Neutral Westchester
None (Officially) ; Sleazoid or Cockroach(Unofficially)
Broo Sketch2 Holo-Broo2
Agility: 7 Strength: 5 Toughness: 4
Perception: 4 Intellect: 9 Willpower: 5
Brood Drone Brood Senses Energy Absorption 6
Hive Mind Instinctive Combat 5 Winged Flight 2
Advanced Knowledge Eidetic Memory Linguistics
Mimicry Rapid Learning
Brood Compassion Curious
Naive Youth
Name: Broodling son of Brood Broo is a mutant Brood Drone who longs to one day the Nova Corps, find love, learn lots of stuff, make friends, get a puppy, try new things (which is almost anything to him), and perhaps also one day bring about a great change in his species for the better. He is effectively a teenager for his species, and new to most things on Earth. He is a Brood, so if you know of what one is then you most likely would treat him accordingly, and if you don't then you would treat him like you would a 3' tall talking cockroach with a mouth of razor sharp spine-like teeth, claws, and slit pupiled glowing yellow eyes.
Position: Drone, Student, Genius, Wannabe Nova
Team: N/A
Age: 16 (equivalent for host species)
Sex: Male
Race: Mutant Brood
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Voice:Tara Strong ; Holo/Body: Verne Troyer
Alts: N/A
Timezone: N/A
Music: Monster by Skillet
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: All
Tone Dislikes: None


In a distant sector, the Brood Queen of Hive 7695, with the aid of many drones, infected a colony of brilliant humanoids. After adding their genetics to the hive and ingesting all that made those humanoids special, the Brood Queen grew large with offspring. A group of scientists, soldiers, and specialists, made up of various members of the Kree, Skrull, and Shi'ar Empires and their conquered species, took advantage to slaughter most of the hive, capture the queen and some of her drones, and load them aboard their vessel to be examined, poked, prodded, and studied for their own enlightenment, evaluating the Brood's capabilities and weaknesses. In addition to the Brood, the United Galactic Lifeform Investigation/Experimention Sodality collected small samplings of other 'lesser' species for comparision, experimentation, and testing of how they faired against the Brood and vice versa.

Years of research went by rather smoothly, poking, prodding, exposing, and examining how the Brood were affected by anything they could think of and more. They even occasionally intentionally infected criminals or terminally ill beings to study the differences between Brood hatched from eggs, and ones formed by infecting and being incubated within a host. It was during one of these that an oddity was discovered, since the Brood that incubate in hosts actually absorb much of the host entity into themselves when it comes to knowledge and abilities, a young M'Ndavian boy who had contracted an incurable virus had volunteered to be infected so he could describe the sensations and help the Shi'ar scientists with detailed accounts of his transformation as long as he retained some sense of self... he lasted almost a week before his identity was gone and the Broodling was all that remained... but something surprising was the Broodling continued to recount details of the transformation and what it was like to be a Brood for the scientists.

It seemed that while the M'Ndavian was gone, the infection had somehow mutated the Broodling to retain more then just the host's knowledge, skills, and abilities, but also his compassion, inquisitiveness, and a vast intellect. The Broodling from his cell made corrections to calculations, added incites and information, and actually began to endear himself to some of the more merciful and caring members of the Sodality. In turn, the Broodling would greet them as they came on shift, ask them about how they were feeling, and even recommended some surprisingly effective unconventional remedies to ailments, even suggesting a partial cure for a would-be test subject that relieved the most severe symptoms and made the ailment manageable, thereby keeping the subject from ever being infected with a brood embryo. In trade for his cooperation, incites, and partially to observe him doing it, the Broodling was given access to all information aboard that was not of a military nature, allowing him to learn and grow intellectually... he showed especially strong interest in the legends of the Xanadarians' Interstellar Peacekeepers.

