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Orignally thinking himself a mutant, Calvin had a very short stint as a student at the Xavier Institute until learning he was not a mutant. He was briefly a costumed villain but had a change of heart and seemingly lost his powers in a battle with a powerful foe. Now that his powers have resurfaced, the Mimic has as well.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Enhanced Reflexes: 5, Enhanced Senses: 7, Enhanced Strength: 3/7, Enhanced Toughness: 4/6, Flight: 7, Light Emission: 6, Mimicry, Optic Blasts: 6, Organic Steel Form: 4, Regeneration: 8, Retractable Claws: 3/6, Telepathy: 1

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 5, Piloting: 4, Singing: 5


Flaws: (In)Famous, Gamma Radiation, Multiverse Traveler

Languages: English


Power: Enhanced Reflexes (5)

Both Northstar and Wolverine are much more agile than the normal human and even many heroes. Wolverine's are an aspect of his primal nature while Northstar's are needed to be able to react as fast as he can move. They don't add to each other but both power sets would need to be released before his agility returns to normal.

Power: Enhanced Senses (7)

Though not as keen as Wolverine's, Cal's senses are augmented way past normal human level. He can see clearly with very limited lighting, identify people by scent and hear beyond the range of a normal human.

Power: Enhanced Strength (3/7)

At the peak of human strength through training and mutation, it's when he turns into metal that his strength becomes phenomenal.

Power: Enhanced Toughness (4/6)

Northstar's powers have toughened him enough to be able to resist high G-forces, air turbulence and the friction of wind that hits with the force of a sandblaster when flying at high speed. But it's when he's turned into organic steel, that he can really go toe to toe with some power houses.

Power: Flight (7)

Like Northstar, Mimic can direct the kinetic energy of the molecules of his body and use them to fly very, very fast. It should be noted that while he's strong enough to carry a fairly heavy person, he can't fly while he's transformed into steel using the powers mimiced from Colossus. Releasing Northstar's powers, means he can no longer fly until he mimics someone else who can.

Power: Light Emission (6)

By accelerating the motion of the molecules in his body, Cal can emit a bright light. It's not sunlight and it's not bright enough to blind a normal person. This is part of Northstar's powers and requires that he keeps them stored.

Power: Mimicry

Mimic is a mutant whose power lets him duplicate the powers of others though at only half the effectiveness of the original (which in game terms, is 1 point lower). They must be either mutants or mutates, someone who was either born with or somehow developed powers on a genetic level. He is unable to mimic technology such as cybernetics or armor, true magical ability that is a result of learning and skill or enhanced abilities that are a result of training. Similarly, aliens and gods are also impossible to mimic unless they are mutants as well and then only the additional powers will be mimiced. He can instantly mimic someone so long as they're within 100 meters of him but the powers will fade if they become separated. Only if Cal spends an hour with the person can he retain their powers (in game terms, this will translate to 3 actual scenes). Someone's powers can be stored permanently but he is limited to a maximum of five power sets. In order to mimic someone new, he has to fully 'release' someone's powers and will be unable to call on them again without another hour's exposure. Occasionally, something from a power set that he's used for a long time might stick with him even after he's released those powers but it's not something he can control.

Power: Optic Blasts (6)

Mimic is able to project ruby beams of concussive force from his eyes just as Cyclops is. Lacking a visor that can more finely direct the energy, his is a strictly on/off affair and has a range of about a thousand feet. However, he also has no need of a visor since it was an injury that keeps Cyclops from controlling his power and not part of his mutation. This also provides him with a limited immunity to the Summers brothers' powers making them about half as effective as they would normally be. Releasing Cyclops' powers mean this power goes away.

Power: Organic Steel Form (4)

Mimic can transform his body into a form of organic steel. This makes him super strong and super tough (see the individual power writeups). While transformed, he has no need to eat, drink or breathe and can withstand extreme temperatures though he can only stay transformed for a week at most. He's also able to exert himself at peak efficiency (4) but will tire after a couple days of that level of exertion.

Power: Regeneration (8)

Foremost of the abilities that mimicing WOlverine gives Cal is his healing factor. He has a remarkable resistance to all but the strongest diseases, drugs and poisons and injuries that would kill someone else heal swiftly. This also slows down the aging process. Should Wolverine's powers be released, Cal will still be able to heal faster than normal (2) if he still has Northstar's powers mimiced. His accelerated metabolism provides no ability to heal what a human can't heal naturally. It's just faster.

Power: Retractable Claws (3/6)

The most notorious benefit of mimicing Wolverine's powers are the claws that spring forth from the backs of his hands. They are strong, sharp and deadly even lacking the adamantium coating that Cal can't mimic. Of course, that changes when he uses Colossus' ability to turn to metal.

