Carol Susan Jane Danvers
Captain Marvel
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Quote-open "This isn't a question of what I'm NOT. This is a question of who I COULD BE."

"Easier said than DONE, buster, because even with my back against the WALL--I don't GIVE UP!"

Carol Danvers has had an eclectic career, ranging from superheroine to USAF Major to CIA Agent to author.

She was known as Ms. Marvel until the traumatic loss of her superhuman abilities. After recovering, Carol reinvented herself as a writer and editor, living as a civilian.

Since then, an encounter with alien terrorists gave her a whole new, more powerful set of powers, and Carol has returned and in homage to Mar-Vell, the hero she looked up to the most, she has adopted the moniker: Captain Marvel


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Alien Physiology, Energy Absorption: 8, Energy Blasts: 6/8/10, Flight: 5, Regeneration: 5, Seventh Sense, Superhuman Agility: 6, Superhuman Speed: 2, Superhuman Strength: 7/8, Super Durability: 6/7

Abilities: Skill

Athletics: 6, Combat Training: 6, Education: 4, Vehicles: 7, Writing: 6

Advantages: Charisma, Contacts, Government Agent, Income, Kree Knowledge, Languages

Flaws: Alcoholic, Complicated Identity, Driven, Enemies, Government Agent, Overload

Languages: English, German, Japanese, Kree, and Russian


Power: Alien Physiology

Due to her hybrid DNA, Carol has a different physiology from Humans. She's stronger, faster, tougher, and much more resilient against disease and illness. She is able to survive extreme environments, such as the cold vacuum of space, indefinitely and has somewhat more resistance to toxins and such, though she is not immune, and she heals more quickly. She can also "quick-change" into her costume at will.

Power: Energy Absorption (8)

The basic element of Carol's powers involves transforming energy into a form she can use. Some of this comes from within her, some is absorbed. As a result, Carol can absorb energy, particularly electromagnetic energy, and use it to fuel her powers. She also has the ability to absorb magical or cosmic energy if provided with a focus to do so, though she at present cannot do so on her own. If she attempts to absorb more energy than she can take, she may be hurt by it. If she is empowered by 'enough' energy, she can temporarily assume the cosmic Binary form briefly.

Power: Energy Blasts (6/8/10)

Carol is able to create focused photon beams, taking the form of potent energy blasts. These are generally as strong as plasma blasts or demolition bombs, but if fueled by her energy absorption they can become many times stronger. By taking a moment to "power up," Carol can release charged level 8 blasts. In theory, if she had absorbed enough energy, they could reach a power level of 10, equivalent in power to a potent nuclear blast. On a side note, she can also use this energy to create illumination, to project heat at very short range (enough to heat up a cup of coffee or a pot of water to boiling in seconds).

Power: Flight (5)

Carol can fly unaided, reaching racing slower aircraft speeds with ease and upwards of Mach 3 with a bit of focus and exertion. She can maintain these speeds for extended periods without difficulty, so long as she is receiving her usual daily levels of rest and nourishment. She is highly maneuverable in the air, even as compared to faster fliers. When in the vacuum of space, she is limited by the physics of her ability to accelerate.

Power: Regeneration (5)

As a result of her Kree DNA, Carol heals at a much faster rate than normal. However, this does not quite count as an active "healing factor," at least not to a measurable degree.

Power: Seventh Sense

Carol is able to subconsciously predict the actions of opponents due to flashes of insight from this ability. One thing to note is that the power is not something that can always be relied upon, and it also seems to only manifest itself in times of -extreme- danger or stress. She cannot call upon it at will in other words.

Power: Superhuman Agility (6)

Due to her genetics, she has an enhanced agility that grants far greater hand eye coordination, as well as the sheer speed of responses than even the finest human athlete.

Power: Superhuman Speed (2)

Her body is far more efficient than a normal human and her genetics give her the ability to run at speeds faster than any human can achieve. She can top out at nearly 100 miles per hour.