All was going well until they were passing through the Kuiper belt... something in the belt caused a disruption of power and caused multiple system failures, releasing all the specimens, and in hours most of the Sodality was either dead, infected, or dying. A handful barricaded themselves in to the main lab, unaware that two of their number were infected, and sadly they did not heed the Broodlings pleas to listen as he tried to warn them, his compassion mistaken for a rouse to allow him to escape and slaughter them. The next few days the survivors began broadcasting distress signals to their various Empires, each hiding that they were doing it from the others, hoping to be rescued by 'their' people so they could exploit the research and perhaps do some research on the survivors of the other Empires' people, not that it would matter. The Broodling would witness from behind the reactivated force field in the lab, being kept alive only to be experimented on later, as the two infected transformed and succumbed to the influence of the Brood and then slaughtered the rest. The pair taunted him for his inferior state, both his younger host body, and his useless and debilitating compassion, as well as contacting the other Brood beyond the lab... soon they would be united, and the tertiary planetoid from the system's star would soon host them as they neared it, unconcerned with the possibilities of casualties when they crashed... enough would survive to colonize the world.

The Broodling dreaded what his people would do, both to himself and to the people of this new world, for he sadly knew the same force fields that contained him would guarantee his survival to witness the potential massacre of this 'Earth' with a ninety-six percent certainty, which was a shame, since he'd begun to enjoy their odd documentaries about little girls on islands helping find small aliens like himself their perfect homes... and he'd so hoped to meet her... perhaps there was still hope though he thought as he sensed the vibrations of the ship as it broke the troposphere.


Power: Brood Drone

Broodling, save for his mental and psychological mutations, is a technically a standard, albeit not fully matured, Brood Drone, and has all the standard qualities, extremely flexible and durable endoskeleton and exoskeleton (yes, Brood have both), claws and teeth that can rend through reinforced steel, the ability to quickly move along vertical surfaces and even on ceilings, inhuman agility and reaction time, enhanced senses, winged flight, an ability to absorb and process energy, a resistance to the cold, the ability to survive in space without protective gear nor any form of external air supply, adaptive and combative instincts, as well as some abilities he has yet to develop, like neuroparalytic electricity, corrosive venom, a pair of semi-prehensile tails with detachable piercing stingers, full regenerative capabilities (as long as a Brood's brain is intact, they can over time regrow almost any lost part, but the process is not much faster then the average beings, just more efficient), and extra limbs (these vary from Brood to Brood, some have tentacles, some have extra legs, others have barbed pincers). Note, like the type of extra limbs, many Brood Drone abilities vary from member to member as adaptations for their situation, so where one might need the ability to spray a biopolymer webbing, another might need corrosive saliva... this is usually decided by the Hive Queen or the Brood Empress and triggered by the connection, so what Broodling will develop may be far different due to being cutoff from the Hive and partly cutoff from the link to the Empress.

Senses: Brood Senses (3/10)

Broodling's senses are far more efficient then human ones, due to Brood being a organic technology based species, so their senses are designed to be highly analytical. Brood's eyes detect across a broader spectrum, seeing into the Ultraviolet, Infrared, and even Microwave portions, and can see more detail at a greater distance (about 3/4 of a mile) as well as much closer (as if using upto a x40 magnification). Hearing wise, he can detect sounds up to a mile a way, and listen in on conversations about half a mile away, as well as isolate individual voices and voice patterns. He can also listen in on radio wave signals without a receiver, though decrypting encrypted transmission might take a while, especially if he is not familiar with the encryption equations. He can analyze the composition and component of anything he tastes (this usually is just the incredients of food, as well as detecting foreign material in the food, but he can put a penny in his mouth and tell you the ratio of zinc, copper, tin, etc... once he knows what each material tastes like, until he does he can just tell you it is 95 percent material 1, 2 percent material 2, and 3 percent material 3... of course if he does you have to blame yourself for letting him put a pre-1942 penny in his mouth). While his sense of touch is not really much better then a humans, his body is far more sensitive to surface vibrations (detecting seismic activity or something shaking the ground up to a 5 miles away), and he can feel shifts and changes in air temperature by half of degrees and even changes in air pressure. Smell wise, he can distinguish individuals by scent in his immediate vicinity, and track for about 2 miles, as well as discern what ingredients have been used in food from the aroma alone. Brood also can sense each other within a 4 mile radius, and a Queen or the Empress can be detected within a Solar System.

