Hero Westchester
BeastCivvies Beast-02
Agility: 6 Strength: 5 Toughness: 4
Perception: 6 Intellect: 6 Willpower: 6
Beast's Physiology 4 Hand to Hand Combat 7 Healing Factor 2
Superhuman Agility 6 Superhuman Endurance 1 Superhuman Speed 1
Superhuman Strength 5
Acrobatics & Gymnastics Allies & Contacts Driving & Piloting
First Aid & Medicine Genetic Stabilizer Renaissance Mutant
Science & Technology Stark Industries Teacher & Mentor
The Uncanny X-Men X-Men Uniform Xavier Institute
Enemies & Villains Feral Mutation Poor Self-Image
Self-Destructive Unstable X-Gene
Name: Dr. Henry "Hank" P. McCoy "In each of us, two natures are at war."
~~ Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.~~

Born X-Gene active, Hank McCoy has always struggled to hide his mutation and control his own animal nature. A gifted individual, Hank graduated from Harvard at the age of 15. Soon after Hank was recruited by Professor Charles Xavier to become a founding member of the X-Men. Codenamed 'The Beast', Hank served the team for many years as it's resident genius and helped to create a great deal of the team's current advanced tech. Due to frequent debates with Professor X, Hank's current status with the team is as a reserve member only. He's currently employed at a covert CIA research base creating similar tech.
Position: X-Men - Jack Of All Trades
Team: X-Men, Xavier Institute
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Nicholas Hoult
(Beast - X-Men First Class)
Alts: None
Timezone: EST
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Accessing Cerebro - Subject: Hank McCoy - Codename: Beast

Professor Charles Xavier: "Blessed with Superhuman strength that is matched only by his brilliant scientific mind. He is the voice of calming reason in this chaotic world. He is the brains and brawn of this team." - (WatXM)

Henry Phillip McCoy was born X-Gene Active to parents Norton and Edna McCoy of Dunfee, Illinois. This early manifestation is likely due to genetic damage inherited from his father who was exposed to radiation while employed at the local nuclear power plant. Hank learned from an early age to conceal his bizarre prehensile feet, which led to him developing serious body image and self-esteem issues. In addition to his physical mutation, Hank was gifted with an astounding intellect. Hank eventually graduated from Harvard at only 15.

After college, numerous fairly lucrative opportunities became available to Hank. A chance meeting with Professor Charles Xavier had Hank chosing to accept an offer to continue his studies at the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters. It was here that Hank first met other mutant youngsters, which unfortunately helped contribute more to his poor body image. As 'Beast', Hank became a founding member of the X-Men. While he formed strong bonds of friendship with the other X-Men, Hank still had a strong desire to be seen as normal.

While Hank embraced Xavier's Dream... a part of him felt that even if mutants won their long fight for acceptance, individuals like himself would still be seen as outcasts. So he abandoned his entire focus being on creating and advancing the X-Men's tech to start working on a deeply personal project. A serum that would repress not only his growing feral instincts but also cure the unwanted physical aspects of his mutation. Naturally when Xavier found out about Hank's work, the two were constantly at odds with each other.

Meanwhile, over the years the school's student roster had greatly expanded. Feeling there were more than enough mutants to fill his shoes, no pun intended, Beast decided to leave the school rather than risk his continuing disagreements with Professor Xavier create a disruption with the students or newer X-Men. Hank hung up the costume as well, choosing to focus on his scientifc research instead. Needing a job, Dr. McCoy eventually accepted a lucrative position with Stark Enterprises as a Research Scientist.


Power: Beast's Physiology (4)

Beast's skeleton, organs, and various bodily tissues are incredibly dense and resistant to powerful blunt force impacts. He's easily capable of withstanding blows that would seriously injure or kill most individuals. Such as from the impact of a multi-story fall or from from numerous superhuman blows.

Hank's mutation also includes oversized prehensile feet, which are capable of operating perfectly as a second set of hands. Each toe just as nimble and dexterous as his fingers. Even more amazing, Hank brain is capable of splitting his focus enough to work on two different projects at once.

