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Black Adam
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Agility: 8 Strength: 9 Toughness: 9
Perception: 8 Intellect: 5 Willpower: 8
Ancient Knowledge Bless Body
Healing Immortal Lightning
Magic Martial Arts Military Tactics
Mind Occult Planar Travel
Speed Strength Weaponry
Blessed Council
Arrogance Ego Maniacal Magic
Name: Theo Adam Adam is largely unknown at this point, having recently returned from the dead.Thus far he is regarded as a dark Superman like figure, but his moral compass doesn't exactly point north.
Position: '
Team: N/A
Age: 3700
Sex: Male
Race: Immortal
Type: DC Iconic FC
Actor: Dwyane Johnson
Alts: None
Timezone: CST
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


This story is actually about two men, not just one. It begins thousands of years ago with the birth of Ramesses the 2nd's firstborn son Teth. Born into royalty in one of the wealthiest and most powerful kingdoms of the ancient world, nothing was denied him. He dined on the finest of meals, exotic fruits and meats from around the world (such as the world was back then).

As a child of just twelve years old, he drew the attention of the Egyptian high priest when he saved a slave child from a runaway chariot loose in the market. The high priest, who was in fact the already ancient wizard Shazam.. took such an interest that for the next decade of young Teth's life, he was watched in all hours. The sole purpose for this was for Shazam to judge him as a suitable heir to the wizards power.

As any young boy will, Teth was fascinated by the warriors of his day, swords, spears and hard men battling to the death. But unlike his father, who saw such men as tools, Teth saw them as teachers. As prince he was denied nothing, So he began to train with the Guard Elite, the palace guards who safeguarded him and his father day and night. Under the ever present eye of the wizard Shazam, he grew into a hard bodied young man, highly skilled in the khepesh, spear and shield. He learned to survive in the harsh desert away from the luxuries of the palace. A natural athlete, it wasn't long before he was able to hold his own in training. In his twenties he proved himself to the wizard again by showing mercy while on a patrol to the nations borders with his guard, one he ordered to prove his skills.

Shifting his focus to leadership, he studied under the best tactical minds Egypt had to offer, learning military and guerrilla tactics alike. It was on his 30th birthday that he was approached by the High Priest, who had been impressed by the choices the prince had made throughout his life. Offered the might of the gods, to become the champion of the forces of good, Teth humbly accepted, but it was not to occur how Shazam wanted.

A beautiful young woman would shift the plan irreparably. Blaze, Shazam's own half demon daughter.. seduced the young prince into a night of bliss, whispering sweet nothings and promises of power much like Shazam offered into the young man's ear. Having made a deal with the Set, god of darkness and chaos, Blaze shifted Shazam's spells to draw power from the Egyptian Pantheon rather than the Greek one without Shazam's knowledge, in the process removing his ability to dis-empower the young man.

Gifted with vast power, beyond anything the world had seen before, Teth Adam, so named after Adam.. the first man. Became the hero of Egypt, using his power to route invasions, aid his father and perform acts of generosity and moral fiber. But with Blaze continually whispering in his ear, Teth started to show signs of corruption. Where he used to show mercy, he just killed his opponents. Blaze set him on a path to kill his aging father and seize the throne of Egypt, which he did, becoming Pharaoh.

With his fathers crown and Blaze at his side, Adam ruled for more than a thousand years, growing every more powerful. He oversaw the construction of the pyramids at Giza, the Sphinx and numerous tombs scattered around his rapidly growing Nation. But when Egypt threatened invasion of Israel, Shazam was forced into action again. He appeared with all his considerable might and with a spell custom made for the task, he sucked Black Adam's power and life essence into an Onyx Scarab the size of a baby's fist, while Blaze struggled behind a spell wall created just for her.

Adam's body instantly withered into a lifeless husk, skin and shriveled scraps of hair clinging to brittle bone as the magic which held off his thousand years of aging was stolen. Shazam buried the mummified body and the scarab in Teth's fathers tomb, and cast a ward over it to prevent Blaze from finding it. Teth's name became Khem Adam in death (Black Adam) in memory of the vile things he did while in power.

