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Cable01 Cable02
Agility: 5 Strength: 3 (6) Toughness: 4 (6)
Perception: 8 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 7
Arsenal 6 Askani Science 6 Combat Skill 8
Tactics 8 Techno-Organics * Telekinesis 2 (8)
Telepathy 3 (8)
Ambidextrous Future-Lore Professor
Apocalypse Displaced Grizzled
Incomplete Knowledge Obvious Mutant Techno-Organic Virus
Name: Nathan Christopher Summers The man known as Cable -- or to a select few, Nathan Dayspring -- is the veteran of decades of war in a desolate, post-apocalyptic hellscape of a future. Unstuck in time and space after a pivotal battle with his nemesis, Cable's efforts to 'correct' his timestream instead left him stranded in a very different one. With his knowledge and expectations of history violently skewed, and the lessons of his youth regarding the sanctity of the timeline reinforced, the lifelong warrior and mutant wanderer from another world does what he's always done: he digs in, keeps an ear to the ground, and identifies allies and adversaries for the war he knows still lurks in the shadows.
Position: The Traveler
Team: N/A
Age: 48
Sex: Male
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Michael Biehn
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5, North America)
Music: N/A
Quote: "What will happen to any of us? You live or you die; your only worry is that I'm going to decide which!"
Tone Likes: Comedic, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Born Nathan Christopher Summers in a world similar yet distinctly different from this one, Cable was the son of that world's Scott Summers and his wife, a clone of Jean Grey named Madelyne Pryor. His conception was engineered to breed a mutant capable of standing against Apocalypse, an immortal mutant of alarming power and ambition. Learning of this prophecy, the forces of Apocalypse struck and quickly seized Nathan-- that world's X-Men and their allies were swift to give chase, and ultimately victorious in their battle, but not before the baby was infected by a custom virus of living nanotechnology apparently engineered by Apocalypse himself.

The disease threatened to consume the child entirely, and only by merging with the AI core of the Celestial Ship that had served Apocalypse was the infection forestalled. It was at this most dire point that an elder calling herself Mother Askani projected herself through time and presented the child's parents with an offer: save Nathan by surrendering him forever, he was needed in the distant future-- and the technology of the Askani might cure him. In the end, there wasn't really any choice. Nathan would become Cable, Dayspring, Askani-son-- the hero the bleak and wartorn landscape that was now his home needed.

In Cable's future, Apocalypse and his minions ruled, the only resistance relegated to constant battle, nomadic and secretive existence. Time and again the Chosen and the Clan Askani would push to near-triumph only for Apocalypse's seemingly endless resources and malevolence to persist; if Dayspring was to fulfill his destiny, he decided it must be in the past. Apocalypse should never have ascended at all.

Cable outfitted for another war, bringing the Askani's most advanced weapons and facilities with him through time. Attrition against Apocalypse was too costly, but Dayspring could ambush him when he was ill prepared-- completely unfamiliar with the weapons and nature of his foe. It was a good plan, perhaps too good-- engaging Apocalypse in the Celestial Ship in the mountains of China in ancient nights, calling himself the Traveler, Cable fought with the fury of one possessed.

Nearly slain by En Sabah Nur, his metal parts torn asunder, Cable found his opening to kill his eternal foe.. and instead found his techno-organic virus spreading back to its alleged creator, opening the immortal to the secrets of the Celestials that had eluded him all these years. Horrified, Cable was able to do nothing but send his further mutating nemesis into deep space, buying time if nothing else. He decided to reorient his ambush, and try again; to gather forces and await Apocalypse's return.

The timeshifts were ever chaotic, however, and this one distorted reality itself around Cable. His apparent error in correcitng the timeline was compounded by his arrival in time and space he did not know, a universe quite unlike the one he left. While the questions of whether his future even still exists, and how that changes his mission lurk in the back of Cable's mind, one thing remains a relative certainty: there's a war to be fought for the soul of mankind, and more than one monster who would claim it.


Gear: Arsenal (6)

Cable has a cache of weapons secured at the heart of his base that were procured in the future. These include plasma rifles from large to 'BFG', various incindiery and propelled explosive devices, energy pistols, and ordinance born of the super-science of a warlike future. Nathan also favors the trademark weapon of the Clan Askani, the Psimitar-- a metal staff through which Cable can focus his psionic abilities into a spear or glaivelike weapon that easily penetrates physical, but not mystical armor.

Limitations: While Cable has sufficient expertise to fabricate parts and facilitate most repairs on his arms, he has no realistic way of creating more, and his careful eye to security means he also can't get to his guns when he needs them.

