Red Lantern

Red Lantern

A princess of Havana, her mother always tried to hook her up with random suitors, but Bleez turned everyone down, thinking herself better than all. Her beauty and her black feathered wings made her one of the most beautiful women in the sector.

Then a Sinestro Corpsman decided to kidnap her, and took her to their headquarters Ranx. After unspeakable torments, including the complete defeathering of her wings, her rage called a Red Lantern Ring. Flocking to the banner of Atrocitus, she swore vengeance on the entire Yellow Corps.

"With blood and rage of crimson red,
Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,
Together with our hellish hate,
We'll burn you all, that is your fate!"


Character Sheet

Abilities: Ring

Constructs: 5, Flight: 6, Forcefields: 8, Rage Detection: 5, Rage Manipulation: 7, Rage Plasma: 6, Red Power Ring: 5, Regeneration: 5

Abilities: Skill

Bone Wings: 2, Leadership: 5, Seduction: 6

Abilities: Trait

Dexterity: 5, Perception: 5, Strength: 3, Willpower: 5

Advantages: Heartless Xenolingustics

Flaws: Angel of Death, Emotional Dependency, Life-Support, Short Fuse, Sinestro Corps

Languages: An ability allows Bleez to comprehend all languages.


Ring: Constructs (5)

Berserk: If Bleez goes into a berserker rage, she'll forgo this and almost every other skill but melee, energy blasts, and rage plasma.

It is rare for a Red Lantern to have the ability to make constructs. However, some discipline can allow even a wielder of the red light of rage to create hard-light constructs, though few are masters at the craft. Bleez can make moderate-strength constructs - while she has her wits about her.

Ring: Flight (6)

The Red Power Ring allows its bearer to fly through the air. She can travel at trans-sonic velocities in an atmosphere comparable to Earth's, and can reach space from virtually any world's surface. In space she can fly at a significant fraction of the speed of light, and the ring can open space-warps allowing for effectively superluminal travel between star systems and other points of interest.

Ring: Forcefields (8)

The red ring can create various forcefields to protect the bearer or others. This ability can be used defensively to protect the ringbearer from harm - or to allow the Lantern to travel in space. The forcefield shields the ones inside from stellar radiation and particles, and generates an atmosphere inside. The ring can be used as a sole means of life-support in deep space.

Ring: Rage Detection (5)

A Red Lantern has a connection to the power of rage found in her own heart and those of others around her. A Red can detect rage in the hearts of others. A Red Lantern's rage empowers both herself and fosters the anger of those around them. On physical contact, they can even discern WHY an individual is enraged. This is a skill rarely used, for it's quite easy for the Red to drink in the rage of those they try to use this on, and lose theirselves to it.

Ring: Rage Manipulation (7)

Absorption : A Red Lantern can absorb the rage energy of any other being (other than another Red), calming them and further empowering the Red.

Infection : A Red Lantern has the capability of infecting others with the mad rage of red light. This could be a recruitment tool, making one enraged enough to draw a red ring.

The red light gives a Red Lantern insight into, and control over, rage of both themselves and others around them in various ways.

Ring: Rage Plasma (6)

The Red Lantern can vomit plasma, which has been described as napalm and acid mixed together, it burns away at anything. It can be surmised that is the internal rages effect on the blood. These flames burn even in space. The effect it has on living beings allows it to ignite the flames of rage in a victims' blood and has the effect of burning through an energy aura of an opponent as well as corrupting other power rings depleting them at an accelerated rate and greatly weakening the structures they create.

Ring: Red Power Ring (5)

Blasting: It is also capable of fire blasts of rage energy that looks like flinging burning blood at one's target. This blast can be fired as a shotgun or concentrated into a concussive blast.

An example of one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, the red power ring which came to Bleez in her most desperate hour can do many things. It can affect most of the forces of the universe. It is telepathic, allowing communication with other life. It has an AI which helps the Red to learn more about things around them (but lacks the galactic encyclopedia that the Greens have). And it draws in, and feeds on, the rage of its bearer.

