Earthbound Eternal


"You really think you can show me something I've never seen before? Go ahead then. ... Surprise me."

Not really a publicly known figure yet. Brynn has had a tendency to sit on the sidelines (mostly because she was told to). But recently, she has decided that she could no longer just watch the world destroy itself and would try to help where she could.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Cosmic Energy: 7, Flight: 3, Invulnerability: 6, Psi Body Control: 4, Superhuman Strength: 6, Telekinesis: 4, Translation

Abilities: Skill

Combat Training: 8, History: 6, Outdoorswoman: 5, Smith: 10

Abilities: Gear

Eternal Technology, Gear: 7, Sjarnbrandr: 2/8

Advantages: Relative Youth Resources

Flaws: Celestials, Emotionally Distant, Honor and Duty, Overconfidence, Reverse Anachronism, Subject to Orders

Languages: An ability allows Brynn to comprehend all languages.


Gear: Eternal Technology

Eternal Technology is far advanced compared to the rest of the world. Brynn has been authorized to take some of it with her into the mortal world on the condition that she not let it fall into mortal hands. If it does, each item has a destruction clause built in that she can activate psionically. Below is a list of items she has and the general gist of how they work.

1) Comm unit. This device is tiny, about the size of a fingernail, and blends in with the color of the skin it is placed upon (It goes roughly on either side at the jawline). It will only function for those who have even the most low level psionic (telepathic) abilities. It has two transmitters and receivers built in. One keys in on the psionic 'frequency' of the user, allowing them to communicate with the device silently. The other transceiver operates on radio signals, so that it can communicate with obsolete mortal communications devices. This also can interface with cellphones much like a bluetooth.

2) Microcomputer: Brynn has this item that looks like a wristwatch. It also connects to the user's psi 'frequency' as well as having a holographic physical interface. This wrist comp has the processing power of most high power desktop computers, and has powerful link to a 'net connection at her home/forge to avoid having to use other peoples' wifi signals or whatnot.

Gear: Gear (7)

Brynn has quite a collection of weapons and armor and shields made in old ways, out of iron and steel that have been strengthened and toughened to the point at which they would be considered 'Diamond' tough. (Rating 7). This means that while she can don a breastplate that is highly resistant to damage, it doesn't make her entirely immune to shock-transfer. It would prevent her from being run through by equivalent damage, but she would still be bruised and injured by it. It could turn a lethal blow into a nonlethal one for sure. With enough strength, one of her blades could pierce or cut diamond, and a shield could be used for much the same effect as any other piece of armor she may or may not wear.

Gear: Sjarnbrandr (2/8)

Bond: Sjarnbrandr has been enchanted with a bond to the very soul of Brynnhildr. She can summon it at will so long as there is not some magic preventing it. It will fly to her hand if it is within sight or teleport to her hand if out of sight. For the purposes of magically blocking or negating this ability, the rank of it would be a 6.

Any Weapon: Sjarnbrandr can change whenever it is in the hands of Brynn, into any form of melee weapon, including a shield of some sort. This makes it basically a swiss army weapon. It can be a bludgeoning weapon like a hammer or made, a blade like axe or sword, or even a spear. Anything she can envision, it will become while retaining the properties of balance that it had initially.

Power Channel: Sjarnbrandr was specifically made for Brynn with her natural abilities in mind. As such, it has the ability to channel energy through its material. Brynn can channel the power of her heat or force blasts into the blade, enhancing its effect to an impact on the level of impact of an 8. Also, the blasts can originate from the weapon in whatever shape it currently holds, without being reduced in power from their normal rank.

Sjarnbrandr is a weapon enchanted in Asgard by the order of Lady Sif, and begifted to Brynnhildr as a reward for services rendered. It has several unique properties, and a very unique appearance. It was fashioned originally by Brynn as a sword for her own personal use, with flawless balance and molecularly enhanced durability. But when taken to Asgard, the blade was magically augmented by Uru, an Asgardian mineral that holds enhcantment very well and once enchanted, is impossible to break without what amounts to GM's fiat for dramatic effect.

Power: Cosmic Energy (7)

Energy Blasts: Force / Heat Blasts from Hands or Eyes: Rank 5

Illusions: Minor Glamor type Illusions (changing her appearance is all she uses it for): 4

Teleportation: Teleporting vast distances (Can go just about anywhere on Earth but very weak for a while afterwards until recharging): 7

Conversion: (Molecular Conversion) Brynn doesn't do this with a wave of her hand, and she specializes in taking normal materials and working them into incredibly tough versions. Over a period of hours or even days, she can increase the durability of an object to a rating of 7. This is normally done on melee weapons as she is an accomplished Blacksmith.

