Clint 'CJ' Barton Jr.
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A big, tall, muscular green young man from another world. CJ's often seen wearing purple and carrying a bow and arrow like certain other heroes.


Abilities: Power

Healing Factor: 4, Invulnerability: 7, Super Jumping: 2, Super Speed: 2, Super Strength: 7

Abilities: Skill

Archery: 8, Combat: 4, Heroics: 3, Mechanic: 4

Abilities: Gear

Archer Gear: 5 Costume: 4

Advantages: Heroic Heritage

Flaws: Displaced, Inexperienced, Legacies, Perma-Green

Languages: English and Spanish


Gear: Archer Gear (5)

He's not the most equipped but CJ has his fair share of archer gear. It all comes from home so once he runs out, he'll need to find a new source of it. He's got a custom made quiver and his bow is a special one made for someone with his strength and most people without powers can't even use it. It's durable enough that he can use it as a club without worrying about it snapping into splinters. His quiver comes with arrows too. Some are plain and others are blunt. He's also got some of the trick arrows like ones with smoke, flash bangs, nets, acid, glue, explosives, and more.

Gear: Costume (4)

Not that he needs the protection but CJ's costume is made of the same stuff as his parents' gear back home. It's got some basic armor platting and bullet, knife, and fire-resistant fabrics in it. On top of that all, it just looks awesome.

Power: Healing Factor (4)

Thanks to his gamma-irradiated heritage, CJ heals incredibly quickly. If something actually manages to hurt him, the injuries will begin to heal right before his eyes. Broken bones, burns, bruises, cuts, it all heals up on it's own in minutes or hours. He's not immortal though and he can't regrow limbs if he loses one.

Power: Invulnerability (7)

CJ is able to shrug off most forms of damage. Bullets, fire, blades, cold, it's all easy to ignore thanks to how tough he is. He's also able to exert himself for a lot longer than normal people, able to go at full output for about 2 days before he even starts to feel even a little tired.

Power: Super Jumping (2)

He can't fly like certain other super strong, invulnerable guys but he can certainly leap tall buildings in single bound. Thanks to his enhanced body, he can jump several hundred feet into the air just from standing still. With a running start he can jump huge distances and keep jumping almost seconds after landing. He can get around this way if he needs to.

Power: Super Speed (2)

CJ is definitely not a speedster. He can't run across water or up walls or vibratre through things. But he is able to run and move at speeds near and past 100b miles an hour without much problem at all.

Power: Super Strength (7)

Thanks to being the son of the She-Hulk, CJ has gamma-irradiated blood. He's got super strength like anyone in the 'Hulk Family'. He can lift, push, and throw blows with about 50 tons of force behind them. With a push he can do more but risks overexerting himself.

Skill: Archery (8)

Through a combination of natural talent and training since he was old enough to hold a bow, CJ is a very skilled archer. He's good enough to get on an Olympic team if not for their ban on metas. His hands are steady, his eyes are sharp, and he rarely misses a target. He also learned some of his father's trick shooting skills such as bouncing arrows off walls, pulling off complicated shots while moving, and more. He's got a long way to go before he can claim to be the best of the best and more experienced archers can outshine him.

Skill: Combat (4)

Just like the rest of the kids he grew up with, CJ got training in how to fight. His style mostly lies in boxing, brawling, and wrestling but he has some martial arts skills as well. He can hold his own in a fight, even against other super strong individuals.

Skill: Heroics (3)

CJ may not be the most experienced guy around but he grew up with stories of his parents' heroic adventures and learned from them as well as training and tips from his fathers. He learned general combat tactics, stealth, being aware of his surroundings, how to fight, and how to use his training. He's got a ways to go before he's as experienced as his parents but he's not a rookie or a too new to things.

Skill: Mechanic (4)

CJ's no master engineer or mechanic but he's been learning from a young age how to work on cars and motorcycles. He can repair most common problems and was working with his father on restoring a classic car on Battleworld. He can work on common machines and some of the more advanced tech like Skycycles and hovor-engines like might be found in one of SHIELD's old model flying cars.


Advantage: Heroic Heritage

CJ is the son of two of his world's mightiest heroes and he grew up around the children of others and their parents including reformed super villains. He's had the benefit of training, tales of experience, and general adjustment to things that others would consider weird. He may not have a lot of knowledge of it all but things like magic, super science, alien technology, and more is all as normal to him as smart phones and the internet are to the average teenage on Earth.


Flaw: Displaced

CJ already wasn't from Earth but he's also not from this reality. Aside from not legally existing here, he's got some other problems. His information on Earth is limited to what he learned from parents and their friends on Battleworld and whatever books and materials ended up there as well. That also comes with the problem of not being entirely accurate to this reality and definitely out of date. There will be things that confuse him or just go right over here head here on Earth that others take for granted.

Flaw: Inexperienced

Despite growing up around heroes, getting combat training, and having learned a lot about things related to heroics, he doesn't have a lot of actual field experience. And roughhousing and sparring with his friends is a lot different than real battles. He can be caught of guard and flustered by things other more experienced heroes wouldn't.

Flaw: Legacies

Even though he's not from Earth or this reality, CJ is the heir to two heroic legacies. He may be seen as a 'rip off' or 'copy cat' but there are still people out there that might try to use him to get to the heroes of this reality. Especially if they learn of and believe his connection to his parents. Enemies of his parents would try to hurt him or worse to harm the versions of his parents in this reality.

Flaw: Perma-Green

CJ has been green since birth. Unlike his mother did, he doesn't have the ability to 'de-hulk'. He's always huge, green, and muscular. It makes him stand out even more than being so tall does. He's obviously 'not normal' and it could easily draw ire from those that express anti-meta views. It makes having a 'secret identity' impossible too. Strangely enough, he is able to make his hair shift back and forth from green and blond at will but it's purely a change in appearance.


CJ comes from an alternate universe where a being known as the Beyonder took various heroes and villains to a place called Battleworld to see who would win in a battle between good and evil. During the course of the battle, the Beyonder, Galactus, and a version of Mr. Fantastic fought and died. This ruined the chances of anyone going home so instead they all settled down and lived new lives. Heroes and villains buried the hatchet and people went on with their lives, having families and the like. Despite the name, Battleworld become a peaceful place. At least until 25 years after the original conflict. The son of that universe's Dr. Doom tried to conquer the world but children of the heroes stopped him. Among them was Clint Barton Jr. aka Mustang. During the battle a potential way home was discovered but the elder heroes deemed it too dangerous to try. Eager to prove themselves further, the kids decided to test the machine themselves. They opened a portal with it and tried to return to the Earth they'd been told about when they were younger.


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