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The World's Mightiest Mortal

William Joseph "Billy" Batson
Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

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Homeless orphan Billy Batson followed a stranger into a subway station one night. But instead of ending as a cautionary tale, the night ended with mild-mannered Billy being chosen as the Champion of the Wizard SHAZAM. Now, whenever he says the Wizard's name, Billy is turned into Captain Marvel, The World's Mightiest Mortal.


Abilities: Power

Courage of Achilles: 8, Power of Zeus, Speed of Mercury: 7, Stamina of Atlas, Strength of Hercules: 10, Wisdom of Solomon: 8

Abilities: Skill

Radio Journalist: 4

Advantages: Rock of Eternity, The Wizard, WHIZ Radio

Flaws: Electricity, Enemies, Gags, Orphan, Poor Student

Languages: English


Power: Courage of Achilles (8)

Like the Achilles of ancient myth, Captain Marvel possesses indomitable courage. This courage gives him a sense of conviction and a force of will not often seen among superheroes (Willpower: 8).

This ability also grants him a portion of Achilles' combat prowess when in his Captain Marvel form (Combat: 5).

Power: Power of Zeus

The transformation from Billy Batson to Captain Marvel (and back again) is triggered by a bolt of mystical lightning from Zeus, the Sky Father of Greek mythology. Simply put, if Billy says the magic word, but the lightning bolt is for some reason unable to connect with him, the transformation doesn't occur.

This bolt of mystical lightning has an average output in excess of 5 gigawatts (Electricity: 7, Heat: 7), and like all bolts of lightning comes directly from the sky to the ground, using Billy as a 'grounding rod' of sorts. This makes it very hazardous for Billy to say the magic word when inside, or pretty much anytime there's something directly above him. This makes the lightning bolt a potentially devastating weapon, however, when used carefully (Arsenal: 6).

The mystical energy from this lightning grants Captain Marvel a great deal of protection against mystical attacks under the level of Advanced (Magic:6). However, certain spells allow especially skilled mystics to divert or completely draw out Shazam's empowerment which can weaken Captain Marvel while potentially 'beefing up' the magician in question.

When transforming from Billy Batson to Captain Marvel, the lightning essentially 'resets' any damage done to either Billy or Captain Marvel. This can be used to effect a form of healing. However, in combat situations it isn't especially practical for Captain Marvel to attempt to heal himself by reverting to the form of a fourteen year old boy and back, for obvious reasons.

Power: Speed of Mercury (7)

By channeling the speed of the Messenger of the Gods, Captain Marvel is able to move with inhuman quickness. Within Earth's atmosphere, he can run or fly at a rate of up to 50,000 miles per hour. When free from the bonds of Earth's gravity and the atmosphere's friction, he can travel at speeds significantly faster, allowing for flights to distant planets and potentially beyond.

Power: Stamina of Atlas

Like the Titan who was condemned to hold up the sky, Captain Marvel is capable of exerting himself for periods of time that seem ridiculous (Endurance: 10).

While in his Captain Marvel form, he does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe in order to survive.

His body is enhanced in a manner befitting a Titan. Only the most powerful blows and weapons are capable of injuring him (Toughness: 8).

Power: Strength of Hercules (10)

Captain Marvel is endowed with the god-like strength of Hercules. He is capable of lifing over 5,000,000 pounds.

Power: Wisdom of Solomon (8)

Notes: The Wisdom of Solomon is, essentially, something that must be 'activated.' In order to gain the various boosts to knowledge, intellect, and wisdom, etc, Captain Marvel must actually take a second, mentally call upon the wisdom, and reflect. Therefore, it should not be assumed to be 'always running.' It grants him an effective intellect rating of 8 for certain applications when utilized, but his normal intellect rating is a mere 2.

OOC Notes: The Wisdom of Solomon can not provide Captain Marvel with information that would effectively ruin a given scene or plot. It also can not provide him with information that other players in a scene do not wish Captain Marvel to have 'automagically.'

Captain Marvel is able to utilize the supernatural wisdom of the ancient King Solomon. This divine blessing gives him access to information that his fourteen year-old mind simply could not have learned on its own. He possesses a vast bank of knowledge from ancient sources, and is able to use complex mathematical formulas despite being a C-B average student in high school.

With this power, he is able to read and speak all the languages of man, including secret, mystial, or dead languages. He can decipher ancient cuneiform and pictograph symbols, sometimes reading them aloud in English as if he were simply perusing the New York Times.