Healing: By focusing her cosmic energy, Brynn is able to repair damage to organic tissue much like she can restructure inorganic matter. This takes great care, great concentration, and a degree of fine control. It would take her roughly 30 minutes of work to repair/heal minor injuries that do not involve broken bones. Up to 2 hours to mend broken bones, and as much as a day of constant effort to repair critical and/or life threatening injuries. Obviously, this is not something that can be done during combat, but a few seconds of quick work could at least stop someone mortally wounded from bleeding out. The longer she maintains this, the more energy she uses. Healing a critical injury will leave her weakened (-1 Strength, toughness, and all energy power ratings) for several hours as she recovers from the effort.

Like all Eternals, Brynn is able to channel Cosmic Energy and store it in her body to use for a variety of tasks. The most basic of these is to project from hands or eyes as beams of heat, raw light, or force. Specific uses of the energy are listed below.

Power: Telekinesis (4)

Brynn has the ability to move objects with her psionic energy. This is the classic form of Psychokinesis. The Strength rating of this power would be 4, capable of lifting up to a single ton, 2000 pounds. She can use this to exert force upon others, spreading the weight out among multiple targets if need be. The range of this would be roughly targets in her immediate vicinity. There is no visible glow or other easily detectable effect that causes this. Things simply move as if under their own power unless one can percieve psionic energy.

Power: Flight (3)

By psionically levitating and projecting herself, Brynn is capable of unassisted flight. She can top out around 500 mph with this. It is not a supersonic speed she can reach at all. She is also capable of levitating and projecting others, though her top speed reduces with each passenger by about 50mph per additional target.

Power: Invulnerability (6)

Brynn's body is difficult to injure. She is superhumanly durable, and capable of ignoring most conventional small arms and blades. She is not however, capable of ignoring the sort of advanced weaponry that the world has developed in recent times. She has learned in the past few decades that humans have built weapons that can actually hurt her. So she has even more respect for their warriors than she did back in the day.

Power: Psi Body Control (4)

Brynn, like all eternals, has total psionic control over her body's processes and life energy. As such, she is immune to poisons, toxins, diseases, temperature extremes whether hot or cold, degeneration due to aging, and cellular damage from radiation. Damage to the body is repaired at an accelerated rate, granting the effect of a healing factor with a rating of 4 (Thus the rating of the power on +Sheet).

As a side note, even though Eternals as a general rule, do require air and cannot handle exposure to hard vacuum, they are able to process ocygen via their body control and extract it from environments such as water or air or any other potential environments that may have oxygen in the makeup.

Power: Superhuman Strength (6)

Due to the cosmic energy infusing her body, and her total control over that body, Brynn is quite strong. She is capable of lifting up to 25 tons without pushing herself beyond her limits. She has never really made a regular practice of charging her body to get stronger, but that is something she would be capable of doing in theory (Would be an explanation for a push in that regard.)

Power: Translation

A trick that she learned from some other Eternals is to focus the psionic abilities so that without invasively being able to read a mind, she is able to pick up the intent of what is being said regardless of language. She cannot transmit her words into the mind of a target and must speak the language to get her own words across.

Skill: Combat Training (8)

Brynn has had literally centuries of experience in combat. She is very skilled at the use of almost any melee weapon from swords to hammers and clubs and staves. It even applies to unarmed combat and pretty much any form of combat that does not involve modern weaponry such as firearms of energy weapons. She does have -some- experience with those types of weapons, but even with less experience, she would still have a rating of 5 with any of those.

Skill: History (6)

Brynn has lived through a lot of the world's history, and knows about it not so much from books, but from the events that she experienced. She could teach classes on Northern European medieval times, as well as about other areas she spent any time in.

Skill: Outdoorswoman (5)

For centuries, Brynn lived off the land, and wandered from land to land. She became very good at following tracks, hunting, identifying safe plants to eat, and all of those good skills that help in the outdoors situation.

Skill: Smith (10)

Brynn has had literally centuries to improve her skill at working metal with her hands. While most times she uses her ability to manipulate molecular structures to help work the materials that she uses. Though her mundane level of skill is still among the best of the smiths in the world.


Advantage: Relative Youth

Compared to other Eternals, Brynn is quite young. She is a fifth generation Eternal, and was in the year 470 AD. Other Eternals are likely to consider her too young to be a real factor in some decisions, but her youth and fresh outlook (comparatively) give her a viewpoint on Humanity that the older of her people lack.

Advantage: Resources

In a life that has been over a thousand years long so far, Brynn has amassed quite a bit of wealth. Most of it is in her collection of antique weaponry (most of which she made herself). However, she does maintain a lucrative, yet not exceedingly busy, business as an assessor, collector, and seller of such antique weaponry.


Flaw: Celestials

Should the Celestials ever be used in a plot here, Eternals are unable to take any action against any sort of Celestial. Any such attempt shuts down the body of the Eternal trying. Furthermore, Eternals are compelled to attack and neutralize any being that tries to attack any Celestial.

