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Beverly-Anne "Bev" Sunderland


A fairly popular actress among young viewers, Beverly Sunderland is best known as the best friend and television sidekick to Rosey Parker on her Disney Channel sitcom, 'Coming Up Rosey'. Only when the show was cancelled after its second season did Beverly announce to the world that yes, she is a mutant. Now she's moved to New York City, determined to use her fame (and possibly her notoriety) to springboard her career -- both as a musician and actress, and as a hero.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Light Blast: 5, Light Form: 6, Light Immunity: 7, Light Speed

Abilities: Skill

Acting: 5, Hollywood Culture: 4, Music: 5

Advantages: Condo, Fame, Industry Contacts, Money

Flaws: Darkness, Fear of the Dark, Risk-Taker

Languages: English


Power: Light Blast (5)

Daybreak is capable of emitting bursts of light energy whether in light or human form. These bursts may take the form of a constant, steady glow, like that of a flashlight, or a destructive high-intensity beam, like a powerful laser.

Power: Light Form (6)

Daybreak is capable of turning into living light energy. In this form she has no physical body, and thus cannot be affected by physical attacks.

Power: Light Immunity (7)

In human form, Daybreak is capable of resisting all but the most intense light-based attacks. In light form, light does nothing but tickle her.

Power: Light Speed

While in light form Daybreak may travel at the speed of light any distance in a single direction (so long as she is not blocked by an opaque object). She may make use of mirrors to redirect herself, as well, if any are available and oriented properly. However, if she does not have such a mirror on hand (and most of the time she doesn't), Daybreak must stop and reorient herself at normal human speed to change direction. She does not act any faster than a normal human in light form.

Skill: Acting (5)

Beverly Sunderland acted through her teens, landing the role of the main character's best friend on the popular children's show 'Coming Up Rosey' when she was 15. Though no Emmy-winner, Beverly was recognized for her acting ability during the two years of the show's run.

Skill: Hollywood Culture (4)

It's a necessary skill for anybody who wants to wants to have a career in the film or television or music industry. Beverly knows how to operate in Hollywood and similar environs. She knows how to identify the most important person in a room and get that person to notice her, how to tell if her agent is doing the job she needs him to do, how to identify actual threats to her career, as opposed to people who are just wannabes, or potential allies who can help her along. She's only been in the biz for a few years of course, and hasn't perfected this skill, but she's progressing well, and if she manages to keep her career going through her twenties she'll be in very good shape.

Skill: Music (5)

Beverly Sunderland got into acting not out of a desire to be a film or television star, but a pop star. Given the proliferation of musical acts that sprang from child and teen television programming (Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and others), it simply seemed a good career track. On the show she demonstrated her musical talents more than once, and she has gained a following. She's a fantastic singer and an excellent guitarist, and while she hasn't got a record deal yet, she figures it's only a matter of time.


Advantage: Condo

The reason that Beverly only has a few hundred grand to get her through the next few years is that she invested a sizable portion of her funds into buying a condominium outright. The condo is in a nearby town, and it's only a twenty-minute train ride from there to Grand Central Station.

Advantage: Fame

Though she was only a sidekick on 'Coming Up Rosey', Beverly Sunderland entered millions of homes every day, and hence is a role model to many young girls, not to mention the first celebrity crush of many boys now entering their early to mid teens. Her small roles in movies did not go unnoticed either, and she's likely to be recognized by adults who have seen them. The next door neighbor of a girl haunted by pesky poultergeists, the little sister of the male lead in a romantic comedy. It's rare that a day goes by that somebody doesn't ask her, 'Weren't you that kid in that movie about...?'

Advantage: Industry Contacts

Beverly has made a lot of contacts in entertainment over the last few years. She knows people at Disney -- some of the big people at Disney, even -- and a lot of them are willing to make a call for her if she needs it. Likewise, she played one of the vampire extras in that series about the little twit who almost kills herself because she can't live without the guy who really internally wants to kill her, and she did a few favors for both cast and crew when she was there. She's friendly with a lot of people, and knows a few things people would rather she not know, and while Beverly is not the sort to actually use those things against somebody she -doesn't- have much trouble reminding people that she knows them. In short, if somebody in the industry can do her a favor, even with her public mutant status, she's likely to have a favor done for her.

Advantage: Money

Beverly's parents were careful with the money she earned during her two-year stint as a Disney Channel sidekick, and the few extra bucks she picked up from small roles in a half dozen movies. She has a pretty decent nest egg -- a few hundred thousand dollars all told. If she can develop good money skills of her own, that money will tide her over for a few years in New York City.


