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Carol Ferris
Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire

A times sweet and soft and normally caring, Carol is also a shrewd business woman, a liaison, a firm boss, a pilot, a Queen, and the Star Sapphire of Sector 2814. She's stubborn and has a fiery temper when pushed too far but most of the time, she is calm, level headed and very perceptive.

An intelligent woman to be sure, she keeps her heroic life, her business life and her personal life as separate as possible. Having grown up wealthy and with press all around, she became good at hiding things so the separation is easy.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Equipment

Violet Power Ring

Abilities: Ring

Ai, Constructs: 10, Crystallization: 8, Force Fields: 8, Immunity, Mind Alteration: 7, Phasing: 5, Regeneration: 3, Travel: 6, Warping: 4

Abilities: Skill

Business Savvy: 6 Pilot: 4

Abilities: Trait

Intellect: 3 Willpower: 5

Advantages: Ferrisair, Ferris Aircraft, Ring Double, Xenolinguistics

Flaws: Divided, Dual Identity, Emotional, Enemies, Powerless, Ring Recharge

Languages: An ability allows Carol Ferris to comprehend all languages.


Equipment: Violet Power Ring

Considered by many to be one of the most powerful weapon in the Universe, the Power Ring that Carol wields takes the form of violet light when being used. It relies the Power Battery to recharge it. The ring is capable of affecting and uses such fundemental forces as: gravity, radiation, light, and heat. It is also capable of powerful concussive blasts as well as a wide variety of other abilities which include, but are not limited to, Light Manipulation, Telepathy, acting as a Homing Beacon, Attunment to and Channeling of love, recording and playing back what it's 'seen', Programming, and Scanning for various waves, et cetera. The limitations on what the ring can formed is limited only by the bearers imagination, skill and knowledge. Because it is a manifestation of love, the more star sapphires there are together, the more powerful they are.

Ring: Ai

The ring is, really, a Know It All. No. Really. There's not much, if any, in the way of information that the ring doesn't have and that the bearer can't access. It's often used for off-world training or when the wearer finds herself in a new situation.

Ring: Constructs (10)

Anything Carol can imagine will appear and in a violet light or she can simply use blasts of pure violet enery. These constructs, blasts and projectile weapons are only as strong as the love she uses to fuel her ring and her power. The depth of Carol's emotions and the love she feels for certain people has made her quite powerful and there is not much that she cannot call into existance.

Ring: Crystallization (8)

This ability of the ring means that Carol can encase someone in a violet crystal which is a form of suspended animation. For a very limited time, it could even incase an entire planet. The power is not fully understood but the Star Sapphires often use it for 'rehabilitation' purposes. While not indestructable, they are exceptionally tough and almost impossible to break out of from the inside. It would take exception force or another Power Ring to break or remove the crystallization.

Ring: Force Fields (8)

Various types of forcefields can be created by the ring. Fields such as the protection off for spacial travel, the field that wraps around her for high speed travels on Earth, the one that allows her to survive on any planet and so on.

Ring: Immunity

Rage is the opposite of love and love cannot be affected by Greed. Therefore, not only is the ring immune to Orange Lantern's power as well as Red Lantern's but it has the ability to shut down a Red Power Ring by making the wearer feel love.

Ring: Mind Alteration (7)

The ability to alter the mind, while difficult, is not impossible the star sapphires. Through the ring, they are capable of doing mental scans, planting thoughts, and even erasing memories. These techniques, as well as others, are often used on new recruits but it's not limited to them. Star sapphires are taught, because of these abilities, to build their mental defenses and protect themselves from psionic attacks.

Ring: Phasing (5)

An ability that Carol is still learning to Master, this allows her to pass through solid objects. It is unknown what CANNOT be passed through but it's suspected that it depends on the ring bearer's mastery of love and the molecular density of the object.

Ring: Regeneration (3)

While Carol has mastered this, it's the rings own limitations that keep it where it is. It is only capable of healing minor to moderate physical injuries to the bearer or others. It, like all else, depends on the power of the love of the bearer.

Ring: Travel (6)

The ring allows Carol to fly. So far, she hypothesises that she travels somewhere between transonic and hypersonic speeds. It is possible, though rare, that flight can exceed the speed of light.