Absorption: Energy Absorption (6)

Broodling, like all his species both absorbs ambient energy like light, radiation, and heat for secondary sustenance, but in addition it makes them resistant to harm from most forms of energy based attack, able to withstand heats that can melt steel and rock, bathe in molten lava, and shrug off personal energy weapon fire and even some small vehicular weapons attacks. This energy can be converted for purposes of bodily regeneration, sustenance alternative for short periods (a month or two at best before actual food would be needed, but indefinite use for generating internal gases for personal breathing needs), personal warmth, and possibly with practice into offensive and defensive tactics such as neuroelectric shocks and heat or concussive beams (though this may or may not be present, since Broodling has not yet developed such capabilities), and is the key reason Brood can survive in space as it allows them to absorb energy to go without external air supplies, be unaffected by stellar energy fields, produce extra gases for limited propulsion without an atmosphere, repair some physical harm from objects in space, and not freeze in the vacuum.

Hive Mind: Hive Mind (4/10)

Limitation: A Hive Queen or Empress can force a Drone out of the Hive Mind, or use it to take near full control of a Drone, without the Drone having a say in the matter, and possible can forcibly reconnect a Drone that has somehow cut themselves off from the Hive Mind, all without the Drone's knowledge.

WWhile he tries to remain cut off, Broodling is a Brood, and therefore has access to the Hive Mind. Through the Hive Mind, all Brood on/near a Planet can share information through a psychic connection, if the Queen or Empress desires, and within a 10 mile radius of their own volition to facilitate cooperation and unified actions in an area. The information is detailed and as if the Brood experienced it personally, it also allows for ever member of a Hive to instantly aquire the skill learned by another Brood, coordinate actions, and for the Hive Queen or Brood Empress to trigger needed adaptions in the Brood (note, such adaptions can be quite rapid, painful, and not very socially acceptable, like massive corrosive poisonous saliva production that leaks constantly from the Drone's mouth, or flailing tentacles... is it any wonder Broodling tries to avoid it.)

Skill: Instinctive Combat (5)

Limitation: Due to his own personality, as well as his physical maturation, this ability is not as developed as it could be, and is not likely to get much use, which actually could eventually cause some atrophication or degradation of it.

Broodling loathes this, but he is still instinctually a Brood, and that means he can fight with an unbridled savageness and ferocity that easily allows him to harm, maim, defeat, and possibly kill opponents either of greater number or many times his size. This ability is not one he chooses to use, but if forced, he can claw, bited, punch, kick, and overall combat with a precision usually requiring decades of training... and it is all sadly written in his genetic code and part of his nature that he both fears and despises. As his other abilities develop, he will just release more ways to advance this to higher levels, despite his reluctance.

Flight: Winged Flight (2)

Limitation: Flight is totally dependent on his wings, so if they are bound or sufficiently damaged, he is unable to fly, in addition it requires a certain amount of space to use his wings, so in a tight enough confines it may be difficult or impossible for him to freely extend his wings to fly. Greater amounts of weight being carried reduce maneuverability, which means if he is carrying more then half his maximum lift capacity, he is half as maneuverable, more then 3/4s his lift capacity and he is 1/4 as maneuverable, and at maximum capacity he loses the ability to do more then the most simple maneuvers (slow turns, hover, speed 0 reverse, no banking or dodging).

Broodling has partially developed wings at present, allowing him to fly at about 55-70mph, depending on altitude and head, tail, or cross winds. He is surprisingly maneuverable, easily able to react and dodge, hover, and reverse, and as his wings grow, most likely all these shall increase. His wings currently allow him to carry about half a ton and still maintain lift, as they grow he will eventually be able to carry whatever amount his body can lift, but at present his wings aren't strong enough to facilitate such feats.


Advantage: Advanced Knowledge

Between observation, direct study, and absorbed knowledge, Broodling knows science, and not just the limits of human science, but vastly far more advanced alien sciences. In addition he is familiar with Alien Technology of some of the most prominent species, how they work, how to use them, fix them, destroy them. He knows loads about alien computers and can handle their code, even ones using Ternary code instead of Binary, and could probably add Quandary and Quintary Code to his repertoire with little difficulty. He knows the basic histories of the Kree, Skrull, and Shi'ar empires, and is very well versed in the Legends of the Xandarian Nova Corps. He knows Pi to the 421138th place (but it would take way to long for him to recite it).

