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Born to the woman who would become Shiva, raised by the 'God-chosen Killer' David Cain and taught by the League of Shadows to be the One Who Is All, Cassandra Cain should have been the perfect assassin. But her first kill affected her on such a primal level that she ran away from the life she knew and the destiny chosen for her.

Now once more broken free from the League, Cassandra has returned to Gotham under a new costumed identity, Black Bat, as she works to regain the trust of the rest of Gotham's crimefighters.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Skill

Assassin: 9, Combat: 9, Evasion: 6, Investigation: 3, Survival: 4

Abilities: Talent

Aggregate Output, Body Reading: 8, Gifted Learner, Pain Tolerance: 7, Peak Conditioning, Relentless: 7

Abilities: Gear

Black Bat Suit: 4 Utility Belt: 4

Advantages: Bunker, Contacts, League of Assassins

Flaws: Batgirl, Competitive, Dyslexia, Mental Suggestion, One Who Is All, Semisecret Identity, September 13th, Tarnished Rep, Uneducated

Languages: ASL and English


Gear: Black Bat Suit (4)

Made from highly advanced materials, the Black Bat Suit (mostly her old Batgirl costume, repurposed) serves as armor against most physical assaults such as bashing with clubs or fists, slashing attacks from weapons such as knives and even protecting from bullets and piercing type attacks to a degree. In addition, it assists in protecting from environmental attacks such as heat or cold, without hindering her movement or weighing her down in the least.

The Suit is designed with maximum agility and range of motion in mind and the palms and soles of the suit are specially designed to provide an exceptional grip while allowing her to swing from rooftop to rooftop with ease.

Gone is the familiar all-black full-face cowl from her time as Batgirl, replaced by a domino mask, though it still possesses a Heads-Up Display with additional software to translate the text feedback to audio via a wireless earpiece. The suit also contains the technology needed to monitor various communication frequencies, including high and low-band transmissions, as well as to protect her from extreme brightness such as that caused by flares and flashbangs.

Her mask's HUD uplinks directly to the Bat-Computer giving both Oracle and Batman to see what she sees or hears at any time as well as contact her directly when needed, and to her bunker's own computer for later playback.

Gear: Utility Belt (4)

The Utility Belt is one of the signature parts of any 'Bat' Costume and is one of the defining characteristics of Batman's arsenal and in this case, Black Bat's arsenal. The following items are most commonly found in the utility belt.

Arsenal: Batarangs (Blunt, Impact and Razor-edged),Bola, Caltrops, Knockout Gas Pellets, Light Grenades (Flashbangs), Smoke capsules & Tear gas pellets.

Utility: Anti-fire foam, Batline spool + Grappling gun, Bat-shaped handcuffs, First-aid kit, Infrared flashlight, Lockpicking tools, Miniature Laser torch, Underwater rebreather, Trackers

Skill: Assassin (9)

Since being freed from the League, Cassandra hasn't worked on her skills as an assassin as much as she did previously, as she's returned to adhering to Batman's "we do not kill" mandate. This doesn't mean she is less dangerous, though. She still uses these skills on occasion to subdue foes against whom lethal force isn't always lethal, such as metahumans. She has been continuing to work on some of her other less lethal skills she honed as an assassin, such as lockpicking, stealth, sleight of hand, and other skills to get in and out of places undetected.

Skill: Combat (9)

Due to the fact that Cassandra Cain was bred to be the perfect assassin, she has trained for her entire life and has Master Level knowledge of all fighting arts known and in some cases unknown; continuing to learn with each opponent she faces, in addition she has also begun to invent some of her own combat styles. Cassandra is not only skilled at Combat, she was bred for it and raised for it. She knows almost everything about fighting and weapons as passed on to her by David Cain.

Given her innate ability to predict her opponents actions, there are very few foes under normal circumstances who could hope to defeat her. Unfortunately for her, her profession is dominated often by individuals much larger and stronger than her in addition to many villains with a great deal of experience and she was only a teenage girl.

Skill: Evasion (6)

Black Bat relies heavily on her abilities to predict her opponents by reading their actions in order to avoid their attacks, but her sixth sense for avoiding incoming attacks can almost be mistaken for superhuman precognition. In most cases, she is able to predict the trajectories of shooters and attackers she is aware of, even if she is not specifically watching them at the moment; able to dodge bullets at Point Blank Range. However, her abilities do not allow her to dodge fully automatic fire or attacks from individuals she isn't even aware of.

Skill: Investigation (3)

While by no means as skilled as Batman or the others at investigating leads or piecing together evidence to find clues; she is still good enough to manage on her own if need be and given the individuals she works with and her own intuition and ability to read people there is no doubt these talents will only grow over time.