Power: Superhuman Strength (7/8)

Carol has been augmented to the point where she is superhumanly strong. She is typically able to lift in the vicinity of 50 tons under optimal conditions. However, when she absorbs energy, she tends to get stronger, and this can take her up to being able to lift 'well' over 100 tons. Thus, a rating that is 7 normally, but tops out at 8.

Power: Super Durability (6/7)

Carol's body produces far less fatigue than normal. She can exert herself at peak levels for somewhere around 24 hours nonstop before fatigue would begin to set in. This can also be extended and increased by absorbing energy to 'charge herself up' so to speak. Also, as a part of this, she is highly resistant to injury. She can withstand fairly high impact weaponry, incredible blunt trauma and even high powered energy blasts without being injured. As a side note, she can also withstand temperature and pressure extremes or lack thereof. Like most of her superhuman abilities, this can be increased by absorbing energy. With an energy charge, she can survive in space for extended periods of time.

Skill: Athletics (6)

Partly due to her own extensive training and partly due to the skills she inherited from Mar-Vell, Carol is a very accomplished athlete. Whether acrobatics, running, swimming, or anything else, she does it with confidence and style. She may not be the best there is, but she's first rate by most standards. As a long-time pilot, she is especially skilled in the area of aerobatics, making her one of the most graceful fliers around.

Skill: Combat Training (6)

This is another area where Carol's basic skills were enhanced by Mar-Vell's. She has a fair knowledge of several forms of Earth's Martial Arts, but she has an impressive mastery of the Kree style. The style focuses on striking hard and use of weak points, but also of redirecting force and moving with an attack to sustain less injury. Carol has no real experience with ancient weapons, but when it comes to modern ones she's an expert. Firearms of varying sorts, as well as the more unusual Kree weapons are all familiar tools in her hands. She keeps in practice and seldom misses a shot.

Skill: Education (4)

Carol understands literature, mathematics, art, culture, and all the other particulars of a modern education quite well. When it comes to terrestrial knowledge, though, Carol's expertise is in the workings of government, especially US government procedures, policies, etc. Carol has a basic understanding of science, akin to someone who has made it through college. Carol is not, generally speaking, a great technology guru, but she is generally able to use normal technology at an effective amateur level.

Skill: Vehicles (7)

Naturally talented as a pilot, Carol's experience with vehicles is impressive. She can pilot just about any Earth or Kree craft, including a variety of other esoteric or alien vehicles. She's not just able, but she's very good at this. She has a natural talent and a lot of experience, and it shows. She can manage maneuvers that would make a lesser pilot -- or even many of the same skill level -- feel ill or even just pass out.

Skill: Writing (6)

Aside from working on the student paper in high school, Carol hasn't really had any formal training, but she's just naturally good at writing and largely self-taught. She's sold a successful memoir and headed up a magazine in the past, and while she isn't working full time in the field now, she still does a some freelance work now and then.


Advantage: Charisma

After all that Carol has been through in life, one common thread is that she's had a lot of experience dealing with people. A good part of this is her experience as an intelligence operative and with doing public relations work. Simply put, she can be charming, intimidating, or express whatever else she needs to, even if she isn't really feeling it, and still be very convincing.

Advantage: Contacts

From other government heroes and agents, law enforcement, and NASA officials to other SHIELD agents and even old drinking buddies, Carol maintains a wide network of contacts. If she needs something, needs to know something, or needs some other kind of favor, she almost always has someone she can call. Many of them are well-disposed towards her, but even then -- whether via professional courtesy or blackmail -- most people can be made to cooperate, at least a little.

Advantage: Government Agent

Though presently on detached duty, Carol is still a government agent. This entitles her to certain security clearance and other advantages given to government agents. The specifics of her access vary depending on what agency calls her into service, and there are certainly drawbacks, but it can be a useful advantage. Most recently, Carol has been approached by SHIELD. The organization has secured her official transfer into their service, and so while she remains on primarily detached duty, when SHIELD calls Carol Danvers will report in.

