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Agility: 3 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 5 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 6
Combat Training 6 Defensive Teleport 8 Offensive Teleport 8
Guerilla Warfare 6 Spacial Displacement 7
I Know You! Quiver Survival
Confused Hatred Nightmares
Pretty in Pink
Name: Clarice Ferguson A girl from a nightmare future which cannot be allowed to come to pass, Blink has been forged by hellish conditions to become someone with the will and skills to survive the worst that can be thrown at her. Clarice Ferguson grew up amongst slave-pits, tortured and tormented in order to hone her mutant abilities. Saved by Sabretooth, she joined Magneto's X-Men, though her stubborn and impulsive nature made her a poor fit for the team.

Now, Clarice has been flung through the mysterious Negative Zone, and wound up in this strange dimension. A world which hasn't been ravaged by constant war, and which might hold the key to healing her own wounded timestream. Confused, but determined as always to do the right thing, what role the mutant known as Blink will play in this reality has yet to be determined.

Position: The Exile
Team: N/A
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: Poison Ivy
Timezone: GMT
Music: N/A
Quote: "My name is Blink. Who do you think is faster?"
Tone Likes: Angsty Comedic Gritty Heroic Romantic
Tone Dislikes: Social


Blink's story is one of running from a horrible life which keeps following her.

Born in the alternate world designated 295, better known as the Age of Apocalypse, Blink was born just four years before the wrath of Apocalypse fell upon an unsuspecting populace. Originally born in the Bahamas, she ironically moved to Miami with her parents at the age of four in order to help escape persecution. Unfortunately, America was the first place that Apocalypse hit, and when the culling came...

Locked in a slave pen to the depridations of the Sugar-Man and Apocalypse's scientific advisors, Clarice barely had time to mourn the loss of her family before she had to fight and struggle just to stay alive. Due in part to her incredibly promising genetic material, and in part due to being one of the Sugar-Man's favorites, Clarice was a survivor. Almost everyone else around her died, but for her cellmate Illyana, and the two girls helped one another to survive.

When she grew into her teenage years, she had her first stroke of good fortune. Rescued from the slave pits by Sabertooth and the X-Men, she was finally given the opportunity to fight back against the people who had tormented her so. Which she did - even teleporting to the moon to take the fight to the Horseman, Death. Unfortunately, over time, she also found that her fervor for saving children from the same horrors which had been inflicted on her, was not very compatible with the big picture view which was necessarily taken by Magneto and the X-Men in general. Blink, as she came to be known, gradually grew more and more rebellious as she became more confident in herself and her abilities. Eventualy, this spilled over into a conflict with Magneto, which led to Blink leaving the team to prove herself.

Blink infiltrated Apocalypse's Citadel, and saw Blaastar fighting Holocaust. Although Blastaar was driven back, he swore that he would bring his army with him next time, and Blink thought that she saw an opportunity to obtain allies for the resistance. She dove through the portal into the Negative Zone--

And promptly forgot who she was.

She met a man called Ahmyor, and together they organized a resistance against the nefarious Blastaar. Over months of deadly fighting and conflict, she and Ahmyor fell in love, and they even started to look like they might successfully oust Blastaar. It all fell apart, though. Blastaar successfully captured the pair, and revealed the dark secret: That Ahmyor was, in fact, Annihilus, and that Clarice had helped to make him weak and unfocused with her love and compassion.

Blink was able to escape confinement - as locking up a teleporter is hard at the best of times - and recovered her quiver, which brought back all of her memories. She then managed to save Ahmyor (or Annihilus), and subvert the plan of Blastaar to use the Annihilation Cannon to destroy the Earth. Although she was not able to stay with her love, she was able to save both their lives...

And when she woke up, she found herself here, in a world utterly unlike the one she remembers from before. She can only hope that her home can look after itself... as there is all manner of strangeness to deal with here.


Training: Combat Training (6)

Blink's combat skills have seen use on more days than they haven't for much of her life. Sharpened by Sabretooth, she is more than capable of using a wide range of weapons to defend herself, and is difficult to put down even when she isn't relying on her mutant powers to see her through.