Advantage: Eidetic Memory

Broodling's highly advanced brain is amazingly well designed for information retention, so much that he can see, hear, taste, smell, experience, or even feel anything once or twice, and near perfectly remember it as well as recall it with incredible detail and precise accuracy. This does have some negative problem, since he will always remember the bad with the good, but it also means he can quote people exactly, as well as recall an inspiring event when he needs it to help him continue in the most dire circumstances.

Advantage: Linguistics

Between absorbed knowledge, rapid learning, and just listening to transmissions with on-screen translations, Broodling has learned a large number of Terran and 'Alien' Languages. He is literate in English (and many of its dialects), Skrull, Xandarian, Kree, most Shi'ar Languages including their common language, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, French, and German; In addition he understands and can speak (but not read/write) Spanish, Vietnamese, Yiddish, Hebrew, 'Flock', Badoon, Greek, Italian, Arabic, Romanian, and Latin; Finally he can read and understand, but not speak Binary and Ternary.

Advantage: Mimicry

The Broodling has recently discovered he has sufficient control of his vocal capabilities to imitate almost any sound or voice he has ever heard. This is of course just emulation or impersonation, not actual matching of the voice print, but it does allow for him to augment his linguistics with perfect accents and inflections, as well as doing imitations of celebrities and authority figures which can be quite entertaining.

Advantage: Rapid Learning

Broodling's species are highly adaptive and are instinctively meant to learn about their environment quickly to share with the hive; This same quality translates and integrates with Broodling's extraordinary intellect to make him capable of learning at a high accelerated rate, though is limited to information he can acquire via documented materials, experience directly, or be told, so he can be taught falsehoods, fallacies, and biased information as easily as the truth.


Flaw: Brood

Broodling is what he is, and despite his mutancy which has made him different in many ways from his parent species, he is still liked to the Brood Empress, still naturally a insectoid alien parasite, still not really human no matter how much he learns and pretends to be like one, and still obviously a member of a interstellar infestation that is hated and hunted enemies of the Shi'ar and the Kree just for starters, not to mention the 'Flock'. His appearance can be scary or disgusting to many, and his behavior, while it will improve with time, is still that of a being who knows little of human cultures.

Flaw: Compassion

This is doubly a flaw. First it is a bit of a personality flaw, as his compassion makes him care tremendously for every being, great and small, with a great amount of caring and kindness, to the point that he doesn't want to hurt anyone or anything, and will generally avoid attacking and retaliating, even when an opponent is attacking him. Second it is a cultural flaw, as any Brood raised in a hive that gets in his vicinity will almost immediately sense the difference, and it is a difference that will make him a target of attack from his own brethren (and since they lack this flaw, they will not have the restraint and caring for his well-being that he will have for theirs).

Flaw: Curious

Curiosity can be a good thing, but unchecked it can lead one into danger more often then not, and Broodling is very inquisitive, and lacking certain understandings, his curiosity has no bounds, which can lead him to ask the right questions at all the wrong times and places, or be asking questions that come with dangerous answers, or countless other possibilities. This is especially problematic as he will ask questions like "Why do you wear clothes that do not flatter your behemoth figure?" or try to disassemble a neutron bomb to see how it works.

Flaw: Naive

Curiosity can be a good thing, but unchecked it can lead one into danger more often then not, and Broodling is very inquisitive, and lacking certain understandings, his curiosity has no bounds, which can lead him to ask the right questions at all the wrong times and places, or be asking questions that come with dangerous answers, or countless other possibilities. This is especially problematic as he will ask questions like "Why do you wear clothes that do not flatter your behemoth figure?" or try to disassemble a neutron bomb to see how it works.

Flaw: Youth

Broodling is still growing, he is approximately the equivalent of a teenager for his species, which means he is not fully developed, and he lacks many of the capabilities of a full grown Brood Drone such as the extra legs/pincers, a piercing tail with stingers, completely hardened chitin plating, full sized wings, poison glands, and even his sharp teeth aren't fully grown in... He is also barely 3' tall, compared to the 8' length of a full grown Drone. Having about a decade and a half still to mature fully, it is unlikely that this will change drastically in the near future.


Broo Logs

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