Carmen Isabella Sandiego
Carmen Sandiego
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Carmen Isabella Sandiego

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Some say she's the world's greatest thief. Others, a ghost. Some insist that, given the timing of the various crimes laid at her door, she must be multiple people. Perhaps she never really existed at all. Perhaps she's just a myth, an urban legend.

Ultimately, there's only one person who knows. And to ask her, well, first, you'll have to find her. Which begs the second question you should be asking.

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Athlete: 4, Awareness: 7, Criminal Genius: 6

Abilities: Skill

Fighting: 5/7, Master Thief: 10, Where Is She?!: 9

Abilities: Gear

Infinite Mooks Toys: 6

Advantages: Linguist, Mysterious Past, Reputation, Safehouses, Vile

Flaws: Ambitious Henchmen, The Crook, The Game, The Loot, The Stakes, The Warrant

Languages: English


Attribute: Athlete (4)

Carmen Sandiego is an olympic level athlete and gymnast, able to run, jump, roll and tumble to a degree that most ordinary people would find breathtaking - though far beneath those who can claim genuinely superhuman talent.

Attribute: Awareness (7)

You can't be the world's greatest thief without having a knack for picking up clues and being aware of your surroundings. Carmen is very, very sharp. It is difficult to catch her by surprise at the best of times, and she can often see through even quite accomplished deceptions!

Attribute: Criminal Genius (6)

Carmen Sandiego's criminal genius knows few limitations. She can conceive of how to steal abstract concepts, travel through time, and build fantastical devices. There are very few people who can claim to have outwitted Carmen Sandiego, and fewer still who can claim to do so rightly.

Gear: Infinite Mooks

Stats: Although specifics vary, Carmen's various minions usually have stats around the 2-3 range, with some lieutenants and particularly dangerous thugs justifying combat 5-6 and outfitted with weapons from her own arsenal.

Carmen is the head of the Villain's International League of Evil. An organization she founded to give herself the support she needs to carry out her daring plans. Carmen has access to a nearly inexhaustible supply of specialists, hired muscle, goons and thugs of various stripes.

Gear: Toys (6)

Carmen has a wide range of extremely high tech devices, many of which she's invented herself. These are generally focused around transportation and larceny, including jetpacks, surveillance devices, and hovercraft. However, she can also get hold of some truly dangerous weapons if she feels like it, and has theoretical access to an Arsenal up to rating 6.

Skill: Fighting (5/7)

Carmen is trained in martial arts, and is more than capable of holding her own against most people in a straight up fist-fight (even if she doesn't like actually doing so, and is more apt to surrender when cornered than get her gloves dirty). Her marksmanship is truly impressive, though, and ranks up there at a world-class level. All that time with a grapple gun has paid off.

Skill: Master Thief (10)

Carmen Sandiego may just be the greatest thief the world has ever known. If she sets her sights on something, it is usually not a question of whether she can get it, but whether it will be possible to recover it. She bypasses security systems as though they were a joke. There's no prison that has been built, no containment so secure, that Carmen doesn't have at least equal odds of working out how to crack it. Why, if the system becomes so complex that even she has trouble deciding how to approach it... she might just choose to steal the security, instead! She's stolen things from the past, and the future! She's even threatened to steal abstract concepts like 'writing' or physical laws such as gravity - feats which are accomplished through the use of specially designed technology leveraging principles Carmen can grasp only because of their specific link to larceny. Carmen's ability to steal should never, ever be underestimated!

Skill: Where Is She?! (9)

Carmen is amongst the finest in the world when it comes to stealth and disguise. She can disappear even from plain sight, even whilst wearing her distinctive outfit! Take your eyes off her for a moment, and she's gone, leaving no trace of her existence. She's also able to change her appearance drastically - though she often doesn't, because after all, it is so much more amusing when people know precisely what they are looking for, and still can't.


Advantage: Linguist

Carmen is a natural linguist, and speaks all 'normal' human languages, including ancient and dead ones. She doesn't speak any alien or supernatural languages, though.

Advantage: Mysterious Past

There is no official record that exists of who, exactly, Carmen is. Outside of the frustrated profiles built up by crime fighting organizations around the world, no trace of her past remains.

Advantage: Reputation

Carmen Sandiego is known the world over among criminal communities. There's almost nobody who hasn't heard of her - or of something she's done. This can help her open doors, as though she needed any help in that regard...

Advantage: Safehouses

Carmen has invested vast amounts of cash in ensuring she has somewhere to stay, safe and secure, in almost every city in the world. In fact, she often has redundant safehouses in case the first is compromised! There's just so many places Carmen could be, narrowing it down is exceedingly difficult.

Advantage: Vile

Carmen, as the head of the Villain's International League of Evil, has funds which are frankly mind-boggling to consider. She has a huge amount of cash, both liquid and tied up in luxurious assets, and this money is used to fund a lavish lifestyle and pay for the huge amount of minions she's brought into her service.


Flaw: Ambitious Henchmen

Carmen treats her henchmen very well, but there's always some who think they could run VILE better than her, who would like to topple her off the tree, or who otherwise have some deep-seated resentment for the woman in red. Carmen not only has to worry about law enforcement and rival criminal gangs, she also has to worry about traitors in her own ranks who would use VILE for purposes far more nefarious than those she sanctions!

Flaw: The Crook

VILE Henchmen are, frankly, not that great. Carmen has a soft spot for people with serious deficiencies, and she tends to see most of her henchmen as people to look after. This helps to explain their near-fanatical loyalty, but it also makes her henchmen the near-universal weak link in her schemes. Find the Crook, and the Warrant and the Loot will surely not be far behind.

Flaw: The Game

Carmen isn't stealing because she particularly needs what she steals; money and riches hold no intrinsic value to her, and there's little joy in having compared to obtaining. What Carmen is in it for, is the thrill of the chase. The game of cat and mouse, thief and thief-catcher. If she played the game too well, nobody would EVER find her, and so... she's compelled to leave hints and clues, often leading from one crime scene to where the next shall take place.

Flaw: The Loot

Carmen Sandiego is primarily motivated by the thrill of stealing what others believe cannot be stolen. Say that you've made an unbreakable system, and she is compelled to prove you wrong. Wave something incredibly valuable in front of her, and she'll not be able to resist taking it from you. Carmen isn't a difficult person to understand. She wears her motives on her sleeve. She wants the thrill of the chase, the challenge of the robbery. Actually holding on to what she's taken after she's got it is a very tertiary concern.

Flaw: The Stakes

Carmen is a villain, no doubt about that, but she is not a particularly malicious one. She doesn't LIKE hurting people, and she especially detests violence. If a life is put at risk in one of her schemes, she is more likely to abandon the scheme than risk following through - though she's somewhat more cavalier with the lives of superheroes than civilians because those people are assumed to be able to handle a wider range of threats. Its all fun and games for Carmen, though, and unlike many villains, she knows that all the joking around stops when lives are truly on the line.

Flaw: The Warrant

Carmen is wanted from Kiev to Carolina. There isn't a single country that hasn't had something stolen from it by the world's greatest thief - she even stole the ice from an Antartic research outpost, just to prove she could! There are, no doubt, far more dangerous threats wanted far more urgently by law enforcement... but Carmen is wanted everywhere.



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