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Benjamin J. Grim better known to the public as the Thing of the Fantastic Four serves as primary pilot of the Fantasticar and as the team's Muscle when SCIENCE gets rowdy! When not working at the Baxter Building or adventuring with the FF he can sometimes be found around New York wearing a 'cunning' (which is to say laughable) disguise. It's not uncommon for these excursions to end in chaos as trouble just seems to find Mr. Grimm where ever he goes. A blue eyed monster who cannot hide his heart of gold, the Thing is quickly becoming beloved by New York as one of their very favorite freaks.

Also they say he hosts one helluva a poker game!


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Rock Form: 7/8/4 Strong Willed: 6

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 7, Pilot: 6, Superior Dexterity: 4


Flaws: Enemies, Isolated, Public Identity, Rock Form

Languages: English


Power: Rock Form (7/8/4)

Limitations: This is a persistent state, and he lacks nearly all sensation of touch while in this form. He also sometimes forgets his own strength due to lack of feedback, especially when in a heightened emotional state, wreaking havoc on his environment by accident on a regular basis.

Ben's flexible orange, rock-like body is incredibly strong 7 (Lifting max currently 70 tons, theoretical max 100 tons), and imparts a great deal of toughness 8 as well as superhuman levels of endurance 4 due to the fact that he generates fatigue toxins much slower than a normal person. He has a great deal more resilience to different types of sensory overload than a normal person as well, excepting touch see Limitations. His lung capacity is much larger than a normal humans and he uses oxygen at a much slower rate than a normal human. He is resistant to most, but not all types of poisons. He has only three fingers in this form. He loses none of his reflexes or agility or manual dexterity while in this form, and his personality is unchanged. Unknown to him at this time, he also ages at an incredibly slow rate while locked in his rock form.

Power: Strong Willed (6)

Ben's non-organic form, in addition to his formidable willpower combine to give him a very high willpower, and ability to carry on in the face of incredible, even impossible odds, and make him fairly resilient to forms of mental manipulation.

Skill: Combat (7)

Ben was a natural scrapper before his transformation, starting at a young age in street fights as a member of the Yancy Street Gang. Growing up, he supplemented this street fighting with boxing and wrestling in high school and college, and judo and jujitsu as well as military hand to hand training after college. He blends all these into a unique hand to hand fighting style all his own.

Skill: Pilot (6)

Ben was a gifted pilot before his transformation, having spent time in the United States Air Force as a test pilot. He is skilled in piloting just about any kind of vehicle from a bicycle to an advanced spacecraft.

Skill: Superior Dexterity (4)

Ben's dexterity and reflexes are not impinged by his rocky form, and he has excellent reflexes and hand-eye coordination. This is a natural advantage that he's had from a young age and he's received additional training by going through flight school.



Flaw: Enemies

Ben, as a member of one of the first and foremost super-teams of the world, the Fantastic Four, has a large number of enemies, many with a grudge for being stopped by Ben and his companions in numerous ways, or even intergalactic travelers seeking to test themselves against the best the Earth can offer. In any event, Ben and his teammates will almost always be faced by foes who mean to put them out of business as part of their master plan to take over the world.

Flaw: Isolated

Ben's lack of sense of touch, combined with his frightening looks make him feel like he's a monster in a world of normal people, and he frequently feels isolated and alone, even in the company of the rest of his team or people he's known for years. This makes him depressed and he often feels futility about his existence, even leading him to attempt suicide unsuccessfully from time to time.

Flaw: Public Identity

Ben's public identity garners him two kinds of attention, adoring fans, and people recoiling in horror from his frightening bulk and visage. Both kinds of attention bother Ben, and being famous has another downside, you never have a private moment, unless you're in the privacy of your own home. He's also jealous of the nearly pure positive sentiments his other team-mates garner.

Flaw: Rock Form

Ben's rocky exterior, while providing him excellent protection, lowers his tactile senses all over his body. As such, he cannot feel most normal kinds of contact, and sometimes forgets his own strength when dealing with delicate or sensitive materials. This lack of sense of touch reinforces his sense of isolation. He also feels that he is a hideous monster on the best of days, and often will only go out 'in disguise' in a trench coat and hat and sunglasses. His large form makes this disguise only marginally effective. He is also locked into this form, unable to change back to a normal human, which sometimes causes friction with Reed Richards, whom he blames for his condition.


Benjamin Jacob Grimm was born on the Lower East Side of New York, to a life of poverty and hardship. He lost his brother Jacob in a street gang fight when he was eight and shortly thereafter lost his parents, Saul and Ophelia Grimm. After this he was raised by his Uncle, Jake and his Aunt, Petunia. Eventually he came to lead the gang that his older brother was involved with when he died.

Ben excelled in sports, and received a full athletic scholarship to Empire State University, where he roomed with a young man destined to be his lifelong friend, Reed Richards. He also met Victor Von Doom while at University. When Reed described his dream of building a rocket to go to space, Ben agreed to pilot it, thinking it mostly a joke at the time.

After graduating with a degrees in mechanical and aeronautic engineering, Ben joined the United States Marine Corp, and was trained as a test pilot. Following this stint of service he becomes an astronaut for Nasa. With giant budget cuts however, his goal of achieving space flight was not achieved while working for NASA.

After leaving NASA for the private sector, he's contacted once more by his old friend Reed Richards, who has managed to build a privately owned spaceship, and gets reminded of his promise to fly it. Joined by Sue and Johnny Storm, the quartet blast off from earth, only to experience a disaster in space, exposing them to deadly cosmic rays.

Crash landing back on earth, the foursome discovers that instead of being killed by radiation poisoning, they've all been transformed by the cosmic rays, and decide to form The Fantastic Four, Ben dubbing himself 'The Thing' in a moment of self pity.

Despite the problems caused by his changed form, this least happy member of the Fantastic Four has been a staunch and reliable member of the group. He lives in hope that one day Reed will be able to reverse his curse, and allow him to feel human again, but until that day comes, he's ready to do battle with anything and anyone that comes across his path.


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