Skill: Survival (4)

Cassandra survived almost half of her life on her own, moving from place to place as she travelled across the world; eventually ending up in Gotham City. She has learned to survive as best she can in almost any situation, whether an urban or rural environment and it's likely she could be dropped into the middle of almost any situation and survive. She even knows how to perform basic first aid, whether upon herself and others.

Talent: Aggregate Output

Unlike almost everyone else, she has the ability to give multiple things her full and undivided attention at the same time; making tasks that require intense focus or concentration second nature to her. This makes her aggregate speed on par with meta-humans and shy of running blood tests, she is often assumed to be so. She is the pinnacle of human output in conjunction with her physical conditioning and the only thing holding her back is knowledge and experience.

Talent: Body Reading (8)

Cassandra learned to read the actions of others as a child, having an advanced ability to read the body language of others and enabling her to read what a person is thinking and tell what they are going to do before they do it next. She has on many occasions shown herself capable of reading opponents far faster and more advanced than herself including non-humans and alien life forms once she has had a chance to study their body language. This also allows her to more easily identify disguised or transformed individuals if she is familiar with them in some way.

Talent: Gifted Learner

Cassandra is extremely intelligent and a very fast learned, especially when it comes to matters of physical activity. She is able to watch someone's body language and copy it perfectly while adapting whatever they are doing to hers own uses.

Every single day with David Cain she had learned something news in terms of the skills she needed to become the perfect assassin. She can easily observe someone doing a task and then replicate it herself and figure out the proper steps and even improvements in some cases; such as learning the moves of her opponent during a fight and using them against them.

Another example; she mastered stick fighting in five minutes when Barbara Gordon was attempting to reach her. There is no doubt that with enough time and focus, she will be able to overcome her speech impediment and increase her vocabulary. Unfortunately, no matter how gifted she might be, there was no getting around her severe dyslexia when it came to reading and writing.

Talent: Pain Tolerance (7)

As part of the training she was raised on, Black Bat was taught to ignore pain; to treat it as if it is not a hindrance in any way. She still feels pain, but she doesn't let it stop her or slow her down in any way. She can control her pain so well, that even being shot is not likely to make her flinch, simply because she can instinctively and automatically ignore the wound due to how focused she is.

Talent: Peak Conditioning

Cassandra represents the greatest fighting weapon ever conceived due to genetics and training. She possesses the peak level strength for a woman of her size as well as stamina, speed and agility comparable to the finest human athletes.

Talent: Relentless (7)

Black Bat does not give up under any circumstance. Her stubbornness and innate desire to protect others as well as atone for her past misdeeds has caused her to fight and face threats with a single-minded determination. She continues fighting with extreme willpower and perseverance even in the face of life threatening danger, showing herself to be utterly relentless especially when protecting others.


Advantage: Bunker

Hidden below a building in Gotham set aside for her use, Cassandra has essentially a miniature Batcave at her disposal. Within it, she keeps extra utilities and tools for her belt, spare costumes, and a computer linked to parts of both Batman's and Oracle's databases.

The computer system is adapted to suit her needs, including a full audio interface and text-to-speech software to read written clues and similar things back to her.

Advantage: Contacts

Through her time as Batgirl, Cassandra has gathered a small collection of semi-reliable informants and snitches that she can lean on for information about criminal activities in Gotham and beyond. Most of those informants are still breathing and can still be of use, though it's still a small network compared to the contacts others linked with Batman have access to.

Advantage: League of Assassins

Although no longer the leader of the League - in fact, she's practically an enemy of many members of it now - she can still obtain needed information from them at times... though doing so usually results in her having to fight her way out. Some in the League still respect her and revere her as the "One Who Is All," though, and may be counted on for help in dire situations.


Flaw: Batgirl

There's not much difference in Cassandra's costumed appearance between when she was Batgirl and now as Black Bat, so those with a grudge against her as Batgirl may easily be able to connect the dots.

Flaw: Competitive

She is extremely competitive, basing most of her life around the fact that in a fight she is perfect. She has never let losing be an option to her or a thought that crosses her mind, even in a situation where it would be smarter or more acceptable to simply give up. She wants to prove she is better than others around her with her actions to make up for the fact that she feels like she is incomplete due to her illiteracy and limited language skills. Unfortunately, it's not others she has to convince she is whole, but herself.

Flaw: Dyslexia

Cassandra suffers from extreme dyslexia and despite her gifted learning abilities, finds reading and writing to be the greatest challenge she has ever faced. Sometimes she cannot even recognize individual letters, it frustrates her greatly but she still tries.

