Neutral Gotham
Catwoman 46 Selina1
Agility: 3 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 3 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 3
Stealth 8 Arsenal 1 Cat Burglary 4
Combat 6 Feline Empathy 2 Peak Human Condition N/A
Costume Motorcycle Personal Worth
Batman Criminal Record Egotist
Secret ID
Name: Selina Kyle Catwoman - Within the underground world she's known as the go-to-gal for tough break-in jobs, the woman sometimes a thief-for-hire. Also seen as being 'competition' and someone who needs to be taken out as a result.

Selina Kyle - An up and coming Gotham socialite who raises funds for the preservation of big cats worldwide.

Position: Cat Burglar/Socialite
Team: None Currently
Age: Mid-20s
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Type: Major DC FC
Actor: Natalie Wood
Alts: Black Canary, Wasp
Timezone: CST
Music: TBA
Quote: "My world is all just shades of grey, Batman. That's why you'll never really understand me."
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Born to Brian and Maria Kyle, Selina was born to an abusive man who mentally and physically harmed his wife, something Selina noticed as an early age. Seeking escape from the violence, the young girl began taking gymnastics, proving to be a saving grace for her. Her parents eventually had another girl, giving Selina a sister named Magdalena. While the girls were approaching their teens, Maria killed herself, succumbing to the abuse she suffered from at the hand of her husband who later drank himself to death several years later. Orphaned, Selina and her sister became separated.

Officially in the system, Selina was sent to Sprang Hall Juvenile Detention Center; finding herself being put into another abusive situation, it wasn't long before she left, running away to take her chances on the streets of Gotham. While on her own, Selina took up petty thievery as a way of providing for herself, the girl swiftly becoming adept enough to elude the police. It was during this period when she began to study martial arts and even began to take up boxing and Muay Thai.

Still a fledgling thief, Selina was doing her 'work' uncostumed, it not being she gave thought to until she saw a hero from her window. Inspired by Batman, she designed what would be the first of many versions of her 'look'. Deciding to assume a feline persona to represent the affinity she had to cats, something she discovered she had during her time out on the street, Selina took the moniker 'Catwoman', using a feline theme for both name and costume.

Over the years Selina also established herself as a champion for the lives of wild cats throughout the world, running fund raisers for big cat conservation at the same time she rose to become one of Gotham's social elite.


Ability: Acrobatics (6)

Catwoman is very adept when it comes to acrobatics. Used on a regular basis, she is able to pull off flips and tumbles that are on par with a professional. This can aid in her getting out of the way of gunfire and help her break a fall that might normally cause injury.

Ability: Arsenal (1)
Catwoman has a small arsenal she uses along with her whip: Bola - a thrown weapon used to snare a person. Range - 10' Area of Effect - Target. Smoke Bombs - used for a distraction, conceals potential escapes, etc. Range - Immediate Area of Effect - 5'

Ability: Cat Burglary (6)
Selina is a master thief who specializes in 'cat burglary'. She's able to break in to almost any place as long as it isn't too heavily secured. Living up to the creature she has named herself after, she can slink her way in and out of just about anywhere and find ways to get to her objective. She has cost a lot of people a lot of money thanks to this skill.

Ability: Combat (6)
Expert Combatant - Selina has learned several forms of hand-to-hand combat at the hands of not one but several expert trainers. This includes martial art forms such as Kung Fu and Karate as well as boxing and street fighting. She is equally skilled when it comes to fighting with her whip.

Ability: Feline Empathy (2)
Not an "empath" in the conventional sense, she is still able to empathize with felines. Fairly adept, her affinity for cats gives her a sense as to if a cat is stressed, hurt or sick, or if it's in a defensive mood.

Ability: Peak Human Condition (*)
Catwoman is at what is commonly considered the peak of human conditioning. She works out often which keeps her in great shape, lending a heightened level of endurance, strength and even agility.

Ability: Stealth (8)
Catwoman is able to move without being seen or heard. She's not one hundred percent silent and she's by no means invisible but she knows how to use shadows to her advantage and has all but perfected how to move with silent footfall.


Advantage: Costume

The costume she wears serves several purposes. The most important is the concealment of her identity as it hides most of her more identifiable features. It is also padded, which helps protecting her from physical injury, and is flame retardant which, while won't protect her from exceptionally hot fires, does lend some form of shielding from burns. The tip of each finger bears a sharp claw which can be used as weapons as well as tools for climbing. The lenses in her goggles aids in seeing at night, affording her a visual range of 10' in all but total darkness. The goggles also helps in concealing her ID.

Advantage: Motorcyle
There are very few times when Catwoman doesn't take to the rooftops when she has to travel from one location to another but sometimes distance requires her to use another method of transportation. She owns a motorcycle for such times.

Advantage: Personal Worth
While the majority of Selina's money is put towards the conservation of wild cats she has managed to acquire quite a nest egg for herself despite that. Most of the money she has kept for her own personal use comes from the jobs she gets hired for which usually pulls in a tidy sum. She is able to keep herself in a lifestyle that might be considered by many to be posh without difficulty and often indulges in the finer things life has to offer.

Advantage: Whip
The whip is most certainly Catwoman's preferred weapon. Multi-functional, it can be used to trip up a person or bind them and can also be used to harm someone if she needs to protect herself. It is also used to swing from one place to another, like from one rooftop to an adjacent one. Has a range of ten feet.


Flaw: Batman

This man is a constant thorn in her side. He thwarts her every chance he gets. Makes it hard for her to make a not-so-honest living.

Flaw: Criminal Record
You can be the best at what you do and still run into trouble. Such is the case with Catwoman. She has had some run-ins with the law and has acquired a bit of a file on her as a result. It is probably safe to assume that she'll get the book thrown at her if she were to be arrested again.

Flaw: Egotist
Selina/Catwoman is fairly self-absorbed and it shows, especially when it comes to her conquests. Sure, she's good but there are times she loves to brag about it, especially if she manages to pull off a big heist or manages to wrap a man around her little finger. Isn't always the best thing as her ego just might wind up getting the better of her someday.

Flaw: Secret ID
It is very important for Seline to keep her alter ego secret as it'd be dangerous if it were to be discovered She has made many enemies as Catwoman and things are dangerous enough as it is. It'd become doubly so if those who seek to hurt or kill her were to find out her real identity.


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