  • Limitations: X-Gene Power Dampeners Decrease Ability To Human Norms.

Skill: Hand to Hand Combat (7)
While a peacemaker at heart, Hank's also a skilled and competent fighter. His unique fighting style draws heavily from his acrobatic and gymnastic talents in conjunction with his superhuman strength. He often employs creative manuevers making his attacks difficult to anticipate or defend against.

Power: Healing Factor (2)
Hank's mutation includes a enhanced healing factor. His injuries heal roughly 3 to 4 times faster than the average human being. This healing ability won't replace lost limbs or destroyed bodily tissue however. It also boosts his metabolism, increasing his resistance to various poisons and drugs.

  • Limitations: X-Gene Power Dampeners Decrease Ability To Human Norms.

Power: Superhuman Agility (6)
Born X-Gene active, Hank's had his entire life to master his mutant agility. He easily could put the most skilled Olympic Gymnast or Circus Airiest to shame with his uncanny moves and astonishing sense of balance. His reaction time is astounding, allowing him to deflect or even dodge most attacks.

  • Limitations: X-Gene Power Dampeners Decrease Ability To Human Norms.

Power: Superhuman Endurance (1)
Hank's physical focused mutation also includes an enhanced stamina trait. He can perform at peak effort for approximately four hours, before the need to rest arises. A side effect of this is that poisons, drugs, chemicals, and other toxins only function at around 1/3 to 1/2 strength when used on him.

  • Limitations: X-Gene Power Dampeners Decrease Ability To Human Norms.

Power: Superhuman Speed (1)
Beast's mutation allows him to easily reach bipedal running speeds of 40-45 MPH, or drop into a more ape-like running stance to reach speeds of up to 60 MPH for short periods. His powerful leg muscles also allow him to leap distances of up to 25 feet (or 15 feet straight up) quite easily.

  • Limitations: X-Gene Power Dampeners Decrease Ability To Human Norms.

Power: Superhuman Strength (5)
Hank's strength level has varied greatly over the years. Currently he can lift approximately 10 tons of weight when pushing himself to the limit. His strength level also allows him to apply a vice-like grip with his fingers and prehensile toes, allowing him to scale most walls with relative ease.

  • Limitations: X-Gene Power Dampeners Decrease Ability To Human Norms.


Advantage: Acrobatics & Gymnastics

Born X-Gene active, Beast's had pretty much an entire lifetime to develop skills which utilize his superhuman physical abilities. He's a master of both acrobatics and gymnastics, having mastered all of the routines and even devised some new ones that only someone with enhanced abilities could really pull off. In addition, Hank's sense of balance is astounding to behold.

Advantage: Allies & Contacts
Hank and "Beast" have a fairly extensive network of friends, colleagues, associates, and teammates. A selective few like the X-Men even know both are the same person. For the most part he can count on them to help him should the need arise. As an employee of Stark Industries, Hank also has a casual working relatioship with Tony Stark. Though Stark is unaware that Hank's a mutant.

Advantage: Driving & Piloting
Hank's keen hand-eye-foot coordination and quick reflexes make him a great driver as well as pilot. Fully checked out on a variety of helicopter and aircraft designs, Hank often served as pilot or co-pilot for the X-Men on missions. In addition, Hank's a gifted grease monkey and engineer... capable of designing, maintaining and improving a variety of vehicles and aircraft.

Advantage: First Aid & Medicine
Beast's an accomplished doctor, trained in a variety of lifesaving techniques. He can handle everything from the mundane, to more specialized care like performing surgery or delivering children. While Jean's the primary Doctor of the X-Men, Beast is a competent fallback option in a pinch. His expertise proving quite valuable whether out in the field or even assisting Dr. Grey.

Advantage: Genetic Stabilizer
Since childhood Hank's wanted a cure for aspects of his mutation. He's developed an experimental gene therapy to suppress his growing animal nature, but the physical aspects still elude him. He maintains a large mutant genetic database used in his search for the 'Rosetta Stone' that will lead to a cure. His desperate search could potentially lead to foolish or dangerous mistakes.

