Cassandra Elizabeth Sandsmark
Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl

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Cassie Sandsmark has lived in New York with her mother for most of her life. Known amongst her friends as a outgoing young woman and one of the biggest fans of the heroes emerging in the world, she has only just begun to think of taking on a costume and joining in the fight for good. All she needs now is a teacher.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Flight: 4 Strength: 7

Abilities: Skill

Fighting: 3

Abilities: Gear

Gauntlets Sandals

Advantages: Museum

Flaws: Secret Heritage, Secret Identity, Stubborn

Languages: English


Gear: Gauntlets

Cassie has been 'borrowing' from her mother's museum a pair of Gauntlets which appear to grant her superhuman strength. As far as she is aware, she must be wearing the gauntlets to use this strength, though this is not actually the case.

Gear: Sandals

Cassie has been 'borrowing' from her mother's museum a pair of sandals which appear to grant her the ability of flight. She believes she must be wearing these sandals in order to fly.

Power: Flight (4)

Cassie is able to fly anywhere with breathable air at speeds approaching transonic. Her abilities are still linked to her emotions and are untrained, and are therefore not always reliable yet.

Power: Strength (7)

Cassie is capable of exibiting superhuman strength. She has yet to test her powers to her limits and is untrained, and her abilities are still connected to her emotions, making them unstable and unreliable in moments of stress.

Skill: Fighting (3)

Cassie has received training in hand to hand combat and basic battle strategies during her time as a super heroine. She can usually handle herself and come up with spur-of-the-moment plans, but they usually involve some form of hitting things or using things to hit other things.


Advantage: Museum

Grants access to museum artifacts. Through her mother, archaeologist Helena Sandsmark, Cassie has access to some restricted areas of the American Museum of Natural History. However, Cassie has recently been taking advantage of her privileges, and if this were to be discovered she would lose them immediately.


Flaw: Secret Heritage

Cassie is secretly a daughter of Zeus, which is where her powers come from. If this is discovered by Zeus's enemies, Cassie is likely to become a target for all manner of schemes and attacks and so on simply because of who her father is.

Flaw: Secret Identity

Living two lives. Cassie hides her identity when she is using her powers, both because she is aware of the people who could be hurt if her civilian identity was known and because the objects she uses to grant her flight and super strength are in fact stolen.

Flaw: Stubborn

Puts self in dangerous situations. Cassie is a very stubborn girl, and will refuse to back down from a fight even when she is clearly outmatched. While this can make her difficult to dismiss, it can also get her seriously hurt.



Cassandra Elizabeth Sandsmark was born to Helena Sandsmark in a suburb of Portland, Maine. She remembers little of Maine, however, as the pair moved to New York city when Cassie was six. Helena, a renowned archeologist, had just obtained a position with the American Museum of Natural History.

Cassie's childhood was fairly typical for a child of a single parent. She had to learn quickly to take care of herself, and to value what little time she was able to spend with her very busy mother. She had a comfortable life, her mother made sure she was always provided for, and from her first memory she was always surrounded by books.

Cassie began reading early, and she learned that one of the best ways to keep her mother's attention for longer periods of time was to know what she was talking about, especially if she was talking about archeology. So she learned everything she could about the subject, and found that she liked learning. She did well in school, and due to her outgoing personality made friends quickly and easily.

School, and especially high school, was something of a revelation for Cassie. She had lived almost exclusively in her mother's world as a child, and through her classmates and friends began to learn that there was so much more to the world.

The thing that most captured Cassie's attention was the heroes. She'd been hearing about them as she grew up, but in her mother's world anything new was generally ignored and treated as useless, so she too had paid little attention. But many of her friends were big fans, and it didn't take long for Cassie to catch the 'hero fever.' Soon her bedroom was plastered with posters of Superman, Iron Man, and the others she and her friends were gossiping about over the lunch tables.

The summer after her Junior year, Cassie took on a job helping her mother's interns catalogue some artifacts at the museum. It was while working late one night that she found a pair of gauntlets and some sandals that seemed to give her almost an electric shock when she touched them the first time. In a moment of teenage impulsiveness she found an unoccupied closet and tried the artifacts on, finding out almost immediately that she could now fly and lift the heaviest objects in the place. It didn't take long for her to decide what to do with these artifacts, and the very next night she was on the streets with a mask and a hastily-made costume, looking for villains to thwart and heroes to join.


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Wonder Girl is a member of the Titans.



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