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Trouble with a capital "T" and a heart of gold, Carin Taylor is one of those girls racing down that road paved with good intentions.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Hyper-metabolism: 2 Super Speed: 6

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 2

Abilities: Tech

Cybernetic Implants Kevlar Skin Grafts: 4

Advantages: Nomadic

Flaws: Cyberdata, Emotionally Unstable, Heroic Albino, No Connections, Psychological Trauma

Languages: English


Power: Hyper-metabolism (2)

Limit: She eats almost as twice as much as a person of her size and weight would probably normally be capable of. Just as some poisons, toxins and the like can be processed quickly through her system this can have adverse effects on certain types.

Carin's body runs at superhuman metabolic activity levels. She burns hotter and heals faster than a normal human being. Not to the point of regeneration but at an extremely increased rate, this can also process out foreign bodies such as illness, toxins and poisons at an accelerated speed.

Power: Super Speed (6)

Limit: Though she is capable of hitting speeds above and beyond, she refuses to do so for fear of what may happen to her.

Velocity's namesake comes from her power of superhuman speeds capable of easily running in excess of 10,000 mph. Carin's mind and body work in harmony allowing her to process information and react in sync while moving at high velocity granting her heightened reflexes, awareness and reaction time. This same speed can also substitute such things as her strength and agility where momentum and mobility are concerned. She can defy gravity, run along walls, circle the ceiling and even bounce like a high speed top or skip across water like a flat stone. She has even been known to move so fast to appear in multiple places at once.

Skill: Combat (2)

Cyberdata training incorporated some level defense training. She hadn't fully been indoctrinated enough to pick up more than the basic but she can take care of herself or toss the occasional hit that counts.

Tech: Cybernetic Implants (*)

Velocity has a number of cybernetic implants that enhance and assist her mutant abilities, such as the Kevlar grafted to her skin and the enhancements wired in to her reflexes that allow her to keep up with her speed so her body doesn't destroy itself. They also amp out her awareness and mental functions to keep up with her accelerated rate of movement and reaction times. These 'improvements' can be detected by the right means and are clearly Cyberdata property

Tech: Kevlar Skin Grafts (4)

Limit: These implants are grafted in to her skin and cannot be removed. They are permanent.

Sub-dermal implants reinforce her skin allowing her to survive the heat friction generated when using her abilities. Perhaps a safety precaution or simply necessary they grant some added level of physical protection beyond her augmented physical endurance and durability. A byproduct of this also may be her pale white skin (which might also just be a mutation side effect).


Advantage: Nomadic

Having to constantly move and having no place to settle has given Carin the mind frame to cope and deal with living place to place. She's picked up a lot of odd ended talents in this process as well as a few people she can call on for small favors, such as other vagrants or friendly strangers who have helped her in the past.


Flaw: Cyberdata

A mega corporation run by brilliant scientists who create advanced cybernetic technology and frequently create advanced forms of experimental cyborgs out of mind wiped and brain washed captive mutants called S.H.O.C.s an acronym for "Special Hazardous Operations Cyborg". Cyberdata's plans are veiled and hidden from the public but ultimately are designed to a greater end of evil and of course global domination. Ambitious of course something expected out of any high tech superpower with technological advancements and capabilities on par with the likes of A.I.M., Wayne Tech, Hammer, Luthorcorp and Stark Enterprises.

Carin is constantly at odds with Cyberdata. They hunt her and will always be a nemesis in her life. No matter how far she escapes from them it will always be an ever present shadow she must contend and cope with.

Flaw: Emotionally Unstable

Carin wears her heart on her sleeve and for all to see. Joy, sorrow, anger - its all there for anyone to take advantage of. This can be a strength at times but it also makes her overly emotional. She also gets extremely attached and at times dependent upon those she gets close to; she will latch on to and quickly adopt those closet to her as something akin to family.

Flaw: Heroic Albino

Carin's skin is chalk white something that stands out and doesn't make it easy for her to just 'blend'. This is an obvious abnormality and can even possibly identify her as a mutant.

Flaw: No Connections

As it stands currently Carin is alone. She escaped Cyberdata and lives as a homeless, jobless, no education vagabond. She has no friends or family she remembers nor anyone to call on for aid.

Flaw: Psychological Trauma

When her mind was 'swept' and they attempted to jack her up with the 'brain box' in attempted programing to become a S.H.O.C. they messed up. This coupled with her pre-Cyberdata upbringing has left severe mental and emotional scarring on Carin to the part she becomes over emotional or easily overwhelmed she also has a hard time recalling her childhood and personal life before her capture.


The past is a hard thing to out run, more so for some then others. Even with her mind being scrambled, what memories Carin can recall only serve to explain some of traits that are core to her being.

From vague recollections of her childhood, her home wasn't a happy one. The ghost images of her mom all too few when met with those of an abusive father who walked out and then the orphanage she was abandoned at. No repeat of little orphan Annie, the years lost and bullied among other children weren't much better.

Necessity is the mother of all invention though and as much the maternal figure she has come to recognize. It's in those shadowed years where her fight or flight response developed; ever pushing her to move and escape as fast as she could until a hell for leather sprint became the 'special' talent that got her noticed by Cyberdata.

Cyberdata offered to fix everything, to give her a place to belong and help hone the emerging abilities that both thrilled and terrified her. Promises that Carin can only assume they kept as per the control she now has... and the stolen tech that lives within her. The price paid for being more than human, the company exacted a toll by subjecting her to scientific experiments on her mind and body before trying to turn her into a mindless drone by wiping her mind.

Its those last efforts that led her here, with the help of some fellow cybernetic experiments Carin was able to escape the facility before her mind could be completely erased. Not knowing who and what she was, she gave over to that fiber deep instinct to flee, so she ran and has been doing so ever since as she tries to recollect her past and find her future.


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