, who in typical fashion had nothing to add; preferring Terry to find the details out himself.

Through investigation, Terry learned that decades earlier, Amanda Waller a Government Agent, came to admire Batman more than all the other heroes. Believing that the world would always need someone like the Batman, Waller drew on her old Project Cadmus connections and launches something called Project Batman Beyond, a genetics project which sought to "copy" Bruce Wayne.

The project eventually fell apart, but fate would still conspire to bring Terry to the role anyway. Agent Waller would go on to explain to Terry that his life was still his own to choose, but no matter what happened Terry was worthy of the mantle of Batman. Armed with this advice, Terry reconciled with his biological father, prepared to propose to Dana, and returned to the role of Batman with renewed purpose and perspective.

Fate had other plans it seemed. While investigating a break in at a physics lab at Wayne-Powers Industries, a running experiment in Faster-than-Light travel went critical, flooding the area in tachyon particles, particles that traveled backwards through time. Terry was bombarded by tachyons and dragged backwards in time. Terry found himself in Gotham in 2012, in a past he doesn’t remember...


Gear: Active Camo (N/A)

An advancement in stealth designed by Bruce himself; the new Batsuit is equipped with an active camouflage system designed to render the subject completely invisible to the naked eye. The outer skin of the suit becomes reactive to its surroundings and can absorb several different forms of electromagnetic energy, making the wearing invisible to the light spectrum as well as infrared, but not ultraviolet light.

Gear: Batarangs ( 4)

The Batsuit comes equipped with specially designed Batarangs that can be dispensed from the wrist of the suit at will. The batarangs are programed on the fly to either fly straight, explode, or even administer electrical shocks akin to a taser. He only has a limited supply though, and he can run out in a pinch.

Gear: Batsuit (4)

A prototype developed by Bruce Wayne himself then stolen by Terry, the new Batsuit is a highly powered technological wonder. The suit conforms to Terry's physique and body type, and is made of advanced futuristic nano-fibers allowing the cybernetic CPU to be spread out over the body. The nano-fiber weave allows for advanced protection of the user, stopping small arms fire and deflecting blade attacks. The suit also offers a suite of other abilities as well: it enhances the users strength by 10, enhance eye lenses allow the user to see in the dark, zoom in and out, and transmit the images back to a main computer, resistance to heat, electricity, pressure, and vibration, rebreathing apparatus, wrist batarang dispenser, a pair of grappling hooks an launchers mounted in the top portions of the wrist, anti-theft or grapple preventions through electical shock, built in utility belt, launchable tracking devices, magnetic boots for adhesion to metallic surfaces, touch microphone in fingertips that can pick up sounds through solid objects, substance analyzer in the left hand, and a remote uplink to the Batmobile.

Gear: Flight (2)

The boots on the batsuit are equipped with powerful booster rockets, and the traditional bat cape has been replaced by fold out wings that attach to its back and arms. The boots can power it through the air, and the wings allow for steering and gliding action. His top speed is clocked at close to 100 mph; just enough to get through the city quickly.

Skill: Martial Arts (7)

When Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis first met, Terry was already an accomplished street fighter. Under the tutelage of the older Batman, Terry has grown into his own as a Martial Artist. Experience as the Tomorrow Knight, has allowed to Terry to create his own style of combat different from anything Bruce taught. He fights dirty, and fights to win.

Gear: Retractable Claws (2)

The fingers of the Batsuit come with retractable claws in the fingers that both allow him to cut through most objects, climb along concrete, and be used for combat.

Gear: Utility Belt (3)

Terry's own version of the Utility Belt is very similar to Bruce's original, but because of the new Batsuit's built in gear, Terry can devote much of it to other things: smoke pelts, flash bangs, tracers, portable hacking devices, and first aid supplies.


Advantage: Bat Family

While he only knows few of the actually Bat Family members personally, he took the time to learn as much of the operational data about each one of them as possible. He is intensely aware of how they think and operate, including some of Batman's contingency plans.

Advantage: Bruce Wayne

Terry was saved from a life on the streets by the older Bruce Wayne in his own time. Made into the new Batman, and given purpose, Terry owes everything to Bruce. He is very loyal to the man, and even in this time draws alot of strength from the mentor figure.

Advantage: Detective

Like everyone of the Bat-brats, Terry was trained by the original Batman to be the next World's Greatest Detective. While Terry is no where near the level of Batman, he is still very perceptive when it comes to deducting the motivations and drives of various suspects. He has a unique knack for getting into the mind of his own rogue's gallery.

Advantage: From the Streets

While Terry did come from a loving family, he spent most of his young life on the streets with several gangs of kids. He is very aware of how the gang mentality works, and what typical tags look like. Terry knows where to go, and exactly how most street gangs work.


Flaw: All Alone

Everyone Terry knows, loves, or even cared about either haven't been born yet or don't even know who he is. No one knows who the hell Terry McGinnis is. Terry is almost alone in a Gotham that isn't even his own. According to the United States Government, he doesn't even exist!

Flaw: Brash

Terry shares yet another trait with many members of the Bat Family; Terry has a hot-head. Though its been tempered over time as Batman, Terry can still leap to angry conclusions rather quickly. He holds grudges, and many times leaps before he looks.

Flaw: Out of Time

Terry has been taken out of his respective place in time and space. While this past resembles his own, there are specific inaccuracies that are rather jarring. He's out of place in this time with very few allies, or even supplies. Thank god he's, you know...Batman.


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