Several millenium pass, the ancient warrior fading into memory, then into legend.. then forgotten altogether. Roll into the 21st century, and we find Teth's far distant descendant Theo Adams. A slender and bookish jr. Archaeologist, working an Egyptian dig site under CC. Batson and his wife Marilyn. Breaking into a hidden antechamber in Ramesses the 2nd's tomb, Theo opened the unmarked sarcophagus in the chamber, uncovering his distant ancestors mummified body and the onyx scarab.

Upon touching the scarab, Teth's spirit leapt out and took possession of his descendant, and crying out the magic word of Shazam, Teth reincarnated himself as Black Adam. The first people he found were his employers, Mr. and Mrs. Batson, and he slew them without thinking. With Theo Adam watching and quietly rejoicing inside his mind, Black Adam, reborn in the 21st century, abandoned the bodies and the site to reacquaint himself with a world suddenly filled with men as mighty as himself.


Skill: Ancient Knowledge (5)

Teth Adam was a Prince, then a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt in early 3000 BC. After becoming the Immortal Khem Adam (Black Adam) he was around to watch the pyramids built, dynasties rise and fall, tombs built and tombs crumble. In short, he is extremely knowledgeable of the ancient world because he lived there, saw it with his own two eyes and his memory is perfect. His native tongue is ancient Egyptian, but speaks modern day Arabic and English fluently, even without his powers.

Power: Bless (1)

This is a gift unique among the Marvels. Just as the wizard Shazam empowers Captain Marvel and the Egyptian Pantheon empowers Adam, Adam can choose to bless an individual with part of his power. This grants that individual with fully half of Adam's powers, giving them all his powers but at half power.

Strength becomes 4, Toughness 4, Agility 4, Will 4, Intellect 2, Perception 4. This is what the blessed one receives and the levels Adam is left at.

He can do this any time he chooses but it takes a few moments of concentration. He can end the blessing at any time. Like him, the blessed one is empowered upon saying SHAZAM and being hit by the ensuing lightning. The blessed ones' clothing with change as well, largely black trimmed in yellow with the lightning on the chest.(Desc is up to the blessed one)

Power: Body (9)

The God Mehen imparts courage, both the will to face seemingly impossible foes, as well as the physical invulnerability Adam is so well known for. Adam is highly resistant to all forms of damage. Fists, melee weapons, bullets, bombs, lasers, energy projections, and pretty much any other form of harmful attack that can be leveled his way can be ignored with impunity. The only thing that can breach his defenses is magic, and even then he is resistant to it. Just not as as much as all the rest. He can survive unaided in hard vacuum, dive to the deepest reaches of the sea, and breach the core of the planet all unharmed. Such is the power of the gods.

Power: Healing (5)

Adam's body, being divinely empowered heals very rapidly, though actually harming him is quite a feat in and of itself. His flesh starts to close as soon as it's injured and he is normally fully healed within a few minutes depending on the injury.

Power: Immortal (9)

Blessed with the Egyptian god Shu's virtually unlimited stamina, Adam does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe and can survive unaided in space. His godly metabolism provides him with far greater than human potency in all physical activities. Sustained by the magical energies coursing through his body, Adam is immortal, un-aging.

Power: Lightning (8)

This refers to the Magical Lightning that empowers or depowers Adam. He can summon it by speaking 'Shazam' and dodge it to blast an opponent behind him, though he cannot direct it to attack his foes. It's intended to strike only him. Note that it does no harm to him or other 'Marvel Family' Members, it simply transforms them.

Power: Magic (1)

Lord of the Egyptian Pantheon is Aton, he is the source of Adam's magical power, both fueling the lightning that transforms him and fueling his planar travel and magical regeneration.

These abilites are explained by themselves.

Skill: Martial Arts (6)

Adam is highly trained in a long forgotten martial art that would eventually become Krava Maga, an 'Israeli' martial art based around fast and usually lethal take downs. He was trained by the palace guards of his fathers palace before Shazam ever found him. He is very good.

