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One of 5 (predominantly) teenaged victims of either a rogue intelligence agency or group of bored plutocrats (it ... depends on who you ask, okay?), Caitlin Fairchild arguably got the best deal of the lot - in a heartbeat she went from being Blah to being Bangin', and now sports shocking post-human strength and endurance to go along with shocking good looks. She's basically still the same person, but now she hits robots so hard they break and occasionally gets punched so hard she flies across town.

She also gets to keep her teammates from killing each other, and to hide her sister's cigarettes. On the whole, maybe never getting a date wasn't the worst fate.

One time she got hit so hard she thought she was Supergirl. Nobody likes to talk about that.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Invulnerability: 8, Post-Human Agility: 5, Stamina: 6, Super Strength: 8

Abilities: Skill

Computer Science: 6, Fighting: 4, Leadership: 5, Schooling: 4, Willpower: 5

Advantages: Gen13, Genius, Glamazon

Flaws: Brick House, Father, Glamazon's Curse, No Id, Still Human, The Clothing Thing

Languages: English, Machine-Code, and Spanish


Power: Invulnerability (8)

Scale: Toughness

The profoundly post-human density of Caitlin's muscle fiber grants her super-human strength - and along with the profoundly post-human density of virtually every OTHER example of organic tissue in her body, grants her a truly astonishing level of resilience to injuries that could cripple even other super-humans. Throw her off the roof of a skyscraper, riddle her with bullets, set her on fire, throw her in a vat of acid and toss her through a corridor of laser-plasma-whatever beams and she'll still be doing just fine. Her clothes, not so much - but she couldn't be Caitlin if every adventure didn't require three costumes.

Power: Post-Human Agility (5)

Scale: Speed

Limitation: It should be noted that Caitlin does not actually possess 'super-speed' in a conventional sense - she can't run at hundreds of miles per hour, just react at lightning-quick speed.

Despite the density of her form %(and the increased mass that goes with it%), Caitlin is not the stereotypical bruiser: in fact, she possesses a reaction time that far outstrips that of a normal human being. In addition, she has proven herself capable of striking acts of dexterity and acrobatics that outstrip those of a normal human - perhaps because of enhancements to her nervous system, perhaps for other reasons, the indisputable fact is that for a girl her size, Caitlin moves very quickly.

Power: Stamina (6)

Scale: Endurance

That Caitlin possesses post-human levels of stamina and endurance should come as no great surprise - she'd /have/ to, given the physical alterations induced when her metahuman abilities activated. Operating at peak potential, Caitlin can function for some three days without requiring rest or sleep - longer than that, and her performance would begin the marked degredation expected from sleep deprivation. Despite her level of stamina, Caitlin pushes herself in this capacity only in the rarest of circumstances - otherwise, she operates on a functionally normal schedule.

Power: Super Strength (8)

Scale: Strength

The moment that Caitlin's genetic potential was unleashed her body underwent a series of dramatic changes - chief among them, a major expansion of muscle fiber and a profound increase in the density thereof. It's responsible for all of Caitlin's powers - and by far, the most remarkable of those is her supremely post-human level of strength. Even *without* the sort of training that most super-humans experience, Caitlin possesses near-Kryptonian levels of strength - she's capable of juggling train engines, of bending unbendable metals, of lifting fully-loaded passenger jets, all while looking /annoyingly/ great.

Skill: Computer Science (6)

A genius level intellect - Caitlin's life in school has been an easy breeze. Majoring in both computer science as well as electrical engineering, Caitlin's skills mark her as one of the more gifted computer hackers, and programmers around. Give her a machine and she'll make it sing, give her a computer - and she'll give it a voice. She continues to advance in her skill levels as she seeks to gain her doctorate in the fields of computers and electrical engineering.

Skill: Fighting (4)

In truth, Caitlin has essentially no training whatsoever when it comes to combat - and if she were just quick, or just /normal/, that would be problem. But the truth is that Caitlin possesses a level of strength so profoundly super-human that even her clumsiest hit carries an unimaginable amount of force and is thrown with a preternatural agility - her powers alone convey her a degree of faux-competence in a fight.

Skill: Leadership (5)

Scale: Profession

Caitlin stumbled into a role as leader of her motely band of misfits, but it's a role she's proven extremely adept at - she's a thoroughly competent leader, able to convince a group of teenagers and young adults to not only avoid killing one another but to accomplish actual /goals/.

