Cace Gallagher
Cace Gallagher
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Cace Gallagher

Quote-open ”Bravery is being the only one who knows you are afraid.” -Franklin P. Jones

”What you call being a hero, I call just doing my job.” -Unknown "The beatings will continue until morale improves."


Cace Gallagher is a seasoned firefighter, and is no stranger to working alongside heroes. Currently he works for the FDNY Rescue 1 unit, located right in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, and has for the past ten years. Coming from a long line of Irish American firefighters, and following in his father’s footsteps, Cace is glad to continue the legacy. The firefighter loves what he does and is high on life, resulting in him putting his whole heart into anything that he sets his mind to. That over abundance of love for his career, however, eventually led to his wife Sarah filing for a divorce and taking their son Dillon with her. Despite the shaky foundation of not only his life, but the city he serves, Cace continues to do what he does best, saving lives.


"Burnin' Alive" -AC/DC
"America" -Imagine Dragons

Home: Hudson Ridge Apartments: 7312 Boulevard East, North Bergen,NJ 07047
Work: Rescue 1530 West 43rd Street, New York City, NY 10036

Truck: 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Motorcycle: 1999 Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200


Character Sheet

Abilities: Skills
Determined: 5, Firefighting: 5, Mechanic: 3, Medical Training: 3, Pain Tolerance: 3

Comradery, Good Shape, Well Liked

Divorced, Fearless Fool, Dangerous Job

Languages: English, American Sign Language


Skill: Determined (5)
Firefighting is a profession where there are always lives on the line, leaving little room for faltering or error. Cace finds himself in the middle of a lot of dangerous situations, and sometimes you have no choice but to shove everything aside and keep pushing yourself, even if you already know that the situation is helpless. Despite the fact that some incidents are more traumatic than others, he has learned to cope with just about anything, amplifying his already determined demeanor. Cace has always had an iron will though, and courage has always been one of his strongest attributes. Even as a kid he was always hard to control, and it was imprinted in his memory at a young age that giving up is never an option. That stubbornness of his is always at work, whether he is in the firehouse or just tinkering with something he always puts one hundred percent into anything and everything he does. Giving up is unacceptable, not until the job is done.

Skill: Firefighting (5)
Case has been in the firefighting profession for a long time, and it is a job and skill he has definitely perfected. With fourteen years under his belt he has successfully made his rounds between being in an engine company, truck company, and ultimately being assigned to a rescue unit. There are many aspects to firefighting, but ultimately Cace’s position in a nutshell is responding to calls where specialized equipment and training are needed, ultimately saving people from a wide range of hazardous situations. In order to perform his job Cace had to undergo extensive technical training in different rescue operations, and the tools and skills unique to them. Some of his training includes motor vehicle extrication, high angle rope rescue, confined space search and rescue, and building collapse.

Skill: Mechanic (3)
Cace possesses a natural understanding of machines, and can fix just about anything you put in front of him. In charge of keeping up on maintenance and repairs of the rig at the station the firefighter has a unique mechanic certification, an EVT or Emergency Vehicle Technician. An EVT is a certification allowing repairs and maintenance to be done to any and all emergency vehicles, including trucks, pumpers, ambulances, and other rescue vehicles. The certification wasn't a necessity, but Cace felt obligated to be certified in the off chance that any emergency vehicles ever ran into any mechanical problems. Since he possesses an EVT by default he also has an Automotive Service Excellence certification. Cace can be found tinkering with his truck in his spare time, and also helps out a fellow firefighter at their auto repair shop.

Skill: Medical Training (3)
In accordance with the law, Cace is required to have some kind of medical certification in order to perform his job. Usually when reporting to an incident there is always some sort of medical team already on scene or soon will be, but in order to keep a patient stable between the hot zone and the cold zone, some medical training is necessary. Cace is a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B). An EMT is trained in basic life support, and has all of the skills necessary to keep a patient stable until they are able to get them to a medical facility. Some of the skills that an EMT certification includes are taking vitals, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CRP), use of automated external defibrillator (AED), using a bag valve-mask (BVM), use of some airway adjuncts, splinting (including spinal immobilization), and and the administration of some life saving drugs. Among other skills an EMT can assist the patient, a paramedic, or other highly trained professional in other prescribed drugs. All in all Cace will be able to keep someone alive until further medical attention can be given.

