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Carter Hall


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Character Sheet

Abilities: Skill

Academic: 5, History Buff: 6, Melee Expert: 6, Old World Doctor: 8, Pistolier: 4

Abilities: Gear

Nth Mace Nth Wings

Advantages: Magically Inclined Reincarnation

Flaws: Double Identity, Magic Aura, They're Just Tools

Languages: English


Gear: Nth Mace

Made of the Nth metal the weapon of choice to Hawkman is just as tough as his wings (8 on the scale). With Carter's added strength moving behind it (5 while wearing the wings), the mace is one of the best melee weapons on the planet (The mace gives the user a 2 stat point bonus. Carter's total with the wing is a 7).

Gear: Nth Wings

Made of the Nth metal wings from Prince Khufu. Although centuries old they still work like they're brand new with a toughness of 8. They can provide additional toughness to the wearer by using them as a shield along with granting flight (at a speed of 2) and a strength bonus to the wearer (an additional 2 in the stat, making Carter's strength a 5 whilst wearing the wings).

Skill: Academic (5)

Being a doctor in two fields makes Carter real knowledgeable with math, psychology, sociology, English, science, and other related subjects. He's no expert but very far from a novice in a plethora of knowledge based skills.

Skill: History Buff (6)

Reading about history is one thing. Living through it is another. Being able to recount all these events, details and what not with Carter's clarity make him better than any academic text out there.

Skill: Melee Expert (6)

Hand-to-hand combat is one thing for Carter. Weapons are another. Being a knight, a warrior, a prince, and being in many different times has given him the knowledge to many weapons. The mace is his preferred weapon but he's not limited to that. Subsequently Carter is a point lower (5) with unarmed combat.

Skill: Old World Doctor (8)

One of the few heroes that's an actual Doctor. Twice over in fact, Carter Hall is a renowned expert in Archeology. Particularly when it comes to Egypt, being an Egyptologist and Ancient World scholar.

Skill: Pistolier (4)

Not every lifetime from the past is about swords and spears. Sometimes Carter turned to guns. Some of the knowledge still resonates with him. With a handgun Carter is a little above average.


Advantage: Magically Inclined

Being reincarnated as many time as Carter Hall has puts him in a strange category. He can see magical sigils and other things the mortal eye can't. Their meaning may be utterly lost on him, but he can see it. In some cases he can even use some magical objects. However they can control him since Carter is only a smidge better than most humans.

Advantage: Reincarnation

This has always given Carter Hall an edge. Having access to memories of everything you've learned from the many lifetimes you live would give anyone an advantage. Carter is well versed in many things as a result. (see: Linguist, History Buff, Fighter, Melee Expert)


Flaw: Double Identity

Carter feels the pull of having a double life. He doesn't own a company nor has any big strings that he could pull to help him do both. This will provide strain in his personal life outside of the mask.

Flaw: Magic Aura

Thanks to being reincarnated Carter will show up in magic sights. He will give off an aura that will show he's not the average human. This can cause some magic users to assess him as a threat faster than others. Some may even start a fight with him thinking he's holding something back because Wizards can be sneaky.

Flaw: They're Just Tools

Carter without the wings will lose his added strength, toughness and flight bonuses. Anyone that puts on the wings will gain these powers. The same rules apply to his mace.


The basics are this. In his last lifetime Carter Hall was son of prominent archeologist. Going on their trips and excavations pretty much gave him college level training. Their last excavation together in 1935 with an Anton Haster, the sight was the temple of Prince Khufu. Inside are the Hawkwings. Haster causes the entrance of the temple to cave in trapping the three Carter's in place. Before killing himself Haster looks at Carter and screams, "I CURSE YOU PRINCE KHUFU!" while staring at Carter. Unknown to anyone is Haster being one of Khufu's enemies reincarnated. His parents die of starvation but Carter holds out. Eventually he puts on the wings and blacks out. Waking up a week later back at his home Carter just tries to leave. Two days after that members of the Department of Defense show up with photos of Carter in the wings. The black out, unbeknownst to him, comes from all the past memories unlocking for the first time in years, decades and centuries. For a small period the memories did have control. Carter joins the department of defense as "The Hawk," by 1937 doing covert drops, rescues, and missions behind enemy lines in World War II. Later that year he's given a new assignment called, "The Eyes of Justice," where he's to pose as a hero and monitor a group of heroes called the Justice Society of America. Included with the assignment is a costume and codename, "Hawkman." Joining the team Carter makes friends quickly and even meets Shiera Sanders for the first time. By the end of the war Carter confesses why he joined the team. The reactions are mixed but he still manages to stay on the team. By 1947 he marries Shiera. She dies in 1962, he was supposed to die with her. Events on this day broke the reincarnation cycle creating the guilt Carter feels. During this lifetime he researches the past lives and sets things up for the next lifetime. Old age claims him in 1982. Three years later he's reborn with the same name, the universe's humor at work, and he excels at everything. No one knows why but it's because he's remembering all the past skills. Many call him a prodigy. By age 24 he has one doctorate and is finishing up the second in Egyptology through Brown. This is when he discovers the tomb of Prince Khufu, someone's he's drawn to but unsure why. Shortly later the wings come and Hawkman learns to take flight honing his fighting skills while working as a professor by day in Gotham City. Now he's on the verge of debuting as Hawkman once again.


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