Skill: Schooling (4)

Having recently graduated with a Bachelors's duel degree in Computer Science as well as Electrical Engineering, %(and continuing on for her Majors and eventual doctorate%), Caitlin's years in school have granted her the basics that are required of all students. Beyond those courses that she must be trained in with her majors, she's learned several different languages, geography, world histories, sciences, and even a cooking class or two.

Skill: Willpower (5)

Scale: Willpower

Between the experiences she endured at the hands of her captors in the program that activated her genetic potential and her experience keeping the dispirate personalities of Gen13 functioning together, Caitlin has developed a remarkable degree of willpower.


Advantage: Gen13

Caitlin is the defacto leader of Gen13, a group of (mostly) teenagers possessed of remarkable metahuman capabilities. They have no base, no resources, no particular wellspring of good well - but they're friends, and can count on one another. Which is good, because most of them live in the same room in a long-term residency hotel in one of New York City's worst neighborhoods.

Advantage: Genius

For reasons owing to nothing more than genetic luck of the draw and an upbringing that encouraged intellectual pursuit, Caitlin possesses a level of intelligence placed at the upper echelons of 'genius'. She has an intuitive grasp of concepts most find incomprehensible, is an easy natural at virtually any academic pursuit, and finds the acquisition of new languages to be a simple thing - to give only a few examples.

Advantage: Glamazon

Caitlin got more than just super-human strength, agility and invulnerability when her powers activated: she also got a complete makeover. From geek to Glamazon, Caitlin is now an (incredibly annoyingly, to her sister) astonishingly beautiful young woman - she's tall, with perfect hair and perfect skin, a muscular but feminine build and curves it has been proven under the most rigorous scientific conditions Do Not Quit.


Flaw: Brick House

It's hardly polite to ask a girl's weight, but the truth is that Caitlin weighs in excess of three hundred pounds - an unavoidable consequence of how her powers function. It's difficult to move her when she's unconscious, and there are an endless list of little annoyances in every day life - the world wasn't really designed with ultra-dense glamazons in mind, after all, so chairs and cars and elevators can at times be problematic.

Flaw: Father

Caitlin's father is a complete mystery to Caitlin. She has no idea why she was left with relatives, who he really is, or even a basic memory of him. She knows his name, and that is it. Up until a few years ago, Caitlin was content to let the mystery remain unknown, but with the events that transformed her life and forced her on the run - Caitlin's interest in who her father was (or is) has increased as time goes on. A flaw - for delving too deeply into a mystery can sometimes lead to unwanted results.

Flaw: Glamazon's Curse

Caitlin ... doesn't blend in. She's 6'4" of muscle, beauty and boobs - she sticks out in a crowd, she's very memorable, and only the blindest of the blind would have a difficult time describing her appearance to anyone who should happen to be looking for her.

Flaw: No Id

Every item of identication Caitlin owns - in fact, every piece in existence - shows her as being a short, rail-thin brunette in glasses, the sort of girl it was understandable had never had a date. Given that Caitlin is now well over six feet tall and drop dead gorgeous, the difficulty is obvious: she's forced to essentially live off-grid, dealing primarily in cash and relying on her size and ... dimensions ... to get her into places that normally require ID.

Flaw: Still Human

Despite the radically altered nature of Caitlin's physiology she is still, essentially, a human being. While her stamina is profoundly greater than that of a normal human's, she remains vulnerable to knock-out gasses and has at times suffered from concussions when struck by someone with exceptionally super-human strength. Additionally, she has no particular defense against mental attacks beyond what inborn willpower supplies.

Flaw: The Clothing Thing

Plenty of ultra-tough, ultra-strong post-humans enjoy some sort of forcefield or at least have the sort of outfit that can stand up to getting shot, burned or hit with a fire engine. Not Caitlin - she's just invulnerable, and her costumes tend to be made of prosaic materials like latex, spandex or leather. Which means they get torn up a /lot/. Thankfully, they somehow never manage to get so torn apart they'd push footage of her in a fight past PG-13 - a mystery for the ages indeed.


Raised by relatives in Oregon, Caitlin Fairchild was a meek, flat-chested bookworm with no sense of style, no friends and no social life - and no real hope of attaining one. All that changed when she found herself the (not entirely willing) participant in a program to jump-start the genetic potential of latent metahumans - in a single instant she grew more than a foot, to say nothing of the extra two hundred pounds of muscle or the dramatic increase in cup size. Escaping the program alongside 4 other teenagers, Caitlin - now living in a residency hotel in one of New York City's cheapest (and seediest) areas - attempts to slap together some semblance of a life, keep her new friends from killing one another, and maybe do the whole 'hero' thing on the side.


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