Knowledge: Askani Science (6)
Cable's knowledge of physics and chemistry is, in some respects at least, far beyond the norm in the modern day. He has the equivilant of a doctoral education from the future, schooled in the fundamentals of math and the energetic and chemical building blocks of the world as understood by the Clan Askani in the 38th century. Combined with the technology and equipment shuttled with him from the future, this allows Nathan to grasp and work with a great deal of tech that might otherwise be beyond him.

Limitations: The Clan Askani were fighting an endless war, and most of the technology of their timeline reflects that. Every element of research was prioritized towards survival, and most advanced discoveries along peacetime research tracks were never made in Apocalypse's future; in some cases modern knowledge may even eclipse Nathan's in such fields.

Skill: Combat Skill (8)
Cable knows war. Some would argue it's all he really knows, and all his education-- literature, science, or math-- all leads him back to fighting. A combat pragmatist of the highest order, Nathan has been fighting for his life since before he could say his own name, and training nearly as long. It hasn't been for a desk job, either-- he's fought the forces of Apocalypse and other unmentionables across battlefields flung from one hellish nightmare to another in a future too terrible to fathom. From the beginning, he's been honing the martial arts sacred to Clan Askani, training in their arms and methods, and leading armies against the foe he was mandated to destroy. He may have even picked up a thing or two from visitors from the past. Unarmed or armed, Cable is deadly, experienced as hell, and never to be underestimated. His specialties lie in heavy weapons (big honkin' guns) and blades.

Skill: Tactics (8)
Cable has been a leader of men for decades, the equivilant of a four-star general or one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, if not the only one left standing, at various points throughout his life. He's spent all those years fighting a war that shows no signs of ending soon, and fighting it very, very well. Apocalypse doesn't fear the Traveler for his physical abilities, but for his capacity to plan, predict-- and lead.

Power: Techno-Organics (--)
Much of Cable's body is actually a sophisticated living machine, making him for lack of a better term a cyborg. His unexpected survival has allowed him to gain a somewhat ironic level of ability from this potentially lethal infection.

  • Nathan's entire skeletal system is a sophisticated cybernetic network that is insulated against disruption, allowing Cable to maintain consciousness and motor control through energy discharges that might overload the central nervous system of a human (like, say, being struck by lightning). His metal bones are more difficult to break, and his entire system can respond to trauma to prevent blood loss or facilitate healing, rendering him virtually immune to conventional infection or the ravages of disease. The left side of his body is nearly subsumed by the virus, leaving him with 'skin' of organic metal, effectively armoring him like titanium might across the entirety of that arm and shoulder and portions of his left hip and leg.
  • Since Cable's robotics are in fact part of a living colony of nanites, they can heal as his flesh and blood parts might, and realign quickly into such simple modifications as bladed weapons or compatible connectors to interface with computers and security systems he's familiar (or familiarizes himself) with. Dayspring can realign and append his systems on a deeper level to adapt to technology of whatever time or area he finds himself in, but these detailed alterations take time and study. Cable is capable of intercepting wireless frequencies, and broadcasting on them or local networks.
  • The cybernetics augmenting Cable's skeletal structure are part of a hyper-advanced nervous system. Information from Dayspring's senses are effectively fed into a living computer, and his left eye is completely mechanical. This eye is capable of perceiving many forms of energy, or of precisely tracking a bullet in flight; analyzing and re-analyzing its trajectory. Cable is thusly able to react at a superhuman rate to threats, despite his apparent bulk.
  • The efficiency of Cable's techno-organic systems allows him to exert himself for long periods without tiring, and fully rest in only an hour or two. His skeletal structure can support weights that might snap a normal man in two. In his left, fully techno-organic arm, Nathan's strength is truly remarkable. He is capable of dealing blows that can rupture and rend tempered steel, and gripping surfaces (or foes) with alarming amounts of force. (Note that as only the left side of Dayspring's body is this strong, the higher (6) strength rating applies to striking, but his effective lifting ability is halved.)

Power: Telekinesis (2/8)
The techno-organic virus infecting Nathan limits his prodigious natural telekinetic ability to extremely low levels. He can use his abilities to forestall the effects of various hostile environments and tactilely to examine and deconstruct technology, or to throw a pretty solid punch-- but at a lower end than either of his own fists.

Power: Telepathy (3/8)
Cable's mutant birthright is an immense psi-talent. Were he not infected with a techno-organic virus, Nathan would be capable of a wide range of powerful psychic effects. As it stands, he can accomplish minimal effects against unshielded minds, such as picking up surface emotions and detecting nearby beings, or pushing brief, line of sight communications to a willing recipient. Cable remains capable of detecting astral projection as well as receptive to telepathic communication. With his psi-talent turned inward he retains a remarkable resistance to unwanted probe.


