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Quote-open I'm NOT Spider-Man. I'm something better...something Superior, whether he, or the rest of the world, likes it or not! Quote-close

Everything that makes Spider-Man who and what he is went into Scarlet Spider...literally. However, when you find out your world, everything you thought to be real is a lie it changes you. Scarlet Spider is the answer to, "What if Spider-Man found out his world isn't real?" At the end of the day he's still doing the right thing, but he's rebuilding his own world at the same time.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Advanced Healing: 2, Increased Endurance: 2, Increased Reflexes: 7, Increased Speed: 1, Sharp Mind: 5, Spider-Sense: 8, Super Strength: 5

Abilities: Skill

Acrobatic: 8, Combat: 4, Science Nerd: 6, Tech Savy: 5

Abilities: Gear

Fantastic Suit: 5, Impact Webbing: 5, Web-Shooters: 5

Advantages: Fantastic Employment

Flaws: Clone, Hidden Enemies, Implanted Memories, Parker Luck, Responsibility

Languages: English


Gear: Fantastic Suit (5)

Ben's Black Costume comes with some handy features thanks to Mr. Fantastic and nano-technology. The biggest features are the layers of protection it gives Ben making his toughness a five when wearing it, a visual interface that gives him a readout of where the other members of the Fantastic Four are, and infrared vision to see in the dark. Various parts of the suit do light up different colors, dark red for solo activity, and the light blue to match the fantastic four uniforms in his own way. The suit offers enough features for Reed Richards to comfortably taunt an intellectual peer that dabbles in armor himself.

Gear: Impact Webbing (5)

A special feature in Ben's Web-Shooters that can cocoon an enemy in webbing that's a few inches thick. Time and effort will be needed to break it if a person has super strength. Sadly this feature does cut through Ben's web supplies quickly.

Gear: Web-Shooters (5)

A wrist device that shoots a web-like compound. This compound has a tinsel strength and durability of a 5, and engineers would love to get their hand on it. Ben can use the webbing to swing across the city, string up any soul that crosses him the wrong way, along with a slew of other tricks it the shooters can be used for. The webbing dissolves after a few hours making the compound very hard to analyze. Plus his web-shooters have a few extra goodies not used by the other Spiders, like Impact Webbing.

Power: Advanced Healing (2)

Spiders can heal faster than regular people, and Ben reaps the benefits from this little perk.

Power: Increased Endurance (2)

Ben, just like Peter, can push himself past normal limitations. He'll sleep like a log for at least twelve hours afterward, but sometimes it's worth it.

Power: Increased Reflexes (7)

Working on par with the agility and speed of a spider, Ben has a Dexterity of 7.

Power: Increased Speed (1)

Moving with the quickness of a spider makes Ben faster than your average human. He has a speed of 1.

Power: Sharp Mind (5)

Having a good head on you shoulder comes with benefits. Ben has a 5 in both Intelligence and Willpower.

Power: Spider-Sense (8)

The famous Spider-Sense. Whenever danger is about to strike Ben feels a tingling sensation moments before allowing him to avoid trouble. He never knows what it is, just that it's coming. Still, this little heads up gives Ben a chance to avoid it, save others, and an advantage not many other heroes have.

Power: Super Strength (5)

Being bit by a spider has given Ben some added strength.

Skill: Acrobatic (8)

The added speed and agility has given been an interesting skill. Caring little about himself when getting the job done, Ben will hurl himself like an Olympic Gymnast like it's his personal playground.

Skill: Combat (4)

Ben knows how to throw a good punch. Thanks to Peter's years of fighting, and a deep down love for a good fight, Ben's pretty skilled at combat.

Skill: Science Nerd (6)

Everything from Biology to Engineering, if it can be categorized in the field of Science...Ben has a knack for it.

Skill: Tech Savy (5)

Like the Sciences, Ben has a certain knack for technology. Building devices, working with a computer, if it has wires, plugs, or a hard drive Ben's pretty good with it.


Advantage: Fantastic Employment

Being employed by the Baxter Building (even as an intern) means some great perks. Nice apartment, great pay, the ability to converse with a genius plus that little connection to a group called The Fantastic Four.


Flaw: Clone

Being a clone comes with a lot of burdens. "Do I have a soul?" "Do I have free-will or am I doing what he would do?" "Am I me or just a copy of someone else?" "How long do I have to live?" are all questions any clone asks himself/herself many times over, and Ben is no exception. These questions will always linger in his mind, weighing on him at different moments. Even with all the differences Ben has done to make himself his own person, he will always wonder about these questions.

Flaw: Hidden Enemies

Like all good Scientists, Ben's Creator will eventually want his work to come back home. Since Ben is too busy trying to have a life drastic measure will be called in at some point. Sadly Ben won't know who they are or see them coming.

Flaw: Implanted Memories

On top of being like Peter Parker, genetically speaking, Ben has the same memories. This goes beyond being a clone of somebody. Ben thought he WAS Peter Parker because of the memories planted inside him. Sometimes he has trouble letting go of the past that was never his. It's a tough pill to swallow knowing most of the people you care about...have someone else to care for them, doing all the things you would do because in some ways they're you, but you're not them.

Flaw: Parker Luck

The curse of Peter Parker is destined to always effect him. So that means the curse of Peter is placed unto Ben. Just because his last name is "Reilly" doesn't make him exempt from the same misfortune that plagues Peter.

Flaw: Responsibility

This goes beyond with great power, Ben has to keep an extremely low profile. Not only is he keeping his own secrets but Peter's as well. If anyone makes the connection between the two of them, Peter Parker's world could take a turn for the worse. Ben has to go an extra-mile to keep two identities safe.


"'Things have been kind of rough for me over the past few years. My whole life..,''ve heard this story before. Well, that's not where my story ends. Being Peter Parker is kind of weird because...well...I'm not. I learned this the hard way. I mean...I kinda am Peter''s complicated. I have everything of Peter's. His memories, his powers, his looks, his face...everything, my life only starts to deviate when I came to the conclusion...I'm not Peter. I'm his clone. I was grown as his replacement, given his memories by the people that created me. There's been countless fights where I...well...Peter, lost some blood. This was how I started.

For year's humanity has been on great scientific breakthroughs when it comes to bioengineering. I mean...look at me! Except...I came out a little too well.

Deep down I really thought I was Peter. Peter Parker was me...until I was conflicted with the truth. The realization wasn't pretty...I stayed away for a little while as a result. You don't want to know where.

All the time I spent away two memories lingered...Uncle Ben...err...Ben Parker, The night he was killed and what he said, "With great power, comes great responsibility." With all of these powers...I gotta do something, right?

Also, Ben has always been a big factor in my life, even if he doesn't know it. Heck, I'm named myself after him. And I don't want to see another Ben Parker out there because nobody did anything to stop his killer.

I'm not Peter Parker, but he's not always going to be there to save the day. Whether or not the world needs another Spider, it's got one...Like I said, I'm not Peter and I'm not Spider-Man, I'm Ben Reilly, The Scarlet Spider," and you've heard that story too. Well it didn't end there, far from.

Spider-Man may not be around but...I am! I'm part of the Fantastic Four, Young Allies, and busy helping the world a day at a time the only way I know way. People may love me, others may hate me but I won't stop doing this. Even if it kills me at the end of the day because it's what I was destined, not programmed, to do. I'll do whatever I can to make the world a safer place for as long as I'm in it...However long that is...


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