Skill: Pain Tolerance (3)
Alongside the physical training that Cace has undergone, he has also been through a lot of mental preparation as well. A high pain tolerance has always worked in Cace’s favor, and a lot of that comes from his sheer determination and stubbornness. There have been times in the past where the firefighter has been injured and not even noticed it until someone pointed it out to him. Pairing determination with adrenaline will sometimes impair an individual’s pain reception, which in many cases can be dangerous. Adrenaline is one thing that Cace is very familiar with. Sometimes it can take a couple days for his mind to catch up with the rest of him, that is usually when he starts to notice anything is wrong.


Advantage: Comradery
In any workplace you always have your fellow coworkers and comrades, and you always develop a sense of responsibility for each other. This is also present, if not more so, in the profession of firefighting and emergency services. Each and everyday you and your fellow firemen put their lives on the line, and after a while you go beyond just being coworkers and become brothers and sisters. A bond forged by fire as it is normally described. The bond is spread throughout the country, if not the world, and all emergency personnel are connected. They are pursuing the same goal to save lives. When one of their comrades are in trouble, whether it be a major or minor burden, they rarely fail to come to their rescue. The result of this bond is an extremely large "family", each taking care of the other.

Advantage: Good Shape
Firefighting is a demanding profession, therefore it is important that Cace is in peak physical condition at all times. Some days there is never a break at the firehouse and the station is always out on a call. The shifts, or tours, last twenty four hours, and at times there are only a few hours of downtime. Endurance and strength are key while responding to calls, they can last hours at a time depending on the severity and complexity of the situation, and sometimes all day. Being in good shape is crucial, and any sort of physical weakness isn’t acceptable.

Advantage: Well Liked
Cace is very likeable thanks to his great personality and sense of humor. It isn't very hard for him to make friends, and it is nearly impossible for him to make enemies. The firefighter is far from shy, and being a public figure that represents safety usually doesn't put him on anyone's bad side. Eventually he does run into people who are difficult to win over, but usually that dislike doesn't last very long. Grudges are something that foreign to him, he goes out of his way to try and get along with everyone.


Flaw: Divorced
Think being a firefighter is difficult? Try being a firefighters wife. A firefighters divorce rate is extremely high, nearly three times the national average. Cace made the mistake of believing he could beat the odds, hold down a marriage, and raise a kid. Ultimately it wasn't his decision, and for seven years he fought to hold onto his marriage and his son, but he finally lost the battle. Sarah had reached a breaking point when Cace returned home injured and filed for a divorce, saying she couldn't handle the stress and odd hours anymore. She wasn't going for the day the red car showed up in front of their house. Cace got somewhat of a lucky break when Sarah finally agreed to a joint physical custody of their son. Cace still gets to see his son Dillon from time to time, and he even sleeps over, but that comes with a price. The firefighter has to pay a hefty amount in child support.

Flaw: Fearless Fool
Sometimes that overabundance of determination and lack of fear Cace possesses gets him into trouble, along with his adrenaline addiction. Being a little too gung ho for his own good, the firefighter has a tendency to rush into things before fully accessing the situation. As long as he is convinced and knows that the rest of his unit and battalion are safe, Cace will dive right into the middle of the action. This reckless behavior has landed him in more than one conversation with his company's captain and lieutenant, leaving him walking a thin line. There was never an instance where Cace has directly disobeyed orders, but his unit is fully aware that if he continues his fearless crusade the firefighter could end up in a situation where he won’t be able to pull himself back out. Over the years Cace has made improvement, but he still occasionally makes some very reckless and poor decisions.

Flaw: Dangerous Job
Everyone knows that firefighting is a dangerous profession, especially in the world of a rescue unit. Rescue 1 is Manhattan’s last line of defense, and when they are the ones called, the situation has reached a critical point. Being trained in special rescue strategies has it’s advantages and disadvantages. A lot of the training is meant for highly dangerous scenarios, adding a whole new level of dangerous to things that can already go wrong. Cace is among the brave that take on New York’s worst, and in the back of his mind he knows that there may be a day that he doesn’t make it out. Along with his job being very dangerous, he also has an obsession with it, being practically married to what he does. Cace eats, breaths, and sleeps firefighting, sometimes making it hard to have much of a social life outside of the firehouse. That attachment can be somewhat of an advantage though, it is safe to say that Cace’s mind is always on the game.


