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William 'Billy' Kaplan is the son of two prominent New York Doctors. Sarcastic, smart, and other things starting with s he is the only out gay student in his school.

Wiccan is a newish and quickly rising teen hero.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Electric Generation: 6, Flight: 3, Reality Manipulation: 5

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 3, Magic: 2, Singing: 4

Abilities: Gear

Costume: 4, Headband, Staff: 1/5

Advantages: Family, Mystic Potential, Secret ID

Flaws: Electric, Family, Mutant, Strange Birth, Teenager, Weirdness Magnet

Languages: English and Hebrew


Gear: Costume (4)

Wiccan's costume is one he made on his own. Between his own cosplay skills working to get everything right and his research into designs fit not only for historical and known magic superheroes as well as his own giant fan boy crush on Thor he crafted what he thought was the perfect costume for himself as a super hero. Since he first made it though he has learned a lot more about how magic works and how to use his powers. He has been layering into it small spells, first protective spells that have made the fabric far tougher, enough to turn away low level attacks like from simple weapons, normal blades, and if at extreme range light arms fire. Close range and most anything higher caliber than a 9 mm will likely break right through it. He has also layered in spells making his costume easier to summon, enough so that he can call it to him with either very little effort and a spell, or a large amount of effort and concentration but with no spell said out loud at all.

Gear: Headband

Wiccan has laid a series of spells into his headband that he wears as part of his costume in order to protect his identity. The spells act something like a perception filter, making it so that while he will appear familiar no one that does not already know his secret ID can spot that Billy and Wiccan are the same person unless it is pointed out by someone already in the know. The headband also has the secondary effect of making sure any pictures and videos taken of Wiccan's face while he wears it manage to somehow end up with his face obscured just enough to make a positive identification extremely difficult.

Gear: Staff (1/5)

In the year since he started working as a hero Wiccan has taken to using a short staff more and more often. Instead of just using a plain piece of normal wood anymore he has crafted himself a new staff and laid several enchantments over it to make it extremely hard to break. The staff is capable of channeling Wiccan's normal magics through it without damage, and is hard as steel, but excessive amounts of magic power channeled through it and anything that could bend or break steel can destroy his staff.

Power: Electric Generation (6)

Wiccan can, thanks to his first use of his Reality Manipulation, generate and in limited ways control electricity. He can call lightning down from the sky or shoot it form his hands or even anything that he might one day use to focus his powers. While he can aim electric effects he creates, and even direct them some after they are created, he cannot control electricity created by other people in the same way. He is also able to create smaller electric effects, from minor shocks to blowing out fuses and up to full lightning bolts but often has less control of the smaller effects, sometimes creating them completely on accident when surprised or under moments of extreme emotion.

Power: Flight (3)

Thanks to the first use of his reality manipulation power Wiccan managed to give himself a few extra powers, one of which was flight. He can fly at a top speed of around 250-300 MPH although he does not really like going quite that fast too much usually not doing more than 60-100 MPH. His real skill in his agility in air as he can twist, turn, and dodge as fast as he can think.

Power: Reality Manipulation (5)

Want : If Wiccan does not really want something to happen, it won't happen. He has to truly desire an effect in order to will it into existence.

Sound : With the exception of his other listed powers, which are powered by his reality manipulation, he has to chant to himself what he wants to happen and he has to actually hear himself speak for it to work no matter how much he wants it too.

Limitation : While he can throw lighting or bolts of force at people, send ropes to try and tie them up, or even place illusions around them he has difficulty directly altering them. Under normal conditions he cannot use his power to directly alter a living thinking person physically against their will power, and if it is with their will the alteration does not last for more than a few hours normaly or days at the longest. Any changes in someone's mind are fleeting, coming undone not long after he is out of their presence and can be resisted by a strong willed person much like telepathy.

Wiccan has the power to channel mystic energy in much the same way that Scarlet Witch can channel chaotic magic energy to alter probabilities. The effects of him using his powers are much like a sorcerer or mage casting a spell, enough so that to use his power he has to chant what he wants to happen and if unable to hear his own voice as he chants cannot make an effect happen. While he can replicate just about anything that normal magic spells can he knows he is capable of (but is no limited too) creating illusions, tracking spells, creating solid energy constructs, teleporting himself and others and healing. Wiccan is in theory an extremely powerful reality warper but his power has been fairly limited by his own inexperience, a lack in his own confidence, and an outright fear of what he could do with his powers. There are certain rules that Wiccan has to follow for his Reality Manipulation to work.

Skill: Combat (3)

Billy has been receiving some combat training from Thor and Sif. Most of his training has been focused on basic hand to hand work and on fighting with a staff. He is far from an expert, but when in combat with the average crook and untrained villain can more than hold his own and his training is still ongoing.

Skill: Magic (2)

Billy has started the most basic of training in the skills and knowledge behind magic. He knows the most basic of meditations, how to balance the energies of his power, and the simplest of wards and spells. He is still learning from several other far more experienced magic users who are helping him to learn and understand his powers.

Skill: Singing (4)

Billy is no expert singer but has a beautiful clear voice. He does not have the skill to be the next American Idol, but with some training and a lot of practice he could make it some distance if he wanted too. While he would still need some training and work to make it a carrier Billy's voice is good enough that his Mother has suggested on occasion he think about becoming a professional Cantor or Hazzan


Advantage: Family

Billy Kaplan has one thing over many people that start out to be heroes as teenagers, he has his family. He has his loving parents Doctors Jeff and Rebecca Kaplan, as well as his two younger brothers, who keep him grounded and are always there for him even if he has yet to let them in on his being a mutant yet.


Billy was more created than born, he came into existence due to the actions of Wanda Maximoff in an alternate reality as well as actions that may yet happen in the universe he comes from. Billy, along with his twin, popped into existence as newborns at the foot of Mount Wundergore in Transval. He was separated from his brother and eventually adopted while only a few months old too Jeff and Rebecca Kaplan a pair of then childless doctors from New York. He had a normal upbringing, more or less. At the start of High school Billy was outed as gay in front of most of the school and suffered a great deal of bullying for it that all culminated in the day his mutant genes kicked in and empowered him and nearly killed his main tormentor. Since then he has avoided being bullied, but stayed the mostly unpopular geeky gay kid in school. Outside of school he has grown in confidence thanks to taking on the persona of teen superhero Wiccan which has let him make friends with Gods, a team with other Superhero teens, and even faced some of his bigger fears and faced down Gods, Dragons, Demons, and Mimes.


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Billy is an ally of Sif and Thor.

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Young Allies

Billy is a member of the Young Allies.

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Billy is the twin brother of Tommy Shepherd (aka Speed).


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