Flaw: Mental Suggestion

Cassandra is vulnerable to mental suggestions via some foreign narcotics, particularly psychotropic drugs. Whether this is an inborn weakness or something David Cain did to her on purpose so she would be easier to control is unknown. This is perhaps one of the most dangerous of her flaws, as there is a great potential for the League of Assassins or Former Members to have known about this and they could even use it to one day take control of her.

Flaw: One Who Is All

Cassandra Cain is The "One Who Is All", the perfect assassin created by David Cain with the blessing of Ra's Al Ghul. As a result, it is likely a great many people would wish to exert their influence over her or even seek to control her for their own purposes. It is also likely something that made would make her a target by those seeking perhaps not even to control her, but to kill her due to what she was capable of given the right circumstances or triggers.

Flaw: Semisecret Identity

Though Cassandra does keep her identity as Cassandra and her identity as formerly Batgirl and now Black Bat separate, her most vicious enemies do know who she is behind the mask, and so she is on average less safe in her civilian identity than anyone else connected to the Bat. She also has an annoying habit of sometimes doing her costumed work unmasked, though as of late she's gotten better about avoiding that.

Flaw: September 13th

This is a significant day for her, one she has remembered her whole life, one she dreads as it marks the day that caused her to leave everything she knew and loved for a new existence. However, it is also the day that taught her life is the most precious gift in the entire world and everyone and everything is deserving of the chance to life. On this day she will push herself harder than any other each year to atone for what she has done.

Flaw: Tarnished Rep

Cassandra's time as leader of the League of Assassins is something that is not exactly going to be brushed under the rug, and even though she may not have been responsible for her actions then, her reputation is still somewhat damaged. Other heroes who know of this time in her life may not be so trusting of her at first, or even at all.

Flaw: Uneducated

Cassandra never had any kind of normal education outside of being a weapon and doesn't know common facts that everyone knows. For example, she didn't know plants need sunlight and water to survive until told otherwise and most pop culture or historical information of any kind would be lost on her. She does however know math, as that was an important facet of her training for obvious reasons and is often quick with numbers.


For most, 'the beginning' starts with one's mother and father. Their childhood and what their life was like. Happy, sad, broken or whole. Family is the cornerstone to one's upbringing. But Cassandra doesn't have that. Her birth was part of a plan. Her genetics carefully chosen. She was born and placed into the hands of master assassin David Cain. She was the latest in a succession of children from which he was attempting to mold the perfect successor from and it didn't take long for him to realize that Cassandra was something special. She had a gift, a potential that only needed honing. Shaping. And he endeavored to be that shaper. He taught her in every known deadly weapon, common or exotic, simple and high-tech. And he taught her how to fight in close-quarters combat with nothing but your own body to rely on. He raised her devoid of speech, so that combat would be her only language, to give her the edge that would make her surpass him. To make her worthy to be the heir to the legacy of Cain. Just as David Cain is the 'God-chosen Killer', so did he name her Cassandra, for her almost precognitive knowledge of what her opponent would do and beat them to the strike.

He succeeded. Cassandra was the perfect killing machine, a living weapon with no morals or preconceptions of how life 'should' be imposed upon her from the outside world. Everything she knew was the bunker that Cain raised her in, and what he told her to do. In its way, it was a simple life. Cain devoted all of his energy and time to her, and despite the oddity of their relationship to an outsider who might balk at his teaching methods, such as shooting her to provide motivation, she was happy. She knew nothing else. And then he had her perform her first hit.

Nine years old, dressed in a cute pink dress, she made her way to her target. He and his guards simply smiled and laughed, never suspecting that the cute child before them was a trained killer. With her little had she tore out his throat and only then, in his dying moments, did she realize what she had done. She had hurt men before, left them broken and battered and bleeding, but never had she killed before. Looked into the awful face of death and known herself to be the cause of that terror, seen the light go out behind his eyes. She ran then, away from the father that she loved, the life she knew. She drifted from city to city, never staying in one place too long, getting by from day to day by begging, stealing, or scavenging for her needs. And eventually, her wandering brought her to Gotham.

Found by Oracle, brought to the family by Damian and eventually given the name 'Cassandra' to go with Batgirl, she fought alongside the Dark Knight's family.

One day, however, Batgirl was gone, and Cassandra later resurfaced leading the League of Assassins. It turns out that she did not take up leadership of the League willingly. She was drugged and manipulated into leading the League by villains seeking to use her revered status within it (as the One Who Is All) to seize control of it. Now free of their influence and clean from the drugs used to control her, Cassandra seeks to regain the trust of the Bat-Family under a new costumed identity - the Black Bat.


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