Ring: Warping (4)

Something Carol has done only a handful of times, the ring allows her to access and navigate warmholes and black holes in space to drastically cut down the travel time and distance.

Skill: Business Savvy (6)

As soon as she was old enough, and convinced her father to allow it, Carol started training to become a pilot. She showed amazing dedication to this, as well as her father's company, and quickly grew to be one of the best there was. Not on;y does she fly, but she can work on and maintain her planes as well.

Skill: Pilot (4)

As soon as she was old enough, and convinced her father to allow it, Carol started training to become a pilot. She showed amazing dedication to this, as well as her father's company, and quickly grew to be one of the best there was. Not on;y does she fly, but she can work on and maintain her planes as well.

Trait: Intellect (3)

Carol has shown herself to be of far above average intelligence since she was a child. As she grew, that only became more apparent and it has, more than likely, given her quite the edge in running her businesses.

Trait: Willpower (5)

Always stubborn and strong willed, Carol has never allowed anyone to really push her around. She rarely backs down. Her strong will is what allowed her to overcome the Sapphire gem and serves her well today in keeping the ring in check and not letting it overtake her.


Advantage: Ferrisair

The newest company to bear the Ferris name, FerrisAir is their Commercial Airline. Like Ferris Aircraft, it has flourished and become very profitable.

Advantage: Ferris Aircraft

The company her father had started, despite it going under once, Carol has not only resurrected it but has brought it back stronger than ever. With government contracts and a very well respected and known name, the business is more successful and well known than ever before.

Advantage: Ring Double

The ring is able to create a double of itself that can be worn by whomever the original bearer gives it to for twenty-four hours. This duplicate is capable of all that the original ring is capable of.

Advantage: Xenolinguistics

A Universal translator. Quite literally. The ring can translate any language out there, allowing the star sapphire to understand as well as speak whatever language she needs to at any given moment.


Flaw: Divided

Carol's time and attention must be divided between two world. She has responsibilities as Carol Ferris and Star Sapphire on Earth but she also has responsibilites as the Queen of the Star Sapphires on Zamaron. Splitting her atttention and time between her two world is mentally taxing for Carol and draining on her ring.

Flaw: Dual Identity

Refusing to allow it to be known, if she can help it; that Carol Ferris is Star Sapphire, she struggles to keep her two identities seperate from one another. A juggling act that sometimes proves to be her most difficult task.

Flaw: Emotional

Love is an extreme emotion and Carol, while she very rarely shows it, is a very emotional woman. She keeps them well hidden though. There are times when those emotions get the best of her, however, and the power granted to her by the ring can become almost dark, just like the emotion it represents.

Flaw: Enemies

The Zamarons, and subsequently the Violet Lantern Corp (The Star Sapphires) have no shortage of enemies despite the ways. It's more than possible that any one of these could come for Carol at any given time and on either world.

Flaw: Powerless

Without the ring, Carol Ferris is absolutely powerless and cannot become Star Sapphire nor make it back to Zamaron.

Flaw: Ring Recharge

With each use of the ring, it drains some of it's energy. Eventually, if left uncharged, the ring cannot be used.


Born to wealth and with a silver spoon in her mouth, Carol grew up in the aviation business. She quickly became friends with Hal Jordan, the son of a pilot employed by her father. As she grew, she too became a pilot like Hal and then V.P of her father's company. When he died, she took over. She had fallen in and lost love which led her to the Star Sapphires. For a long time, she took on the persona of Star Sapphire and was one of Green Lanterns worst (Best?) enemies. She was with them for a bit before leaving. This happened a few times but when the Essence of Love, Predator, got loose, it was Carol who tamed him. She returned to the Star Sapphires on Zamaron and there, their Queen saw the error of their ways and how they had skewed the meaning of love. She sacrificed herself to deal with Predator completely, revealing the secrets of the Violet Power Rings to Carol who then stepped up and took the role of Queen. Since then, she has become a hero and divides her time as evenly as possible between Zamaron and Earth, trying balance the myriad of duties she has between the two world.


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