Cal'syee Neramani
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Born to be the next Majestrix of the Shi'ar Empire, the betrayal of her brother D'Ken forced Cal'syee to flee Shi'ar space. Joining up with pirates known as the Starjammers she swore to kill her brother and taken the name Deathbird as part of that vow.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Shi'ar Throwback: 5

Abilities: Power

Flight: 2 Natural Weapons: 5

Abilities: Skill

Acrobatics: 7, Combat: 7, Gadgetry: 3, Military Strategy: 7, Pilot: 4, Stealth: 5

Abilities: Tech

Combat Armor: 6, Energy Pistols: 6, Javelins: 3

Advantages: Exiled Royal Shi'ar

Flaws: Alien, Violent Tendencies, Wanted


 Unapproved: English and Shi'ar


Attribute: Shi'ar Throwback (5)

Shi'ar are normally stronger, faster and tougher than humans and as a "genetic throwback", Deathbird surpasses even those of her own race.

Power: Flight (2)

Deathbird has fully functional wings that allow her to fly upwards of fifty miles an hour.

Power: Natural Weapons (5)

The talons on Cal'syee's hands as well as the edges of her wings are sharp enough to tear through steel plating.

Skill: Acrobatics (7)

Coming from a warrior culture, honing her athletic ability started almost from birth. She is especially gifted at using that prowess along with her ability to fly to give her the upper hand via aerial superiority.

Skill: Combat (7)

Growing up as part of the royal house of a warlike race, Deathbird had the best martial tutors the empire could find and these skills were honed in the many conflicts that the Shi'ar empire engaged in.

Skill: Gadgetry (3)

Deathbird has a reasonable grasp of Shi'ar science and tech which is lightyears beyond most Earth technology. This allows her to jury-rig or modify a number of things though invention is beyond her.

Skill: Military Strategy (7)

Groomed to be the next Majestrix of the Shi'ar and to lead its vast military might, Deathbird has extensive tactical knowledge from small-squad tactics all the way up to interstellar wars.

Skill: Pilot (4)

Deathbird is most familiar with Shi'ar vehicles but between that familiarity and a knack for technology she can usually figure out how to operate most vehicles, especially those of a space-faring nature.

Skill: Stealth (5)

Having had to turn to piracy while on the run from D'Ken, Deathbird has learned how to keep a low profile and how to use the shadows and whatnot to go unseen.

Tech: Combat Armor (6)

The armor that Deathbird usually wears hails back to her time as the heir of the Shi'ar empire, specially designed for her unusual Shi'ar physiology and serves as both protective shell as well as possessing the ability to become a sealed system, doubling as a space suit.

Tech: Energy Pistols (6)

Aside from her talons, the twin energy pistols of Shi'ar manufacture that Deathbird dual-wields are her favored weapons.

Tech: Javelins (3)

Stored on a pair of bracers, a half-dozen on each side, these weapons telescope out from six inches to a full four feet, striking with the force of heavy assault weapons. They also have the potential to be modified to be carriers for other specialized payloads, such as electrical bursts or to release clouds of gas.


Advantage: Exiled Royal

There are still some that believe that Cal'syee is the rightful heir of the Shi'ar empire and might be inclined to give her aid.

Advantage: Shi'ar

Cal'syee is from one of the most advanced races in the universe. If you ask any Shi'ar of course, they are _the_ most advanced. More, she's from its royal house and so she has a considerable education and understanding beyond what most humans do, especially in matters of science and technology.


Flaw: Alien

Deathbird doesn't look human. Not even close. Disguising this would be difficult and that makes her both memorable, which is a bad thing when you're being hunted, and invites fear and hatred. In addition, it means that if she needs medical help it could be very difficult to obtain.

Flaw: Violent Tendencies

Almost berserker-like and the downside of being a throwback to the birds of prey the Shi'ar evolved from, Deathbird's temper can override her keen tactical mind and common sense in the interest of the kill.

Flaw: Wanted

Deathbird's brother D'Ken has a price out on her head, making her an enemy of the Shi'ar empire and a target for bounty hunters.



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