Advantage: Ambidextrous

Sometimes, a man just needs to fire two guns, possibly whilst jumping through the air. Between his cybernetic nervous system, augmented limbs, and sense of sight from his cybereye, Cable is very proficient at this.

Advantage: Future-Lore
While Cable's knowledge of the past may be from another timeline and dimension entirely, some things can be relied upon. He already knows and trusts without reservation Captain America, for instance-- his shield was a rallying point in Nathan's post-apocalyptic crusade, even. He understands Xavier's dream in ways that others won't for years, and has a general understanding of any number of other notable good and bad fellows up to and including Apocalypse himself.

Advantage: Professor
An amnesiac Celestial intelligence salvaged from the Ship that was destroyed in the battle when Apocalypse kidnapped and infected Nathan, the AI known as Prosh recalls little of its former existence as the heart of the Ship. A construct of energy and data, Professor effectively shares Cable's hardware, and was responsible for keeping the techno-organic virus from overtaking him in the first place. The AI still does perform this role in the event Dayspring is incapacitated. Professor is also capable of high level mathematical analysis along with an electronic warfare suite including target acquisition, ECCM, ICE and ICE breaking. When connected by satellite uplink to Nathan's network of bases, the duo can teleport (or 'bodyslide') to any coordinates worldwide-- it is, however, impractical at best to use this method of transport without up to the minute, detailed reconaissance.

Advantage: Providence
Cable's damaged timeshifting headquarters is currently quite stationary, bunkered in a remote location high in the Colorado Rockies. As it stands this facility still provides Cable a secure safe-haven and listening post as well as a hardened ops center for his most secure or secret missions. This remote haven serves as a high-tech, thoroughly concealed underground bunker stocked to the gills by a very paranoid soldier.


Flaw: Apocalypse

Apocalypse knows about Cable-- they've fought before, in the distant past. While he may not ever be born in this alien timeline, En Sabah Nur's battle with the Traveler leaves Nathan Dayspring a man marked as the enemy of Apocalypse. Between the Marauders, the Dark Riders, and a myriad of other potent allies and ambitions, arrayed against Apocalypse can be a very dangerous place to be indeed.

Flaw: Displaced
While Cable's own timeline evolved similarly, the world he finds himself in is distinctly not his own. Notable figures he remembers from 'history' have been altered, attitudes and allegiances differ, and his expectations of people and events may well mislead him. There is an entire, wide range of new threats to be accounted for, and his upbringing in a bleak future that knows only war leaves Nathan a fish out of water twice over. Thankfully, he's an adaptable fish.

Flaw: Grizzled
Cable is the veteran of way, way too many battles-- he tends to think like a soldier, and see problems in terms of who needs to be eliminated, shut down, outflanked, or shot in the knees. It's an approach Earth's more idealistic heroes just outright disagree with, and Nathan is just as sure he's got to do what he's got to do-- he isn't about to accept the alternative, and believes strongly any decent future has to be won in the inevitable coming wars.

Flaw: Incomplete Knowledge
Cable's knowledge of the future is from another world. Even characters tied to him intimately tend to deviate dramatically from his expectations and history. Scott Summers never has (and likely never will) marry his mother, for instance; Rachel Summers is certainly not currently Mother Askani. (What Cable knows/does not know will be handled case by case based primarily on the preference of the player in question). Additionally, catastrophic events and the happenings that precipitate them are not as he remembers them: even the return and imminent rise of Apocalypse could easily go undetected until it's upon him.

Flaw: Obvious Mutant
Cable's left, cybernetic eye glows when he taps any aspect of his mutant power (which is generally all the time, to keep the techno-organic virus in check). His right eye is scarred in a notable starlike pattern. His left arm, shoulder, and chunks of his leg, hip, and internals are all made of living metal, plus he's nearly 7' tall. Blend into a crowd Nathan Christopher does -not-.

Flaw: Techno-Organic Virus
Were it not for the safeguards in place, Cable would be Patient Zero in a dramatic and unique virulent outbreak. The techno-organics infesting his internals unchecked would quickly consume the rest of him, transforming him into a purely synthetic lifeform. The behavior of the colony of living nanites from that point onward is, strictly speaking, unpredictable-- but from their behavior in contact with En Sabah Nur, it would be safe to anticipate virulent spread. It's a hell of a thing to have hanging over his head, and a responsibility Cable takes seriously indeed-- to the point the majority of his psi talent is, at all times, reflexively honed to keeep the virus from progressing, and backed up by several safeguards past that.


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