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Agility: 2 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 10 Intellect: 1 Willpower: 4
Omni-cognition Telekinesis 2 Telepath 4
Fore-warned Sight Tele-Resistance
Blind Cognital-Overload Confusing
Fractured Mind Invasive
Name: Ruth Aldine Ruth Aldine was born without eyes, yet somehow able to see. She had a wide variety of psionic powers, most of which were stolen by her brother on the eve of his execution. Now with a fractured mind, Blindfold simply attempts to cope with being able to see far more than she ever wanted to.
Position: Pre-Cog
Team: Xavier Institute
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: Raven, Stargirl
Timezone: CST
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: Angsty, Comedic, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic, Social
Tone Dislikes: Classic


Ruth Aldine is born a possible omega-level mutant with a wide arrange of powerful psionic abilities, but no eyes or eye-sockets. Her obvious mutism caused her father to abandon their family.

As a result, Ruth's mother has to work long hours to support her and her brother, Luca. Luca grows older, becoming resentful of the mutant in the family and abusive.

Luca continues to grow worse, until he finally attempts to murder Ruth. Their mother intervenes and is killed instead, Luca is arrested.

Ruth is sent to live with her aunt in New Jersey, where her powers continue to grow as she learns to control them.

When Luca is to be executed, Ruth attends the execution. Before he is killed, he reveals his own power for astral projection and steals half of Ruth's powers. The resulting trauma leaves Ruth's mind in a broken and shattered state.

Shortly afterwards, Ruth's aunt is visited by a representative of the Xavier Institute and Ruth herself is enrolled within the school.


Power: Omni-cognition

Pre-cognition: Ruth is able to see into the future with startling clarity in 'visions' of things which are going to happen. This most often happens in the form of dreams, when her mind is unfocused and relaxed, but can also happen while awake. The visions are always accurate and usually detailed, however she typically has problems expressing them to others due to the fractured state of her mind. This often leads to incomplete riddles being delivered instead of answers.

Clairvoyance: She is also able to see events as they are happening, even from great distances. Again, these are always accurate, but her communication of them typically isn't.

Retro-cognition: And finally, Blindfold is able to see into the past, particularly when in the presence of another person. It can be used in tandem with her telepathy, but is separate from that power, and can see events which the other person may not even be aware. As usual, she isn't always able to communicate the visions clearly.

Powers which block Telepathy do not affect this power, though when in close proximity with another Clairvoyant or Precog, Blindfold is unable to use this ability.

Power: Telekinesis (2)

Blindfold is capable of manipulating objects with her mind (but not with any manner of fine dexterity) and create concussive impacts. She's limited to only a few hundred pounds of force, and thus can't lift things much heavier than a full-grown man or strike with more force than a heavy-weight boxer.

Power: Telepathy (4)

Ruth has the ability to read the minds of others, and she does so often (usually without permission) and with little regard to privacy. She does not have the ability to send her thoughts directly to others nor tamper with or control people's minds, but can sense the presence of others near her.

However, she does have the ability of astral projection, able to send her mind into the astral plane, as well as travel large distances and communicate with those on the physical plane.

Between invasive telepathy and retrocognition, she's able to learn quite a bit about people in a very short time.


Advantage: Fore-warned

Able to see many things coming before they actually happen, Ruth is rarely caught by surprise when large, notable events happen. Particularly large tragedies.

Advantage: Sight

Ruth does not rely on vision to 'see', but rather a mixture of her telepathy and cognitive powers. As such, smoke, fog, bright lights, or other normal means of stopping someone from 'seeing' does not work against her.

This also makes her extremely difficult (though not impossible) to sneak up on.

Advantage: Tele-Resistance

Ruth's fractured mind makes it extremely difficult for all but the most gifted of telepaths to read or tamper with. This is a fact that leads to no amount of frustration for those who wish to garner the visions she's seen without having to decipher her sometimes-garbled speech.

This does not prevent telepathic, astral, or other kinds of bodily possession.

This defense does extend to reality-warping powers, however.


Flaw: Blind

Born without eyes, Ruth cannot see without her powers. If her telepathy is blocked, she quickly becomes rather helpless with no ability to 'see' the world around her save in glimpses of pre-cognition and clairvoyance.

Flaw: Cognital Overload

Ruth's cognitive powers do not function when she is in close proximity to another person able to see through time. Described as 'two magnets of like polarity pressed together', their abilities will repel and cease to function until they are apart.

Flaw: Confusing

Ruth isn't able to communicate her visions effectively due to the fractured state of her mind and often confusing manner of speech. She typically answers questions before they are even asked, turning conversations into monologues not everyone can understand. Even those who know her well often have to decipher riddles to get at the root of her visions. Simple, one-word and yes-no answers are the only explanations she can give effectively.

Flaw: Fractured Mind

When her brother was executed and he stole half of her powers, Ruth's mind fractured. As such, she's unable to communicate what she sees clearly and does not relate well to people. Though it does provide one particularly beneficial aspect (telepathic resistance), it is mostly a drawback.

Flaw: Invasive

Asking permission before reading minds does not seem to occur to Ruth Aldine's fractured mind. It puts many people off when she invades their privacy and can make social situations awkward.


Blindfold Logs

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