Of most importance, however, is the level of discernment that he gains from this power. Like Solomon, he is able to look at an impossible situation and find a creative solution. When he listens to the wisdom of the ancients, he might not have more information about a situation than other people, but he can tell what the 'right' thing to do is, even if he can't explain why.

This is, perhaps predictably, the power with which Billy Batson has the most difficulty. He is able to tap into the power, but doing so requires an amount of patience that he possesses only infrequently. He is more likely to try to use one of his other powers to solve a problem, falling back on the Wisdom of Solomon when all else fails.

Skill: Radio Journalist (4)

For almost five years now, Billy Batson has been the 'Boy Reporter' for radio station WHIZ based in New York City. He has developed a competent radio voice, gotten good at reading aloud and ad-libbing, and can give a pretty decent interview. He also knows how to operate radio equipment far more competently than pretty much any American teenager, due primarily to the fact that the cool kids stopped building ham radios several decades ago.


Advantage: Rock of Eternity

The Rock of Eternity is the home to the wizard Shazam, and the prison of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Three Faces of Evil. It is accessible from a mystical doorway hidden in one of the subways of New York City. From here, Shazam views the flow of time via his Historama, and sends instructions to his Champion, Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel is able to visit the Rock whenever he wishes, and from here he has access to counsel and information from the Wizard, as well as access to the various McGuffins that Shazam has saved up over the years.

The Rock of Eternity exists outside of the regular rules of time and space, and from this point one can travel to other places and times, though doing so always brings with it a certain amount of peril.

Advantage: The Wizard

Although the Wizard Shazam has departed the mortal plane, his spirit still resides in the Rock of Eternity. Whenever Captain Marvel is in need of counsel or assistance, he has only to travel to the Rock of Eternity and light a special brazier. Shazam's spirit is incredibly powerful, and impossibly wise.

Advantage: WHIZ Radio

Billy Batson is the youngest reporter/commentator/radio personality for station WHIZ. His program receives high ratings (for a radio program), and the income he earns from this job enables him to afford an apartment and the necessities of life. He is also something of a celebrity in his neck of New York, though most of his fans never actually see his face.


Flaw: Electricity

A high amount of electricity (similar to that of the lightning bolt which empowers him) can 'force' the transformation from Billy to Cap, and vice versa. This lightning does not have to be mystical in nature to 'fake out' the trigger, although it surely gets extra style points if it is. Fighting electricity-based enemies is very annoying.

Flaw: Enemies

Captain Marvel has a pretty crazy roster of enemies. Telepathic worms from outer space, billionaire mad scientists, atomic robots, and that one old guy who used to have Captain Marvel's job. At any given time, one of them is probably planning something grim for poor Cap.

Flaw: Gags

If Billy isn't able to clearly say the word 'Shazam' then he isn't able to transform into Captain Marvel. Therefore, anything that makes his words unintelligible will effectively take him out of the fight before it's begun.

Flaw: Orphan

Billy Batson is an orphan, and strictly speaking shouldn't be able to live on his own. He maintains his lifestyle (and his independence) by utilizing an increasingly complicated system of smoke and mirrors, including posing as his own father by using his Captain Marvel form. Eventually someone is certain to find out. Hopefully it isn't DSS.

Flaw: Poor Student

Between his responsibilities as Captain Marvel and his job as a boy reporter, Billy doesn't really have a lot of time to make school a priority. His grades are pretty horrible, which inevitably leads to scrutiny from the teachers and staff at his school.


Billy Batson was orphaned at the age of 13 when his parents died in a car crash. He was then made a ward of the State and sent from foster home to foster home. He grew cynical and resentful towards the numerous foster parents and siblings that rejected him, both due to his age and his inability to trust others thanks to the unhealed wounds of losing his parents. That being said, while he didn't trust his foster siblings, he did protect them from bullies and would go to the zoo to feed a tiger by the name of Tawny. One day, he encountered the Wizard who explained to Billy that he was searching for someone who was truly good to take his place as Champion of magic and protector against the Seven Deadly Sins of Man. He had kidnapped, tested and rejected dozens of candidates before Billy, all because they were not truly pure and good hearted and was about to reject Billy as well. Until Billy told the Wizard that such a person no longer exists in the world and the best he could hope for was someone who tried to do as much good as possible. The Wizard retested Billy and seeing the seeds of goodness in his heart (the good deeds he had done like feeding Tawny, protecting Freddy against his bully, etc.), he granted Billy the ability to call upon magic lightning to change him into his ideal form, that of Shazam. He told Billy to call for the lightning by saying the word "Shazam" and then disappeared, his work on earth done. With that, Billy became a superhero and eventually a member of the famed Justice League.


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