Power: Telepathy (1)

Back when he was leading the X-Men in his home reality, Cal would often mimic the powers of Jean Grey and sometimes Professor Xavier as well. Even though he no longer has them 'stored', he retains some basic telepathic abilities though he can't use them consciously. He might pick up a stray thought or two or just gain a very basic mental impression of the person which he'd put down to 'gut evaluation'. He is able to tell if someone is trying to tamper with his thoughts and has a basic mental shield.

Skill: Combat (5)

Cal is a very skilled fighter, having trained with some of the best hand to hand fighters in several universes starting with his time with the X-Men and continuing during his time with the Exiles, While capable of more sophisticated martial arts, he tends to favor a a brute force punch and slash method. Unsurprisingly, all things considered.

Skill: Piloting (4)

His time with the X-Men on Earth-12 taught him to drive and pilot many vehicles that the team used.

Skill: Singing (5)

=What would be a surprise to many - those who actually find out - Cal's a very talented singer.



Flaw: (In)Famous

One of the original Exiles, Mimic visited and 'fixed' numerous realities. Theoretically, that was for the best in the large scale of things. Not everyone would agree with that in the smaller scale and he, along with the other Exiles, made numerous enemies. Most are safely ensconced in their home reality with no way of leaving and little desire to try though they might love to get their revenge if Cal were to drop by. Most. Not all. Not to mention that the Panoptichron keeps tabs on him in case he's ever needed.

Flaw: Gamma Radiation

To most people, gamma radiation is deadly and Cal is no exception. However his reaction to it is extreme and potentially deadly. If he is within 100 meters of any unshielded source of gamma rays, he becomes violently ill and the severity is directly proportional to how close he is. This applies even to people and creatures that have been mutated by gamma rays such as the Hulk and She-Hulk. Note that he can still mimic their abilities but that doesn't confer immunity.

Flaw: Multiverse Traveler

Cal is not just from an alternate reality but as a former Exile, he visited dozens if not hundreds of them. That means he's not familiar with the Earth he's trying to make his new home. There are things natives know and take for granted that can trip him up or highlight his being different. But it's the similarities that are the worst. People he's met, people he trusts or distrusts from other universes have counterparts here and he often expects them to act a certain way. And while he knows them, they have no idea who he is. And that can be very upsetting, epecially with those he thinks of as friends.


Who are you?

My reflection stared back at me without answering. I knew who I wasn't. I wasn't the boy, angry at my father for not being who I needed him to be. It wasn't his fault that he wasn't perfect. He had his own struggles and his failures didn't reflect on me. I wasn't the young man, angry at the world for not being fair. Lots of people have it tough. Lots have it tougher. You play the hand you're dealt. I wasn't the villain, using my powers to get back at the world for dealing me a shitty hand. I wasn't the recruit, afraid that what the Professor offered a lie. And even more afraid that it wasn't. If it was the truth, that meant my unhappiness was my own fault. I wasn't the lover, lying next to my world's Simon Williams and realizing that if I had just accepted who I was from the start, my life would have been very different. But then, I wouldn't be who I am now. I wasn't the leader, the trust of the Professor and the X-Men making sure I would never do anything to betray what they gave me. I wasn't the Exile, traveling from universe to universe, setting things right alongside my best friend Blink and all the others who fought beside me. I wasn't the corpse, my life burned out by being possessed by Proteus. No one, including myself, knew that Deadpool's ability to heal was that amazing and could even restore life. It took a long time. I'd been in statis, my injuries were much more dire than a simple broken neck, and my mimiced abilities were only at half strength. But the day came I woke up. In my coffin. I admit when I realized exactly where I was I paniced. Cyclops' optic blasts could have easily freed me. So could Wolverine's claws and Colossus' strength. Everything combined was overkill but, I think, understandable. And then I was back in the Crystal Palace, its sensors registering one of the Exiles suddenly being active again. There's now many teams of Exiles, most of whom are strangers even if I once knew one of their counterparts. It's wonderful seeing Blink again and Heather and Morph. They warned me of the dangers of spending too much time in the Panoptichron. Having been in statis makes it even more dangerous for me. But I can't go home and wouldn't even if I could. Simon has moved on.

Who am I? I am not an Exile. Not any more. At least not for now. I'm tired. I did my duty to the multiverse and right now I just want to live a normal life for a while. Earth six one six was always a problem so I agreed to homestead there and keep an eye on things. They can always get in touch with me if something here needs fixing. And strangely enough, I was finally able to release Deadpool's powers. Call me vain but immortality isn't worth that price. Maybe the multiverse is fair after all.


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