Power: Defensive Teleport (8)

Blink is capable of using her powers defensively as well as offensively and for transport. This can be done by hurling javelins at thrown objects, or opening portals to redirect attackers and energy blasts. When she uses her power in this way, she can't also throw javelins and fight as normal; though she can redirect blasts fired at her towards attackers or drop people on top of others. Her range is much more limited defensively - she can only redirect things within her immediate vicinity. The rating is used in place of her combat training for dodging in these cases.

Power: Offensive Teleport (8)

Blink can focus her power into crystal javelins. When thrown at someone or something, these can produce a variety of nasty effects. As a base level she can teleport anything struck by the javelin within her effective spatial displacement range.

However, she can also get nasty with it. People or items can have only a piece of them teleported, or can be scrambled mid-transit. This can be lethal, though more often she uses the ability to scramble organic things enough to knock them out but not kill them by disrupting their being.

In these cases, a conscious target that is 'scrambled', or who has an object teleported into it, compares its Toughness or Willpower (whichever is higher) to Blink's teleport rating and suffers effects based on the difference between the two. Unless inanimate matter is specifically resistant to spacial displacement, though, it can always be removed.

High levels of radiation and certain attuned force fields can also block Blink's teleportation powers.

Training: Guerilla Warfare (6)

Blink is used to waging war in a way that most mutants just aren't. Whilst she is an impulsive and stubborn individual, she's also generally good at identifying tactical information, figuring out where traps are likely to be sprung - and how to spring them herself - as well as how to take advantage of her enemy's weaknesses.

Power: Spacial Displacement (7)

Blink can teleport herself and create portals around her which can move large numbers of people vast distances. Without effort, Blink can create a portal which moves herself or others up to five hundred miles. It is theoretically possible - with great effort on Blink's part - to 'push' herself and increase this power up to a maximum range of the moon. Objects which are highly radioactive and certain attuned force fields can also block Blink's teleportation powers.


Advantage: I Know You!

Blink knows many mutants from her timeline, and generally has a vague notion of what they are capable of. This can be helpful in some situations when she meets their alternates, but it can also be very misleading - see her flaws for more information.

Advantage: Quiver

Blink's Quiver is used to hold a large number of her teleporting javelins. Not just this, but the memories bound up with the quiver and the events surrounding it are an important tie to her life and who she is. If she is rendered amnesiatic, her memories can be restored by its presence.

Advantage: Survival

Blink has survived the horrifying slave-pits of Apocalypse, she has fought and bled and struggled to hold on to her life in conditions arguably worse than any that exist in the world today. She knows where to find food and shelter, and how to perform emergency first aid even if she is definitely not a medical doctor.

Advantage: Wary

You don't live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland without being adept at spotting ambushes. Partly because of her general spatial awareness and partly because of this paranoia, Blink is very difficult to catch off guard.


Flaw: Confused

Blink isn't used to living in a world which isn't awful. She likes it! But she's naturally suspicious, and what she knows about a person from her own timeline is very rarely completely accurate compared to what they are like here. She's pretty good at judging people on their own merits, but especially initially, her attitude can be shaped by inaccurate information.

Flaw: Hatred

There are some very special places of hatred in Blink's heart for Sugar-Man, Sinister, Apocalypse and all his many servants. Blink can become impulsive and reckless when it comes to stopping these individuals and gaining revenge upon them - something which can cause friction with her teammates.

Flaw: Nightmares

Clarice is haunted by nightmares of her experiences, of her fears. What might happen when Apocalypse takes over, what she's been through. Most of the time, she can deal with this... but sometimes it can get overwhelming - it is a rare night when she feels like she's rested well.

Flaw: Pretty in Pink

Blink is an obvious mutant. From her purple skin to her pupil-less eyes and pointed ears, there's no hiding it. Not just that, but unlike many mutants, Blink is the first to admit that there are very good reasons for humanity to be frightened of mutants. She's seen what happens when mutants rule the world, after all...


Blink Logs

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