Flaw: Darkness

With light-based powers, it's not that surprising that Daybreak has problems with the dark. As long as there is some light, be it a candle or just the stars, she'll be fine, and it's truly a rare thing for one to find complete blackness in New York City. But take her into a room with no windows, or deep underground, or even outside on a cloudy night in the middle of nowhere and she'll quickly start to fade -- her powers will stop working within an hour, she'll grow weak within two, lose consciousness shortly thereafter, and could even die if she has no exposure to light within six to eight hours.

Exposure to darkforce will speed up Daybreak's degeneration by a factor of four: no powers in fifteen minutes, weakness in half an hour, loss of consciousness within forty-five minutes, and death in no more than two hours.

Flaw: Fear of the Dark

It should be no surprise, given her weakness to darkness, that Beverly is extraordinarily scared of the dark. She sleeps with bright lights on in her bedroom, and a power outage is guaranteed to cause a panic attack. She avoids the New York Subway system at all costs, just in case. This is a serious, debilitating phobia, and has lost her acting roles as well as affecting her personal life.

Flaw: Risk-Taker

The same quality that allows Beverly to go out in public and promote herself as an actress and singer, the same quality that brings her to put on that flaming red and orange and yellow costume and save the day, is the quality that puts her life in danger at regular intervals. She doesn't have a death-wish -- she just craves that adrenaline rush that comes of dropping off a building before she turns to light and races away, or go toe-to-toe with a supervillain she KNOWS could crush her flesh-form. Beverly isn't careful -- not with her own life, at any rate. She will gamble with fate and so far she has come out ahead, but one can only count on probability for so long. And the words 'wanna bet?' will almost always lead her to trouble.


  • Beverly Sunderland was born to Joseph and Marjorie Sunderland in Miami, FL. Joseph was an engineer who worked at developing more efficient means of capturing solar energy, and when Beverly was seven the family moved to California when Joseph was recruited by a firm near Los Angeles.
  • Beverly was fascinated by Hollywood from the moment she arrived in California. She started begging for acting, music and dance classes, and with her father's new job the family was able to afford them.
  • At 13 Beverly started begging again -- this time for the opportunity to audition for roles on television. Her parents sat her down and talked through this with her. Eventually it was decided that Beverly would be allowed to audition, but her parents would control the money she made, putting it into a trust to which she'd have access on her 18th birthday.
  • At fourteen Beverly made a commercial for a local restaurant, cast as 'Smiling Girl'. No lines, no dancing -- she just bit into a cheeseburger and grinned broadly. But it was a start. Viewers were captured by her silver eyes. Strangely, her eyes had been blue up until a few weeks prior.
  • Shortly after the commercial started airing Beverly became very sick overnight in her bedroom. She started getting better as soon as the lights came on, but soon seemed to be feverish, even though she felt fine. Minutes later she seemed to burst into flame. Rather, she became a swirling mass of light shaped like a teenaged girl. It didn't take much time to figure out what was actually going on: she was a mutant.
  • Beverly chose to keep this fact a secret with her parents' support. Soon she was cast as the best friend of Rosey Parker on a new Disney Channel sitcom, 'Coming Up Rosey', about a girl who discovers she has superhuman powers. Beverly's character was powerless and constantly getting into trouble as she tried to gain her own abilities. One episode she thought she'd get powers by being bitten by a lizard, another she ran around in black trying to stop muggers on the Los Angeles city streets. Rosey was always there to save her. Beverly found the entire thing very ironic, as she was secretly practicing with her real abilities in private and knew that she could kick Rosey's super-powered butt any time.
  • After two years the show was cancelled. At seventeen now, Beverly knew that she wanted to continue performing, but she wanted to focus on music more than acting. She finished high school with high marks and informed her parents that she was moving to New York. They helped her find a good home in a good neighborhood, and she bought her condo with her earnings from the TV show.
  • Against her agent's advice, Beverly held a press conference shortly after her arrival in the city. She informed the representatives from entertainment television and magazines that she was a mutant. There was some backlash, of course. Anti-Beverly websites and facebook groups started popping up on the internet. But Beverly was more than a little gratified by the number of positive responses she got from fans and others.
  • Now Beverly operates in New York as Daybreak, and while she has never spelled out the connection between herself and the heroine, how many mutants are there with light powers and her particular sort of thick, curly blonde hair? Meanwhile she lives frugally and hunts for a recording contract. She will make it, one way or another.


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