Advantage: Renaissance Mutant
A modern Da Vinci, Hank's a Polymath skilled in a number of fields. Such as being fluent in most of the world's major languages. He's a passionate fan of classic literature and sophisticated patron of the arts. He's also a gifted musician, both with the guitar and piano. Honestly, there's very few areas that Hank hasn't dabbled in over the years. He'd do great on Jeopardy!

Advantage: Science & Technology
Hank has degrees in the fields of biology, bio-chemistry, chemistry, and genetics. And Ph.Ds. in bio-chemistry and genetics. He's the X-Men's resident tech expert. From mansion maintenance, cybernetics, and nanotech. He's also a computer wiz, including programming, hacking, and security. A natural MacGyver, over the years he's cobbled together a number of useful gadgets.

Advantage: Stark Industries
Stark Industries is a household name in the fields of Science and Technology. Since leaving the X-Men's active roster, Dr. Henry McCoy's been working under lucrative contract at one of Stark's New York facilities. So far he's managed to coceal his mutation and private research from Stark and Pals. As well as that a lot of Hank's mothballed work has made it's way into the X-Men's tech.

Advantage: Teacher & Mentor
The X-Men are dedicated to teaching the next generation of mutants. Not just better control over their powers, but also ensuring that they get a good education. Beast seems to have a particular knack with children. Perhaps due to his unique childhood and point of view. While he's not an active teacher at the school now, he's a regular source of guidance and support for young minds.

Advantage: The Uncanny X-Men
As a founding member of the X-Men, Hank's been associated with the team for years. He has full access to all of the team's various resources. In fact, Beast designed and improved much of the team's unique technology. In addition, Hank has developed fairly close friendships with many of the newer team members and students. Beast is currently a reserve member of the team.

Advantage: X-Men Uniform
As one of the 05 Beast has worn a number of costumes over the years. Made of unstable molecules, the current ones include gene cloaking tech to mask the wearer's X-Gene from genetic scanners. Due to Beast's enhanced physiology he really only needs to wear the costume to maintain his secret identity and for team unity.

  • Note: See Professor X's Equipment write-up For more info.

Advantage: Xavier Institute
A private school in Westchester County, New York specializing in protecting and training young mutants better control of their powers. While Hank doesn't currently live or teach at the school, he does often lend his expertise as a teacher, mentor, physician, or resident techie for the school. The invitation to rejoin the school in a more permanent capacity is always open.


Flaw: Enemies & Villains

While Beast doesn't really have a nemesis all his own (maybe one day Dark Beast will turn up?), there has been a long history of enemies. Most of them being the typical X-Baddies, though there have been others. For the moment few know that Beast is also Hank McCoy, but that's certain to chnage. And then his foes are likely to rear their ugly head even in his civilian life.

Flaw: Feral Mutation
While Ferals come in a variety of flavors, they all tend to struggle in some way with their more animalistic instincts and urges. It's almost like a case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. While Hank has more control over this aspect of his psyche than most ferals, there are ways it could rear it's ugly head. Such emotional stress, psychic attacks, or psychological manipulation.

Flaw: Poor Self-Image
"I promised myself that I would find a cure, ever since I was a little boy. You have no idea what I'd give to feel normal."

Growing up feeling like an outcast due to the physical aspects of his mutation, Hank's gone to great lengths to hide his mutant nature. His feet are still a sensitive subject even after all these years, and a good target for those looking to rattle him.

Flaw: Self-Destructive
Hank has something of an obsessive personality, especially when it comes to his research. He's a workaholic, often going to extreme measures to get the answers he's looking for. Also like many noteable Scientists, Dr. McCoy's work has involved using himself as a guinea pig. His search for a cure for the physical aspects of his mutation has already permanently turned his hair blue.

Flaw: Unstable X-Gene
Due to inherited genetic damage, Hank's X-Gene is highly susceptible to alteration or further enhancement. The physical aspects of his mutation suggests his powers derive from genetic atavism. Hank belives that further changes could leave him in a potentially beastial state or form. This has led Hank on his quest to find a cure for the physical spects of his mutation.


Beast Logs

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