Ring: Regeneration (5)

The red light infuses its bearer with the red light, and this change goes much deeper than the other Corps. With the red light in every vein of the ringbearer's body, they can regenerate at incredible speeds. The only cost is that a Red's heart is dead - a shriveled husk, useless.

Skill: Bone Wings (2)

Bleez's wings are part of her body - in the past they were covered in beautiful black feathers. They were cut off by her torturers. When she took the Red Ring, they were able to regenerate - partially. Now bony wings extend from her back, which she has sharpend to razor points. She can use these to great effect in combat, as slicing weapons.

Skill: Leadership (5)

Bleez was born and raised to be a princess, the future queen of Havania. Her arrogance has only increased along with her beauty. She has trained long and hard on how to command. She uses these skills now as a Red Lantern. To either support Atrocitus as second-in-command... or sometimes to try to take over the Corps - or to be outright leader when Atrocitus is gone. Either way, she knows how to comamnd, even the wild beings known as Reds.

Skill: Seduction (6)

Bleez knows how to play with the hearts of men - for years suitors came to the beautiful raven-winged princess (encouraged by her mother) only for Bleez to play them along and then reject them. She retains these skills as a Red Lantern thoughher beauty isn't quite what it was.

Trait: Dexterity (5)

Flight is not new to Bleez - she was flying from a young age with her own wings. She knows how to dodge and weave in the air and uses this to great effect in combat to be hard to hit and to strike at her foe's back.

Trait: Perception (5)

Bleez is very good at studying people, especially in a romantic situation. She excels in finding out how to push the buttons of those who are trying to woo her, and to get them to react as she wishes.

Trait: Strength (3)

From self-defense practice from her happier days, and learning how to fight better as a Red, Bleez has developed a devastating kicking force. Her upper body is average strength but her legs are a force to be reckoned with.

Trait: Willpower (5)

Telepathy: The red light of rage shrouds Bleez's mind even when she is... in control of herself... making it difficult for telepaths to touch her thoughts.

Only a strong will would allow Bleez to survive and fight back against the monsters who were tormenting her on Ranx. This was the will that allowed her to be enraged, to fight back, that drew the red ring to her finger to exact sweet sweet vengeance.


Advantage: Heartless

When a Red Lantern dons their ring, the heart stops, and their blood spoils. The red light of rage shines through their veins, replacing the pulminary system. A Red Lantern doesn't need their heart, and an attack on it would be futile, even having it ripped out would just make one go 'ow'.

Advantage: Xenolingustics

The red ring allows Bleez to talk to anyting that can talk back. This is a two-way translatino, allowing her to understand, and be understood by, any sentient life. This extends to written languages as well. Of course, Reds are hardly known for their diplomacy...


Flaw: Angel of Death

Bleez would have a hard time blending in on Earth. The mix of her ethereal beauty and the demonic bony-wings and constant foaming blood. She would look like the Angel of Death - beauty and terror all in one, and friends among the populace would be in short supply.

Flaw: Emotional Dependency

A Red Lantern depends on their rage to be effective. If a Red's emotions fall too far out of sync with rage, the ring can lose effectiveness. The blue light of hope from a Blue Lantern can nullify a Red ring, making them powerless while in its presence. And if a Red were to fall in love, the ring would most likely desert them, causing them to die without immediate treatment.

Flaw: Life-Support

The red ring, upon wearing it, takes over for the pulminary system of its bearer, doing an incredible internal transfromation. The Red's heart stops, and their blood becomes plasma. Removal of the ring would surely cause a swift death without the aid of incredible healing abilities such as that of a Blue Lantern.

Flaw: Short Fuse

Being entities of rage, a Red Lantern has a very fine line to walk. It takes a lot of effort to both be enraged AND fully coherent. It takes very little to throw a Red off kilter and have them become a rabid beast who will just attack with energy blast, plasma, and melee.

Flaw: Sinestro Corps

Due to the horrific treatment at the hands of the Sinestro Corps, Bleez will fly into a murderous rage if she sees yellow constructs or the emblem of that Corps, and will do her damndest to see the ones who dare use it bleeding and broken.



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