Advantage: Income

Aside from her Government Stipend, and her Military Pension for retiring at the rank of Colonel, Carol also has income due to royalties from her NASA tell all book that focused on gender discrimination and things along those lines. She is not fabulously rich, but she is able to maintain a comfotable lifestyle.

Advantage: Kree Knowledge

When Carol was infused with Kree DNA, she absorbed the knowledge of that race and many of Captain Mar-Vell's memories. The language, culture, religion, politics and customs of the Kree are all implanted securely into her mind as though she had lived and been educated as one of them. She has gained many skills from this, improving her abilities far beyond what they would be otherwise. However, she has only limited emotional connection to the memories.

Advantage: Languages

Carol speaks Russian, German, and Japanese with flawless fluency, as well as a smattering of other languages at a passable level. This was learned during her intelligence days, and of course she also speaks her native tongue of American English. Thanks to Mar-Vell's knowledge, she also speaks Kree perfectly and is in fact so comfortable with the language that she may sometimes exclaim "Pama!" or "Hala!" in surprise or frustration, rather than swearing.


Flaw: Alcoholic

Carol is an alcoholic, genetically speaking. She is not aware of the fact, but alcohol is highly addictive for her. She knows that after a rough mission she tends to throw back a few, and she might have a few beers at the end of the day, but it's never been a problem for her -- at least, not a problem she couldn't handle. She had seriously develoed a drinking problem recently, but due to the intervention of a few friends, was able to get past the worst of it and get enrolled in AA. She is now on the wagon, though it is not an easy road to say the least.

Flaw: Complicated Identity

As many heroes do, Carol keeps her identity under wraps so she can live like a normal person when she's not "working." All the usual reasons for this apply, but mostly she just values her privacy. She prefers to let Captain Marvel be in the news, while Carol can sit anonymously in a coffee shop and just be an ordinary person. So, she works hard to keep her personal life separate from her heroic one. On top of that, she has been altered significantly by alien forces twice and was once put in a coma by a mutant sucking away most of her life force. All in all, "identity" is a complicated topic for Carol.

Flaw: Driven

Carol is driven by a strong sense of justice, a belief in doing the "right thing" and seeing that others do it as well. This is more than a mere moral tendency, but it is what she has committed her life to doing. This is what keeps her awake at night and has occasionally driven her to drink. She is patriotic and dedicated to her work, which makes it even harder when the government doesn't live up to her faith in it.

Flaw: Enemies

From those she dealt with during her tenure with the CIA to the criminals she fought as Ms. Marvel, not to mention the Kree and other aliens she encountered as Binary, Carol has a long list of enemies. Some of them are very resourceful indeed, and others are simply staggeringly powerful. Any one of these would like to see her undone, and so she has to be very careful -- which really isn't enough. She has to not only be vigilant but find someone to watch her back. It's a dangerous world out there.

Flaw: Government Agent

In addition to the usual bit of being a hero, Carol is on file as a government agent. That means that if she gets activated, Carol has to follow orders -- whether she likes it or not. In many ways her life is not her own, and should she ever choose to resist the government's influence over her life, she could become labeled a criminal. Her life as she knows it would be undone.

Flaw: Overload

The problem with Carol's leftover Binary powers is that they're a bit unstable. When she charges herself with various forms of energy to increase her power level, she risks overloading herself. Essentially, if she absorbs more energy than she can actively use, then it may dissipate -- explosively. This forces her to absorb and redirect energy rapidly rather than simply "powering up" and waiting for the right moment to release it unless she wants to risk overload. The effect of this is for energy to bleed off without her control, damaging those around her. If the overload is too intense, say... nuclear weapons, she would simply explode, erupting a similar amount of energy in all directions. Usually, she can contain this through force of will, long enough to get far enough away to not harm others. But it's possible that she could be turned into some sort of living nuke by a smart enemy.


