Neutral Gotham
Catman1 Catman2
Agility: 4 Strength: 3 Toughness: 3
Perception: 8 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 5
Cape & Cowl 3 Catmobile 2 Feline Affinity 6
Huntsman 8 Tracker 8 Unarmed Combat 7
Utility Belt 3
Acute Sense of Smell Contacts Feline Prowess
House Cats Resources Stealth
Abuse of Power Criminal Record Felines
Feral Morals Reputation
Name: Thomas Blake Thomas Blake is as close to the equivalent of Batman's equal that any normal man could become. He was once a has-been until a series of events led to a renewal in the wilds of Africa. He is now a formidable mercenary, but not without his own brand of morals.
Position: Mercenary
Team: N/A
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Type: DC FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: N/A
Timezone: CST
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Thomas Blake was born into a rich family. His father was a world-famous hunter and trapper of jungle cats while his mother was an actress-turned-trophy wife. Blake's father desired to raise a real man but when Thomas began showing signs of affinity for his mother, Blake's abusive father turned towards his mother. When she had finally had enough and decided to leave, Thomas' father became abusive once again but this time, Thomas wielded a hunting rifle to stop his father's rage. In the course of events, Blake's father caused the gun to go off and kill his mother. Like father, like son, Blake turned in rage and stabbed his own father to death.

Despite his utter hatred for his father, Blake followed in his father's footsteps and became one of the world's best trackers and trappers. Having become bored with that lifestyle and squandered most of the family resources, Blake turned to a life of crime, becoming the adversary to one of Gotham City's foremost heroes. Donning a cape and cowl formed from an ancient mystic African clothe, Thomas Blake took inspiration from other costumed characters and became Catman, King of the Cats. This would prove to revive his thrill of the hunt as well as replenish some of his squandered fortune. He faced off against one of Gotham's major heroes time and time again but was met with humiliating defeat. His reputation became a joke and he eventually bargained a deal with the government and testified against a major villain. He was subsequently furnished with a new life in California under the Witness Protection Program where he lived an easy and pathetic life. He grew overweight and depressed.

Years later, he would be hired for a menial job even in his unfit condition. Even in this, he found humiliation which would be the last straw. Finally seeing himself as the pathetic loser he had become, he returned to Africa. It was there he would search himself and develop a character of pride and nobleness. Living among a literal pride of lions forced him into top physical condition and revived and enhanced the formidable abilities he once wielded. If it were not for outside influence, he would have lived out the rest of his life and even died there. However, one day he returns from a hunt to find his entire pride slaughtered. Tracking down the murderers, he methodically ends their lives but not before learning that they had been hired to eliminate the only family Blake had.

Thomas Blake has now returned to the States to track down the man behind the murders and perhaps it is here he will find a new home.


Healing: Cape & Cowl (3)

Blake's cape and cowl have been sewn from an ancient cloth that once swaddled the feline statue of a primitive Cat Cult. Legend states that the cloth grants its wearer protection from harm in an ability to restore mortal wounds, thus granting him a feline's distinguished nine lives. Unfortunately, this does not include the restoration of severed limbs.

Speed: Catmobile (2)

Blake owns a modified sports car augmented with a variety of gadgets and an engine that purrs.

Profession: Feline Affinity (6)

Having a natural affinity towards felines, Blake finds that the feeling is reciprocated and can befriend nearly any feline as a member of his own pride.

Profession: Huntsman (8)

Having spent years of training to become one of the world's best hunters, Blake is technically proficient with rifles, bows, spears and other ranged weapons.

Blake is among th: Tracker (8)
Combat: Unarmed Combat (7)

Blake is a competant hand-to-hand combatant and can hold his own against some of the world's best fighters, include a certain caped crusader.

Arsenal: Utility Belt (3)

Blake has an arsenal of diamond tipped Catarangs, Claws and Cat-Knives and his utility belt is loaded with a number of gadgets, including but not limited to: smoke grenades, flares, gas mask, grappling line, radio, rebreather, first aid, caltrops, etc.


Advantage: Acute Sense of Smell

Blake has extraordinary olfactory faculties. He is able to single out the smallest traces of a scent despite the presence of otherwise powerful odors. This is already reflected in his Perception attribute.

Advantage: Contacts

From his life as a criminal, Blake has developed a number of contacts in the Underworld.

Advantage: Feline Prowess

Thomas Blake is an Olympic class athlete, capable of incredible acts of acrobatic prowess. Whether he flips, dives, rolls or tumbles, he is always landing on his feet.

Advantage: House Cats

Blake cares for a Siberian tiger, Rasputin, and a black panther, Felina. They are trained and completely loyal to him. They have aided in his crimes in the past but has of late, refrained from putting them at risk.

Advantage: Resources

While he is the only son and heir to the fortune of his millionaire parents, Blake squandered the vast majority of that wealth. However, there still remains enough to live comfortably and afford his costumed lifestyle.

Advantage: Stealth

Blake is adept at moving unseen, travelling downwind, covering his trails, walking silently, hugging shadows and other feats necessary to go undetected.

Advantage: Survival

Blake is able to survive well in the wilderness. He has no problem in navigating, trapping or hunting food, finding shelter, identifying hazards and more when living off the land.


Flaw: Abuse of Power

Thomas Blake abhors the abuse of power. He would rather spend time with those who openly recognize their moral failings than those who abuse their power in any form...

Flaw: Criminal Record

With a criminal history like his, Blake's past is an open book to law enforcement officials. While he has served time for past offenses, he still remains a criminal and with his current outlook, will probably always technically be a criminal, regardless of his intent.

Flaw: Felines

Blake will not harm a feline except in pity. He will not suffer others to do either. To abuse a feline is as immoral as it is to abuse a child and offenders should except his retaliation.

Flaw: Feral

After his hiatus from the civilized world, spending his life among a pride of lions, Blake still holds to some animalistic tendencies. Violence is necessary, friends are family, and some human customs, laws and morals are invalid.

Flaw: Morals

Blake is not without morals. The expression of his morals may be considered immoral but Blake would rather kill a terrorist than save him. He does not tolerate the threat of innocent children. He also adamantly holds to his word, whatever the cost.

Flaw: Reputation

Blake's past before his renewal in Africa is one of a laughable reputation. Any that remember Blake from that time may have a difficult time taking Blake seriously.


Catman Logs

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