Cace was born and raised in New Jersey, and ventured around the city a lot as a kid, however he has never been out of state. His life was normal, for the most part anyway. His dad was a firefighting captain stationed at Ladder 4, and his mother is a nurse working at St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital. A lot of his time as a kid was spent between the hospital and his dad’s firehouse, that is if he didn't have a baseball game. As a kid he was very competitive and his mom thought it was important to keep him preoccupied with sports, as long as they didn't get in the way of homework.

When Cace was nine years old he became a big brother, his mother brought his little sister Alana into the world. Cace took the responsibility of being a big brother by the throat and helped out whenever and wherever he could. Soon it became apparent that Alana couldn't hear, and was diagnosed as being totally deaf. Cace took it upon himself to join his mom and dad in learning sign language, and it was a language that he picked up very quickly. As Cace grew older he started understanding his family’s firefighting legacy, and started following in his father’s footsteps and started taking the steps necessary to become a firefighter himself. Cace's father starting bringing home his bunker gear and started to explain some of the more technical aspects of the job. That soon progressed to study material, and before he knew it Cace had dropped everything else and had developed a bit of an unhealthy obsession for the career.

All the way through school Cace would study firefighting alongside his usual school work, along with visiting as many firehouses that he could. By the time he graduated from Memorial High School, he was ready to go into the academy. There was one drawback though, he had to be twenty one. Feeling a bit discouraged at first because of the minimum age requirement, he set aside the firefighting and started focusing on something else that had always drawn his attention, cars. Fresh outta high school Cace had a lot on his plate, he would fight to stay in good physical shape, study a bit of firefighting here, mechanics there, and helped his little sister get through her schooling. Finally after a few years of working odd end jobs for some of his dad’s friends from the firehouse, he was finally old enough to enroll in the academy. Cace's dad being a captain definitely proved to be an advantage, he was well known at the academy and the instructor’s seemed to take it easy on him. Quickly he figured out what they were doing and demanded to be treated evenly. Treated evenly or not, Cace excelled in the academy and made it through with flying colors, and a couple stations were even bidding on him to take them under their wing as their probationary firefighter. Particularly Engine 54, they knew Cace's dad extremely well and worked along side him on many calls.

Engine 54 won the bid. For a couple years Cace worked for the engine company, and just when he was about to advance and move over to the Ladder 4, his whole world was flipped upside down. The World Trade Center was attacked, taking the lives of most of the firefighters in his station, including his father. To this day it is something Cace has been having to cope with, but he has accepted the fact that his father died saving lives, including Cace's. After the initial sting of their deaths somewhat dulled the firefighter forced himself to move on, eventually finding his way to Ladder 4 once again. While working for Ladder 4 Cace started engaging himself in advanced training, wanting to move up in his career, and soon he was transferred to Rescue 1.

Two years and a half years after September 11th, Cace had met a woman named Sarah, and they instantly fell in love. After a short courtship they decided to get married. At first their marriage was happy, and they soon had a son together. However, a few years after the birth of Dillon, their marriage took a drastic turn and headed south. Sarah had made it very clear that she hated him being a firefighter, she hated the odd hours and the stress of never knowing if he was going to come home at night in one piece, if at all. One night, after coming home with burns down his left arm, the final straw broke the camel’s back. Cace was forced to make a decision, and he chose legacy over love. Sarah filed for a divorce and took custody of their son. After a bit of a battle Sarah finally agreed to joint physical custody of Dillon, allowing Cace to see his son, and let him stay whenever he wanted to. The firefighter was glad to not lose him entirely, but it came with a price. It ultimately led to a hefty amount in child support each month. Nowadays the firefighter lives to support Dillon, and continues to do what he loves. The road is rocky sometimes, but Cace fights to make the best of it.


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