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Bianca Angelica Tonetti
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Lord Oscurita

Quote-open "'Duty' is just another word for 'servitude'." Quote-close

An Italian peasant who was dubiously 'gifted' with vampirism, Bianca has since learned to use her powers to dominate those around her. At first learning at the feet of older, more powerful vampires, she's since broken off to create her own vampire 'family', which in turn runs the mysterious Sanguine Syndicate of Gotham. Murder, extortion, and racketeering are all par for the day.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Dexterity: 5, Domination: 6, Enhanced Senses: 6, Immortality, Regeneration: 5, Shapeshifting, Speed: 2, Strength: 4, The Gift

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 5

Advantages: Daywalking, Mafia Family, Thralls, Wealth

Flaws: Consecration, Fire, Silver, Stake, Sunlight, Thirst



Power: Dexterity (5)

Limitation: Must have fed on blood within the last day.

With her gift, Bianca is capable of dodging bullets with effort and performing actions at an accelerated rate.

Power: Domination (6)

Only the extremely strong-willed can resist the power of a vampire's will after looking into their eyes. As long as the hypnosis is in effect, Bianca need not maintain eye contact beyond the initial few moments of domination, but must concentrate on the link. Biting the victim and drinking their blood during the hypnotizing effects strengthens the bond and makes it easier to maintain. Orders which run completely against the affected person's nature are easier to resist (eg: Kill a loved one, walk off a cliff).

Power: Enhanced Senses (6)

Night vision and enhanced hearing are part of the vampirism package. Most notably, though, is the sensitivity to the smell of blood. Bianca's nose can lead her through a few dozen meters of fragrant flowers to just a few drops of blood. This can only be detected from an open wound or blood which has dripped from such. The more blood there is and the longer its been since she's fed, the easier it is to detect. When several days have passed without drinking, Bianca can detect a single drop from a hundred meters at such potency that it will drown out all her other senses with a single-minded ferocity.

Power: Immortality

Bianca no longer ages, and thus will not expire from old age. She is immune to both diseases and poison, as her heart no longer beats and thus her blood will not carry such sicknesses through her body. She cannot be drowned, or otherwise asphyxiated, suffer heat exhaustion, or die from cold exposure.

Despite this, vampires have a severe allergy to silver, and weapons of such negate her regenerative abilities, as does fire, and complete immolation or dismemberment will end her unnaturally long existence. An oak stake through the heart will end her life in short order, as will exposure to natural sunlight.

Power: Regeneration (5)

Note: Raises to 7 during feeding.

The gift of vampirism causes Bianca to regenerate from wounds near-instantly. Gunshots, stab wounds, and concussive forces are shaken off within moments.

Power: Shapeshifting

Vampires of her lineage (that of Dracula) can turn into a wolf, bat, or mist at will.

The wolf form is larger than an average member of its species, but gives Bianca no special powers she or a wolf wouldn't already possessed (such as an enhanced sense of smell, or four-legged locomotion).

It works similarly with her bat form, except she gains the bat's ability to fly and its echolocation, but her strength is greatly diminished due to her smaller form.

Turning into mist makes it extremely difficult to harm Bianca, and allows her to pass unhindered through obstacles (provided they are not airtight) such as shut doors and over water. In this form, she remains close to the ground, like a low-lying, localized fog.

Power: Speed (2)

Limitation: Must have fed on blood within the last day.

Bianca can move faster than the human eye can follow. While this applies to simple movements, she cannot do complex tasks at her top speed.

Power: Strength (4)

Limitation: Must have fed on blood within the last day.

Vampirism makes one inhumanly strong, able to lift and destroy far more than the average human would be capable of.

Power: The Gift

Limitation: Limited number, can be cured.

Bianca can turn others into vampires through an exchange of blood, first biting the victim and then feeding them her own blood. This effect need not be voluntary. Thereafter, the newly-risen vampire becomes her thrall, and is affected as though by her domination power. The more thralls Bianca has in existence, the harder it becomes to control them. She can currently control no more than two dozen.

Skill: Combat (5)

Having spent time in the courts of other, older vampires, Bianca was taught, and used, various means of combat to help enforce their laws over the territory her masters had staked claim to. At first learning to fight with sword and crossbow, weapons of choice soon changed as muskets and then more advanced firearms became more widespread around Italy.


Advantage: Daywalking

While she can't walk around in sunlight unprotected, modern conveniences do make it possible for Bianca to not have to spend every single day in a coffin. Specially-engineered chemical substances, polarized shades, windows, and windshields, and full-body clothing allow her to operate within various limitations after sunrise. While these allow her to be mobile during the day, they do not allow for protracted combat without greatly increasing the risk of sun exposure.

Advantage: Mafia Family

Headed by her vampire spawn and her alter-ego, 'Lord Oscurita', Bianca controls an entire crime family within the city of Gotham. Most of them are normal humans and almost none of them know the true nature of the people they work for (and none know Bianca's true identity), they are your typical goon squad of lackeys and ne'er-do-well criminals, ranging from street thugs to business-suited mobsters. They're not the largest crime syndicate in Gotham, but a potent one, nonetheless.

Advantage: Thralls

Bianca has been around a while, long enough to have gathered her own 'coven', as vampires are prone to calling them. They are her top lieutenants and intermediaries in her criminal enterprises and are the 'face' of her rule. Their numbers are only a bit over a dozen or so, but they are bound to her will as their sire.

Advantage: Wealth

Bianca has amassed and controls a large amount of wealth and resources, from the seemingly-legitimate businesses of her syndicate to her crime family's earnings. Not quite a billionaire, but not far from it, either.


Flaw: Consecration

Objects actually blessed by divine power act as both a repellant and cause physical pain when they come into contact with Bianca, experienced as a sizzling burn. She also cannot voluntarily cross onto consecrated ground and will begin experiencing debilitating pain if forced to do so.

Flaw: Fire

Like silver, fire bypasses all resistance and regeneration possessed by Bianca, taking longer to heal and causing more damage than conventional means.

Flaw: Silver

Silver weapons bypasses the natural regeneration of Bianca's, harming her just as much as it would anyone else and taking much longer to heal.

Flaw: Stake

Quite possibly the absolute quickest way to murder a vampire is with an wooden oak stake through the heart. Death follows as fast as it would for anyone stabbed in the heart with a spike of wood.

Flaw: Sunlight

Sunlight destroys vampires as surely as night follows the day. A few moments of exposure sizzles the skin and causes Bianca to burst into flames without special precautions taken.

Flaw: Thirst

Stronger than a normal human's need for food is the craving for blood all vampires share. Bianca can subsist on animal blood, but it does not slake the thirst, merely offering survival. After only a handful of days without feeding on human blood, her powers weaken down to mortal levels (except for her ability to detect blood), and she becomes irrationally insatiable and ferocious for the life-giving liquid, leaving her little more than a feral animal seeking her next meal. She can 'starve', growing more gaunt and weaker and eventually decaying and mummifying the longer she goes without blood (though this process takes months to complete). A few days leaves her looking gaunt and haggard, and a month like a starving holocaust victim. Feeding on blood at any point, including after she's 'dead' and little more than a mummified corpse, will revive her.



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File:Kanami Seishino.jpg
Sally Tonetti

A hateful ghost by the name of Kanami Seishino has been adopted and renamed Sally Tonetti. Only Bianca's mystical bindings upon Sally keep her from trying to murder everyone.



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