Skill: Military Tactics (6)

This is partly a power and partly a skill. Trained and taught tactics by the best minds of the ancient world, Adam is very adept at adapting those tactics to the modern world. In addition to this, Adam is advised by the gods of the Egyptian Pantheon in all matters, and thus has eons of experience and knowledge whispering in his ear.

Power: Mind (6)

The Egyptian goddess Zehuti grants him the mental gifts he is known for. He understands any and all language spoken in his presence, possesses supernaturally perfect recall. She speaks to him as well, granting him a source of council in times of need. This also confers drastically heightens senses. He can see great distances, accurate to the curvature of the Earth, barring obstacles, as he doesn't possess X-ray vision. He can hear great distances as well, picking up on conversations miles away and hear them with clarity and with great range. Taste, touch, and smell are also heightened.

Skill: Occult (4)

Again, this is partly a power and partly a skill. Adam, more than nearly anyone these days is aware of the continued existence and power of the gods of the ancient world. His power is derived from the gods of the Egyptian pantheon. Though not well versed in spell casting, he can apply this knowledge to many matters magical. Those same gods continually whisper in his ear on matters magical, though they are specialized in Egyptian rituals.

Power: Planar Travel (10)

Via his divine gifts, Adam can teleport and those he chooses through space and time to the Rock of Eternity which is contained in it's own Micro-Dimension, though he rarely ventures there as he's not welcome. He can go there and back as often as he likes there is no limit. He always returns to the same point that he left, he cannot travel through local space via this power.

He can however, teleport to the RoE to avoid an attack and come back just after it has passed. However he will alert the Marvel family of his presence at the RoE should he do this. To bring others to the Rock, he must touch them, and he can bring up to a hundred people to the rock at one time, each touching each other as long as one of them are touching him.

Power: Speed (8)

By channeling the god Heru's supernatural speed, Black Adam can run, fly and move at sub-light speeds in orbit. In outer space, Black Adam can fly at trans-light speeds. This affects his reflexes as well, putting him far above human potential.

Power: Strength (9)

The God Amon grants Adam pure physical power. This is manifest in the raw physical strength it lends him. Adam is easily one of the strongest beings in the world, able to crush mountains with his fists and rework the world around him to his desires with just the strength of his arms.

Skill: Weaponry (5)

Adam was trained in all ancient weapons (Spears, slings, shields, swords) in his past life as a prince, but truly excelled with the Khepesh, a heavy, curved and hooked sword about two and a half feet long. Made for severing limbs.


Advantage: Blessed

Teth/Theo Adam has been blessed and empowered by the divine might of the pantheon of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton, and Mehen all combined their powers and gifted this mortal man with divine essence. Each grants him different gifts and all combined, make him one of the most powerful being on Earth.

Advantage: Council

Being the chosen champion of the Egyptian Pantheon, Adam is graced with a subtle but extremely useful gift. He can seek mental contact and council with any of the pantheon at any time, seeking advice, knowledge or just comfort from divine beings. Even bad asses need someone to fall back on sometimes. This ability is not interrupt-able though his concentration can be, nor can anyone listen in as it's not a psychic ability. Its an answered prayer.


Flaw: Arrogance

Adam is powered by the gods themselves, he has existed for more than five thousand years, and is a force of nature unto himself. Immortality and vast magical powers are at his fingertips. Men are fleeting creatures who scatter like roaches in the light before him. Only the gods are above him. He believes this with every fiber of his being, needless to say this could cause problems in many areas.

Flaw: Ego Maniacal

Adam is the manifestation of the ancient gods power on Earth. Who better to rule?

Flaw: Magic

Adam's powers and gifts are magical in nature and sufficiently powerful enchanted weaponry or spells can disrupt his powers and hurt him. This requires a magician on par with Dr. Fate, or Circe though as his magic stems from gods.

Flaw: Transformation

If somehow tricked into saying Shazam, and struck by the ensuing bolt, Adam will revert to the powerless Theo Adam, the 30 something skinny archaeologist. This also applies if he is struck by the magical lightning of the Marvel Family. He can transform back upon saying the word but that would be near to impossible in combat or if gagged.


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