Caim Kataras
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Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Cell Manipulation, Enhanced Agility: 4, Enhanced Stamina: 6, Enhanced Strength: 3, Iron Will: 8, Regeneration: 8, Shapeshifting

Abilities: Skill

Tactics: 9 Warrior: 9

Abilities: Gear

Combat Tools: 4

Advantages: Polyglot Wealth

Flaws: Metabolism, Pain, Unnecessary Death, War

Languages: ASL, Afrikaans, Algonquin, Almeracian, Ancient-Greek, Ancient-Norse, Apache, Arabic, Aramaic, Askani, Bengali, Blackfoot, Cajun-French, Cantonese, Cherokee, Czech, Danish, Dari, Egyptian, English, Esperanto, Farsi, Fijian, Finnish, French, Gaelic, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lakota, Latin, Malay, Mandarin, Mythic-Speech, Navajo, Norwegian, Occitan, Pashtu, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Quechua, Romani, Russian, SEE, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Taino, Thai, Tibetan, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Wakandan, Welsh, Xiang, and Zulu


Skill: Warrior (9)

Since before Caim's powers awoken inside him, he grew up to be a warrior. As time went on, and after facing threat after threat and being in battle after battle, he has honed his skill of combat to mastery. He can use almost any weapon, fight unarmed, shoot with the same skill as an expert marksmen and can use either hand equally.

Gear: Combat Tools (4)

Caim keeps certain weapons on his person at all times. Usually this is in the form of cane swords and sidearms, however if given time he can retrieve a full tactical pack with rifles, ammo, and explosives which he keeps prepped in his places of residence.

Power: Cell Manipulation

Caim's mutant power is the ability to control each and every one of his cells which make up his body. This has massive potential if given enough time to experiment, however Caim has used this power to give himself a special set of powers at all times.

Power: Enhanced Agility (4)

Caim has altered his nervous system to react at peak human effiency, thus allowing caim to possess peak human coordination and reflexes.

Power: Enhanced Stamina (6)

Caim has manipulated his own bio-chemistry to burn fatigue poisons and drugs very fast, making it difficult to make himself drunk or tired. He can operate 72 hours without rest and he recovers from drugs and toxins three times as fast.

Power: Enhanced Strength (3)

Caim keeps his own physical strength to the peak of human standards. While he can manipulate his body to give him stronger strength, this is Caim's comfortable limit which he keeps himself at.

Power: Iron Will (8)

Because his abilities take mental focus to use, he has honed his will and focus to above superhuman levels. As such, he can resist direct psychic and mystical assault and is unable to be broken through torture.

Power: Regeneration (8)

Caim is capable of manipulating his cells to produce and grow to beyond human potential. Effectively stopping the aging process and even capable of shrugging off all but the most grievous injuries. If given the proper nutrients and muscle mass he can even regenerate lost limbs, removed, or damaged organs. He can even purge toxins and diseases from his body.

Power: Shapeshifting

Caim is capable of re-arranging his muscle mass, change his eye and hair color, skin color, height and weight and as such he can become a mirror double of any person he chooses in a matter of minutes. He can even change his vocal cords and have his DNA read as theirs, with his X-Gene being the only thing he cannot hide from scans.

Skill: Tactics (9)

Caim has been alive since the times when ancient gods and demons walked the earth. He has served in various nations militaries and traveled extensively about the world. Such experience has allowed him to develop incredible sense of tactics and allows him to predict the tactics of others with relative ease.


Advantage: Polyglot

Traveling the world for several millenia has allowed one to learn the native tongues of the people of the world. Because of the time spent, he can speak almost any known human language, even languages that was forgotten to time.

Advantage: Wealth

Living for several millenia, war after war, traveling the globe, has made one very wealthy. Caim can dip into as a vast wealth of antiques, treasures and just plain money. While he tries to not to appear too wealthy, he does live comfortably.


Flaw: Metabolism

To keep his body healthy and superhumanly strong, Caim must eat alot of food and drink to support his peak condition. While he can control his cells and make it last longer, he prefers to save that for times of hardship.

Flaw: Pain

Despite possessing the ability to manipulate his cells, the process of changing his appearance in a matter of minutes as well as forcing new 'forms' to maintain peak human condition is a painful one. While he can deaden the nerve recepters and block out pain entirely, he doesnt so he can keep track of his body condition.

Flaw: Unnecessary Death

Surprisingly despite being violent and a warrior, the one thing which irks Caim to no end is unnecessary death. Sure people die in wars all the time, but when the death was useless then it angers him totally. As such he doesnt see the point of torturing and killing unless it serves a purpose. This dislike for unnecessary death is also what keeps Caim from causing extinction level scenarios.

Flaw: War

Caim believes that war and strife is the greatest teachers man has got. Because of this, Caim has a strong love of war and is rather bloodthirsty and violent in his personality. While others may have started alot of the wars, he wont deny that a few are because he wanted them to. To him, Peace is stagnation and weakness.



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