Flaw: Emotionally Distant

Brynn has seen people grow old and die while she stayed eternally young. She has learned to keep folks at arm's length emotionally. This could work against her in the long run as some people will not understand her reasoning, or will disagree with it. But it is an ironclad part of who she is. She does not -want- to care as much about some people as she knows she likely will.

Flaw: Honor and Duty

A part of Brynn's upbringing, and some things she learned out in the world, was to always keep her word, never use more force against a foe than is needed. Only try to kill those foes who are trying to kill her. And that there is no honor greater then doing her duty to her people. This is the guiding light of her existence and what keeps her on track.

Flaw: Overconfidence

It is not that Brynn thinks that she can do anything, handle any threat. It is that she tends to reflexively think of mortals as just -not- able to do as much as she can. For the most part, she is right but she respects their accomplishments. She has a kneejerk reaction of dismissing the threat level that mere mortals can offer her until and unless proved wrong (usually in a very inconvenient manner).

Flaw: Reverse Anachronism

Despite her love for old school smith-work, Brynn is used to a certain level of technological sophistication. Eternals tech level is quite beyond what the majority of Earth possesses. They have devices that can utilize their psionic or cosmic energy for a variety of effects. Being forced to work with existing Earth level human tech will frustrate and confuse her. It would be like someone who knows how to use an iPhone being stuck in the 19th century trying to figure out a telegraph system.

Flaw: Subject to Orders

As an Eternal, and one of the youngest ones on Earth, Brynn is beholden to the elders of her people. If they were to give her a direct order, she would have very little choice in the matter. Her ironclad sense of duty would mean that she would have to do as she was told, even if it was to the detriment of a nominal ally.


Born in 470 AD, Brynn is one of the youngest of the most recent generation of Eternals. She was raised in the city of Polaria, a small collective of Eternals located in Northern Siberia. It was a city that was kept secret from the rest of the world, and at the time when Humans were just starting to explore the forest and seas of their world, the Eternals had already been using communication technology. At the youthful age of one hundred, she began exploring the world of the Northern Wastes.

There were not many people living in that region of the world, so she kept spreading her exploration south and west. Sure, she found some villages and people, but not much of an organized society. Sure, she knew from other Eternals where most of the people were gathered, but she wanted to experience it and learn about it for herself. Such is the impetuousness of youth...

The first real culture she found herself had already been known to the Eternals, but it was the Scandnavians we refer to in Western culture as the Vikings. Little known to her, they had a mythology that was developing, and stories of the gods and spirits and Alf's and Dwarves abounded. It was when she engaged a group of Deviants she had been tracking that apparently some of these Viking mortals witnessed the encounter and after she defeated the four that she was fighting, they approached her. She understood them perfectly, one of her psionic gifts, but making herself understood wasn't as easy as that. Her words rattled out and she gestured to herself and says, "Brynn..." to which one of the hunters gasped and said, "Brunhilde... Valkyr!"

She left them there in that clearing and did some research. It seems that she had been mistaken for one of the mythical figures out of the local stories and religion. At the time, she had no idea that such beings truly did exist. She did not ask them to look upon her that way, but could not stop it. These people were quaint, primitive and yet.. she liked them. Over the years, she walked among them many times, often using glamors to disguise herself as a local. She even went as far as to establish herself as a local blacksmith in one of the villages. Of course... she had her forge just outside the village so that her comings and goings would be easier to keep private. The glamors helped her do all of this too, and she learned to be a -very- good smith, specializing in weapons of war. Her weapons were in demand for quite some time before she decided to move on and explore other areas of the world.

She visited her Olympian cousins, as well as wandering the entire contiguous Continent of Europe and Asia... learning all she could about the people. Time passed, and she always returned to where she felt most at home among mortals... to the Northlands. But times changed, and the worship of the gods fell out of favor. Sweden, Norway, Denmark... they all became formalized nations with established borders, and the world turned from simple raiding economy, to one of sea power due to sails and cannons. Now she was forging blades, but also casting cannons for 'her' people, and the New World had been discovered, so she visited it too from time to time. She started removing herself from the day to day activities of these short lived mortals who burned so brightly yet flickered out so quick.

She became something of an observer and did not interfere... mostly because of a stern talking to from her father who told her that the mortals were to shape their own destinies.

In recent years, she joined the Uni-Mind when it went out into space and began exploring the universe. How could an explorer like her refuse the chance to see entire worlds and galaxies that had not been seen by her people yet?

The Uni-Mind returned to Earth just recently, splitting up into its constituent parts and leaving them all free to act as individuals again. Times had changed drastically since they left only thirty some years ago. Those who stayed behind caught up the returning explorers on the events of the world, and though Human tech had advanced considerably, Brynn thought they were still horribly primitive. But.. she had grown tired of simply sitting on the sidelines, and now that things are starting to really threaten the entire world... the home of not just the mortals, but of her Eternal people... she decided that it was time to return to the forefront and set course for New York City to start with...


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