Carol grew up in a suburb of Boston, the only daughter of Joseph and Marie Danvers. Unfortunately, Carol's father was something of a throwback, a traditionalist -- or what might be better called a chauvinist -- who was more interested in the lives and futures of her younger brothers, Joseph Junior and Steven. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, Carol was in constant competition with her brothers, always determined to be as good as, or better than, the boys. Joseph Sr. offered little support for his his daughter's competitive leanings; he even declined to loan her money for college. Carol refused to accept the limitations of her father's sexism, so she looked to her dreams of flying and her love of aircraft for an answer and found herself enrolled in the Air Force Academy.

Cadet Danvers was one of the top students in her class, and once she graduated, she embarked upon a very successful, rapidly advancing career, attaining the rank of Major by her early twenties. Given Carol's excellent performance record, combat skills, and naturally impressive intellect, she was noticed by officers in the intelligence field. Major Danvers was recruited into the CIA. Her career with the CIA was quite successful and she worked with a number of rather high-profile operatives, but it ended when she was captured while on a mission and held captive by terrorists.

After her liberation from the terrorist cell, Carol resigned from active duty with the CIA and found employ with NASA as the Cape Canaveral security director. It was in this position that Carol first met Captain Mar-vell, the mighty Kree warrior. She was officially assigned with uncovering the mystery surrounding the identity of Mar-vell, yet during her investigation the two became quite close. This bond was what led Carol's life to change drastically, making her the target of Mar-vell's arch-nemesis, one Colonel Yon-Rogg. Yon-Rogg kidnapped Carol, using her to bait a trap for Mar-vell.

In the ensuing battle, Mar-vell did rescue Carol, but a Kree device called a Psyche Magneton exploded during the course of the fighting. The bombardment from the energy beams of this device caused a reaction between Mar-vell's DNA and Carol's own, altering her genetic structure into a hybrid of Human and Kree. Mar-vell was unaffected, and Carol suffered no immediate ill effects, but it became clear not long after that she had inherited impressive powers from the incident, as well as a measure of Mar-vell's knowledge and training.

This transformation began the path that would lead to an even bigger change in career for Carol. Because she did not capture Captain Mar-vell, Carol was discharged from her position at NASA. She was quick to roll with the punches, though, and turned her experiences with the space industry into a successful novel. Her book inspired a good deal of acclaim, and impressed the publishers of the Daily Bugle enough to land her a job as editor of WOMAN magazine, a subsidiary of the newspaper. Carol's feminist leanings led to a few clashes with her boss, J. Jonah Jameson, but it was these same qualities that made her perfect for the job. During this time, the Kree aspect of Carol's knowledge and DNA began to manifest itself.

At first, Carol had trouble with memory blackouts, and she did not even realize that during these periods of mental lapse she was appearing in public wearing a variant of Mar-vell's uniform. Her alter ego was quickly dubbed "Ms. Marvel" by the press to match "Captain Marvel," as her counterpart was known. This didn't last long before the government investigation caught up with her, and agents of SHIELD figured out her identity. When confronted with the truth, Carol was as shocked as anyone, but she agreed to be reactivated as a government agent and was trained under SHIELD supervision to develop safe control over her powers and use them for the public good.

So, Carol left the Daily Bugle and returned to full-time government work. Now in her late twenties, she found herself engaged in a whole new world of government work. She made quite a public splash as Ms. Marvel, but an encounter with a young mutant would forever change her life. The mutant was able to drain away Carol's powers, leaving her in a coma. Recovery after that was slow and painful, but eventually Carol bounced back. She wrote a book that turned best seller and was beginning to settle into a life again, only to be kidnapped and experimented on by another alien race. This led to her developing increased levels of power, and by the time she returned to Earth she had balanced out somewhat. Finding herself once again empowered with superhuman prowess, she has chosen to re-enter the superheroic arena. Now, she has chosen a new costume and a new moniker to honor the fallen hero Mar-Vell. She is Captain Marvel.


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Mar-Vell was a hero on Earth for a while, and was an intergalactic one as well. He died a hero, memorialized as someone who made the ultimate sacrifice. Carol once had a close friendship with Mar-Vell, and she honors his memory by calling herself "Captain Marvel."


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